Adam Savage and Alton Brown Incognito at Comic-Con 2015!


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  • Geoffrey Godshall
    Geoffrey Godshall 8 days ago

    And this is why I lovingly waste (?) hours on TheXvid. Thanks!

  • VoiceOfReasonXXX
    VoiceOfReasonXXX 14 days ago

    Went to culinary school with Alton. Very smart guy, great sense of humor. i can see he and Adam being friends.

  • I Agree With You Deksam Torrac

    I thought they should have put the white makeup on.

  • redgreen09
    redgreen09 Month ago

    wow thats neat din know alton brown will do this stuff how cool just thoght did food live and lirn and just thogh he did yeast pupes yes ges will do it he did mythbusters thanks giveing made in car engen

  • Advanced_Sand
    Advanced_Sand Month ago

    Two of my childhood idols??
    Cosplaying together????
    Excuse me while I d i e

    • Advanced_Sand
      Advanced_Sand Month ago

      They also look just like my dad if they combined

  • Hmary
    Hmary Month ago +1

    Adam and Alton are everyone's cool uncle's

  • Huruki Senpai
    Huruki Senpai Month ago

    4:52 XD LOL

  • Huruki Senpai
    Huruki Senpai Month ago

    I'm totally laughing all the time XD

  • James Moore
    James Moore Month ago

    Have these two come out of the closet yet

  • Barokai Rein
    Barokai Rein Month ago

    ''There is no costume that's not hot'' Jessica Nigri might disagree with th- wait no yeah those are still hot but not that kind of hot

  • mgunter
    mgunter Month ago

    You two could be Agent Smiths to have the easiest incognito.

    TRIPLESEVENSIX 2 months ago

    I thought those twins in the movie were so corny. Bad movie too. Everybody must have known that was Adam? Milli Vanilli! Ha!

  • Mqo 12321
    Mqo 12321 2 months ago

    Best crossover ever

  • Elexis Harper
    Elexis Harper 2 months ago

    Late to the comment party here, but I just had to say, I first of all, cannot believe I expected them both to walk into the walls at the same time, and then second, watched them both do exactly what I thought they'd do. Laughed my ass off (metaphorically... unfortunately...)

  • Austin Acton
    Austin Acton 2 months ago

    Incognito at comic con? More like cognito at comic con.

  • Sheri Hone
    Sheri Hone 2 months ago

    I'm just in love🤗

    VINDOMRAM VINDOMRAM 2 months ago

    "Girl you know its" "Girl you know its" "Girl you know its" "Girl you know its" "Girl you know its" "Girl you know its" "Girl you know its" "Girl you know its" "Girl you know its" "Girl you know its" "Girl you know its" "Girl you know its" "Girl you know its" "Girl you know its" "Girl you know its"

  • Anjo Mekking
    Anjo Mekking 2 months ago

    Viewing this in 2018 and now I know who Alton Brown is since I watch Cutthroat kitchen every day.

  • Lauren
    Lauren 3 months ago

    Squad goals - please do a show together

  • Nilly Chaos
    Nilly Chaos 3 months ago

    Looks like spaghetti xD

  • Bryce Genereux
    Bryce Genereux 3 months ago

    This is my dream collaboration

  • Benjamin von Sück
    Benjamin von Sück 3 months ago "...and my favorite response from a fan was, 'Hey, Milli Vanilli!' Gives me an idea..." Uh, Adam... is your idea BLACKFACE?

  • Horts fikolpsy
    Horts fikolpsy 3 months ago

    Milli Vanilli 😂

  • Asger Vestbjerg
    Asger Vestbjerg 3 months ago

    Wow 👍😀
    Yes brother👍

  • Manda-LORE
    Manda-LORE 3 months ago

    7:49 Mara Jade from the Star Wars EU spotted

  • Pacificsugar
    Pacificsugar 3 months ago

    I need hours of material with Alton and Adam. I need this to be a thing, I love these guys together!

  • Rotoprism
    Rotoprism 3 months ago

    Doing this seems like so much fun, I am so jealous

  • Jay
    Jay 3 months ago

    best part of the video: 3:40

  • luciano passa
    luciano passa 3 months ago

    why is the camera man so short LMAO

  • ColbiGL
    ColbiGL 3 months ago

    dude ive always thought they looked alike! LMAO, two of my fav people!

  • Lyla Christopherson
    Lyla Christopherson 3 months ago


  • mero40k
    mero40k 3 months ago +1

    The 'walking through walls' bit is hilarious, id be doin that all day.

  • Ryan McEwen
    Ryan McEwen 4 months ago

    My two favorite television personalities!!!

  • 文恵
    文恵 4 months ago

    this is so awesome! :D

  • aytaç çakır
    aytaç çakır 4 months ago

    : ))

  • Joseph Kroon
    Joseph Kroon 4 months ago

    I love Alton Brown and Adam Savage! They have great chemistry and should do more together

  • Mermaid Man
    Mermaid Man 4 months ago

    Alton Brown = the Adam savage of food.

  • Loya Frostwind
    Loya Frostwind 4 months ago


  • TXF
    TXF 4 months ago

    I kinda wanna see Adam try and make a version of these characters that actually look cool.

  • Scully
    Scully 4 months ago

    Those noodle wigs! I can't stop cackling. The costumes were almost great until that point!

  • MommaMole
    MommaMole 4 months ago

    I'd probably be way more excited about seeing Alton. Sorry, Adam!

  • MonarNL
    MonarNL 4 months ago

    As some point you have to realise…. you're getting to old for this shit. ;p

  • MageisHero
    MageisHero 4 months ago

    Alton Brown is hilarious with anything he says. He's a great match with Adam.

  • Neon Gaming
    Neon Gaming 4 months ago

    Daaaamn looking pretty fucking good 👍🏻

  • Marina Marcucci
    Marina Marcucci 5 months ago

    They do look like twins

  • hamstap85
    hamstap85 5 months ago

    3:33 and that's my new wallpaper

  • carol sicard
    carol sicard 5 months ago

    what fun !!

  • terryingram123
    terryingram123 5 months ago

    This is AMAZING!

  • R L
    R L 5 months ago

    Dream team!!!!

  • joeykong94
    joeykong94 5 months ago

    Adam and Alton my 2 favorite dudes with the later a at the beginning of there name

  • LetsPlayKeldeo
    LetsPlayKeldeo 5 months ago

    They have way to much fun

  • Kyle Gardner
    Kyle Gardner 5 months ago

    Lol alton looked like Mr Smith with the glasses

  • Devin Norris
    Devin Norris 5 months ago

    By far the funniest incognito

  • Teddy
    Teddy 5 months ago

    I had no idea that Adam did this stuff, it makes sense that the mythbuster guy would be nerdy and fantastic at creating costumes, cool dude

  • Dave Otuwa
    Dave Otuwa 5 months ago

    San Diego, CA's Comic-Con is no longer televised due to the extinction of G4. Esquire Network will never broadcast the event. Nor another TV channel will. Guaranteed!

  • Jeff Kill
    Jeff Kill 5 months ago

    we need a caddilac escilade with a gun mount now

  • Prince Leader
    Prince Leader 5 months ago

    Anyone else notice the two people were Ezma and Krunk? That made my day! X3

  • Trying
    Trying 6 months ago

    they are like the albino milli vanilli...

  • Me Tho
    Me Tho 6 months ago

    Strangely good duo

  • jerik banzam
    jerik banzam 6 months ago

    its like they will have a battle with penn & teller

  • J Brown
    J Brown 6 months ago

    I love alton brown

  • Caleb Grill
    Caleb Grill 6 months ago

    Looks like an older Mucous Malfoy

  • Joe Krol
    Joe Krol 6 months ago

    Two of my favorite tv personalities doing something fun love it!

  • Kay Gallagher
    Kay Gallagher 6 months ago

    These two need to do a show together.

  • Angel V. Campbell
    Angel V. Campbell 6 months ago

    That is just So many flavors of wrong!

  • Grim Griefer
    Grim Griefer 6 months ago

    Your facial hair kinda threw off the cosplay

  • Christian Ortiz
    Christian Ortiz 6 months ago

    I like he just runs into the wall

  • Mel C
    Mel C 6 months ago

    top quality italian plastic🤣

  • Mel C
    Mel C 6 months ago

    i love Alton

  • P Family
    P Family 6 months ago

    There is no costume that's not hot except for the girls that are half naked

  • Asbestos Fish
    Asbestos Fish 6 months ago

    I cannot go to comicon, for medical reasons.

  • Jordan Ashburn
    Jordan Ashburn 7 months ago

    Adam Savage and Alton Brown I would have never thought of these two people getting along so good together but they pull it off remarkably and a second they should make make more, Comic-Con

  • aquitaineq
    aquitaineq 7 months ago

    I have no idea who these guys are, but kudos to them!

  • Dinos n Rhinos
    Dinos n Rhinos 7 months ago

    You both look so alike!

  • Layk35
    Layk35 7 months ago

    Oh man, can't believe I guessed the costumes from the thumbnail. Thought I was gonna be wrong

  • Matthew Curtiss
    Matthew Curtiss 7 months ago

    This is my aesthetic

  • Kevin Hall
    Kevin Hall 7 months ago

    Fuck dude which is which?

  • moira May
    moira May 7 months ago

    Adam: *gently walks into the wall*
    Alton: *slams full force* shit it didnt work

  • Zap Actionsdower
    Zap Actionsdower 7 months ago

    yup im on board with everyone else, this duo DESERVES their own show, adam creates gadgets and contraptions that are capable of preparing food in different ways and alton decides the ingredients...or hell just these two nerding out on whatever, i dont care just make something happen!

  • Justin Sparhawk
    Justin Sparhawk 7 months ago

    Vanilla Manilly

  • Skyrilla
    Skyrilla 7 months ago

    The beards are a huge giveaway...

  • Rust-O
    Rust-O 7 months ago

    So funny.

  • FetalKnievel
    FetalKnievel 7 months ago

    Wow if this was in 2007 I would have shit my pants, I basically socialized via Good Eats and Mythbusters

  • Andrew music fan
    Andrew music fan 7 months ago

    good grief it is Nelson

  • Phillip Porter
    Phillip Porter 7 months ago

    Hearing Alton Brown say "shit!" makes me so happy.

  • Pernell Adams
    Pernell Adams 7 months ago

    They look like actual twins

  • Slavtopuss
    Slavtopuss 7 months ago

    Pure magic

  • kcanded
    kcanded 8 months ago

    Should have had makeup on!!

  • Kay Kay
    Kay Kay 8 months ago

    Adam Savage and Alton Brown! Now that's a dream team.

  • Mouserjan0222
    Mouserjan0222 8 months ago

    My friends made Aqua Bots costumes and Brent Spinner came out of a restaurant and asked for Their photo!

  • I’m Nobody
    I’m Nobody 8 months ago

    Ohhhhh yesss I love him!

  • C.A. Nux
    C.A. Nux 8 months ago

    those mop wigs r brutal

  • Orion13
    Orion13 8 months ago

    "SHIT No it doesn't work!" To hear Alton Brown swear...I know this is 3 years old but that makes my day.

  • C.J. O'Dell
    C.J. O'Dell 8 months ago

    Two of the most beloved nerds on the planet.

  • Beerenmüsli
    Beerenmüsli 8 months ago

    Very nice cosplay!

  • peachie05
    peachie05 9 months ago

    I don't know who Adam Savage is but Alton is the bestest ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Cameron Huneke
    Cameron Huneke 9 months ago

    "turn us into a shrink-dink in a second"

  • AllAboardTheDankMemeTrain

    Ok so I get why u do these things Adam but Alton is a chef.... why in the hell is he doing this?

  • ryanoat
    ryanoat 9 months ago

    Hey they're those droids from star trek

  • Hugo & Phylecia
    Hugo & Phylecia 9 months ago

    Lol we were in the background and didn’t even see them