Opie & Anthony - Colin Quinn vs Jim Norton, Best of (Part 1 of 2)

  • Published on Dec 4, 2013
  • Colin Quinn vs Playlist - thexvid.com/video/DZj1e08FguM/video.html

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  • Rupert Pumpkin
    Rupert Pumpkin 7 days ago


  • Frank Anderson
    Frank Anderson 8 days ago +1


  • Raul Moreno
    Raul Moreno 12 days ago +1

    It's the best when Jim Norton gets attacked, its the best radio hearing him fight back

  • Mr.SmithGNR Smith
    Mr.SmithGNR Smith 14 days ago

    1:21:43...HA...Colin is the best...what a funny mick cocksucker

  • E G
    E G 16 days ago +3

    All Opie can contribute is an "oooohhhhhh" over and over and over

  • Jeff Cockmann
    Jeff Cockmann 23 days ago +1

    i wish colin would go on J&S and totally deconstruct their fucking horrible show like he did about jim's stand up act

  • BigSwingFace
    BigSwingFace 26 days ago +2

    1:00:58 Colin's evil brilliance on full display.

  • Jason Bock
    Jason Bock 28 days ago

    Spike was shitty to Jim cos hes a racist bag of shit.

  • OneBagTravel
    OneBagTravel Month ago +10

    I'd love a 5 hour super cut of every time Colin tells Jim to "shut up!" or "shut your face!"

  • Andrew Dice Clay
    Andrew Dice Clay Month ago +3

    2:56:14 Possibly the greatest moment in the show history

  • Adam Vaughan
    Adam Vaughan Month ago +2

    2:23:50 - What you mean, it happened all the time!

  • Adam Vaughan
    Adam Vaughan Month ago +2

    1:28:40 absolute gold. Infuriated Colin! ''CUT TO THE CHASE... JEEZUS... NOBODY WANTS TO HEAR YOUR CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER..''!!!!!

  • MagnusVonGrapple
    MagnusVonGrapple Month ago +1

    Little Yimmy is funny and quick, but the only people that could REALLY go toe to toe with Colin were Patreeky and Burr

  • Dak Rose
    Dak Rose Month ago

    22:21 lmao I always laugh at that part

  • paul sanders
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  • Dinco422
    Dinco422 Month ago +5

    Colin destroyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed Jim.
    iwo jimmy

  • Roselli Tv
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  • Vohe Kleux
    Vohe Kleux Month ago +4

    “Who’s this guy?” - Jim Jefferies when he had no idea who Quinn was, dumb cunt

  • 356-993
    356-993 Month ago

    "how would you know what a sit-com sounds like?" hahahahaa holy shit OUCH!

  • bruce brickman
    bruce brickman Month ago

    Fuck you worm!!

  • nochtis
    nochtis Month ago +2

    god this whole thing went south when norton created that talentless chip act. it's a pathetic hack persona he uses to shield himself from the ruthless honesty of the world

    EINNOR BRONSON Month ago +1

    Almost crashed laughing at Jay Moor impersonating Colin.

  • Edubbplate
    Edubbplate 2 months ago +1

    Colin Wins. Fatality.

  • Ted Crilly
    Ted Crilly 2 months ago

    02:47:50 is gold.

  • thelolmaster1997
    thelolmaster1997 2 months ago

    2:39:53 Col takes a good beating

  • thelolmaster1997
    thelolmaster1997 2 months ago

    38:54 the way colin calls bob kelly a tub of lard

  • Sallie Neblett
    Sallie Neblett 2 months ago +7

    I love that Colin referred to Only the Good Die Young as Come Out Virginia 😂 Colin’s insults are ruthless

  • incompetent Poltergeist
    incompetent Poltergeist 2 months ago +10

    11:57 hahaha.

  • dreaded360
    dreaded360 2 months ago +13

    44:53 tell us again how funny it was bitch tits #opieradio ,, you unfunny shit bag

  • dreaded360
    dreaded360 2 months ago +11

    jim is just out of his league with Collin

    • peonmyhall
      peonmyhall Month ago

      Everyone is though. He's the godfather.

    • c0nk3r
      c0nk3r Month ago

      actually its more of a shoulders on giants situation.

  • john maddox
    john maddox 3 months ago +2

    It kinda sucks hearing Patrice talking on the show just 5 days before his stroke

  • tikocal
    tikocal 3 months ago +10

    Colin is a Beast. great video!!!

  • Maxim Elizarev
    Maxim Elizarev 3 months ago +10

    1:16:20 That fucking "lil bit lil bit" by Opster is the worst shit he's ever done, so fucking enraging. Excuse the profanity.

  • Womannequin Reviews
    Womannequin Reviews 3 months ago +1


  • Nic S
    Nic S 3 months ago +12

    This is why jimmy never made it big. Everytime he would try to readjust to sucess, there's Colin. Putting him him his place.
    If only Kevin Hart had a Vs. Colin

    • dale r
      dale r Month ago

      Never made it big? He is on the second most popular show on SiruisXM.

    • MrOllerBaller
      MrOllerBaller Month ago

      Nic S cool story bro

  • GNeter
    GNeter 4 months ago +5

    14:41 "the crowd's like 'time is money'" this guy is way too funny man! LMMFAOOOOO

  • BigRob Rooks
    BigRob Rooks 4 months ago +11

    We’re literally watching Colin Quinn slowly turn into Pat Cooper... No wonder why Patrice loved and respected both of those guys.

    • Highking Stoner
      Highking Stoner 2 months ago

      How’s he turning into pat cooper? Generally curious

  • Daniel Byrne
    Daniel Byrne 4 months ago +6

    2:47:48 hahaha

  • jack mehoff
    jack mehoff 4 months ago +10

    Collin won

  • Cory Brennan
    Cory Brennan 4 months ago +1

    5:16 what song is this?

    • Cory Brennan
      Cory Brennan 3 months ago +2

      @Nic S grew up in a black neighborhood lol sorry

    • C Mahoney
      C Mahoney 3 months ago +1

      National Acrobat. Sabbath

    • Matt Murray
      Matt Murray 3 months ago +1

      Cory Brennan a national acrobat

    • Nic S
      Nic S 3 months ago +4

      A national acrobat. Jimmy's walk out song. What are you slow? Get the bit!

  • jan bramsen
    jan bramsen 5 months ago +3

    Did colin sa, why dont you make a cat noise now lol... the final blow and it was dirty :-)

  • Lafe Denton
    Lafe Denton 5 months ago +11

    Can you please remove the picture of the bald lesbian. She is so disturbing to look at

    • Ted Crilly
      Ted Crilly 2 months ago

      look at the weird shape of his head. a weird rear part sharply pointing out of the top, so annoying.

  • Matt Murray
    Matt Murray 5 months ago +10

    Colin genuinely angry during Mark Cuban, and I totally agree. He should’ve been treated much better despite the gold it brought to our ears.

  • Scott Stir
    Scott Stir 5 months ago +5

    11:00 11:56

  • bruce brickman
    bruce brickman 5 months ago +9

    Norton’s a phony talentless creep STFU worm!

  • autismi keksi
    autismi keksi 5 months ago +37

    this is why they have weight classes in boxing

  • Bk Break1
    Bk Break1 5 months ago +8

    11:56 my favorite Part!!!

    • Nic S
      Nic S 3 months ago

      Im dead

    • Matt Murray
      Matt Murray 5 months ago +2

      Bk Break1 mine too, hilarious

    • Scott Stir
      Scott Stir 5 months ago +2

      Bk Break1 11:00 also, Colin crushes Jim every time

  • deisal273
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  • Waldo P. Schmeer
    Waldo P. Schmeer 5 months ago +14

    @02:45:00 - the way that Jay Mohr imitates Colin down to the kinds of things Colin says- that shit only comes from YEARS of busting balls with someone.
    Some people just do impressions but don’t say the type of shit the subject says- but Mohr nails Colin each and every time lmao

    MELEKH HA OLAM 5 months ago +8

    "I never liked Eminence Front" because you're a deviant worm.

  • dec home
    dec home 5 months ago +15

    Colin murders him

  • Richie Hunt
    Richie Hunt 5 months ago +7

    This was the Jimmy we used to love.

  • Jason Bock
    Jason Bock 5 months ago +10

    The Who fucking STINK!

    • theboyx3
      theboyx3 5 months ago +2

      And you don't like them.

  • mrdrprof99
    mrdrprof99 5 months ago +7

    Take your loss and BEAT it

    WILL GILLIES 5 months ago +11

    Love this, Colin is the best,...."shuttup stupid!"

  • bruce brickman
    bruce brickman 5 months ago +7

    The Worm is an ugly blinky slimy faggit!!

    • D Ceased
      D Ceased 4 months ago +3

      The fact that you all you Jim haters say exactly the same thing shows how programmed you are.

    • Herschelclitz Bergstein
      Herschelclitz Bergstein 5 months ago +4

      Colin has alluded for years what a degenerate little creep this mollusk is.

  • insomnom nomnia
    insomnom nomnia 6 months ago +6

    3 hr. O&A bender. Those were the days.

  • Nicholas Joost
    Nicholas Joost 6 months ago +4


  • Christian
    Christian 6 months ago +5


  • MrLarrybill
    MrLarrybill 7 months ago +10

    Norton is a dick sucker with references from the 70s...no thanks

    • Herschelclitz Bergstein
      Herschelclitz Bergstein 5 months ago

      @drewski67 A shame that his parents don't.

    • drewski67
      drewski67 6 months ago +26

      Unfortunately for you, he considers those both compliments

  • Turnbuckle Lucci Bonna Douchie

    1:35:30 -
    Clam up...
    CLAM UP!

  • Carr Rexx
    Carr Rexx 7 months ago +10

    Norton and Quinn are besties.

  • Eugenius The Great
    Eugenius The Great 7 months ago +17

    This is what real friendship sounds like.

    • slimlokz559
      slimlokz559 23 days ago +1

      Lol Jimmy and opie "had that chemistry" lol

    • Nic
      Nic 5 months ago

      No Jimmy and Opster were the real best buds

  • Waldo P. Schmeer
    Waldo P. Schmeer 7 months ago +26

    I’ll never understand the reverence these guys have for Seinfeld.
    Seinfeld has to be one of the corniest comics I’ve ever seen. And I don’t say that as a person who’s never seen Jerry’s materiel. I am a fan of comedy and I have no problem listening to any comic. I never understood Jerry so I’ve tried to see some of his stand ups and the tv show and i just don’t understand it.
    A guy like Seinfeld should be praying to an alter of a guy like Quinn.

    • merces47letifer
      merces47letifer 4 months ago


    • D Ceased
      D Ceased 4 months ago +2

      It's because he's one of the (((tribe)))

    • John Doe
      John Doe 5 months ago +3

      Agreed. Seinfeld sucks but he helped resurrect the career of the legend Colin Quinn. L'chaim goyim!

    • Corey Smith
      Corey Smith 6 months ago +5

      Waldo P. Schmeer They don't revere him for his stand up, they revere him for his writing. They aren't quoting his jokes, they are quoting lines from his show, which was one of the biggest sitcoms of all time. It was also a show about a comic(their wheelhouse), and a New York comic at that. They are all either born Yanks or adopted. That's ignoring the good career move of supporting Jerry.

  • Deuce of Spade
    Deuce of Spade 7 months ago +21

    Colin so fuckin quick & lethal

  • OneBagTravel
    OneBagTravel 7 months ago +5


  • Nicholas Rice
    Nicholas Rice 7 months ago +18

    “Yourself I hope”

  • Dan Garcia
    Dan Garcia 7 months ago +7

    Jimmy screaming "This show fucking stinks!!!!" at 1:31:15 is hilarious 😅🤣😂

  • RossKempOnYourMum01
    RossKempOnYourMum01 7 months ago +11

    National hackrobat

  • anthony bourdain
    anthony bourdain 7 months ago +13

    colin is so on point about how self important and SHMARMY jim is. HACK

  • Martin Latour
    Martin Latour 8 months ago +13

    I've listened to these 2 vids so many times and it's just as funny everytime. God bless you for uploading this

  • Dan Garcia
    Dan Garcia 8 months ago +9

    "Norton has baby skin." 39:11 😆

    • Carr Rexx
      Carr Rexx 7 months ago

      Yes, hez a hatchling.

  • Waldo P. Schmeer
    Waldo P. Schmeer 8 months ago


  • Tuan Jim
    Tuan Jim 8 months ago +21

    Colin Quinn is so underrated as a comic. Pretty much every jab he takes in this clip is gold. Can’t stop laughing. SHADDAP STUPID.

  • Jeff Cockmann
    Jeff Cockmann 8 months ago +34

    i wish colin would go on the J&S and be that honest about what norton became and how bad of a job they are doing with that show.

    • CatnamedMittens
      CatnamedMittens 8 months ago +5

      Can't fuck with the chemistry Jim and Anthony had.

  • Seanpaul Smillie
    Seanpaul Smillie 8 months ago +22

    Colin is so quick, shame he's not more popular but i suppose that's part of the charm in a shit way lol

  • Iggy 4
    Iggy 4 9 months ago +9

    Thanks for creating this I can't stop laughing fucking great.

  • bruce brickman
    bruce brickman 9 months ago +12

    Colin on fire!!!

  • bruce brickman
    bruce brickman 9 months ago +12

    Norton’s a phony no talent worm!!!

  • unusual username
    unusual username 9 months ago +3

    Hey.... guy on the phone, SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!! Quit interrupting, you have NOTHING FUNNY TO SAY!!!!

  • EricLeafericson
    EricLeafericson 9 months ago +4

    How the hell did I predict that Jim wanted to be brought up to "National Acrobat?" I love the song and everything, but it's a little too indulgent to intro a comic with.

    • Matthew Kosakowski
      Matthew Kosakowski 5 months ago +1

      EricLeafericson that is their best song so I cannot knock Jim’s taste

    • Suq Madiq
      Suq Madiq 5 months ago

      Jimmy is the world that hides the universal secret of all time

    • Evan W
      Evan W 5 months ago +1

      At least it's something of a deep cut/a sick song; Iron Man or something would be Jeff Dunham-tier

  • thelolmaster1997
    thelolmaster1997 9 months ago +5

    2:15:50 He's like Sollozzo

  • thelolmaster1997
    thelolmaster1997 9 months ago +9

    14:04 The Profound Teacher

    • John Morrison
      John Morrison 4 months ago

      thelolmaster1997 lol I love the profound teacher

  • Ricardo Cantoral
    Ricardo Cantoral 9 months ago +20

    Jim is a dullard hence Colin's frequent victories.

  • arlen hurley
    arlen hurley 9 months ago +18

    Colin goes for the fuckin’ jugular every time.

  • dreaded360
    dreaded360 9 months ago +3

    10:00 ahh yes.. just ignore bitch tits rhetorical look at me question and keep going with the jim bashing

    • dreaded360
      dreaded360 9 months ago +5

      45:00 opie is so good .. man I wish he would always make odd jokes that no one gets , then explain them and still no one sees the funny in it...

  • chrismasterith
    chrismasterith 9 months ago +15

    This is brutal...Jim gets his ass handed to him in 99% of these

    • CatnamedMittens
      CatnamedMittens 8 months ago +4

      To be fair, Colin would fuck up everyone, even Patrice.

  • Teds Lead Hat emporium
    Teds Lead Hat emporium 9 months ago +4

    16:00. That fake fucking laugh, i want to brain him with a pipe

  • RossKempOnYourMum01
    RossKempOnYourMum01 9 months ago +14

    "Brushing up? He needs a first coat."

  • TigerDime Tv
    TigerDime Tv 9 months ago +13

    1hr 40min 40sec..
    “I wouldn’t be a good nazi coz I got glasses, I could see all the stuff” tss tss
    That’s chippa gold 👌

    • John Doe
      John Doe 5 months ago +2

      Tss. There's a Jew In the attic or sumthin

    • bobE g
      bobE g 8 months ago +2

      TigerDime Tv double guns sockcucka

    • Imight Realperson
      Imight Realperson 9 months ago +2

      steven curtiss you are a retardo

    • steven curtiss
      steven curtiss 9 months ago +2

      TigerDime Tv chip is not funny

  • jan bramsen
    jan bramsen 9 months ago +6

    CAnt understand half of what Colin say half the time, brick his face it might help him with his speech impediment that mumbling idiot...

    • Steve Shit goose
      Steve Shit goose 8 months ago +5

      jan bramsen yet some how jimmy lost. With the advantage of speech

  • Sam Bbk
    Sam Bbk 10 months ago +11

    Time spent away from opie makes him all the more intolerable when you hear his loud, vapid and needy nonsense again.

  • Kevin C
    Kevin C 10 months ago +18

    "Jimmy's working out to look mediocre."

  • Lighten Up You Serious Slobs
    Lighten Up You Serious Slobs 10 months ago +19

    Jim Norton: A molested freak.

  • Myrdred Deceiver
    Myrdred Deceiver 10 months ago


  • Matthew Stephens
    Matthew Stephens 10 months ago +9

    I've worked through the CK, Jim Jefferies, Colin Quinn, Bill Burr and Nick DiPaulo episodes so far and I think the Colin ones were my favourites. They've all had moments of gold though. Best show ever.

  • Hugo Stiglitz
    Hugo Stiglitz 10 months ago +9

    Solution is the same as motive! Jimmy should of used the Chip voice to say that dumb statement.

  • Brockton Ma.
    Brockton Ma. 10 months ago +17

    Jimmy IS a worthy adversary, but Colin is lethal.

  • Brockton Ma.
    Brockton Ma. 10 months ago +7

    Colin, congratulations on your engagement. Best of luck.

  • rvd4twenty
    rvd4twenty 10 months ago +9

    u deserve a medal of honor just for time stamping everything.