Parliament prorogued: Boris Johnson has suspended parliament for the second time

  • Published on Oct 8, 2019
  • Prime Minister Boris Johnson has suspended parliament until the Queen's Speech on Monday.
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Comments • 1 458

  • TheLionBrony96
    TheLionBrony96 6 days ago

    Boris: I'm suspending Parliament
    Supreme Court: What suspension?
    Boris: This one.

  • Lord Cow-Tart Bungleturd

    Boris God and his loyal pal the toothy bird!

  • Thomas Penman
    Thomas Penman 7 days ago

    I would of thought more of the queen if she mentioned that she was not amused about boris telling her a pack of lies in het speech and demand he resigns

  • Thomas Penman
    Thomas Penman 7 days ago

    Just watched the queens speech all that pomp and ceromony for what she read out a speech that was written for her by the torys an utter complete sham watching all these stupid old men dressed up in silly costumes i hate britain a nation of flag wavers

  • Monty Baby
    Monty Baby 7 days ago

    Look at bercows boat race....

  • Da Rowdee One
    Da Rowdee One 8 days ago

    And to think... there were critics out there who use to say that UK Garage Music was a joke. At least it has more worth than these lot

  • Martin Isherwood
    Martin Isherwood 9 days ago

    I am surprised that the Queen has granted the subspention of parliament, due to her granting the first and it going wrong to which the Queen was going to sack Boris Johnson. The Queen may have suspended parliament under rather than Boris asking her, doing it that way as the Queen powers can't can't be questioned in court. Nor can the Queen have legal action taken against here this would be regina against regina with being head of the court's. I am not saying that this has the way has been done. We do not have much democracy

  • Vixor
    Vixor 9 days ago

    Where was skinner?

  • SlamDunkDmC
    SlamDunkDmC 9 days ago

    1:12 John Bercow trying so hard not to laugh. Can picture him saying "Oh Oh Oh Order Ordaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, the madam in the black suit simply cannot possibly bring a sword into this chamber." 😂

  • 王晨煜
    王晨煜 9 days ago

    I don't understand how people of the modern age can be so oblivious to age old traditions and great cultural customs.
    Complaining about your tax money to uphold traditions of the mother of parliaments and birth place of parliamentary democracy.
    What would you like to see of your parliament? A concrete hall with people wearing shorts and sneakers? A body of with no resemblance of your ancestors and your history? So what defines you? As a country? If there are no collective memory, no tradition, then the institution will be so frail and weak, it may as well be destroyed, separated, fractured, what momentum would it have?
    As a ethnic Chinese I admire and envy the great traditions and culture that the British people were able to preserve, I wish I could say the same for my country.

  • James Brewitt
    James Brewitt 9 days ago +1

    Well on one side of the house we have traitors
    And on the other side a house of horrors

  • Piggyskull Ham
    Piggyskull Ham 10 days ago

    Great 👍

  • Smo Gay
    Smo Gay 10 days ago

    Incompetent fool

  • Ankur Roy
    Ankur Roy 10 days ago


  • RENGGI888 V.2 Malaysian youtuber

    This is bullsh*t

  • Smart Phone Fix
    Smart Phone Fix 10 days ago +3

    tis is so odd.. uk living in past

  • The williams kids
    The williams kids 10 days ago

    It's like a pantomime.

  • denning Selan
    denning Selan 10 days ago

    I would strongly suggest to following this tactic over unstable government such as Malaysia current ruling party government.

  • Mike
    Mike 10 days ago

    I see a head hiding at the back top left corner

  • B.T.
    B.T. 10 days ago +1

    Does the court allow this prorogation?...

  • Seyyed Naqvi
    Seyyed Naqvi 10 days ago +1

    Oh Damn. This is pure Freemasonry.

  • R
    R 10 days ago +2

    If Boris agrees a terrible deal and stitches up the British people, him and the Tories are finished.

  • R
    R 10 days ago +2

    If Boris agrees a terrible deal and stitches up the British people, him and the Tories are finished.

  • Peter Dyste
    Peter Dyste 11 days ago

    As an ignorant American I think more wigs and maybe some muskets would have spruced up the scene a bit.

  • Christopher Poole
    Christopher Poole 11 days ago +1

    Black Rod is terrifying

  • Killer 121
    Killer 121 11 days ago

    Boris the Arsewhipe Johnson

  • Robert Cole
    Robert Cole 11 days ago +1

    This parliament needs to be prorogued for good.....

  • Anton Smatanik
    Anton Smatanik 11 days ago

    Are they selling tickets on this? They should, best stuff I have seen for years :D

  • Cor Fontaine
    Cor Fontaine 11 days ago

    Its the muppet show, time to put some make-up.

  • Alan Tracy
    Alan Tracy 11 days ago

    I read my U.K. referendum leaflet in 2016 it’s said in or out only. Out of the single market, customs union, ECJ and Free immigration. We voted out/ no deal.

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt 11 days ago +2

    Back to court we go i suppose? Lets see the remoaners get out of this one.
    God save the queen.
    God bless Boris Johnson.

  • Realist 1801
    Realist 1801 11 days ago +2

    It ain’t working anyways as bercow is basically now working for the EU to thwart Brexit, shut it down

  • Realist 1801
    Realist 1801 11 days ago +1

    It ain’t workin anyways as labours have just turned into wreckers and bercow turned Militant and has secret meetings with the EU to stop Brexit

  • mrk'rbsnUT0OB.R.NAS1Z
    mrk'rbsnUT0OB.R.NAS1Z 11 days ago +2

    Creepy as fk

  • Mos
    Mos 11 days ago +1

    SUPPORT THE BREXIT PARTY. The other parties have betrayed your votes.......... What a bunch of nut cases!!!!..... Open the fu*King door this place stinks.

  • Mark Badoer
    Mark Badoer 11 days ago +1

    OMG, they really do think they run an empire of 300 years ago........this is just hilarious!!! Normally you would pay to see such theatre

  • Alan Tracy
    Alan Tracy 11 days ago +1

    The special jobs for the rich kids

  • Jordan does blogs
    Jordan does blogs 11 days ago +1

    Hahaha this is great

  • Brendan Niall Guildea
    Brendan Niall Guildea 11 days ago

    Here we go again! Lady Hale, here we come!

  • snarkyboojum
    snarkyboojum 11 days ago

    Go go Boris!

  • s tanner
    s tanner 11 days ago

    So can anyone tell me what has actually been achieved, by those claiming to represent us, between the first and second proroguing of parliament. Anything? There was wailing and gnashing of teeth by some with extraordinary claims that valuable time to discuss Brexit was being taken away from MPs. Strange because once parliament returned the chamber was often quite empty. Further, MPs seemed to have forgotten that they have spent 3+ years pontificating.
    It is evident that they would not be suitable for running businesses if this is their time frame to try to agree something. No, the deal or opportunity or customers would have gone elsewhere for a better and quicker deal and business experience.
    How much has this Brexit delay and its associated meetings, cost of yet paying EU bills, loss of new trade until we leave etc etc. If these MPs and media etc had to pay the bills rather than the tax payers I think they then would make decisions quicker and better for it would affect their pockets and not ours.
    At the last count I recall the EU was costing £2million per hour. What could be bought? How could it be invested for the good of ourselves here in the UK.
    Then there is the foreign aid budget.

    Brexit meant total and unequivocal command of sovereignty of our nation and all that mean't including borders, immigration, law, trade with the world free from EU shackles, the return of our waters about our coast not to mention the saving of paying in to the EU club. It meant that those elected would again be truly held to account by the ballot box and that law would be made by our country for the benefit of our country and its people.
    It is named freedom and autonomy. Here positive thoughts ideas ingenuity development progress all freely abound. That is better to have than totalitarianism and tyranny where the people are but fodder and cash cows to those in power with their whims and follies. Here they are manipulated and made dependents to those in power tossed about like flotsam and jetsam. Negativity and depression reign.

  • Igun G Farben
    Igun G Farben 11 days ago

    Defence union ???

  • oiuet souiu
    oiuet souiu 11 days ago

    For the people so thick they shouldn’t be allowed to vote: This is for the Queens speech, Boris hasn’t ‘defied’ anything.

  • Behrang Saeedzadeh
    Behrang Saeedzadeh 11 days ago

    Is this a joke?

  • Lyndon white 👁️
    Lyndon white 👁️ 11 days ago

    The one you think you higher than

  • Lyndon white 👁️
    Lyndon white 👁️ 11 days ago


    • Lyndon white 👁️
      Lyndon white 👁️ 11 days ago

      @oiuet souiu yes it's like a play when real comes along they block it godsbless

    • oiuet souiu
      oiuet souiu 11 days ago +1

      Can't believe we still think this stuff is real it's all been rehearsed like everything else they do. Just a buch of pupits in a play. Have they not got better things to be doing then

  • Lyndon white 👁️
    Lyndon white 👁️ 11 days ago

    It's God himself bear Zeus Pendragon pharoah leader GOD

  • zen kai
    zen kai 11 days ago

    At a guess how many pedophiles do you think are in the house?

  • Lindsay McBride
    Lindsay McBride 11 days ago

    I thought I was watching a high school play were the acting was just "ok".

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon 11 days ago +1

    this is not the second time because the court declared that the other time did not happen

  • dave manning
    dave manning 11 days ago

    Give bercow the black rod where the sun don't shine !

  • Mike
    Mike 11 days ago

    Empty room.

  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoy 12 days ago

    I'm glad to see everyone turned up for work they should get a full days pay lol

    • qopoy dnon
      qopoy dnon 11 days ago

      the remainers cred for parliament to be reopened and what did they achieve

  • Lamster66
    Lamster66 12 days ago

    At this present moment I would think that any action to do with brexit without first asking the country what it wishes may result in cival unrest.
    As the full implications of a No Deal Brexit have become clearer I do not believe that the result of the referendum any longer gives the Executive the mandate to Leave with NO Deal!
    Also at this point I cannot believe the media reports that suggest the Lib Dems are gaining ground. They intend to revoke article 50 if they win a GE.
    As somebody that Voted Leave I would find that an affront to democracy and my participation in the original referendum.
    The Most sensible action at this point is to Extend till January Hold a GE then a referendum
    Where No Deal or Deal is the option.
    Asking a Revoke Leave question is basically rerunning the original referendum which was already decided. Asking people to Vote on three options then combining the leave vote would clarify if the UK public still wishes to leave.
    However if that were the case the Lib Dems would win the GE ( Highly Unlikely)
    We have to assume that MP's have been acting in the wishes of the Majority of their constituants ( thats what we don't know) or whether now they are in office simply acting on their own personal agendas.
    The only certain way is to ask the public We need a GE and assuming the Lib Dems don't win, another referendum asking how we wish to leave.
    At present only one Party seems to be offering this option.

  • Truth Teller
    Truth Teller 12 days ago

    Note that after the last suspension of parliament which was made to be a big thing, a unlawful thing, parliament never did much of anything except yell and make stupid statements, so the long suspension would not have made any difference. Way to go Supreme Court you enabled the opposition to do nothing like they usually do.

    • nieooj gotoy
      nieooj gotoy 12 days ago

      I love tradition, it has style and class. Why act like animals ( in other countries) when you can have dignity. People need direction and order.

  • TheSugarPig3695
    TheSugarPig3695 12 days ago


  • bongo8ish
    bongo8ish 12 days ago

    i love black Rods songs like i am sailing and do ya think im sexy he looks good for his age dont he

  • Blue138UEF
    Blue138UEF 12 days ago

    Boris is Saving brittain and parliament is trying to stop democracy.....

  • paul kitchen
    paul kitchen 12 days ago

    Remainers say people weren't given the proper facts about leaving.Maybe we weren't, but honest working people who have to go to food banks because their pittance wages isn't enough to get by, is a good enough reason to leave.Besides,I cant remember remainers telling the advantages of staying. Remaining is a devious way of leading us up to a New World Order. If the vote would of been 70/30 to leave would remainers still have respected the vote.Famous quote by Mark Twain "If voting changed anything, we wouldn't be allowed to vote.

  • Lord Azreal Lais
    Lord Azreal Lais 12 days ago +1

    1:47 “Geezer nicked my golden Macehammer”