Robert De Niro - "F--- Trump" - 2018 Tony Awards

  • Published on Jun 11, 2018
  • Robert De Niro only needed two words to introduce Bruce Springsteen at the 2018 Tony Awards: "F--- Trump!"
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  • Brittany Hyde
    Brittany Hyde Month ago

    Wow Robert de Niro, I will no longer support him ever!!!!

  • Billijean Goodwin
    Billijean Goodwin 2 months ago

    Its about time,for someone to shut big fat mouth De Niro's mouth up! He should not be allowed to downgrade the President like he does.

  • Superb Media Content Creator

    Audio's gone

  • Mervi Aarnio
    Mervi Aarnio 3 months ago

    What a piece of sh*t he is. Typical Hollywood brainwashed idiot. Unfortunately. I also used to admire him.

  • TheSebastian5978
    TheSebastian5978 3 months ago

    Haha! What a petulant child this block of wood is. I used to admire this moron. Never again will I pay to watch this toilet brush act like a tough guy.

  • Kelly ward
    Kelly ward 4 months ago

    De Niro is a pedophile

  • Ray Gallegos
    Ray Gallegos 4 months ago

    Robert de niro you piece of shit he was elected president by the people they put him in there have respect for your commander in chief. You shack of monkey shit who in the hell do u thing You are u Hitler piece of shit de niro. Just because you have your wart face stuffed up Hillary's Clinton ass and your finger up Obama ass you Democrat Hitler.

  • Forward Flower
    Forward Flower 4 months ago

    you’re an old has been de niro
    Go get Weinstein to yank you off

  • Canadian for Trump
    Canadian for Trump 4 months ago

    I don't know who was a bigger fool, Deniro or the sheep in the audience giving him a standing ovation just for saying F_ _ _ Trump. If I'm watching an awards show it's to hear about entertainment, not to listen to celebrities talk politics which isn't why people are watching. Many of these people are narcissists who are in love with themselves.

  • S Canada
    S Canada 5 months ago

    No fool like an old fool. And why are they cheering ? I’ve seen lots of seniors who can raise their arms to

  • Fennell Leigh Howard
    Fennell Leigh Howard 5 months ago

    Deniro is a​ has-been idiot

  • Alexis IKYG
    Alexis IKYG 5 months ago

    I like De Niro. An actual person with 🧠

  • Buck Young
    Buck Young 5 months ago

    F the last 10 movies you made Bobbie. When you can no longer act, you make asinine statements.

  • John Prendergast
    John Prendergast 5 months ago

    Crazy Noodles....suitable for Strait-Jacket Award ...No Tony for you !

  • J S
    J S 5 months ago +1

    Never go full retard

  • bob peters
    bob peters 5 months ago

    The way low life scum De Niro is acting makes me wonder if he too is a pedophile like the Clintons.

  • Xo Xo
    Xo Xo 5 months ago

    Says the man who marries ugly manly masculine black women. You have bad taste diniro

  • M CK
    M CK 6 months ago

    I did NOT vote for Trump myself-But when he won, I learned something interesting-
    EVERY friend of mine who did vote for Trump-EVERY ONE-said that EXACT SAME thing:
    ' I Just Could Not Vote for Hillary '!
    So you can say whatever you want about Trump, but until Democrats start owning up to their own mistakes, voters will (continue to) see them as whiny little babies who presented a shite candidate for us to vote for, and then could not accept it when they lost...

  • jimmid32
    jimmid32 7 months ago +1

    Wow! Dirty Grandpa has finally completely jumped the shark huh ?? Has the Democratic cartel offered to pay this complete sell-out a big endorsement check? He was overheard telling his wife that he had to take crappy rolls because she had plunged him into bankruptcy. Sad this once thought of as being a quality actor has become such a mess of a old whore like so many do in Hollywood. Even Jake LaMotta would be be ashamed of his pathetic ass if he still were around today. You lookin at me ?? Phony Italian with only like 10% Italian blood in him that is so delusional that he thinks that he's one of the badasses in the mobster rolls that he played. Hopefully your money doesn't run out to pay your bodyguards Bobby.. A slap of reality could be a real bitch for you.

  • Yrah S.G.L.H
    Yrah S.G.L.H 7 months ago

    Robert De Niro, I love you! And you are so right!
    Donald Trump, I hate you! You are the worst thing, there have happen to your country since 9/11!
    So I will continue, where Robert De Niro stopped: FUCK TRUMP! FUCK TRUMP! FUCK TRUMP! FUCK TRUMP! FUCK TRUMP!

  • David Atch
    David Atch 7 months ago

    What an American hero. You know, with all them clapping together you can almost hear it

  • Donna Fontaine-Nelson
    Donna Fontaine-Nelson 8 months ago

    The man is a complete idiot......too bad...he was a good actor way back...💩

  • C C
    C C 8 months ago


  • JP MON
    JP MON 8 months ago

    This song is just good as all songs from trap nation trap nation is the best

  • Frank Morris
    Frank Morris 8 months ago

    Feel kinda sorry for Robert

  • Tony Yester
    Tony Yester 8 months ago

    Worse then Facebook, room full of other actors all kissing de niros ass. De niro was supposed to talk about his play and the actor's in it and instead he chooses to ignore them on their big night and he changed the forum. He had been in the news all week long prior to this in Canada promoting his new restaurant and all this b.s. tirade did was keep him and his restaurant back on the local news stations there. De Niro is a fraud people, just another capitalist with his own agenda.

  • Jacob Tarrant
    Jacob Tarrant 8 months ago

    I can't hear you De Niro... oh well...

    LODA LEGA 8 months ago

    Great Actor,low life scum in real life.

  • Ava Marie Maffia
    Ava Marie Maffia 9 months ago

    Robert Scumbag DeNiro....You are scum, you are a pig, an animal, a thug, a lowlife, low-class, a clown, a demon, So F**k You A-HOLE. I hope you are kidnapped by the mob, taken to a landfill and never to be seen or heard from again.

  • ogenmatic
    ogenmatic 9 months ago

    A person’s spot on a stage, ability to earn millions by pretending to be someone else, or popularity does not make them any smarter than anyone else. It does not make their words or opinions any more credible than yours or mine.
    DiNero’s infamous battlecry of “F*CK TRUMP!” is more representative of a group of people so consumed by their collective hatred of a man that they’ve become devoid of ideas or direction. It’s certainly indicated by the fractured state of the Democratic Party (used to be my party!) with the leadership of Schumer, Pelosi, & Mad Maxine. No direction. No ideas. Only ‘resist’... wtf is that?

    SMZ ZMS 9 months ago

    Not only an embarrassment to America but to ALL ITALIANS. JACKASS

  • Raji Abeykoon
    Raji Abeykoon 9 months ago

    A standing ovation for that? Damn Hollywood is a bunch of pussies

  • In Vino Veritas
    In Vino Veritas 9 months ago

    Vaffanculo you too Deniro !!!! Said the people of Cambodia who adored President Trump......

  • Devon Wilczynski
    Devon Wilczynski 9 months ago

    I bet he wrote it all by himself. He must've switched to Huggies pull ups.

  • Cindy Blanco
    Cindy Blanco 9 months ago

    It's snowing again in Hollywood!

  • Sam Durham
    Sam Durham 9 months ago

    Robert " The Zero", is a disgusting, Vodka slushed, Guinea C**t mouthed POS, and if you applaud his vulgarity, you are as distasteful as "mr. de zero".

  • USA Conservative Movement

    This was highly disrespectful towards Pres. Trump. It shows how vulgar and low the left can go because they lost the election.
    This sets a dangerous precedent . The fact that anyone who disagrees with the left is a victim of vulgarity, violence and harassment, enforces the very idea that free will, speech and ideas are limited. Our colleges and universities have become a haven for leftist ideology. Any other train of thought is not permitted. This is communism.

  • lunarcaninebay
    lunarcaninebay 9 months ago

    Looks like George Soros team of brainwashed idiots are trying to update this video over the weekend. FUCK DE NIRO.
    He a botch anyway, arty farty no street cred little huntchback. All his Godfather scenes are like a little smug Hollywood botch.

  • T Newman
    T Newman 9 months ago

    Let's face it: you have to be REALLY desperate to do this. The left elite is getting nervous that America is not buying it anymore.

  • J S
    J S 9 months ago

    Oh so brave

  • Indigo Lynx
    Indigo Lynx 9 months ago

    Judging by the pelvic thrust after it, he genuinely wants to fuck trump?

  • Jeffrey Chase
    Jeffrey Chase 9 months ago

    Started watching Netflix movie tonight. Alec Baldwin appeared and we shut it down immediately. Will no longer support any film with him or De Niro. Is that even his real name?

  • Travis Rabble
    Travis Rabble 9 months ago +1

    Robert has embarrassed himself and his country.

  • FameKills
    FameKills 9 months ago

    Embarrassing old git.

  • Drabman
    Drabman 9 months ago

    Look at me, I'm a big man

  • Edgy_kid_who_questions_his_edginess

    Such Whit

  • Batman
    Batman 9 months ago

    Who else thought he was putting his middle fingers up

    STAN MARSH 9 months ago +3

    Celebs are saying they hate trump while trump is laughing at them while making peace with north Korea

  • InfonuZ
    InfonuZ 9 months ago

    Fcuk u assho random guy from third world

  • Thomas Muncaster
    Thomas Muncaster 9 months ago

    Laaame 😒😴😴

  • James
    James 9 months ago +1

    Fuck you de niro you look like a fucking gnome

  • Pocket Man
    Pocket Man 9 months ago

    Lol who the fuck is this

  • KingKenna
    KingKenna 9 months ago

    Wow must take some balls to stand up in a room of people who agree with you and shout things they all agree with....brave.

  • Rufus
    Rufus 9 months ago

    80% of real Americans feel this way too!!

  • Loves Photos
    Loves Photos 9 months ago

    And if someone has walked out and said, "F OBAMA/CLINTON/etc." Would they have received the same standing ovation?

  • UnderStructureRepair
    UnderStructureRepair 9 months ago


  • The Jokester
    The Jokester 9 months ago

    Trump is evil at Mexican board I was trump support but after I heard how they kidnapping kids from family just other evil person his not that person that I thought standing for justice I'm sad now

  • Da guardare silenzio
    Da guardare silenzio 9 months ago

    This man could say anything and he’d get half the populations applause, simply because he deserves it lol.

  • TheDeadlyAvenger
    TheDeadlyAvenger 9 months ago

    Fuck Trump

  • azzurro Blank
    azzurro Blank 9 months ago

    No one cares what this idiot says. His last good movie was Godfather 😂

  • Fury Muso
    Fury Muso 9 months ago

    Oh the unbridled hilarity. Reading some of the comments posted on this video is incredibly entertaining. Infuriating? Absolutely, but still completely hysterical.

  • Vinyl Blair
    Vinyl Blair 9 months ago

    Mr De Niro you are sadly getting really really boring

  • Meddy O'hara
    Meddy O'hara 9 months ago

    Trump supporters..... triggered

  • Möbius Paw
    Möbius Paw 9 months ago

    This old ,no talent has been ( look at his recent roles, RUBBISH) is so full of hate it consumes him.
    Retire gracefully grandad . "You ain't got it no more, man"

  • Ørjan Arvikk
    Ørjan Arvikk 9 months ago

    Stunning and brave!
    Truly a brave soul to say such things in a room (echo chamber) of his ideological peers

  • Bailey Pearson
    Bailey Pearson 9 months ago

    Jackass fuck de niro..son of a bitch

  • wesley rodgers
    wesley rodgers 9 months ago

    De Niro. A good man.

  • zal meckorvic
    zal meckorvic 9 months ago

    Got it
    Rich actors hate Trump.
    Objective achieved .
    I m middle class working man
    I guess I ll vote Trump again.

  • cabellero1120
    cabellero1120 9 months ago

    What's Wrong with saying to Trump
    "Sir, You have too much $$ and Influence and Power!"
    Do we Really respect Trump Because Of His $$?

  • cabellero1120
    cabellero1120 9 months ago

    Just because Deniro publicly denounced Trump, does not mean I will vote for him in '20..
    i thought that neither Trump nor Hillary Clinton were worthy candidates!
    Trump is a plutarch...plain and simple...
    What's wrong with people Today??
    Do they really want to see us go backward to the days when Aristocrats and the Upper Classes ruled the country??
    A century ago, There was NO middle class!
    Just Very Rich and Very Poor!
    ( watch Titanic sometime)
    Not just F Trump but F his $$$, too!

  • leesmusic
    leesmusic 9 months ago

    Fuck Robert ‘I need attention’ DeNiro! Used to be a fan and live in the UK so didn’t even vote for Trump or anything, but I’m just sick to death of these shitty privileged sanctimonious guffawing celebrities giving their phoney self serving political opinions. Newsflash DeNiro, nobody gives a shit what you think and I would bet my life this ‘performance’ has created a lot more Trump supporters!

    HOTSTEPPER 9 months ago +1

    An idiot.

  • PvPGaunltett
    PvPGaunltett 9 months ago +1

    What a simp

  • Moon
    Moon 9 months ago

    This comment section is cancer, just letting everyone know.

  • aa1greg
    aa1greg 9 months ago +1

    Meanwhile trump is saving the country from economic exploitation , illegal migrants threatening safety and culture of Americans , making peace MAGA 2020 is just a matter of time at this point and America will be better for it !

  • William Lavagna
    William Lavagna 9 months ago

    Haha they've been ordered to censor F**k T****. Wait a sec...
    FU** TR***.. why this shit not working??

  • simon james wood
    simon james wood 9 months ago

    Go make another shitty comedy

    S.S GAMES 9 months ago

    Bruh, trump is not that bad.
    Or is he?

  • Pablo Insano
    Pablo Insano 9 months ago


  • JoeFilmsHisLife
    JoeFilmsHisLife 9 months ago

    Trump bashing in 2018... mental...

  • Lee Preston
    Lee Preston 9 months ago

    What a prick

  • Mithun Muraleetharan
    Mithun Muraleetharan 9 months ago

    Did they just censor the only words said in the whole video?

  • Kyro Music
    Kyro Music 9 months ago

    So ... Khalid - HER ... Is number 2 trending with swearing in it , but yet de niro swearing was muted 🤔 What a sick world .. especially main stream music.

  • Son Do
    Son Do 9 months ago

    Fuck you overrated hypocrate old man

  • Alexander Walker
    Alexander Walker 9 months ago

    This is a video about some bloke saying 2 words........ But them words have been censored.
    So it's a video of nothing.

  • ChoppaWallace2
    ChoppaWallace2 9 months ago +1

    Why is a professional pretender's political views held at such a high regard?

  • OVL
    OVL 9 months ago

    Chinga a tu madre puto Trump de parte de un Mexicano

  • Jordy H
    Jordy H 9 months ago

    It's hard isn't that Hillary the supporter of Pedeo's isn't running the country, helping your friends and maybe you do naughty stuff. Prick

  • Murray Wood
    Murray Wood 9 months ago

    Washed out old chump!

  • Steven Miller
    Steven Miller 9 months ago

    Let's face it-Robert De Niro has a very bad case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Like most of the actors, he probably didn't even get out of high school so his educational level is quite low and it shows. Pathetic individual.

  • Chael Sonnen
    Chael Sonnen 9 months ago

    Fuck u di Nero

  • John Wilkes Booth
    John Wilkes Booth 9 months ago

    And the winner of cock of week goes to... Mr A-hole De Niro..

  • J J
    J J 9 months ago

    Over paid crap actor. The same in every movie he's made . positively boring.

  • anvil8478
    anvil8478 9 months ago


  • Sam Wilson
    Sam Wilson 9 months ago

    What’s the point in showing this video if they mute the part where he says it

  • Jack Dearle
    Jack Dearle 9 months ago

    Does anyone know what Virtue signalling is? Because that’s what’s happening here

  • joe blow
    joe blow 9 months ago

    Oh yeah the baby hand signs from The Fockers…..I just pooped my tell him.

  • jamie carver
    jamie carver 9 months ago

    IG report hillary clinton

  • Dave East
    Dave East 9 months ago

    Look how professional and civilized those liberals are, saying f u to the president and system that allows them to be actors and make millions of dollars