Minecraft Live 2020: Full Show

  • Published on May 25, 2022
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  • Bee K.
    Bee K. Year ago +1568

    everyone was complaining about no cave update but they were just taking their time to make it perfect. what a wholesome ending

  • Cxson
    Cxson 10 months ago +321

    As I rewatch this after Caves and Cliffs Part I came out, I realize how different some of the stuff looks from their original designs. I find it quite interesting actually. By the way, I had totally forgotten about the archeology system that they were adding. Nobody is even talking about it. It makes me wonder if they ended up scrapping it or not. I really hope they didn't, because I would love to see those types of mechanics added to Minecraft.
    (Edit: I just had to fix a grammatical error. That's it. 😁

    • AFewOfMyCommentsAreCringy. . .
      AFewOfMyCommentsAreCringy. . . 3 months ago

      @Marjorie Bani what are you even tryna tell me? the timestamps dont lead to anything i can figure out and its worded incorrectly.

    • Marjorie Bani
      Marjorie Bani 4 months ago

      @Cxson The Textrue Unused
      Caves and Cliffs Update by @Minecarft

    • Tim Ohara
      Tim Ohara 4 months ago

      @harry golden no they said after caves and cliffs

    • BeaconMan6000
      BeaconMan6000 4 months ago

      @harry goldenThey confirmed that it's not coming in 1.19

    • PokeChespinGames
      PokeChespinGames 5 months ago

      @Areylite ohhh, I found out about the warden recently but thanks for the rest! 😄

  • Kryptomencer
    Kryptomencer 7 months ago +168

    You can just see the disappointment and hesitation in the hosts faces when the Glow Squid got chosen.

    • tessa Lennox
      tessa Lennox 19 days ago

      @CookieMoon i never said that, meant that the ability of iceologer was cool, i appreciate the explanation tho lol

    • CookieMoon
      CookieMoon 21 day ago

      @tessa Lennox there was no confirmation the ice wand would ever be dropped by the iceologer. Minecraft dungeons has a lot of loot that doesn't and never will exist in the main game like wither armor, emerald gear, tempest knives and more. It would probably have been equally as useless. Just a new hostile mob variant like strays were, and we may have gotten a new structure for it. It'd probably still just drop the same exact things as other illagers.

    • Tim Ohara
      Tim Ohara 4 months ago

      @koala but its a factory arm

    • Aarohi Vlogs
      Aarohi Vlogs 6 months ago

      @Ender minecraft yeah we can get a challenging mob

    • Ender minecraft
      Ender minecraft 7 months ago +1

      I hate glow squid

  • J.D Duck King
    J.D Duck King 7 months ago +61

    i can't believe it was a year ago minecraft live and caves and cliffs announcement, its so incredible how everything goes

    • •Allie•
      •Allie• 7 months ago

      @Best Robo1234 Yes I did

    • Best Robo1234
      Best Robo1234 7 months ago

      Did u watch Minecraft live 2021, The new Update is the WILD UPDATE! it adds frogs and mangrove trees and also boats with chests and the warden has a castle in deep-dark it will be added in 2022 1.19

    • Mathdog
      Mathdog 7 months ago

      Just imagine this game in 10 years, I think its gonna be a sky island update today🙌

  • cyber dude
    cyber dude Year ago +551

    Whenever I see the warden I imagine an evil iron golem.

  • sanket kumar
    sanket kumar Year ago +1467

    36:04 - "Lush Caves" Biome
    42:44 - "Dripstone Caves" Biome
    44:35 - Sculk Growths + Wireless Redstone
    47:51 - "Deep Dark" Biome
    54:09 - GOATS
    1:55:02 - "Crystal Cave" Structure
    1:57:11 - Telescopes + Copper + Lightening Rods
    2:03:02 - BUNDLES
    2:08:00 - "Archeology" Structure
    2:11:52 - AXOLOTLS

  • BlizzardPixels
    BlizzardPixels 7 months ago +17

    2020: Archaeology looks so cool! I hope they show more soon!
    2021: Yeah... archaeology...

  • goodeveninq
    goodeveninq Year ago +463

    Agnes is SO underrated like she's so wholesome. I love her

    • Kyu
      Kyu 5 months ago

      @Babukaji Maharjan I wish...

    • Raisin
      Raisin 7 months ago

      @Prn 97 rude. “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything”

    • Babukaji Maharjan
      Babukaji Maharjan 7 months ago

      U can marry her 😉😏

    • Draiso
      Draiso 7 months ago


  • Ango
    Ango 7 months ago +64

    The vote should be held on the discord or youtube or an external polling site, not twitter. because a lot of minecraft players dont have twitter and they cant have their say in the mob vote

    • Danez
      Danez 6 months ago

      @CheekySEPH Minecraft already made several community tab polls

    • Rohan Jose
      Rohan Jose 7 months ago

      @tessa Lennox pretty sure live chats can also have polls lol

    • tessa Lennox
      tessa Lennox 7 months ago +1

      @CheekySEPH there is... community tab for any channel above 1k subs-

    • Azeem op
      Azeem op 7 months ago +4

      @CheekySEPH *community post cries in corner*

    • Creativezito
      Creativezito 7 months ago

      @CheekySEPH literally yea bro, i have both, and i know there more people in twitter than discord

  • Jaisal Lakum Studios
    Jaisal Lakum Studios 9 months ago +50

    The nostalgia on this live stream

    • Freak
      Freak 7 months ago +1

      @Beakz YT Channel! I'm still very angry that glow squid won.. Both moobloom & iceologer was nice but glow squid was the trash among them.. I hope that allay or copper golem gets this mob vote (looks like allay is gonna win :)

    • Beakz YT Channel!
      Beakz YT Channel! 7 months ago +3

      Especially The Dream Controversey :/

  • Skyebunny777
    Skyebunny777 Year ago +904

    aww the character design for then new mobs are so cute.

    • Gdplex
      Gdplex Year ago +1

      *warden noises intensifies

    • shannon Spath
      shannon Spath Year ago

      What about the warden? Is he cute?

    • Jack Theflash
      Jack Theflash Year ago

      Kaung Khine especially the warden

    • Jean Louis
      Jean Louis Year ago

      Well yeah i guess some of them but some of them ar scary enough to give you a heart attack.

  • Kristian P.
    Kristian P. 9 months ago +26

    Can we just appreciate the smooth animated Mojang Studios logo at the end and thus the music? It is so smooth and the music is great, even though it is short 😂

  • bmlugo
    bmlugo Year ago +25

    This update is going to bring tons of new mysteries in the game.

  • Danez
    Danez Year ago +28

    Seeing Mr. Sakurai showing support to the team and having a nice short showcase of Smash Bros to the Minecraft Audience is so heartwarming :)

  • Xmerj1611
    Xmerj1611 7 months ago +57

    I still can't get over how dream rigged the vote and chosen a retextured squid

    • CookieMoon
      CookieMoon 20 days ago

      @trollface gaming Not everyone builds, not everyone explores, not everyone beats the game, not everyone plays survival, not everyone likes setting up farms, not everyone likes sorting systems, not everyone plays creative, not everyone plays minecraft. That argument can apply to anything in minecraft because minecraft wants to make it so that everybody has at least one thing they can enjoy and have many different activities to chose from, that and it's creativity is precisely why it's popular. The "not everyone builds redstone" argument doesn't really matter. Not everyone has mob farms so the Allay doesn't benefit everyone, not everyone plays survival so the glare doesn't benefit everyone. Redstone might seem niche but it really isn't. A lot of players out there have messed around with it at least once and you can always jump on TheXvid at any time to learn how to do it if you so wish. It's not nearly as niche or inaccessible as people make it out to be.
      Also, keep in mind all of the mobs functions are already entirely possible in game. None of them bring anything new to the table, they just make it more convenient and less complicated. Sorting systems and hoppers have existed for years and cover the Allays uses already. It's just an alternative way to get loot from automated farms or send stuff to your friends. The glares function is already in F3 mode, and it's also quite easy to tell if a place is capable of spawning mobs because of the lighting giving you obvious visual hints. Torches aren't exactly expensive to make so it doesn't matter if you place one or two extra. The copper golems supposed function as a "Redstone randomizer" can already be achieved using some convoluted Redstone. Arguably the copper golems functionality is harder to access currently, so it would be more convenient and beneficial for most people, since hoppers and lighting is quite straightforward already for pretty much anyone with an interest in it in the first place.
      Of course, the Allay won in the end. I assume from what I've seen because of a misunderstanding in how it's fetching mechanic would work. Either way I'm curious to see what types of contraptions or uses people find.

    • J a y d e n
      J a y d e n 7 months ago

      @trollface gaming So what? Not everyone makes farms either

    • trollface gaming
      trollface gaming 7 months ago

      @J a y d e n not everyone makes restone builds

    • trollface gaming
      trollface gaming 7 months ago

      @Dark Matter glare is just f3 but its a mob

    • r
      r 7 months ago

      @Err0rz he better stay out of every new voting

  • Sabana
    Sabana Year ago +774

    The warden is honestly scarier than all the mobs combined but he’s awesome. 2020 is looking up

    • AquAssassin
      AquAssassin Year ago +1

      He needs to be in decked out

    • Sea Grapez
      Sea Grapez Year ago

      @HeKnows WhereFranceIs Ohh now that I go back and re-watch it I can see how it's a heart. Thanks I would've been convinced ot was a face for the longest 🤣😂

    • HeKnows WhereFranceIs
      HeKnows WhereFranceIs Year ago +1

      @Sea Grapez I actually think that's its heart. I saw somewhere that the heartbeat like noise and the dimming of the lights is from its heart. Course, don't quote me on this, but I just wanted to say my little two sense.

    • Frisky D.
      Frisky D. Year ago

      Really reminds me of Shadow of the Colossus, especially because there's a blind one that navigates with chimes

    • Sea Grapez
      Sea Grapez Year ago +1

      Is no one here going to talk about how the Warden has faces in its stomach? It reminds me of Soul Sand but I don't know if the Warden actually takes away your soul or something along those lines

  • Gussie Goop
    Gussie Goop 11 months ago +11

    Now, in a world where the first part of 1.17 has been released……….
    *It is magnificent.*

  • ColoredFox
    ColoredFox 7 months ago +3

    Even a year past now, I still cannot believe after years and years of asking for a cave update, they did it! It is actually mind-blowing the amount of people who wanted this update

  • DarkBrave
    DarkBrave Year ago +20

    I remember I was in the car going on a short vacation to a national park (don't worry we stayed safe) and I had this stream pulled up on my phone and I managed to get the caves and cliffs part until the end of the first segment. As the cell service was basically gone, I watched the rest of the show at our place.

  • tsalagi_queer
    tsalagi_queer Year ago +7

    I'm literally so excited for this, it's such a massive thing that allows for so much variation

  • Mr Rainbrow
    Mr Rainbrow Year ago +613

    After this update, We all will have stories to tell our kids.
    *So basically, after years, Mojang listened to our ideas.*

    • Ekakshi Seal
      Ekakshi Seal Year ago

      @Tomatelord ur last point though 🤣🤣

    • Tomatelord
      Tomatelord Year ago +1

      That why I love that game company
      1: The company workers hear the community and improve the game according to what the community wants
      2: Their game, Minecraft has enormous updates that aren’t DLCs
      3: It isn’t fortnite

    • YourPalLoops
      YourPalLoops Year ago +13

      @Qweetus27 EXACTLY with how much seems finished shown here, its obvious they've been working on this for a while and likely have been working on since when we started asking for a cave update.

    • Qweetus27
      Qweetus27 Year ago +24

      They’ve been doing this for a while they had to take a lot of time

    • GrimmboMC
      GrimmboMC Year ago +28

      *cough cough NETHER UPDATE cough cough*

  • TimberFox
    TimberFox 10 months ago +4

    2:10:12 That timing with the water entry sound and the music is 👌

  • Aairon P
    Aairon P 8 months ago +5

    a menos de un mes de minecraft live 2021, todavia recuerdo la emoción de saber de la actualización, ahora solo queda ver la live de este año, mientras cada vez estamos mas cerca de la caves&cliffs update part 2

  • ConstantSpider
    ConstantSpider 7 months ago +45

    "We could make a glowing base!"
    "I wonder if there could be glow armor?"
    "I'm excited to see the glow squid"
    Uh, yeah. I don't think i need to say anything.

    • callum sheridan
      callum sheridan 7 months ago

      Do you remember everyone in the live chat saying “snow not glow! Snow not glow!”

    • ConstantSpider
      ConstantSpider 7 months ago

      @callum sheridan same

    • callum sheridan
      callum sheridan 7 months ago

      @WitherKing66 I voted for the iceoleger, which one did u vote for/want

    • WitherKing66
      WitherKing66 7 months ago

      @callum sheridan N O T H A N K Y O U

    • callum sheridan
      callum sheridan 7 months ago


  • Emma Sigafoos12
    Emma Sigafoos12 11 months ago +2

    I can't believe Minecraft has gone so far! It's very cool now! Wonder what the future updates will be 🤔

  • Elvispiper 47
    Elvispiper 47 Year ago +1442

    I thought it was going to be either the cave or the mountain update, instead, they did both!

    • Tremendous Tadpole
      Tremendous Tadpole Year ago +1


    • Sriraghavan Samavedam
      Sriraghavan Samavedam Year ago +1

      @A Minecrafter I understand but u did not have to read the whole comment

    • A Minecrafter
      A Minecrafter Year ago +1

      @Sriraghavan Samavedam i dont wanna start an argument so just read what I said previously. All Im gonna say.

    • Sriraghavan Samavedam
      Sriraghavan Samavedam Year ago +1

      @A Minecrafter So do not read the comments while watching the stream instead

    • Sarah Gamez
      Sarah Gamez Year ago +1

      @Elvispiper 47 it isn't your fault it's dumb youtube

  • I have Not eat
    I have Not eat Year ago +26

    1:21:40 This is so mind-blowing to this day

  • GW Shorts
    GW Shorts Year ago +5

    Dude, I thought that the Nether update was sick! This update is just next level.

  •  'Omega
    'Omega Year ago +2

    I saw it in live, and it was the best Live Show I've ever seen!! It was so cool 😎
    Thanks Mojang for making Minecraft better at every instant!!

  • Ghoster 0
    Ghoster 0 7 months ago

    1:00:30 finalmente a lenda da redstone foi reconhecida pelo Minecraft!

  • Jackson C
    Jackson C Year ago +1353

    For the people who said "the snow is snowier, the caves are caveier" last year, I bet your happy

    • AzureThunder
      AzureThunder Year ago


    • Wasay
      Wasay Year ago

      This year I'm happier

    • Ethan Cate
      Ethan Cate Year ago +2

      @Trilix no

    • Whipflipper
      Whipflipper Year ago +1

      ECnation 8989 yeah people where talking about the cave update last year

  • TheMasterCraftyYT
    TheMasterCraftyYT 7 months ago +2

    I’m so excited for the 1.17!

  • audrey
    audrey Year ago +1

    the warden is scary af... ive always hated hide and seek style tag, gets my anxiety right up there
    but i am so excited for this update. i dont even like mining, and when they first announced the update i was kind of mad, ngl. i was hoping theyd add more overworld biomes and features, but i could not be more happy now. Amazing job, devs, honestly stunning

  • tsalagi_queer
    tsalagi_queer Year ago +2

    agnes explains things really well, also she's just adorable, love her.

  • big brain
    big brain 6 months ago +2

    The only problem with this kind of videos is once you start you cannot stop

  • Necromancer
    Necromancer Year ago +1167

    Full Timestamps (These were written before there were timestamps in the description, but now that they're there it's pretty much obsolete. Also all the times are wrong now, don't know how that happened):
    6:32 Community Pre-Show
    28:32 Intro
    29:37 Show Starts
    31:18 *Announcement of the Caves and Cliffs Update*
    32:32 Community Question #1: Why has it taken so long?
    33:47 Community Question #2: Are caves more advanced or more accessible now?
    35:05 Design Pillars for 1.17
    35:55 Cave Biomes: Lush Caves
    36:48 Features of Lush Caves
    37:54 Azalea tree
    38:20 Spore Blossom
    38:53 Glow Berries
    39:05 Dripleaf plant
    40:19 Improved Cave Generation Features
    41:09 Cave Rafting over new underground lakes
    42:41 Cave Biomes: Dripstone Caves
    43:06 Features of Stalactites and Stalagmites
    44:08: Deep Dark biome Sneak Peek
    44:34: Skulk Growth and Skulk Block
    46:02 Wireless Redstone
    46:54 New “Warden” Mob Introduced
    47:52 Warden Showcase
    49:50 More Warden Features
    51:47 Community Tweets #1
    52:48 *Minecraft Live Coorespondent Segment #1*
    53:09 Announcement of “Minecraft: The Mountain” book
    54:10 Goats Introduced + Features
    54:30 Better Mountain Generation + Snow Features
    55:00 Minecraft Live Mob Vote
    55:14 Moobloom
    55:37 Iceologer
    55:58 Glow Squid
    57:08 How to Vote
    57:57 *Minecraft Earth Segment*
    59:41 Addition of Pistons to Minecraft Earth
    59:57 MumboJumbo and Grian Minecraft Earth Roadtrip
    1:02:16 Shows on the Minecraft TheXvid Channel
    1:02:51 Recap of Mob Vote + First voting session begins
    1:04:30 *Minecraft Dungeons Segment*
    1:06:08 Minecraft Dungeons Community Clips
    1:08:10 Minecraft Dungeons Updates
    1:08:41 Community Question #3: Unique uses of Features + What is coming up?
    1:09:51 “Howling Peaks” DLC Gameplay Showcase
    1:13:24 New “Apocalypse Plus” Gamemode
    1:14:20 Upcoming Minecraft Dungeons Levels + Features
    1:15:36 *Minecraft Education Edition Segment*
    1:16:31 Global Build Championship Announcment
    1:18:19 Minecraft Marketplace Free Lessons Showcase
    1:20:02 *Game Design with Jeb*
    1:22:05 Jeb’s guiding principles of making Minecraft
    1:23:14 Community Question #4: More Weather/Natural Disaster Features?
    1:25:43 Community Question #5: Combat Changes in Java Edition
    1:27:20 Feature Cookie Jar
    1:28:00 Alex and Steve Coming to Super Smash Bros.
    1:29:52 Jeb on Why Minecraft is Important
    1:31:00 Block by Block Kosovo Project
    1:35:05 Nether Ballet Animation + 1.16 Nether Features
    1:36:14 Moobloom is eliminated + Second voting session begins
    1:37:25 *Custom Creator Tools Segment*
    1:38:12 Marketplace Creators around the World
    1:40:44 New Custom Creator Tools Introduced
    1:40:59 Custom Tomato Crop Showcase
    1:42:24 Creator Tools Features
    1:43:47 Custom Desert Adenture Map Showcase
    1:44:29 Block Models Introduced
    1:46:59 Custom Sci-Fi Parkour Map
    1:48:59 Parkour Map Features
    1:51:49 Terra Swoop Force Free on Marketplace
    1:52:23 *More Cave Update Features*
    1:25:55 Community Tweets #2
    1:55:02 Amethyst Geodes Showcase
    1:55:42 Amethyst Geodes + Crystals Features
    1:57:10 Telescope Introduced
    1:57:51 Copper Introduced
    1:58:17 Copper Ore Features
    1:59:28 Copper Block Features
    2:01:07 Lightning Rod Introduced
    2:01:42 Lightning Rod Features
    2:02:55 Bundles Introduced
    2:03:48 Bundles Features
    2:05:18 Mojang Art Team Showcase
    2:07:55 Archeology System Introduced
    2:09:49 Clay Pots Showcase
    2:11:48 New Axolotl Mob Introduced
    2:12:32 Axolotl Features + Inspiration
    2:15:18 Recap of New Mobs Added
    2:16:10 Recap of Minecraft Live (Cave Update Features + Other Things)
    2:17:51 Caves and Cliffs Update Summer 2021 Release Date
    2:18:36 Announcment of Glow Squid winning Mob Vote
    2:19:54 Show End

    • ChieSatanoka 724
      ChieSatanoka 724 7 months ago

      Where is the Smash Bros timestamp? I hate how no minecraft youtubers are even acknowledging this milestone

    • Adaptable
      Adaptable 7 months ago +3

      Basically, afterwards they edit the video and cut bits and pieces here and there.
      Sometimes, they add more stuff in to make the whole initial livestream thing make a bit more sense to people watching it as a video.
      Obviously when they do this, they don't exactly intend to mess up timestamps the comments have kindly made for the video. But luckily enough, they decided to fix the situation by adding their own to the updated video length.

    • Toxik Trash
      Toxik Trash 7 months ago


    • 8-Bit
      8-Bit 8 months ago

      As a wise grunkle once said:”now this,this is beautiful”

    • Jay71
      Jay71 8 months ago

      I’m so confused but thanks anyway

  • YouCanKeepTheChange
    YouCanKeepTheChange 10 months ago +17

    with this update I really hope mojang adds unique cave music

  • KittyUZutty124
    KittyUZutty124 7 months ago +4

    I remember watching this live.

  • HarveyHovay
    HarveyHovay 9 months ago +2

    the block by block is great and a lot like what Grian did with his backyard

  • Slow_ Spac3
    Slow_ Spac3 Year ago +2

    They should make it so we can make anything mossy
    EX: Left click a block with the moss item and you get mossy dirt, mossy wood, mossy iron block, etc.

  • death by cat
    death by cat Year ago +1621

    Warden: Makes Cave noises
    Everyone: “So it was you all along...”

  • TBNRWolff
    TBNRWolff Year ago +38

    Mojang : telescopes 🔭🔭!
    Java players : normal
    Bedrock Players : it's a blessing , a blessing from the lord!

  • Sipp
    Sipp Year ago +2

    25:07 so glad I was awake at 12am in my country to witness this great moment.

    MRAJM 7 months ago +2

    0:57:19 probably my favorite part. Took me 3 months, each.

  • Pvzisntdead
    Pvzisntdead Year ago +2

    I love every thing about this update but the glow squid like why

  • ItzLuca
    ItzLuca Year ago +415

    36:04 - "Lush Caves" Biome
    42:44 - "Dripstone Caves" Biome
    44:35 - Sculk Growths + Wireless Redstone
    47:51 - "Deep Dark" Biome
    54:09 - GOATS
    1:55:02 - "Crystal Cave" Structure
    1:57:11 - Telescopes + Copper + Lightening Rods
    2:03:02 - BUNDLES
    2:08:00 - "Archeology" Structure
    2:11:52 - AXOLOTLS

    • Nin*Tony
      Nin*Tony Year ago

      You forgot Sakurais Steve part

    • José Ítalo
      José Ítalo Year ago

      @Dilvan in Brazil we speak portuguese, not spanish

    • Echidna142
      Echidna142 Year ago

      thanks man, Im excited for goats

    • cabra cadabra
      cabra cadabra Year ago

      thanks, this was really helpful

    • Dilvan
      Dilvan Year ago

      @José Ítalo i wold like to speak spanish for understand him

  • AndriTV TM
    AndriTV TM 7 months ago +4

    And here we are 2 weeks till minecraft live 2021 already!

  • Plump Cat
    Plump Cat 7 months ago

    The caves and cliffs update to so massive I almost feel bad for the developers. With the latest snapshots it's literally revolutionizing the game

  • SomeOne
    SomeOne Year ago +39

    Its been 7 months and im still watching this

  • WarriorsH
    WarriorsH 9 months ago

    41:27 that is an amazing intro to the warden 47:59 I guess we can say that the goats "live on the edge"

  • flushed emoji official
    flushed emoji official Year ago +3226

    Mojang: So do you like the cave update?
    Fans: *I don't know, I never thought I'd get this far.*

  • Maddox Caudill
    Maddox Caudill Year ago

    Minecraft just got more scarier but I still... LOVE IT SOOOOO MUCH IM EXCITED FOR THE UPDATE THOUGH

  • Aleksander Osvald
    Aleksander Osvald 8 months ago +3

    i think it'd be fun if glowberries gave a player the glowing effect

  • niivel_hardh
    niivel_hardh Year ago +2

    o minecraft noss inprecionando ano após ano!!!

  • D. Adair
    D. Adair 5 months ago

    I'm from the future. The Caves & Cliffs update was broken into 2 parts and it is amazing!

  • Gekkouga
    Gekkouga Year ago +864

    Now we have a massive cave update means: we should NEVER dig straight down

  • Ramon Esquivel
    Ramon Esquivel 10 months ago

    A mi me gustaría mucho que agregarán que los minerales sean de diferente forma

  • nonameguy3
    nonameguy3 Year ago +2

    I really hope Brandon gets to speak again this year!

  • bmlugo
    bmlugo Year ago +34

    42:31 This whole scene gave me chills!

    NOM NOM Year ago +2

    I am going to make a cave base once the update goes out!

  • Versatile
    Versatile Year ago +1885

    Everyone: I'm not scared of caves
    Warden: helo

    • Warden
      Warden 11 months ago

      This is why the Warden should be nicknamed the Hardcore World Ender

    • Ahmad Fadzli AFC
      Ahmad Fadzli AFC Year ago +1

      Minecraft cave sound: are you sure about that

    • Salman J-B
      Salman J-B Year ago +1

      player with peaceful mode : am I a joke to you

    • Jamall
      Jamall Year ago

      Cell's _HELLOO_ from DBFZ

    • Kaxqii•
      Kaxqii• Year ago

      That's why I'm stocking up on snowballs

  • rastgo ak
    rastgo ak Month ago

    I swear I can listen to agnes for the rest of my life speaking without a single ounce of getting bored

  • purpaxo
    purpaxo Year ago +2

    25:07 this moment is the exact time all of our begging for this update, was answered.

  • mcpixelodian
    mcpixelodian 2 months ago +1

    caves have been expanded even more larger than you think

  • André Felipe
    André Felipe Year ago +1

    Orgulho do meu Forevinho

  • Kinshuk
    Kinshuk Year ago +167

    Warden is the scariest one, Axolotl is the cutest one, Cave update is just what we needed, and copper, lightning rods and archaeology just add to it, this is just AWESOME!

    • Fake Warrior
      Fake Warrior Year ago

      Is it gonna be for all devices? I am super excited for the update its soo big

    • Awesome Awesome
      Awesome Awesome Year ago +1

      wait where's the axolotl?
      edit: I swear it didn't even take 10 seconds after typing this to get to the axolotl

    • SSshadowguy1223
      SSshadowguy1223 Year ago +5

      Biggest update ever in my opinion. And don’t forget, goats are also cute but mischievous.

  • Pizza plays 256
    Pizza plays 256 Year ago +6

    I want to know more about the deep dark. Like what is the structure that’s in it or what is the block that makes up the biome and is the warden like a new mini boss?

    • Faiyaz Sadeq
      Faiyaz Sadeq Year ago

      He's not a boss. Wardens are creatures that are meant to be avoided cuz it does a lot of damage that will cause death. The only way to avoid him is by giving distractions like throwing snowballs or shooting arrows in a different area.

  • A K
    A K Year ago +1

    I love the caves and cliffs Update

  • Mr. L Holmes
    Mr. L Holmes 8 months ago +2

    1:30:56 I love how he really wanted iceologer

  • ☆ℕathy’s Kitchen☆


  • vibin gorilla
    vibin gorilla Year ago +1258

    2020: has been a terrible year
    Mojang: come this is no place to die

    • Salman J-B
      Salman J-B Year ago +1

      2020 is still a terrible year because the glowsquid won

    • Gilbert Haro
      Gilbert Haro Year ago

      They give us what we want than takes it away 10 mouth’s

    • Achilles
      Achilles Year ago +1

      Little did anyone know that only avengers fans would know what "Come, thia is no place to die." Means
      R.i.p Chadwick Bosemen

    • Femboui
      Femboui Year ago

      @Radical Yes, but snapshots will release much sooner. Probably around January or February of 2021

    • Juan Hernandez
      Juan Hernandez Year ago +1


  • Crab pulsar
    Crab pulsar Year ago +20

    The reason they didn’t do the cave update sooner is because that a lot of stuff had to have been filled in before then.

  • KubiBorglar
    KubiBorglar Year ago +4

    41:40 this grimstone texture is better than one in 21w07a

    • Jellybob
      Jellybob Year ago +1

      It’s probaly not even grimstone or just a very early version of it

  • Pientje
    Pientje Year ago +4

    6:15. Subtitles: NON-ENGLISH SPEECH
    The guy responsible: *No need to thank me*
    I also think we need a jungle update!
    52:27. "Holy Moobloom!" Made my day lol

  • Rachel Carlson
    Rachel Carlson Year ago

    I have a suggestion for the phantom make it get stronger when the player gets more XP and at the max limit make it a boss as an Easter egg

  • OblivionFall
    OblivionFall Year ago +1419

    36:04 - "Lush Caves" Biome
    42:44 - "Dripstone Caves" Biome
    44:35 - Sculk Growths + Wireless Redstone
    47:51 - "Deep Dark" Biome
    54:09 - GOATS
    1:55:02 - "Crystal Cave" Structure
    1:57:11 - Telescopes + Copper + Lightening Rods
    2:03:02 - BUNDLES
    2:08:00 - "Archeology" Structure
    2:11:52 - AXOLOTLS
    Let me know if I missed anything!!!

    • Mona Cruz
      Mona Cruz Year ago

      You forgot the worst useless mob winning. And it’s the Glow Squid!

    • Jackson Rowland
      Jackson Rowland Year ago

      It was a lot more caves than cliffs 😂

    • VG
      VG Year ago


    • Trinnuubear Mage
      Trinnuubear Mage Year ago

      I'm stuck at 1:17:10... THE MAN LEARNT CHINESE!!!
      Character development!

    • Memebeam
      Memebeam Year ago


  • Tost XD
    Tost XD Year ago +1

    Did anyone notice that in that warden gameplay the lights were going out this wud be awsome

  • The Sonic Bros
    The Sonic Bros Year ago +3

    I feel like I was the only one who got most exited about the new book

  • Lucas Lima
    Lucas Lima Year ago +3

    Eu agradeço muuto a vocês pela honra de botar o VINNICCIUS13 ele eo melhor da redstone junto com Forever Davi dentre outros agradeço

  • etzin matheus
    etzin matheus Year ago

    Essa atualização vai uma das melhores!!!!!!!!!!!!!, eba

  • Codei Mitri
    Codei Mitri Year ago +295

    Let's be honest
    We all wanted this
    Never expected this.

    • zKierxn
      zKierxn Year ago +4

      I want the warden to be shrek. WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY CAVE

    • Ziadrxd
      Ziadrxd Year ago +4


    • Chippies
      Chippies Year ago +12

      I thought they just gonna add some random ores and done but they even updated cave generation and even more new mobs.

  • Bob the minion YT
    Bob the minion YT 6 months ago +1

    Well the glow squid is awesome Super awesome!

  • Madhav YT Malayalam 05
    Madhav YT Malayalam 05 7 months ago +9

    No Jeb were harmed during the making of this production 😂

    • Shadow636_ghost
      Shadow636_ghost 7 months ago

      Хахахах хорошая шуточка братан

  • Citrus freind
    Citrus freind Year ago +1

    42:10 I like this but I have Another idea, instead of it having these dim points I feel like it should be more of the light sources are kept at LL 4

  • Jed's Gaming Adventure
    Jed's Gaming Adventure 7 months ago +2

    Everyone voted glowsquid because of dream. I wish I rickrolled dream so that we can vote peacefully for our favourite mob

    • Jed's Gaming Adventure
      Jed's Gaming Adventure 7 months ago

      @Jonathan Sauceda that is true i'll rickroll dream on twitter as a punishment for letting his fans vote for the worst mob. GET RICKROLLED DREAM!!

    • Jonathan Sauceda
      Jonathan Sauceda 7 months ago

      You wish you rickrolled him as in sent him a music video by Rick Ashley so his fans and followers wouldn't choose a squid

  • DasGravity
    DasGravity Year ago +726

    To anyone that's late Your welcome
    Actually starts- 28:56
    Update announcement- 30:40
    Q&A- 31:50
    Lush caves- 35:20
    Cave generation- 39:40
    Drip stone cave- 42:02
    Sculk sensor- 43:30
    New mob- 46:42
    twitter- 51:40
    MC live Correspondent- 52:35
    MC the island- 53:00
    Goats- 54:00
    Mountain generation- 54:29
    MOB VOTE- 55:00
    MC earth- 57:55
    Mumbo and Grian- 1:00:00
    Mojang TheXvid channel- 1:01:52
    Mc vote review- 1:03:00
    MC dungeons- 1:04:30
    MC dungeons youtubers- 1:06:12
    MC dungeons DLC- 1:09:48
    MC dungeons new game mode- 1:13:22
    MC dungeons WIP- 1:14:05
    MC education edition- 1:15:36
    MC Edu global challenge- 1:15:19
    JEB TIME- 1:20:00
    JEB'S BOOK- 1:22:00
    JEB on MC weather- 1:23:17
    JEB on MC Combat- 1:25:43
    MC in Smash talk- 1:28:00
    Sakurai's Smash Vid- 1:28:29
    "The world would be a better if everyone played Minecraft"- 1:29:55
    Block by Block- 1:31:00
    Nether ballet- 1:35:05
    VOTE RESULTS round 1- 1:36:15
    Marketplace creators- 1:38:10
    Modding stuff- 1:40:40
    Terra Swoop Force- 1:51:50
    More cave Update- 1:52:20
    Twitter again- 1:52:54
    crystals- 1:54:55
    Telescope- 1:57:06
    Copper 1:57:50
    Lighting rod- 2:01:08
    bundles- 2:02:56
    MC art team- 2:05:15
    archaeology system- 2:07:56
    "The cutest predator"- 2:11:46
    Stream review- :2:16:12
    Update Date- 2:17:45
    Mob vote winner- 2:18:40
    The end- 2:19:55

    • MM60
      MM60 Year ago

      Bruh you know this had chapters no need

    • • x _ x
      • x _ x Year ago

      This was in the description but well done mate!

    • Gamerboi1005YT mccall
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      U got the timestamps wrong

    • Lordy Guy
      Lordy Guy Year ago

      Now we know who TheLegend27 really is

    • Rabb3n
      Rabb3n Year ago

      Doing gods work

  • Norberto Benitez
    Norberto Benitez Year ago +2

    I would like them to add bedrock to minecraft to have a second-hand intent on phone and tablet but with a button you can set things like "have divided controls"

  • bingus
    bingus Year ago +8

    i really wanted the cow thats yellow to win, i thought it was a really cool concept

    • Evoker Captain
      Evoker Captain 11 months ago

      @Hecc Da Necc Yeah dude :/

    • Hecc Da Necc
      Hecc Da Necc 11 months ago

      Dude chill, it was a vote, no one decided which mob is going to be added by then selves. Also let everyone say their opinion.

    • Evoker Captain
      Evoker Captain 11 months ago +1


    • LuckyPalmercat
      LuckyPalmercat 11 months ago

      It is gonna be added eventually they said from what I know

  • Ninjafan 13
    Ninjafan 13 Year ago +2

    While the recap I literely started to cry becaus it was so wonderfull! 😍😭

  • Plume
    Plume Year ago

    I love Minecraft. Thanks so much ❤️❤️❤️

  • DiamondCommand
    DiamondCommand Year ago +477

    - Before Cave Update -
    Enderman: The scariest mob
    - After Cave Update -
    Warden: The most scary thing this world has ever seen

  • pbandjgamer927
    pbandjgamer927 Year ago +1

    I always thought I’m never gonna mine to diamond layer again, forget the diamonds, I’m not dealing with that thing... and then I realized... like the iron golem, you could just tower up a few blocks... would take a long time, even with critical hits and a netherite sword/axe (can be enchanted as well)

  • Dazashy_
    Dazashy_ 11 months ago +67

    "Last year was the mountains, with our soon to be friends *Goats!* "

  • Zackery Geyer
    Zackery Geyer 7 months ago +2

    Really hope the moobloom comes back bc it really is the best mob in my opinion.

    • Zackery Geyer
      Zackery Geyer 7 months ago

      @Thunder shark really hope so bc it deserves alot more love

    • Thunder shark
      Thunder shark 7 months ago +1

      The feog came back i don't know why should be different for the moobloom besides in the Minecraft live 2021 the moobloom was there like a plushie probably they are about to add it to the game on a future update

  • Mr. L Holmes
    Mr. L Holmes 8 months ago +1

    1:46:12 I hope this guy releases archeology and maybe something related to 🦕

  • Hayden Reeves
    Hayden Reeves Year ago +252

    This is such a greatly balanced update. You guys listened to the community and added so many new things and features to the game. Thank you guys so much for everything you do!

    • dog in boat
      dog in boat Year ago +1

      Balanced? They added a mob that 2 shots full netherite armor and backpack. And also they added axolots and they act like underwater dogs (they attack) how is that "balanced"

    • nattchos
      nattchos Year ago +11

      @Angel torres It isn't Mojang's fault

    • Angel torres
      Angel torres Year ago

      Yeah those pictures might be cool but the girl squid win and I hate U Mojang

    • Nomeca
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    • Abaan Nsaba
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  • Cavapoo Pluto
    Cavapoo Pluto Year ago

    Imagine if you can get the glow squids to follow a trail and get them to go in a circle behind glass like if you are putting on a show in Minecraft! 😃

  • Jacob Ander
    Jacob Ander Year ago

    My fav part for the update is th warden. So cool.

  • Mando Ramirez
    Mando Ramirez Year ago +49

    Me: seeing them say "This mob will the deadliest cutest creature in minecraft" me guessing it an axolotl: its and axolotl

  • Berhan Middletown
    Berhan Middletown 9 months ago