HEX: Shards of Fate Angry Interview

  • Published on Jul 10, 2015
  • Play HEX Here: www.hextcg.com/
    AngryJoe Interviews Cory Jone, CEO for Hex Entertainment for their MMOTCG! How has it been coming along and what can we expect in the future!
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Comments • 566

  • N.
    N. 2 years ago

    thanks joe, without ur channel i wouldn't have known about this game :D

  • Sidney Boo
    Sidney Boo 2 years ago

    Sounds like a good game; too bad its terrible - after about 2 - 3 days. You'll get some awesome theorycrafting and some pretty boring questing in that time... hit that pay wall hard and delete. Enjoy.

  • sallee132
    sallee132 3 years ago +1

    First time i hear about this game - Download

  • Afertulo
    Afertulo 3 years ago

    I dont know how I have missed this video, this video is basically my two fav people in the gaming industry together awesome

    UKEYsPOWER 3 years ago +1

    Its not a F2P game its a P2P game.

  • sebastian ferreira
    sebastian ferreira 3 years ago

    como me registro en hex?

  • FidosWideWorld
    FidosWideWorld 3 years ago

    Downloaded, let's get playin!!

  • Mike R
    Mike R 3 years ago

    did he say "Borderline impossible to hack" oh nooooo he shouldnt of said that.

  • CheapSushi
    CheapSushi 3 years ago

    This would be amazing to play on a touchscreen tabletop!

  • berniemacsgreatesthi
    berniemacsgreatesthi 3 years ago

    Holy fuck, this guy is cool! :3

  • OrpheusOverdrive
    OrpheusOverdrive 3 years ago

    noun \ˈhärth\

  • Astragors
    Astragors 3 years ago

    Something what i miss in Hex is ranked, tournaments aren't free so adding a ranked mode was good for the f2p players.

  • Henbot
    Henbot 3 years ago

    Anyone find it hilarious that one of the adverts before joe vid was a fantastic four trailer considering joe view on it :p

  • shadowfox2300
    shadowfox2300 3 years ago

    Wow Joe is letting someone talk that never happens

  • Siemour
    Siemour 3 years ago

    Just watched that video and i'm surprised by all the "P2W talkers". C'mon, have a cooldown and think. It's a TCG! Have you forgot how you payed for real boosters in stores to power up your deck? TCG are always a paying game. Here you have an option to buy faster, but as a person, who actually bought a few boosters - i can tell it's not a factor here. And as a matter of fact, i made a better deck after the draft tournament, where i got all the cards i picked for deck. Including the Syyn dragon, a legendary, if i'm right...+44 other cards, new mostly. And still the win is not a 100%, cause what the money matters, when you have to balance your deck and create a strategy? Without payment, gold only, i managed to buy or get 2 full equipment sets for 2 my decks, not the most perfect combos, but comfortable for me at least. Stop saying it's a p2w or not a p2w. It's a TCG, you always pay for more cards. Here you can do it slower or super fast, yet it doesn't matter as much, as some says. You stand the same chance against any player, no matter how much they payed to the game.

  • RevLJ
    RevLJ 3 years ago

    didn't know he played Hearthstone.

  • Presha82
    Presha82 3 years ago

    If you ever played MTG you will most likely like this game. It's very fun and will be a great game when it release and dare I even say to possibly compete with MTG and Hearthstone.

    • Marvin Schmidt
      Marvin Schmidt 3 years ago

      +Presha82 even right now it's better than MTG's digital products imo. Just the problem is that I'm not sure wether to invest because right now we don't know about how popular this game will be.

  • MrGeopap
    MrGeopap 3 years ago

    But they don't say that you can't use in-game currency to buy booster packs :(

  • Andreas Handin Berntsson

    I don't get what you're talking about Cury. There are cards that transform already in the game. There a cards that transform more then ones. I would call "Hop'hiro, Samurai" a triple-back-card.

  • Jonsin 1459
    Jonsin 1459 3 years ago

    For a first time developer it looks great but Hearthstone is a slicker, smoother experience by the looks of it.

  • ThatOneNepeta
    ThatOneNepeta 3 years ago +1

    The game is pretty much just a carbon copy of mtg with a hero unit, very much pay to win.

    • Marvin Schmidt
      Marvin Schmidt 3 years ago +6

      +saminabox Who gives a shit if something is a copy if it's better.

  • sasuke11457
    sasuke11457 3 years ago

    The game plays like Magic The Gathering brand new my ass

  • Thiago Torres
    Thiago Torres 3 years ago

    This is the TCG i was looking for, found joes interview after finding the game. It is awesome

  • Torpedo
    Torpedo 3 years ago

    Unfortunately it feels to me as a pay2win game. Draft modes are almost impossible to reach for free. Tournament modes are won by the top tier decks (250$+ decks) 99% of the time. Besides all that, I truly enjoyed the game so far and looking forward to the campaign mode.

  • Norse Lavenza
    Norse Lavenza 3 years ago +1

    Damn finalyl got around ot downloading this game.. it fucking sucks :( now dont get me wrong, its not hte game its the fucking register.. i made an account and evne validated it then i tried to log in kep saying my pw or username is not correct.. i even reset my pw and it still says incorrect pw or username like wtf? i even tried my 2nd email but ofc to nothing good.. the game cant even go to full screen and on top of it the stupid register is broke as fuck lol

    .ENGLISH PROFICIENCY 3 years ago

    Here we go, the horde of hearthstone clones is officially on its way to flood steam.

  • Farhan Chaudhary
    Farhan Chaudhary 3 years ago

    I just sit and play with my Shin'hare deck when I'm on there I love flooding the board with them and then just sitting there waiting for like 20 bunnies that I get too become like 2/3 attacking my opponent it's really fun.

  • Jonas Cabrera
    Jonas Cabrera 3 years ago

    I back this game through kickstarter as well, I do enjoy hopping in and out of the arena, the systems and the keywords on the cards are excellent and unique. Corey knows how to sell a product that for sure, he seems to have the great vision for the game. Thanks for this interview, enjoyed it!

  • thembones5
    thembones5 3 years ago

    This guy seems very passionate, awesome looking game!

  • Damian A.
    Damian A. 3 years ago

    Downloading, looking forward to it. Guild up!

  • Super Gameplay Time
    Super Gameplay Time 3 years ago

    This guy is so down on earth that it convinced me to give the game a try !

  • ElvenMercinary
    ElvenMercinary 3 years ago +1

    Fun Fact: Crypozoic (Cory Jones) was the company that worked with Blizzard to make the WoW TCG.
    Hearthstone is essentially a very watered down version of the WoW TCG and while its not bad, its nowhere near as good as the original.

  • Ashaira
    Ashaira 3 years ago

    Hey Cory let me give you your number one sales pitch.
    What does hex have that 99% of all other TCGs don't?
    The T in the name is actually in the game ;)

    • Jimmy L
      Jimmy L 3 years ago

      +sasuke11457 Tough they don't have a very good trading model making it very time consuming to get any new cards that way.
      The AH in Hex is much more convenient.
      I have played overall more Infinity wars but have yet to trade a single card in comparison to Hex where i started using AH the very first day of playing.

    • sasuke11457
      sasuke11457 3 years ago

      Infinity War is a TCG

  • jim smith
    jim smith 3 years ago

    TCG means Trading Card Game.

  • Chris Harper
    Chris Harper 3 years ago

    Downloading now, better make an android app xD

  • Norse Lavenza
    Norse Lavenza 3 years ago +1

    Damn after i watched this a few days ago i went to download the game..shame it worked fine downloading but for soem reason after i updated it the game goes int oa loadig nscreen and then just loads.. like for 20mins lol and my PC can handle a few more games more powerful then that.. i mean obviously this PC cant handle games like guidl wars 2 on low or skyrim even on low but a small ass card game like this? cant evne run it lol just lags to bad.. evne hearthstone runs better hell no lag whatso ever in hearthstone lol

  • Lyndan
    Lyndan 3 years ago

    This guy seems really cool. Very humble and just a seemingly good person.

  • Silver Mirai
    Silver Mirai 3 years ago

    I like this guy but it seems like pay to win

  • SonyGiovanniGames
    SonyGiovanniGames 3 years ago

    This sounds like a really good game I just hope it comes out on .mobile and the Amazon app store.

  • Oerknalx
    Oerknalx 3 years ago

    haha that guy is amazing !

  • Vincent Trujillo
    Vincent Trujillo 3 years ago

    Thanks, Joe. Thanks, Cory. Downloading the game right now.

  • Azri Razali
    Azri Razali 3 years ago +3

    2:35, facepalm* WHAT ARE YOU SAYING.
    Guys if you spend money to gain advantages is PAY TO WIN even by 1%.
    Extra cards = extra strategies = extra chances to win. I tried it and have fun with it but i stopped because its P2W. +AngryJoeShow Im a big fan but why people are kickstarting a P2W game?:(
    I'm open for debate, not to name calling fanboism. Please its a good game, but it is P2W so dont be upset.
    Seems triple A, now indie game will be P2W because its very profitable. Support it you want but i hope you dont.

    • 얼룩 말 CHANNEL
      얼룩 말 CHANNEL 3 years ago

      +Azri Razali so I cant get some cards UNLESS I spend money? As in there are cards that I have to buy with cash and not in-game currency?

      or can I do like he said and grind gold, equipment and pve cards and sell them to buy 100% of packs and cards? like hearthstone dust/gold systems?

    • Azri Razali
      Azri Razali 3 years ago

      Thanks for agreeing :) still respect people who does support it .

    • Cagey Case
      Cagey Case 3 years ago +2

      +Azri Razali Sadly im paying player. Hopefully im not a blind fanboy idiot. You make sense so im gonna stop support this game. GG

  • Russell LeCroy
    Russell LeCroy 3 years ago

    Just wish it didn't feel exactly like Magic. Resource cards kill me, man.
    This was a wonderful interview.

  • Ryukopool// PEACEMAKER 228 HD

    Holy that's so cool

  • Vincent Rakka
    Vincent Rakka 3 years ago

    Definitely looks cool, will have to check it out. His passion is undeniable too.

  • Silverstriker525
    Silverstriker525 3 years ago

    Why can't all developers be this passionate about their games?

  • Mitonka Atinak
    Mitonka Atinak 3 years ago

    Game at its current state is boring as hell

  • Matt Fortress
    Matt Fortress 3 years ago

    I kickstarted em when I had.. well, not that much cash. King version or something I think it was? Still, hope it'll end up worth it. It wasn't really a smart move from my end but.. still. Happy to have helped even if a little bit and I do hope it'll turn out great ;)

  • Kusariyaro
    Kusariyaro 3 years ago

    A kickstarted game that showed a lot of promise and polish, but it is virtualy unplayable if u dont fuel ur game by at least 60-100 dollars of card boosters. THe only way to get new cards is by TRYING to fight immposibly strong elementals and bosses that rip u apart in few turns cus you have a started deck.
    It was suposed to be a more accesible MTG by they chose to be slimey thiefs and make a game literaly pay to play.
    Fuck off.

  • john pitts
    john pitts 3 years ago


  • Devon
    Devon 3 years ago

    Nice Vid Joe as always, i am downloading the beta now!

  • Super Kawaii Joe
    Super Kawaii Joe 3 years ago


  • Calamitous Ironblood
    Calamitous Ironblood 3 years ago

    one of the best CEO you can find, Passionate and for the fans all the way

  • Riku Heagle
    Riku Heagle 3 years ago +1

    ya i don't know what the hell everyone is talking about a 1$ an hour lol ya right i played the game cause it sounded awesome but theirs no way you can get around this game without paying money. after you get done with all the freebie beginner shit there's a total paywall. so ya fucking paywall

    • Marvin Schmidt
      Marvin Schmidt 3 years ago

      +riku Heagle Play the arena and earn gold there.
      -->Buy PvE cards on the auction house if you're unlucky.
      --->Sell the stuff you don't need on the Auction House
      -->Buy 4 boosters from the earned gold
      --->Sell 1 booster for plat
      There you go, 1 draft for you and going infinite is pretty easy in this game since you can sell the cards that you draft but don't want.
      Just be sure to pick the rares in draftmodes and rely on your luck to win if you're a f2p player like me.

  • eihnxanderstorm
    eihnxanderstorm 3 years ago

    i would like to see a deep strategy online collectible miniatures game.

  • Oğuz Can Oğuz
    Oğuz Can Oğuz 3 years ago

    Oh god no, the idea seems really cool when you hear about it , but that is very similar the thing that Diablo 3 vanilla had: THE AUCTION HOUSE. That is one of the most exploitable system embedded in a game and blizzard could not deal with it and had to take it out of the system.
    I hope this game does not goes down to this path ,it would be really sad

    • GGs
      GGs 3 years ago

      +Oğuz Can Oğuz its a card game. what did you expect??? its called TCG for a reason.

    • Oğuz Can Oğuz
      Oğuz Can Oğuz 3 years ago

      +TheGrimOfCrazy Tell me a game that had a decent auction house. Do you really know the problems with D3 auction house? I really do not think so. The problems are not apparent here ? I do not think so.
      Anyways i am as fair as i can be with the assessment , wishing the best for the game and offering a warning.
      Auction houses did not existed in games for ages , not at all. Micro transactions ,paypal etc in games are really new concepts with unexplored boundaries.
      So before telling me what to do inform yourself.

    • TheGrimOfCrazy
      TheGrimOfCrazy 3 years ago

      +Oğuz Can Oğuz I haven't played the game yet, in fact as I write this it just finished installing but you're being unfair. D3 had a bad Auction House but many other games do not. We all know the issues with D3s Auction House, that is not present here. Yes there might be other issues but not all Auction House in every game are bad because of D3. Auction Houses have existed in games for AGES. Be a little more fair are your judgement of games.

    • Oğuz Can Oğuz
      Oğuz Can Oğuz 3 years ago

      +WindDrakeHex F2P is possible i am not disputing that.
      However you the AH working out good so far does not prove it is going to work. The diablo AH was working really good at first as well.
      Then people started botting, they started waiting for bids.Then a mini stockmarket emerged and people somehow made money without even playing the game.
      Now that is related to Diablo 3 and it's genre. There were a few people that started playing the game the moment it came , they have found some bugs and exploited them to get to the highest difficulty levels where the best items dropped. Then they have sold those for high prices ,acquired really high gear with those earned money and started getting the items faster. In short the rich got richer and it snowballed.

    • WindDrakeHex
      WindDrakeHex 3 years ago

      +Oğuz Can Oğuz the Ah is super stable and F2P is possible see www.reddit.com/r/hextcg/comments/3b1zdc/read_this_first_hex_new_player_guide_and_pve/

  • marky666thebeast
    marky666thebeast 3 years ago

    gives hugs ? 10/10 will check this out as hearthstones business model is pretty much extortion compared to the little fun I had with it

  • magma2680
    magma2680 3 years ago

    omfg Adventure time and Kung fu panda games ;p

  • Matchitehew
    Matchitehew 3 years ago

    Heartstone makes me rage way to hard, lets give this a try!

  • Salty Ravens Fan
    Salty Ravens Fan 3 years ago

    the adventure time game

  • DerMeisterXZ
    DerMeisterXZ 3 years ago

    People, do not get this game. It's a shameless clone of Magic: The Gathering.

    • Moba
      Moba 3 years ago

      +DerMeisterXZ so?

  • Zasben
    Zasben 3 years ago

    I'm guessing the lawsuit didn't go through. Good!

  • tyler kane
    tyler kane 3 years ago

    wait joe was there something wrong?? you where flicking off the camera maybe it just how you hold the mic just maybe something was wrong O_0?

  • ijokesolo
    ijokesolo 3 years ago

    until they make getting new cards more accessible, I can't play this game again. I'll get like 100 gold ONLY for winning a game, and ONE decent card costs 4500 - 6000 gold, so Imagine how much you have to play to eventually get a decent deck. What makes it worse is that you can easily get matched up against players who spent money on their decks and stomp you (not always) because they simply have better cards.

  • AgainstOdds
    AgainstOdds 3 years ago

    There is Gold and Platinum in the game.
    Gold - In-game currency
    Platinum - Cash currency

    You CAN NOT buy booster packs from the Store for gold.
    You CAN buy booster packs from the store for platinum.

    You can buy booster packs from the AH for ~15.000 gold.
    You can buy booster packs from the AH for ~300 Platinum.
    1 $ = ~100 Platinum
    You earn ~300 gold per Gold pouch, which equals 1 PvE victory.
    If you played all day long, you would earn about 3000 Gold? Maybe 6000?
    That's not even a half booster pack.

    P2W crap.

    • Marvin Schmidt
      Marvin Schmidt 3 years ago

      +Flevalt it takes me 40 minutes to earn 6000-7000 gold without even selling anything on the AH, if I get lucky 1 arena run is basically 12000gold worth. 2 runs and I got a booster pack.

    • Frank Markovich
      Frank Markovich 3 years ago

      +Flevalt You can sell gold to members who regularly buy in any amounts, large or small.

    • WACH
      WACH 3 years ago +2

      +Flevalt i´ll earn like ~7k gold without counting in the pve cards and equip in a perfect arena run from tier 2 to tier 4 in like 30-35 minutes which is like $0.70.

      this week had even a boost of 50% to gold if i would have played the arena it would be around ~12k i think.

      it´s actually quite insane how much you can earn when you consider that this game is not a collectible card game but a trading card game in which your cards have value and are sell and tradeable.

    • Antonio Arias
      Antonio Arias 3 years ago +1

      +Flevalt This is incorrect, the arena is set up in tiers with 4 matches ended with a boss encounter. Each time you go up a tier the rewards you get increase per win. If you skip the first tier and play through the remaining 15 matches you would earn around 7000 gold.

  • Paul Sims
    Paul Sims 3 years ago

    I tried the game it was a good one, I think in terms of the card base, deck building possibilities and clever expansion and design, it has a while to go before it catches up to a 20 year game like MTG, which is top be expected.
    The game is good though, and I think the MMO elements are going to work well. I will just have to try it out when the time arrives and see how much it grips me from then on.

  • Nicholas Menzel
    Nicholas Menzel 3 years ago +1

    this looks similar to magic.

  • Adam Katav
    Adam Katav 3 years ago

    did you forget about angey reviews?

  • Daan Amelink
    Daan Amelink 3 years ago

    Joe where is your Deus Ex Interview????

  • Karlis Liepa
    Karlis Liepa 3 years ago

    Just tried this game. Many accuse Hearthstone of being p2w because of the time necessary to spend for grinding to get card packs.
    If HS is p2w by that idiotic definition than Hex is way more p2w.
    The grind in Hex takes a lot longer. I'm not saying Hex isn't fun to play. But it's not a cup for everyone.

    • Marvin Schmidt
      Marvin Schmidt 3 years ago

      oh sorry then. tho I think that HS and hex are both p2w :p, buying cards makes it way easier.

    • Karlis Liepa
      Karlis Liepa 3 years ago

      +Marvin Schmidt
      I did not mean to imply the game is P2W - all I was saying if some people find HS p2w than this game will be no better to them.
      Neither HS or HEX is p2w - one is simpler and faster, other deeper and slower.

    • Marvin Schmidt
      Marvin Schmidt 3 years ago

      +Karlis Liepa The game is LITERALLY a TCG. You cannot make this NOT pay2win. You can still earn everything without paying tho. Just not through PvP sadly, but then again, playing the PvE Arena is way faster than earning a booster in hearthstone. In both games you can go infinite but I'd even argue going infinite in hex is easier since you can just sell all the cards you dont want on the AH.

  • LexC
    LexC 3 years ago

    Kickstarted HEX since the beginning, I can tell you this is THE best TCG out there. It's it truly is F2P, give it a go, if you ever liked TCG's then you will love this game! Go for it!

  • cwwisch
    cwwisch 3 years ago

    Look i love hex but im starting to get burnt out you add guilds and pve im back in but im just bored as of right now keep it up cant wait for the update(both of them)

  • hunam
    hunam 3 years ago

    I thought some cocksucking will commence after first 20 seconds.

  • Ultimate Battle Bros.
    Ultimate Battle Bros. 3 years ago

    honestly it just looks like Magic to me...

  • Blue Flare
    Blue Flare 3 years ago

    Anger Joe where are you?! I want to see a trailer reaction for the new Batman vs Super man trailer!

  • scott miles
    scott miles 3 years ago


  • glitter bomb
    glitter bomb 3 years ago

    Hey Joe, I was wondering, are you going to go to the GameStop Expo this year? I did meet you last year in California, but we never really got to interact that much, so I wanted to know if you're going or not. I wanted to play some games with you cause you're one of my favorite Video Game associated you tuber, it'd be an honor. Just wondering :D

  • Ohmen Glacialis
    Ohmen Glacialis 3 years ago +3

    Gonna be honest. I completely forgot this game existed. But because of this video. How likeable the guy is, and because I plain love tcgs I decided to give it a go. And holycrap is it awesome.
    I fell in love instantly. It reminds me very much of Magic the gathering at it's core but the heroes, socket cards and equipments make it so unique.
    It does still need a lot of work. Better optimisation. More graphics options to make it run smooth on lesser machines.
    But all in all I'm very excited. I hope the campaign delivers when it comes out.

  • panos4800
    panos4800 3 years ago

    bvs:doj comiccon trailer reaction please! :P

  • Beerus
    Beerus 3 years ago

    Hope Joe saw the new Batman v Superman trailer.
    Oooohboy I can't wait to see his rage fill, especially from a very specific 'scene'.

  • josue barcenas
    josue barcenas 3 years ago

    Anyone else waiting for joe to make a review trailer for dawn of justice :D

  • bryanargueta64
    bryanargueta64 3 years ago

    joe do a reaction on the new batman v superman trailer

  • suzane peepoc
    suzane peepoc 3 years ago

    Joe review ant man

  • Andrea Pettenò
    Andrea Pettenò 3 years ago

    Is it totally free to play i mean with heartstone i found that the gold earn is too slow so those games puts me away

  • brandon keown
    brandon keown 3 years ago

    hey Joe have u watch the new BVS trailer yet?

  • The mecha man Tucker odonnell

    REVEIW THE NEW BM V. SM trailer !

  • TheGuyWhoPlaysGames
    TheGuyWhoPlaysGames 3 years ago

    +AngryJoeShow Joe there is a new Batman v superman trailer It's fu..ing beautiful check it out

  • T1K Prod
    T1K Prod 3 years ago

    @AngryJoeShow Check out the NEW batman v superman trailer!!!!

  • FloppyFlapjak
    FloppyFlapjak 3 years ago

    Joe, i'm waiting on that Batman v Superman trailer analysis

  • Suncho
    Suncho 3 years ago +1

    Diablo 3 also added auction house with real and fake money, and at start it sounded great. Afterwords it turned out to be bad decision, and they removed it.
    Why here should be better?

  • draugia123
    draugia123 3 years ago


  • Zachary In Christ
    Zachary In Christ 3 years ago

    I want to see your reaction and commentary vid to the new batman v superman trailer that just dropped. asap. Looks fairly dumb. I want to hear your take.

  • Space__Burrito
    Space__Burrito 3 years ago

    just played it, its okay need some improving ill just wait till it comes out in the meantime magic ^^

  • Dsh pl
    Dsh pl 3 years ago

    React to the new superman batman trailer!!!!

  • darkness soul99
    darkness soul99 3 years ago

    You know......I really like this guy.

  • jenson
    jenson 3 years ago

    one of the best people you had a interview wit, great work

  • Pat Kiout
    Pat Kiout 3 years ago

    I prefer Heathstone

  • Chomag
    Chomag 3 years ago

    Go to 4:50 to skip the cheap talk.

  • Alex Favre
    Alex Favre 3 years ago

    see... GOOD DEV... good ideas. FRIENDLY INTERVIEW. ¡LOVE IT!!!

  • Hank Carey
    Hank Carey 3 years ago

    Hey Joe, will there be a star citizen review or interview?