Mike Tyson - The Amazing Power

  • Published on Oct 18, 2019
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    Mike Tyson will always be with us. Even despite the fact that he has retired from boxing long ago, has been in a series of scandals and starred in a number of mediocre films... but his strikes .. speed .. power and aggression inside the ring will inspire millions of boxing fans around the world for a long time.
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  • X_Pavel_X FN
    X_Pavel_X FN 3 hours ago +1


  • Павел Булгаров

    Он мастер высочайшего уровня в боксе на все времена

  • Ramon Mercado
    Ramon Mercado 8 hours ago

    Wow Mike won a junior Olympics gold before even starting training. He wasn't 16 guys. Source any interview with his trainer Teddy Atlas Mike was around 12.

  • marc walsh
    marc walsh 9 hours ago

    Imagine your promoter saying your 10.0 we got this guy Tyson he 10.0 you could end his rise and take it yourself only to get ko in 30 seconds wow

  • marcin zukowski
    marcin zukowski 15 hours ago

    steryds... look for his neck....

  • Abby Jaded
    Abby Jaded 16 hours ago

    Talks soft like a teddy bear but hit like a grizzly😂

  • Abby Jaded
    Abby Jaded 16 hours ago

    Talks soft like a teddy bear but hit like a grizzly😂

  • Yasko Deko
    Yasko Deko 18 hours ago

    He is the GOAT after ALI of course

  • thegoodvibetribe.sthlm
    thegoodvibetribe.sthlm 22 hours ago

    Nice footage, but why do people make videos like this and act as if they know what they are talking about when they clearly don't?

  • rangers16907
    rangers16907 Day ago


  • Jensen Interceptor

    His voith doethn't match hith skills

  • immediamal coccinello

    He's the GOAT

  • Степан Пінчук

    Тайсон Чемп на віка....

  • TruthSeeker Ai
    TruthSeeker Ai 2 days ago

    never be another like this god of boxing in his prime he would kill aj and wilder 100% fuck what they say

  • David M
    David M 2 days ago

    *MIKE TYSON G.O.A.T!!!!!*

  • Bruno barny
    Bruno barny 2 days ago

    Tyson will stay the best !!!!

  • The FPV Life
    The FPV Life 2 days ago +2

    Every boxer at there peak ... Mike would win all including Ali.

  • Насруль Ашотович

    best of the best boxer

  • Coachrautateemu
    Coachrautateemu 2 days ago +1

    ”He had to eat 3000-4000kcal a day (I heard calories, but it’s KCALs) LMAO, I think Tyson ate that amount food before afteroon.

  • Geert Matthys
    Geert Matthys 2 days ago

    Tua would woop him like school boy

  • HotGritz910
    HotGritz910 2 days ago +2

    The best combination of speed, power and footwork ever.

  • John Buick
    John Buick 3 days ago

    If Mike had of stayed away from booze, blow and broads he would have been on top for at least another 5 years.

  • Amar R3
    Amar R3 3 days ago

    4:27 RIP

  • Jesus Dela Cruz Jr.
    Jesus Dela Cruz Jr. 3 days ago

    Wilder has no chance vs Young Prime Tyson with Cus version.

  • Troy Lobatos
    Troy Lobatos 3 days ago

    This dude's facts are way off he started training at 13 and he wasn't even a street fighter he was an insecure fat kid

  • Robert Vasquez
    Robert Vasquez 3 days ago

    Teddy atlas is a piece of shit he always talking shit about fighters one of them should have slapped him by how

  • Hrvoje1983
    Hrvoje1983 3 days ago

    The one .....the only

  • Fred rombaft
    Fred rombaft 3 days ago

    Anyone seen Wilders legs?

  • Philipp Ghadiri
    Philipp Ghadiri 3 days ago

    He still fought a lot of bums

  • Shariff Muhammad
    Shariff Muhammad 3 days ago +1

    Pity mike, his career slowly ruined due to women...

  • WT Callahan lll
    WT Callahan lll 4 days ago

    Love mike, but a fighter just can’t beat a boxer.

  • David Seals
    David Seals 4 days ago +30

    If Cus stayed alive Tyson would be an undefeated champ.

    • Tesla Cyber Truck
      Tesla Cyber Truck Day ago

      Yeah right. There is Always an Excuse.

    • TicTac
      TicTac Day ago

      No, no he wouldnt

    • Vent Williams
      Vent Williams 3 days ago +2

      David Seals 🤙🤙🤙. I been saying this same exact thing for along time now. Tyson was a wayyyy different breed when cus was alive

  • patrick dean
    patrick dean 4 days ago

    the ip man movie he was was better the mediocre and he was pretty good in it as well

  • David Niles
    David Niles 5 days ago

    Tyson in his Undisputed prime vs Wilder at his best...Mike could knock him out inside of 5 rounds. Joshua? Breakfast.

  • Michael Douglas
    Michael Douglas 5 days ago +23

    "No one can beat me in the ring."

    • X_Pavel_X FN
      X_Pavel_X FN 3 hours ago

      @Tesla Cyber Truck he wasent in his prime..

    • Emmanuel Peter
      Emmanuel Peter 21 hour ago

      @Tesla Cyber Truck tq . I was abt to say tht

    • Tesla Cyber Truck
      Tesla Cyber Truck Day ago +2

      Ever heard of Lennox Lewis, Evander Holyfield?, Or Buster Douglas?.

  • Иван Ковтун

    Великий чемпион! Легенда на все времена!

  • im batman
    im batman 7 days ago


  • JBL 91
    JBL 91 8 days ago

    Tyson is a king of noble art

  • crackflush
    crackflush 8 days ago

    Is that Naomi Campbell in 7:00?

  • Mr Bison
    Mr Bison 9 days ago

    Did you say 500 pushups..?

  • Drew Bravo
    Drew Bravo 10 days ago

    Don King *forever* lives in the top 10 biggest scumbags in American sports history.

  • Michael Cass
    Michael Cass 10 days ago +2

    He ran at 4am because thats when warriors wake up... The military. So, cus had him do that... Cus put that in mike. Lets not forget... He was on p.e.d.s.

  • Peter Pinter
    Peter Pinter 11 days ago

    Now look at heavy weight boxing of today, its painful to watch

  • Brush Brush
    Brush Brush 11 days ago

    That horrible money grabbing whore and that freak of an excuse of a human being taking his money. I wish he had battered them both in the ring dirty poor excuse for human being parasites!!

  • Brush Brush
    Brush Brush 11 days ago +1

    He would despatch all heavyweights in this day and age in first round at his prime without fail, maybe fury and wilder 2 to 3 rounds but would be ko for both

    • Slorm Raptor
      Slorm Raptor 7 days ago

      WIlder has freakish power, he can knock down anybody with one punch, so it would depend, if Tyson can avoid getting punch cleanly by Wilder's right hand and end the fight early

  • Brush Brush
    Brush Brush 11 days ago

    The best, greatest, most powerful, most exciting boxer of all time by a mile nobody is even close. .. you just can’t compare anyone..

  • acewilson316
    acewilson316 11 days ago

    best boxxer in history of planet earth

  • Arik megrabyan
    Arik megrabyan 12 days ago

    Mike Tyson! He’s number one ever!

  • Emmanuel King
    Emmanuel King 12 days ago

    Starting at 6:30...Iron Mike settled all that work with just one punch 😁🥊

  • Fred Scaboda
    Fred Scaboda 12 days ago

    If, If, If,, If, If, is that how boxing works? Tyson fought a bunch of scared tomato cans, When he fought somebody good...he lost He was in his prime when he fought Buster Douglas and he LOST. I knew it was hype when he couldn't put away Mitch 'Blood' Green in 10 rounds. Green was a certified Crack addict .

  • Jim
    Jim 12 days ago +5

    The guy talking over this video talks way too much and it's that annoying fake accent..

  • Robert Thaxton
    Robert Thaxton 13 days ago

    When he got with Don King I knew it was over.Cus loved him,Don loved only the money not the person

    MRBRIGHTSIDE UK 13 days ago +5

    And people think one punch wilder could beat prime Tyson 😂

  • Vartan Oganov
    Vartan Oganov 15 days ago

    Уникальный боксёр! Один из лучших боксёров всех времён!

  • Dwayne Johnson
    Dwayne Johnson 16 days ago +1

    Mike Tyson is so huge yet I look at him and never think that he couldn’t get that naturally no ones ever accused mike of steriods it’s like u can tell he’s meant to look like that

  • Anthony Scantinini
    Anthony Scantinini 16 days ago

    you were born a retard. at least try to have enough sense to understand that we don't care what you have to say. understand your little place in our world.

  • Pete Burns
    Pete Burns 16 days ago

    Just FORGET the end of his career when he lost to lewis...who would never face him in his prime and kept WELL out of the way, mcbride etc..at his best he'd have murdered them...buster douglas fought a great fight but it was once he split from kevin rooney etc and got involved with that rat don king it started to fall apart..then douglas beat him...im convinced if hed stayed with the same trainers nobody would ever have beat him....just looking at him training and seing his speed is frightening...it must have been so much worse for his opponents....look at the shit around today..deontay wilder...tyson fury showed him for the average boxer he is..omg tyson would ko him in 1

  • MyLifeForAuir87
    MyLifeForAuir87 17 days ago +90

    Respect to the guys that got in the ring knowing what was about to happen.

  • Jo killuminaty
    Jo killuminaty 17 days ago

    He is the best, I never saw another boxer with his skills , he will always be the best boxer of the world. The king of box for life.
    He lost a few, its normal, but he is and will always be the best

  • Jeffrey Bozko
    Jeffrey Bozko 17 days ago

    3000-4000kcals a day, im sure he ate more then that lol

    • shiroineko13
      shiroineko13 16 days ago

      yeah with that crazy amount of physical activity it's probably closer to 5 or 6k.