Tottenham 0-1 Liverpool - Jose Mourinho FULL Post Match Press Conference - SUBTITLES

  • Published on Jan 11, 2020
  • Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho reflects on his side's 1-0 loss to league leaders Liverpool.
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Comments • 528

  • Jim Glasson
    Jim Glasson 7 hours ago

    I don't get it he was at United a club that spends more money then Tottenham and yet he had a hissy fit every bloody week now he's at a club that doesn't spend money on players and he's happy.

  • Wendallson Aussie Liverpool Red

    Rack up another one...that was pretty much how it played out...Mourinho being a really good manager...pretty much decided to sit off n lull Liverpool to sleep n wait for Liverpool to make a mistake n hit us on the counter attack of those mistakes, to which Spurs had two clear cut chances with Son n Lo Celso to do so n didn`t put them away n that was pretty much it for Spurs n Mourinho.

    A mention for Spurs Premier League debutant , defender, Japhet Tanganga whose had to man mark Mane then Salah, no easy task in your first premier league appearance...he is fast n skillful n did alright, without being brilliant or a stand out for Spurs..he did well n that`s all.

    Liverpool had some really good early chances with Bobby n Ox n we didn`t put them away either...however we controlled the match for the majority n played with calm n confidence for the whole game n then Bobby got another chance late on in the 2nd half n put it away n that was over!

    We look really good, even if it wasn`t one of our more on it n fast attacking free flow performances...we were a bit sloppy n played the whole match in 2nd gear pretty much...but who cares...give us those 16 points clear with a game in hand n we will see you Man U...Next week!

    Go the Booyz! YNWA

  • Tawonezvi Churu
    Tawonezvi Churu 7 days ago

    Of all the negativity around Jose he is a tactical genius. He knew his team could not play with the physical intensity of Liverpool which Jurgen has been developing for the past 4 or so years so he threw the kitchen sink in the last period of the game. Liverpool fans here are saying we had our hearts in our mouths and couldn't wait for the final whistle.
    However Jurgen's style has one downside to it serious long term injuries for players. It happened at Dortmund!!!

  • phuntsok wangdu
    phuntsok wangdu 8 days ago


  • Joypad dad
    Joypad dad 8 days ago

    Liverpool controlled most of the game check the possession stats

  • SetAblaze77
    SetAblaze77 8 days ago

    Mourinho is only getting started he will make this Club great, he will expose the Players that are not up to par with quality and greatness that a top team should be

    SOUND OF GUGU 8 days ago

    Historical problems: 1. Developing players only to sell them to play in their prime for other clubs to benefit, case in point, Bale, Berbatov, Modric, Campbell, Jennings, Hoddle, ... how far do you want to go back?. 2. Fans too apathetic and mislead, unable to get nasty about the lack of ambition in the transfer windows. 3. A player wage structure that is keeping cups and titles away and it won’t change as long as our best players leave for better teams and contracts. 4.Eternal optimism is killing this club. Shirt sales are are up but loyalty is in decline

  • y1521t21b5
    y1521t21b5 8 days ago

    Tanganga looks a real prospect, but our poor play and near-zero intensity in the last 20 minutes flattered Spurs. Clearly the impression left by the chaotic final minutes is what is freshest in the memory.
    1:30 Pathetic. No similarity whatsoever with Son losing his head in an off-the-ball retaliatory act. It won't be Son's last red card of the season.

  • Jas Mann
    Jas Mann 8 days ago

    All you misguided spurs fans, listen up. You were lucky that Liverpool didn’t kill you off in the first half. Ox hitting the post and the big guy heading the ball into the keeper’s arms. Not forgetting Jose is a “ park the bus merchant” and you were pinned back for 75 minutes. Liverpool were below par, not you were good. You were shite. Stop living in false hopes. Hose A will be gone by 2022, and would have fucked your team up beyond repair. You will be starting a rebuilding phase 2 years from now.

  • alan raheem
    alan raheem 8 days ago


  • Hanson Yuen
    Hanson Yuen 8 days ago

    yeah the best lesson from this conference. if the players were forced to play complete new tactics where they not used to be, the second half definitely collapses like Man U against city last match

  • Syaf Marwin
    Syaf Marwin 8 days ago

    Jose will make tanganga the wall of spurs

  • muhammad ridhwan
    muhammad ridhwan 8 days ago

    jose, are u still the special one?

  • TheAviator
    TheAviator 8 days ago

    This guy is yesterdays news.Living off the past.

  • IE
    IE 8 days ago

    It's simple. They play Son as a forward.

  • thedalj
    thedalj 8 days ago +3

    "Let's smile with Tanganga"

  • Zeenedin
    Zeenedin 8 days ago

    lmfao proud of his boys for parking the bus for 70 minutes? Pathetic performance at home, waiting for their mistakes and moaning about a wrong thrrrruin that gave Liverpool barely any advantage. Red card for Robertson lol typical Jose.

  • thedalj
    thedalj 8 days ago +1


  • Precious Izuogu
    Precious Izuogu 8 days ago

    Let's talk about Tanganga rather than crying bout Harry or Moussa Sissoko, what a way to derelict from the question. Wise guy😂

  • Sanhok Dohling
    Sanhok Dohling 8 days ago

    He wanted to buy player really spended..🤪

  • Ricardo Varela
    Ricardo Varela 8 days ago

    You lost , you lost good , and nothing changed since you came , I don’t believe you will finish season by the Spurs!!!

  • Greg pool
    Greg pool 9 days ago

    I am a liverpool fan. this was a good interview by jose, Livrpool overall the game was the better side, and deserve the win, but We were lucky in that last chance, considering that Spur deserve a poin here.

  • artoo detoo
    artoo detoo 9 days ago

    jose.....more to be seen..... coys

  • Tasker Matic
    Tasker Matic 9 days ago

    Tottenham had 33% of the possession, completed half as many passes and lost by a goal. The first question was a stupid one. Liverpool didn’t have a great game but to say Tottenham deserved a point with that level of possession when playing at home is bollocks. Simple as.

  • rochdiliverpool23
    rochdiliverpool23 9 days ago

    Mr. Moaninho

  • red men
    red men 9 days ago

    "lots of positives"! They had 2 chances in last 15mins,Liverpool dominated game and should have finished 1-3. Spurs are at home and up till 75mins, the Reds had 75% possession. Jose has been left behind by Klopp, Pep and Potch. Crazy decision that hes replaced him. He will take Spurs out of top 4 till he leaves

  • Ambrogio Villa
    Ambrogio Villa 9 days ago


  • sixdon Ysg
    sixdon Ysg 9 days ago

    U damn right u deserved more than what u got im in love with Gazziniga

  • star one12
    star one12 9 days ago

    Loser He should go now.

  • Seoirse plummer
    Seoirse plummer 9 days ago

    If you don't take your chances. Youl not get a point. Son. How did he miss that. You can say you deserve but Liverpool looked at home most of the game. I think klopp will be angry also LFC didn't get more goals. Bobby. Clinical. Brasil and KFC number 9 not by luck pal. He can do it all.

  • Michael Dowd
    Michael Dowd 9 days ago

    Mourinho looks healthy and not over worked, which is very good for us in an impossible situation.
    We need that brain working in optimal condition. He is beginning to solve difficult problems with the squad.

  • Aniruddha Dewan
    Aniruddha Dewan 9 days ago +1

    The special one

  • Mark Simons
    Mark Simons 9 days ago

    Lpl 7 on target spurs 4 on target

  • Jay cee
    Jay cee 9 days ago

    We knocked man city out the champs league final without harry kane, hes good but hes a bit predictable now....needs support. Tanganga and sanchez looked like defenders who wanted to play for tottenham, theres a sick team at tottenham...I think use this season to gel the team again!

  • B simms
    B simms 9 days ago +1

    He needs a clean start / new season with this team.

  • HC TAN
    HC TAN 9 days ago +6

    "tanganga is a new player" Levy gonna love your attitude ssssooooo sssooooo muuuccchhhh Jose.

  • John Wormley
    John Wormley 9 days ago

    I'm sorry the best team did win ............

  • MrNiceHk
    MrNiceHk 9 days ago

    wow ... Spurs fans happy with that perfomance .... moving backwards rapidly

  • Vini Kadiu
    Vini Kadiu 9 days ago

    I zink you don't know whi Salah is which you never did. Mane & Salah would make Tanganga vomit every game he would play against them.

  • semiloore osanyinbi
    semiloore osanyinbi 9 days ago

    I feel jose is more matured and calm. Asides that, praising your team after such a defeat is a great form of encouragement to the boys. Lovely press conference.

  • Ogbeide Kelvin
    Ogbeide Kelvin 9 days ago +1

    Son cost them the match, he was a bit selfish & wasteful. Could have been 2 goals lead within first 10 minutes but son & maura was selfish. Harry Kane could have made a big difference and the two late subs forced Liverpool back into their half. All d same gud battle!

  • tabrez mahamed hossen

    How he is people may say crap about him but he is a fantastic guy. He knows how to respect a freind. I have always said that Jose and klop are great friends and respect each other well. He has been a bad loser but today he was a gentlemen

  • Rocco Baro
    Rocco Baro 9 days ago

    Jose the best

  • Will McC
    Will McC 9 days ago +10

    I like Jose, there I said it, I feel better. I've always liked him without ever supporting the teams he's managed. He's a top manager.

  • NathanL11
    NathanL11 9 days ago +1

    Gazzaniga made some decent saves too 👏

  • Bertram Merlin
    Bertram Merlin 9 days ago

    Its sad a manager type as him have so great an attacker team..... I hope most leave and find team where we again can see them shine..

    PIGGY WINNY 9 days ago +1

    change midfield, and get 1 more striker as a sub for Kane, and this club will be top all the time...

  • J Jnr
    J Jnr 9 days ago

    How long till parrott gets a full game as striker???

  • keegan773
    keegan773 9 days ago +1

    Boo Hoo Hoo 😭😭😭😭😭😭
    You didn't get a point because you were played off the park.
    Any other result would have been a travesty.

  • Abraham Ook
    Abraham Ook 9 days ago +3

    I started supporting Tottenham because of mourinho but now I like Tottenham fan's for acknoledging that they need to buy not blaming the manager.

  • The Canberean
    The Canberean 9 days ago

    Even though he lost I reckon Jose got the tactics right in this match. Spurs should have won it in the end.

  • luke garrard
    luke garrard 9 days ago

    Mourinho not the manager he once was plus he always goes on like he was hard done by definitely was not a red card like he thinks it was he just a bad loser.

  • michael williams
    michael williams 9 days ago

    what type of coach always complaining i believe LP had more chances then spur the first half spur went more then five min with out the ball. shame jose. be honest.

  • bonesjuones melo
    bonesjuones melo 9 days ago

    Good press conference answers by Jose. Levi backs Jose and he will do absolute bits next season

  • Metalgear SolidSnake
    Metalgear SolidSnake 9 days ago +1

    lets see when they meet again. go Mourinh0!

  • Edwin Mutyenyoka
    Edwin Mutyenyoka 9 days ago +2

    Guy who asked about Tanganga is Zimbabwean, is the player too?

    • kudzai sauka
      kudzai sauka 9 days ago

      Was looking for this comment. He is for shoo

  • Runguranga
    Runguranga 9 days ago

    Fuck off jose arogant,egoista,,,How embarrasing???

  • Stepnie
    Stepnie 9 days ago

    Wait till Mourinho blame Spurs football heritage. Oh wait Spurs has no football heritage.

  • richtfingers
    richtfingers 9 days ago +9

    Jose has an intelligent view of the game. If he can get Spurs into a final, I would bet on him winning it.

  • Stephen Gill
    Stephen Gill 9 days ago +1

    Irrelevant to everything Tottenham need Top 4 for CL Football you have stadiam to pay for...
    Tottenham fans are kidding themselves if they think Tottenham will buy without selling...
    That's how it is..