GTA 5 - Beating The Casino Heist (Silent & Sneaky) $1,750,000

  • Published on Dec 13, 2019
  • Hats off to the phenomenal teamwork done by:
    1) Edub_1234. His TheXvid Channel:
    2) EmperorETR1. His TheXvid Channel:
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  • Digital Car Addict
    Digital Car Addict  Month ago +309

    Hats off to the phenomenal teamwork done by:
    1) Edub_1234. His TheXvid Channel:
    2) EmperorETR1. His TheXvid Channel:

    • Archie Green
      Archie Green Day ago

      Hi can you add me on PS4

    • Mateus Ferreira De Morais
      Mateus Ferreira De Morais Month ago

      I love how my local supermarket has more cameras than the casino

    • Mateus Ferreira De Morais
      Mateus Ferreira De Morais Month ago

      mesi meee nope

    • Epic Player Creator
      Epic Player Creator Month ago

      Digital Car Addict here’s my PlayStation tag: JusticeFighter01

    • Epic Player Creator
      Epic Player Creator Month ago

      Digital Car Addict you and your friends that played together in this video were playing on PS4, right? If I’m right, do you guys want to send me and my friend PurplePenguin050 a friend request? We’d make TONS of money together if we worked together to do the Casino Heist! I’ve got a nightclub that’s almost completely upgraded, a vehicle warehouse, 2 large crate warehouses, a weed farm, a counterfeit cash factory, a hangar, a bunker, a facility, a terrobyte, a MOC, and could get an arcade if you guys worked with me and my friend PurplePenguin! I hope you’ll respond to this message soon because Christmas break is coming and we could get rich FAST! I subscribed to both your friends, and I’ll see if any of my friends on my friend list want to subscribe to them and you! What do you say?! Yay, or nay?

  • Nasim Khasanov
    Nasim Khasanov 4 days ago

    My fucking jaw dropped, cause i 100% thought she was gonna curve Lester hard. But damn he got the pus yo 😭😭😭😂😂😂😂. Im doing this heist to get the homie laid dawg 🙏😤, important part of the story to pass up.

  • Shadow Does Ultimate Animations

    I need help on my hiest I’m a returning player plz help me you can get 20%

  • Explosive_ Lena
    Explosive_ Lena 5 days ago

    Me and my cousins got 2.8 million dollars

  • Self Promotion Police
    Self Promotion Police 8 days ago +1

    I choosed The Big Con With Max buyer after that me and my friends got clapped six times for touching their shoulders to guards and dying.

  • Jeath Tunes
    Jeath Tunes 10 days ago

    Very impressive bois. Wp

  • SweetishMilk
    SweetishMilk 10 days ago

    When i started this heist, my vision was forced onto first person, is all heists like that?

  • Andre Ungoogable
    Andre Ungoogable 10 days ago

    "I can actually see the cash this time" Welcome to the Casino!! :D

  • Refal My
    Refal My 10 days ago

    Fucking useless guns they give bruh

  • Sick Jackn
    Sick Jackn 13 days ago 😳😳😳

  • Saylor
    Saylor 16 days ago

    do it in real life then ill be impressed

  • Famous Crio
    Famous Crio 16 days ago

    Lester lookn fresh asllll🤣🤑✅🧩

  • Braylen Zorumski
    Braylen Zorumski 17 days ago

    The mjib turned in to a love scene

  • CppEngi
    CppEngi 18 days ago

    Payment low but the real prize was seeing Lester be happy.


  • Khan James
    Khan James 18 days ago

    Is it possible to pull this off with two people?

  • Wøundėd Gąńg
    Wøundėd Gąńg 19 days ago

    I beat it twice yesterday with my friend, doing glitches that made us reach 4M$

  • This is very nice
    This is very nice 20 days ago +1

    I had a level 25 on my team and it was a sneaky mission his words were. . .

    “WAKANDA FOREVER” and ran and shot everyone up

  • Prez Boss
    Prez Boss 21 day ago

    Why was jimmy there at the start 🤣🤣

  • YCEE
    YCEE 21 day ago +2

    Who wants to do the heist with me.
    - I need someone who already did the heist ones
    - I need to do 1 more prep
    - I play on xbox GT is RickDeGamer7
    And thats it

    • YCEE
      YCEE 20 days ago

      @Emoney 07 17 and nope sorry my stupid controller isn't compatable with my controller :p

    • Emoney 07
      Emoney 07 20 days ago

      how old are you and do you have a mic

    • Emoney 07
      Emoney 07 20 days ago

      YCEE me

  • Don Tommasino
    Don Tommasino 22 days ago

    I played this game, don't recall a casino heist. Is this a different version of GTA 5???

  • Brydo
    Brydo 22 days ago

    Why you guys make the driving so hard😂😂, could’ve just went underground

  • Winter216
    Winter216 23 days ago

    Escapes with Honda civics

  • Doug Woolery
    Doug Woolery 23 days ago

    31:44 what cars are those

  • datboi 777
    datboi 777 23 days ago

    Does anybody else have a glitch that your night vision stayed on and you aren’t able to turn it off?

  • YCEE
    YCEE 23 days ago

    Whoever needs help with the heist you can add me on xbox one. My gt is RickDeGamer7 and I am quick with hacking so you have time to take all the money ( Sneaky % Silence ) I don't need a money % just because we can do the 85% trick so everybody gets an even amount of money

  • Haroon Eqball
    Haroon Eqball 24 days ago +1

    I got a lot more money than them and i used the same setup

  • Rusty _1911
    Rusty _1911 24 days ago +1

    When I was playing mission I had 1minute and 30 seconds to steal money not 3 minutes and we got 1,5 million

  • MuteJenkoYT
    MuteJenkoYT 24 days ago

    What car is that

  • I_D3KTAT0R_I
    I_D3KTAT0R_I 24 days ago

    at the last sec she take the phone hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • SileaxMoDz
    SileaxMoDz 25 days ago

    Anybody wanna play it with me?

  • Jake
    Jake 26 days ago

    How do you get the keycard without hacking

  • Canis 44
    Canis 44 26 days ago

    You should use Avi Schwartzmann

  • Zorxxyツ
    Zorxxyツ 26 days ago +1

    I just found a glitch.
    If your picking up the gold, when there's one gold left, you gotta click on back ("O") the gold is gonna respawn and you can pick it up again, it still counts as cash.
    From sweden
    Talking english

  • Peter Malama
    Peter Malama 27 days ago

    Ive given up! I honestly cannot believe how stupid some players are? The game literally tells you its a stealth approach and players kept screwing me over and just walk in guns blazing and get detected immediately because they rush and go straight pass the cameras and the security detectors. Ive even played with players with mics and they still f*ck things up too it’s absolutely ridiculous 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
    My final attempt we finally got out the Casino but only had $560k between the 2 of us because the other player tried to do a Rambo and kill every single cop there was... *Closes application

  • Truly John
    Truly John 27 days ago

    how to turn off night vision

  • Kvnen
    Kvnen 27 days ago

    Can someone help me with the hacking and I will collect and host? You will get 50% and my PSN is Knwolves if interested.

  • Harley_Piggin
    Harley_Piggin 27 days ago

    I don’t know why but I literally was getting nervous because of the amount of times the cops nearly got you

  • Glo Gang
    Glo Gang 27 days ago

    I have 7 out of 8 in P.O.I Scout
    I need help on the last picture

    • Digital Car Addict
      Digital Car Addict  27 days ago

      Should be the tunnel (the one you go under to get to the parking lot at the middle of the horse track)

  • David Jordan
    David Jordan 28 days ago +1

    After playing through the Heist, and then watching several walkthroughs, my friends and I all agree … these run throughs that include the voice comms between you and your friends during, are both the most helpful, and fun to watch. Thanks a million.

  • Mate Siegler
    Mate Siegler 28 days ago +1

    What’s the getaway car

  • Aho
    Aho 28 days ago

    Which level can make this mission ?

  • Andrew
    Andrew 29 days ago

    When I did it stealthy with my friend we got a bonus of 200k for not getting caught while in the casino. Did you get that too?

  • sean tonner
    sean tonner 29 days ago


    MSTV GTA5 29 days ago

    What are those car????

  • kingjevz
    kingjevz 29 days ago +1

    This is how heists really go

    YOU NICK 29 days ago

    SPOILERS: Their utter shock at Lester and the Asian woman kissing was hilarious 😂🤙🏾

  • Furkie Deturkie
    Furkie Deturkie Month ago

    Why is there no jewelry heist (my english is very bad)

  • John Hughes
    John Hughes Month ago

    How do i get the whole night vision outfit i bought the goggles buh when thr mission start i can't use it

  • Damon Fan Page
    Damon Fan Page Month ago

    I escaped the police in a fire truck😂

  • Warren Crim II
    Warren Crim II Month ago

    200k for all that work? C’mon Rockstar

  • Eli Empire
    Eli Empire Month ago

    Lester about 2 get laid

  • Andre Thomas
    Andre Thomas Month ago

    Definitely adding you for this mission I struggle with 🤣🤣💯

  • Aries Radke#6
    Aries Radke#6 Month ago

    the aggressive (loud) is my favorite so far

  • Ethan Diffey
    Ethan Diffey Month ago

    The cargo chopper is hard to fly in the game I keep crashing into buildings the ocean and the freeway

  • Youngen elroyellis
    Youngen elroyellis Month ago

    Me and my friends did 4 ppl and gt 1.8 mil

  • Nash Thompson
    Nash Thompson Month ago

    Literally just did this with 2 people super easy

  • Dylan Walsh
    Dylan Walsh Month ago

    What is that red getaway car called

    • Digital Car Addict
      Digital Car Addict  Month ago

      It hasn't come out for purchase yet. It's part of the drip feed content. It's called the Dinka Blista something

  • Crystalz Mysticz
    Crystalz Mysticz Month ago +2

    Me and my friend have tried to do this sneaky and we have emp but we messed up the duggan shipments thing so we get obliterated by guards who don’t die to a magazine of ammo...

  • eVg Anarkhy
    eVg Anarkhy Month ago

    How did you get the Dinka Sugoi? Everytime I’ve done the heist, I’ve had the Kuruma as my escape car. And how come we don’t get the cars we steal during the prep?

    • Digital Car Addict
      Digital Car Addict  Month ago

      Once you go outside, if you fail once, you get kurumas instead. It's a glitch

  • Hoof Yay
    Hoof Yay Month ago

    How to I go to the roof terrace