Biggest Tragedies in Football

  • Published on Feb 16, 2019
  • Tragedies in Football
    Even the beautiful game can see terrible events unfold. For this video, we're remembering some of British football's darkest and most tragic events - including stadium disasters, and individual tragedies. Featuring the Hillsborough disaster, The Leicester City helicopter crash and Emiliano Sala.
    #10. Leicester City Helicopter Crash
    #9. The Death of Jock Stein
    #8. Emiliano Sala’s Plane Vanishes
    #7. The Death of MarcVivien Foé
    #6. Burnden Park Disaster
    #5. Heysel Stadium Disaster
    #4. The Second Ibrox Disaster
    #3, #2, #1: ???
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Comments • 194

  • Toby 0997
    Toby 0997 3 months ago

    Man Utd till I die the Munich air disaster was awful

  • Ali Yazdani
    Ali Yazdani 6 months ago

    Let god rest their souls

  • Paul Riuddlesdin
    Paul Riuddlesdin 7 months ago

    Right when people talk about the Bradford fire never talk about the Lincoln fans that died it bs

  • Guarlaon
    Guarlaon 7 months ago

    So much eurocentrism in this video. ¬¬

  • Home Of The Kings
    Home Of The Kings 7 months ago


  • Illumi Thor Hoops
    Illumi Thor Hoops 7 months ago

    what abput chapecoense I think that that event deserves respect

  • Shayne Stack
    Shayne Stack 7 months ago

    When I saw this in my recomended the first thing I thought of was the hillsbourough disaster

  • Lewis Richards
    Lewis Richards 7 months ago

    Emm 66 rangers vs celtic?

  • Drew's defenders
    Drew's defenders 7 months ago

    Is it just me or did a lot of people come her this football 🏈

  • Epic Ellis
    Epic Ellis 7 months ago

    Top 10 beautiful moments in football

  • Fotboll Extra
    Fotboll Extra 7 months ago +2

    If you said that it’s not order it would be okay but to rank who’s death is more important is a bit wierd (i know you only meant well but it was a mistake that’s not so good)

  • Yeet Yeeter
    Yeet Yeeter 7 months ago +1

    nO, iT’s SoCcEr!!!!

    Lol American ppl

  • Voornaam Achternaam
    Voornaam Achternaam 7 months ago

    Cruyff dead

  • Suzie and Carlton Brown

    My neighbor was in the helicopter

  • Peeniepanini
    Peeniepanini 7 months ago +1

    RIP Tiote

  • Kian Jones
    Kian Jones 7 months ago

    Sing a song for sala…

  • Olga Farfan
    Olga Farfan 7 months ago

    I Know One Death In Croatia Bruno Boban Collapsed And Died After He Got Hit With Ball In The STOMACH.

  • Abdullah Atcha
    Abdullah Atcha 7 months ago

    So sad

  • Gaming ca la carte
    Gaming ca la carte 7 months ago +3

    You can't do a list like this.All deaths are tragedies.Like a Camerounese player Patrick Ekeng played at Dinamo Bucharest but he had a heart attack and he died.Astori's death was also very tragic.I meen you can't do a list like this

  • Kerry Sewell
    Kerry Sewell 7 months ago

    I hope duckenfield goes down for that rip 96

  • Michele Giovannini
    Michele Giovannini 7 months ago

    Classic British fanboy

  • Firminorsk
    Firminorsk 7 months ago

    Look, not to be insensitive, but I think Port Said is definitely up there... Horrific incident

  • Firminorsk
    Firminorsk 7 months ago


  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman 7 months ago

    The worst one is Furiani disaster at the 5/5/1992 in Corsica

  • Fredrik Ljung
    Fredrik Ljung 7 months ago

    Top ten tragedies, are you fucking idiot?

  • Taiyah Jackson
    Taiyah Jackson 7 months ago

    Rest in peace to all involved. No, this isn't a competition for the worst incidents, just a tragic history lesson.

  • barn ren
    barn ren 7 months ago

    the teriost attack

  • Greninjia
    Greninjia 7 months ago +2

    hillsborough will be #1 i bet

    liverpool still don't accept it was their fan's fault

    • SiVlog
      SiVlog 7 months ago

      Fortunately, momentum is now, finally, on their side. The unlawful killing verdicts turned the blame towards the authorities, more specifically the police. Having said that, if I know the way some people I know from Merseyside, they would also like to see the Sun newspaper in particular, be shut down in disgrace (they've never forgiven the paper for the infamous "The Truth" headline from four days after the disaster)

  • Rangarirai Shantero Zvinonetsa

    And the Zambia national football team disaster when their flight crashed in forgot to mention that?

  • Mattia Franzess smp
    Mattia Franzess smp 7 months ago

    Astori and Morosini?

  • Leonardo Farkas
    Leonardo Farkas 7 months ago

    Ekeng de la Dinamo?

  • JohnoRules
    JohnoRules 7 months ago

    i live in guernsey near the sea and everyday i look out to the sea in memory of Sala #prayforsala

  • GamerKing0504
    GamerKing0504 7 months ago

    Rest in piece to everybody who died in these tragedies , I’m a Liverpool fan so I think Hillsborough and heysel are terrible but all of these tragedies deserve respect to remember the people who died during them

  • susan seal
    susan seal 7 months ago +1


  • Timo Rayer
    Timo Rayer 8 months ago

    Nouri is still fighting 💪 keep fighting hero 💪

  • cribbling cribbling
    cribbling cribbling 8 months ago


  • cribbling cribbling
    cribbling cribbling 8 months ago


  • Sam Goodall
    Sam Goodall 8 months ago

    66 fans who never came home

  • Sam Goodall
    Sam Goodall 8 months ago +1

    Ibrox disaster

  • Domain Admin
    Domain Admin 8 months ago

    At the end don’t said do u agree with are picks because there are all horrible events to happen in football

  • Zachary Kar
    Zachary Kar 8 months ago

    5:11 fucking hell a cigarette caused all that

  • Ninja Pro gamer
    Ninja Pro gamer 8 months ago +9

    Rip Sala and Hillsborough

      D4NFOOTBALL 7 months ago

      Not just them, everyone else, have some respect.

  • It’s John C
    It’s John C 8 months ago

    You really shouldn’t rank tragedies

  • Slemke 98
    Slemke 98 8 months ago

    This seems to be in really poor taste, especially if you're profiting from it.

    RHIAN HEGARTY 8 months ago

    I see that jock had a plaque at ninian park Cardiff, I wonder if they still have that at the new ground or did they just leave it as he died at the old ground?

  • Football Newton
    Football Newton 8 months ago

    #BradfordThroughandThrough #LFC

  • Haley Faragalli
    Haley Faragalli 8 months ago

    I keep forgetting this is the UK and their football is our soccer

  • Ian Deeley
    Ian Deeley 8 months ago

    Can't agree with this video being a list but I think these tragedies will never be forgotten.

  • Stephanie Colbourne
    Stephanie Colbourne 8 months ago +1

    I Feel Sorry For Everyone On This List!

  • Stephanie Colbourne
    Stephanie Colbourne 8 months ago

    This Is Sad...

  • ryan stevenson
    ryan stevenson 8 months ago +2

    big jock knew

    • Angela Coyne
      Angela Coyne 2 months ago

      Yeah he helped your scummy dying fans which was your shitholes 2nd disaster but your club didn't care about the fans welfare eh? Here we go 10 in a row 🇮🇪 inbred zombie scum.

    • Angela Coyne
      Angela Coyne 2 months ago

      Yeah knew he helped the dying at your disaster. SCUM!!! he shouldn't have bothered.

  • chris Williams6582
    chris Williams6582 8 months ago

    The Munich aircrash rip

  • nodo gorgisheli
    nodo gorgisheli 8 months ago

    don't you just love to put people's deaths in ranks? like whose death was worse? yea everyone loves that

  • Liam coghlan
    Liam coghlan 8 months ago


  • Spike Mars
    Spike Mars 8 months ago

    2:55 is my home team. My Great Grandma was at the match

  • Leonardo Angry birds fan


  • Kastriot Dumani
    Kastriot Dumani 8 months ago

    Ranking these and actually trying to capitalise on a recent tragic event by releasing this video while it's in the news is fucking abhorrent

  • mR b3aSt
    mR b3aSt 8 months ago +4

    Not only is it quite disgusting that you rank compared this kind of stuff... But Italian club Torino had a similar air disaster like Man Utd and Chapacoence so you didn't even do your research
    Clearly Mojo has no heart or brain

    • Adam
      Adam 7 months ago

      100% agree

  • michael Carr
    michael Carr 8 months ago +1

    Using Sala to cash in them views, stay classy guys

  • RajaReign78
    RajaReign78 8 months ago +3

    To me it will always be the Hillsborough stampede. They showed footage of it on Good Morning America while I was eating breakfast before school. Since that day unfortunately that image is seared into my brain. Up until that point in my life I didn’t actually realize people could be crushed to death. It really messed up my psyche for a few years after. To this day crowded places freak me out cuz of that event. 😢 RIP 96