Tesla's AI chip REVEALED! (Project Dojo)


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  • Rick Kay
    Rick Kay 9 months ago +282

    Imagine ANY legacy auto presenting this massive tech. Their ai day would be "we partnered with a distant 2nd place self driving company that can back out 3 feet"

    • Zoltan Doczi
      Zoltan Doczi 8 months ago

      @Fanaticvandal 😂👍

    • Kenlwallace
      Kenlwallace 9 months ago

      That would be Apple …. Who’s iPhone 12+ I typically need to re-boot at least once a day.

    • Dislike Button 👎
      Dislike Button 👎 9 months ago +2

      They're dinosaurs who haven't yet realizes that they're already dead.

    • Poogle Chen
      Poogle Chen 9 months ago +5

      At this point they might as well licence the tech stack from Tesla

    • Mark Plott
      Mark Plott 9 months ago +3

      gm AI day consists of Mary Bara on her Blackberry Phone in her GAS car...........lol.

  • Unkn0wn C0mmand
    Unkn0wn C0mmand 9 months ago +321

    This is some of the most mind-boggling engineering that I have ever seen. Talk about alien technology. These engineers are absolutely world class and this presenter did an excellent job conveying how nutty this compute-performance is.
    I was skeptical about being able to train an autopilot AI system with the compute that existed prior to today. After seeing this, my skepticism is now minimal.

    • Time2 Studios
      Time2 Studios 9 months ago +1

      @WaterspoutsOfTheDeep you know evolution takes billions of years to produce complex life like us. Evolution is the process of mutations being passed down if they helpful to an individual in the wild, to defend/combat predators, hunt etc since if the mutation was helpful they'll reach maturity and be able to reproduce and give it to the next generation. Eventually these became the standard and change the species over a long time. This keeps happening.

    • TheGlenGarrys
      TheGlenGarrys 9 months ago

      @Zack Smith you’re so wrong

    • WaterspoutsOfTheDeep
      WaterspoutsOfTheDeep 9 months ago

      @Unkn0wn C0mmand You were talking about the what not the how. So, the what is the context of my comment. The distinction of the how of divine creation vs human creation is separate from the what. What is, is. It is of in itself. So why bring up the how at all. The similarities between the how of divine vs human creation are far more than the differences if you want to bring that subject up. But you were originally talking about being amazed at design. As far as human design this is a childrens toy compared to the design of the large hadron collider. That is probably a massive understatement even.

    • Unkn0wn C0mmand
      Unkn0wn C0mmand 9 months ago

      @WaterspoutsOfTheDeep precisely. Engineering is copying. Divine creation isn't copying.
      Pray tell, what did God copy when He made humans.
      That is the difference.

  • Andrew Heagwood
    Andrew Heagwood 9 months ago +6

    The possibility behind every innovation of Tesla's teams have never been higher. The scientific and engineering achievements this technology will make are seemingly unimaginable.

  • Praveen Uduweriya
    Praveen Uduweriya 9 months ago +199

    I did not understand a thing he said but this sounds like a massive achievement! Kudos to Team Tesla!

    • MinimalistMartian
      MinimalistMartian 4 months ago

      @Andrew Heagwood Thank you for the explanation.

    • Martin Heath
      Martin Heath 5 months ago

      While these computers and AI breakthroughs may in themselves be pure, scientifically and mathematically speaking, the potential for malevolent usage is enormous eg 24/7 real time, comprehensive, monitoring and tracking surveillance of entire populations for an all pervasive, authoritarian social credit system. Recent events around the world relating to pandemic "control measures" suggest our leaders do not have our best interests at the forefront of their concerns. Control is the goal.

    • Anshul Bhardwaj
      Anshul Bhardwaj 8 months ago

      @Andrew Heagwood tell me how many bits of calculation does this chip needs to desire an ice cream 😑😑😑 cos I am going to get one 😁😁😁

    • Andrew Heagwood
      Andrew Heagwood 8 months ago

      @Anshul Bhardwaj I'm very aware of this. However, the strings of information we compute are comparable, even though they are completely different computers. Machines have already driven a need to kill without a desire to so do. You failed to see my point.

  • Stewart Davies
    Stewart Davies 9 months ago +94

    I like how this is probably most likely a reference to the Dojo scene in the first Matrix movie. A space to train your mind and learn new skills much like what this computer is designed to do.

    • b
      b 4 months ago


    • TVChannel One
      TVChannel One 7 months ago

      Yea, Kung-fu is slang for hacking skillz.... :)

    • Stewart Davies
      Stewart Davies 9 months ago +1

      @Derek D "wooah"

    • Derek D
      Derek D 9 months ago +2

      "I know Kung Fu..."

    • Andrew Heagwood
      Andrew Heagwood 9 months ago +1

      Neurolink... jacking in to the mfn matrix. Gd...

  • JLG
    JLG 9 months ago +120

    And here I was already impressed by the octovalve. Tesla never ceases to amaze.

    • b
      b 4 months ago


    • K Kent
      K Kent 9 months ago

      @JLG it's musk bro loooolz they name don't matter are you okay?

    • K Kent
      K Kent 9 months ago

      @JLG it's the same she's Musk runs it what are you talking about

    • JLG
      JLG 9 months ago +1

      @K Kent that Vegas tunnel is Boring company not Tesla but for Elon to have an idea and take a risk on it funded by himself he is taking a risk on a working project, the end result of a boring tunnel network with high speed fully autonomous will be amazing as well.

    • K Kent
      K Kent 9 months ago +1

      You are impressed with the Vegas tunnel?

  • H. N. Subba Rao
    H. N. Subba Rao 9 months ago +289

    This is an innovation of Epic Proportions. Kudos to the team & TESLA.

    • Franky Flowers
      Franky Flowers 9 months ago +3

      maybe one day they will link two of their magic chips and do a benchmark test. if they exist one day maybe they will try.

    • Andrew Heagwood
      Andrew Heagwood 9 months ago +2

      It's a quantum leap. A genuine quantum leap. These guys are beyond awesome.

  • Div J
    Div J 9 months ago +51

    Interconnection speed is a clear bottleneck in current setups and Tesla just bumped it up by an order of magnitude. Amazing!

    • Accacia Game
      Accacia Game 9 months ago +1

      Do you think they already gave something like this running many years ago?

    • Misha Fi
      Misha Fi 9 months ago +2

      @Div J thank you so much :))

    • Div J
      Div J 9 months ago +11

      @Misha Fi Having high computing power is good only if you can throw data at processor through high bandwidth. If the interconnection speed is not high enough then the data transfer between the processors and data centers will limit the actual throughput of the system. Tesla took care of that! While they increased processing power, they increased the data bandwidth a lot more and hence they can get better use out of the whole system.

    • Misha Fi
      Misha Fi 9 months ago +2

      Could you please explain this in layman's terms. I really want to learn and appreciate what AI day revealed but I don't understand most of it :(

  • Tanner Oz
    Tanner Oz 9 months ago +7

    The concepts are not unheard of. However, the swift execution and driving real world products so fast is unheard of in HW world. It is like watching Roman army at its peak.

  • Maxwell Benz
    Maxwell Benz 9 months ago +6

    Knowing a little bit about CPU design, I'm still mind Boggle that they were able to do this. I won't even believe it until I can actually see the server room this exists in

  • Vlad Olteanu
    Vlad Olteanu 9 months ago +60

    Meanwhile my IT Department is still working on that ticket I opened a year ago about changing my systems password.

    • Rabbyte. film
      Rabbyte. film 3 days ago

      I'm sure they don't win the same 😒

    • Rajendra Divecha
      Rajendra Divecha Month ago

      Fear not, AI will soon replace your IT Department and even passwords!

    • Ari Vazhagan
      Ari Vazhagan 6 months ago

      I am AI engineer

    • The Eh Team
      The Eh Team 6 months ago

      Take the hint.

    • TheDudeAbides
      TheDudeAbides 6 months ago

      These guys design DOJO and meanwhile, you can't even keep track of your own password.

  • Alexander Kenway
    Alexander Kenway 9 months ago +119

    This should've been the whole presentation. Easily the coolest part

    • bighand69
      bighand69 9 months ago

      The general public will remember the dancing robots the most. Even though they are a joke.

    • Joshua Tolentino
      Joshua Tolentino 9 months ago

      @BigFacts BigStacks pretty sure that was the intention with the robot presentation. so the media talks about something. cuz if they only talked about the chip. either critics are just gonna nitpick on how they gonna solve the problems. or the general people would just not care. they had to do something

    • Clone9797
      Clone9797 9 months ago

      No it was pretty basic in comparison to the other parts you most likely just didn’t get the others
      Correction ( or at least on the same level you need software and hardware)

    • John Smith
      John Smith 9 months ago +16

      @BigFacts BigStacks no smoke and mirror, also, this chip and the robot are one

    • BigFacts BigStacks
      BigFacts BigStacks 9 months ago +15

      Exactly, this was insane! Sadly everyone is going to focus on the smoke and mirror robot.

  • Abhi Banerjee
    Abhi Banerjee 9 months ago

    This is amazing. Excellent work by the Project Dojo team.

  • Ken Wallace
    Ken Wallace 9 months ago +6

    Presumably one could develop a neural network on this massive machine and then load it into many smaller computers in Tesla cars without ever knowing exactly how it works.

  • Chris D
    Chris D 9 months ago +3

    Ganesh made an excellent presentation and seeing him being so proud is sth that everyone having worked on development projects can understand. The funny extremely strong accent was the only minus. Again great presentation

  • Edward Henry
    Edward Henry 9 months ago +133

    I see why Elon said AI scares him more than anything on earth. This will change mankind forever, both scary and exciting.

    • Glitch
      Glitch 7 months ago

      @Ben 316 imagine if Alexa made herself a body by ai connected mushiness and then copy over and over again

    • Matthew Wiemken
      Matthew Wiemken 9 months ago

      @Ten Minute Tokyo 2 The US government will use more developed version of such tech to make mechs to replace huge armies lol.

    • Argoon1981
      Argoon1981 9 months ago +7

      ​ @Jan Martin Because we need to evolve or we will end like the dinosaurs, extinct.
      AI can be dangerous, in the wrong hands but is also extremely promising, already at this very very early stage, it has done wonders for our tech, we have jumped in capabilities in some aspects, decades because of it, If we add banned all AI research based on unproven and irracional fears, we wouldn't have, this robo cars capabilities and for gamers, real time raytracing in games today and many many other things.
      And based on what I know, IMO we are no were near the "singularity", even with this new training computer, capable of "simulating a human brain" claimed by Elon Musk and even if we were capable of creating a sentient AI, we have zero evidence that it will hurts us, besides irracional fear, printed in us by Hollywood movies and the fear of the unknown.
      Who knows, perhaps a sentient AI, will be our salvation from ourselves, stop us from killing each other, over trivialities and ruining the only planet, that we know has life and the right conditions for us to live on it.

    • Ben 316
      Ben 316 9 months ago +1

      @Jan Martin elon said uncontrolled ai.. siri is not gonna kill you mate. We use ‘ai’ all the time lmao

  • Magnamic
    Magnamic 9 months ago +6

    I can’t believe I lived to see this leap happen. I thought companies were about just incremental upgrades and milking it. Apparently I forgot about Tesla’s engineering teams. Shame on me.
    This is the most beautiful thing in the presentation.

  • Prashanth B
    Prashanth B 9 months ago

    This is top notch work. Congrats to all the members of DOJO team.

  • Accacia Game
    Accacia Game 9 months ago +3

    I believe Elon already has a super AI running everything. No wonder he said he is scared if AI.

  • thebestbees
    thebestbees 9 months ago +7

    Hopefully this AI day will encourage the top AI engineers top join Tesla to create an unassailable lead vs competitors !

  • Zero
    Zero 9 months ago +30

    Exactly the same 400W TDP as A100, 2.3x FP32 performance, 15x interconnection, 1 year after A100. Obviously the speed interconnection is out of this world, Tesla is on something.

    • Zero
      Zero 9 months ago +3

      @John Macaulay I don't think anyone would be able to catch up the interconnection speed in a year or two. It may turn out to be the key to the next level.

    • John Macaulay
      John Macaulay 9 months ago +3

      The A100 has been available for over a year, and was likely sampled to customers much earlier. By the time this actually reaches deployment I doubt it will be particularly impressive.

  • Fighting for the future
    Fighting for the future 9 months ago +18

    I'm excited about the tesla bot. Easily the best part about the presentation. I'm glad it is Elon that is putting the AI helpers on the market, considering he is terrified of them. He made them where they can be outran and overpowered if needed.

  • Royden Vickers
    Royden Vickers 9 months ago +314

    12:45.... Ganesh gave the best talk of the night, and is rightfully emotionally proud of this enormous Tony Stark looking real life disruptive hardware.

    • Joseph Byrne
      Joseph Byrne 9 months ago

      He looks a lot like Ganesh Venkataramanan

    • Robert Lee
      Robert Lee 9 months ago

      He would be better if can speak louder. His voice drops to low ti hear him.

    • Charlie Fox
      Charlie Fox 9 months ago +3

      @Shourya Bose The level of integration in these teams and of the product is amazing. The pride and joy was so visible. I agree this was the best part of the nights presentation but all of it was interesting and exciting.

    • Shourya Bose
      Shourya Bose 9 months ago +13

      What he’s holding would be a couple rooms’ worth of supercomputer as late as 2000’s!

    • paul suda
      paul suda 9 months ago +10

      When you put in that kind of work with failure looking you in the face every day and all the nay sayers. To see your creation working is something few people will ever experience. CONGATS to the entire team

  • Osmosis
    Osmosis 9 months ago +4

    For somewhat normal people, imagine a enormous state of the art datacenter and now look at the brick this guy is holding.
    It's kinda has same amount of computing power

  • Gus Levy
    Gus Levy 9 months ago +110

    The media and general public will focus on the Ex Machina…but the AI event will eventually be known as the day the D1 chip and Dojo were brought out to the world…

    • Franky Flowers
      Franky Flowers 9 months ago

      @Ollie O there isn't really a magic chip.

    • Franky Flowers
      Franky Flowers 9 months ago +1

      is there a video where they test the scaling with benchmarks or are they all cartoon chips?

    • Ajay B R
      Ajay B R 9 months ago +2

      Beginning of D day?

    • Ollie O
      Ollie O 9 months ago +2

      @K B your comparison doesn't really make any sense. Nvidia is a consumer and enterprise side business in gpu & data centres, ai & non ai uses. This chip is impressive but it's very different & the market is not the same size. This chip is also for their own data centres, they didn't say it was for commercial sales.

    • Trip Nils
      Trip Nils 9 months ago +1

      @K B I just bought 40 shares on wednesday, gonna double down if the stock doesn't move much today.

  • Mathew Joseph
    Mathew Joseph 9 months ago +16

    I found this crazy, then realised that Elon approved this. Found this normal in the scale of Elons craziness

  • Feltima
    Feltima 9 months ago +18

    This is insane. I can't believe they pulled this off. This is a technology that will help define the 21st century.

    • atenrok
      atenrok 9 months ago

      @Feltimaas intended? LoL 😆

    • Feltima
      Feltima 9 months ago +1

      @atenrok That's a movie. There's no plot if the AI works as intended.

  • Ashmeed Mohammed
    Ashmeed Mohammed 9 months ago +4

    the thermal and current transfers are things normal peeps might come up with. the bandwith interconnects are the key of this whole thing. how to get the nodes to talk fast to every one else.

  • Ronald Ronald
    Ronald Ronald 9 months ago +2

    This blew me out of the water completely. Amazing. With that kind of capability progress is gone increase by a lot. What is next dear friends.

  • Loanword Eggcorn
    Loanword Eggcorn 9 months ago +2

    What's most significant here is that thir architecture breaks scaling constraints, at least for some tasks. This means that much larger tasks, i.e., large neural networks, can be handled. Larger than before.

  • Martinko Pcik
    Martinko Pcik 9 months ago +7

    Wow, 15kW power needed for one node ? 15kW / 56V = 267A current draw? Ideal to be ran as my pool warmer in Canada for all year swimming season LOL. Amazing technology presented.

  • Nspinicelli
    Nspinicelli 9 months ago +1

    I know NOTHING about this but I have a question:
    Why doesn't Tesla contract our processing power (set up a server/processing supercomputer) or build systems for customers?
    I feel like if someone like NASA contracted Tesla to crunch numbers on astronomy calculations, we could discover incredible things.

  • Holy Hero
    Holy Hero 9 months ago +3

    Thanks Elon. You are leading the charge to replace us with robots within our career fields. 🙄

  • L H
    L H 9 months ago +1

    You tell me that there’s not somebody else right now working on an absolute ai robotic system with its own Wi-Fi capabilities and power system

  • Charles van der Hoog
    Charles van der Hoog 9 months ago +50

    This is what IBM or Intel should have invented and developed, but didn't. The board members were too much sales guys, too self-congratulory, too self-sufficient, too rich. No hunger, you see?

    • Ben Fyrth
      Ben Fyrth 8 months ago +1

      Meanwhile Alphabet is a.million miles ahead with the AlphaSeries with nobody dressed in an android suit

    • Accacia Game
      Accacia Game 9 months ago

      When you focus on profit rather than innovation.

    • Cortex Auth
      Cortex Auth 9 months ago +2

      Look up neuromorphic computing

    • blue internet
      blue internet 9 months ago +2

      why would IBM or Intel invent this? the real achievement would be self-driving on commodity GPUs. unfortunately that appears to be out of reach for now

  • The Electric Man
    The Electric Man 9 months ago +2

    When they revealed the chip i was soo excited to finally see it

  • Kenlwallace
    Kenlwallace 9 months ago +1

    It is truely amazing that having disrupted the car, power, space, underground transport and direct brain interface worlds, Elon, via Tesla, seems to be seriously disrupting the entire high-end compute world. Although DOJO-1 is focussed on AI, maybe Tesla will be a major supplier of the worlds most advanced computers. Is the next thing a Tesla

  • kiaroscyuro
    kiaroscyuro 9 months ago +7

    This is incredible! I have never seen anything like this, theres no fuckin way any other auto maker could possibly compete against this. They will have to license it from someone else. The competitors here are not automakers, but other AI designers. Until today I was sure that Tesla was over valued, but this justifies that value. This isn't just an automaker, its the vanguard of all future society. People who don't think so don't know what they are talking about

    • Ronald Ronald
      Ronald Ronald 9 months ago

      Amen! To bad that few people realize that.

  • Rahul Singh Yadav
    Rahul Singh Yadav 9 months ago +2

    D1 Compute may power Tesla Robot pretty soon. Imagine the deep nets that robots can leverage on those 9PF with single tile, I am not even talking about upto 1EF mode. Mind boggling 🤯

    • Kalyan A
      Kalyan A 9 months ago

      The 9PF tile needs at least 10KW of power. Any robot using it will need a huge battery pack, or would need to constantly recharge or swap the batteries, or be constantly connected to a power cord. It will also need another cord to continuously transfer the liquid coolant it is currently designed to use.
      Most likely the robot will carry no more than 2 D1 chips - more than sufficient for simple repetitive work.

  • Craig Deyzel
    Craig Deyzel 9 months ago +102

    Apple: So what can you do?
    Tesla: Hold my beer...

    • Evgeny Gurin
      Evgeny Gurin 9 months ago

      I don't think company which laptops might be charged only from the right-side sockets even worth comparison with this.

    • David Borg
      David Borg 9 months ago

      ​@Satvik Oh I will accept defeat. A thousand apologies

    • Satvik
      Satvik 9 months ago +1

      @David Borg bro thats like for general use in computers its supposed to run Ms word and maybe 3d modelling softwares not robots and cars

    • Arnoud van Houwelingen
      Arnoud van Houwelingen 9 months ago +2

      @David Borg M1 chip has a total different use case though

    • James Robert Coyle
      James Robert Coyle 9 months ago

      and WATCH THIS!

  • 95TBake
    95TBake 9 months ago +2

    This is by far one of the most advance, advances in computing I've personally seen besides Cerberes Wafer scale chip.

    • 95TBake
      95TBake 8 months ago

      @node head dojo reminds me of the early nineties mainframe chips that had huge IPC package kinda like the dojo, where power and heat was more managed in the complete IPC stack with bulk cooling packages & power power delivery.

    • node head
      node head 9 months ago +1

      that one is also mind boggling but not as much as dojo to be honest.

  • Bwowzah
    Bwowzah 9 months ago

    I wonder if they will ever get involved with consumer/enthusiast PC parts.

  • John Gjonola
    John Gjonola 9 months ago

    Tesla is doing amazing things right here.

  • son
    son 9 months ago

    I thought Apple M1 chip was amazing, now this Dojo chip is beyond amazing!

  • John Smith
    John Smith 9 months ago +24

    what an incredible Team

  • Charles van der Hoog
    Charles van der Hoog 9 months ago +5

    I love Tesla being ahead so much, perhaps dozens of years now, to legacy car makers and these car makers STILL thinking they will overtake Tesla in five years. Or perhaps they only say so to prop up the stock price that is connected to their December and pension bonuses? Lord knows how self-sufficient (smug) those people are. They get tens of millions a year for grinding their companies into the ground. What a fabulous show! (Better than that horrible "Billions" which is nothing but a promo movie series for psychs that are incompetent and out of work.)

    • Demetri Janaz
      Demetri Janaz 8 months ago +1

      lol Legacy car makers own 95% of the market for a reason. They have paved the way for Tesla to even exist today.

  • Photovideo Oz
    Photovideo Oz 9 months ago

    1:24 it's extremely hard to reduce the latencies and scale-up bandwidth that's why you need things like Brainchip's Akida edge AI chip, where it's solved the latency problem as well as bandwidth (it needs no or minimal bandwith)

    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez 8 months ago

      @Photovideo Oz I mean can you put hundreds of these chips together, and another hundred, and again and again.

    • Photovideo Oz
      Photovideo Oz 8 months ago

      @Miguel lopez If you talking about scalability it does, no one design an unscalable chip anymore these days. But if you want to scale exactly like how tesla does it then probably not because it's not a tesla chip

    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez 8 months ago

      But does it scale up with more processors like the tesla chip?

  • R Parmar
    R Parmar 9 months ago +1

    So if I'm right the Exapod = 2.5x faster then fastest super computer in the world right now, with the ability to just expand as it needs....Mind blown.

  • Soccer fan
    Soccer fan 9 months ago +2

    Non expert here : What does training chip mean? Is it to train the AI system? Will they then make a chip not for training? How is it used in the cars? Or is it for the robot? What else can the chips be used for? What’s the timeline and difficulty to scale up the chip manufacturing?

    • 15 Redstones
      15 Redstones 9 months ago +1

      This is the chip that goes in the supercomputer that's used to train the AI on new data. The resulting AI then gets sent to the cars where a different chip (shown in their autonomy day presentation) runs it. Training an AI requires very different computations compared to executing it without learning.

  • Irislemel
    Irislemel 9 months ago +100

    CNET, you should check your sources. It's disrespectful to say the least to mess up your credit to Mr Ganesh Venkataramanan, Sr Director Autopilot Hardware at Tesla. This man is listed on Linkedin as the Lead of Project DOJO, just as he said it at the beginning of the presentation.

    • Joe Nichols
      Joe Nichols 9 months ago +1

      Could you be more sensitive?

    • Anil Panicker
      Anil Panicker 9 months ago +11

      Engineering is life, positions and titles are temporary :)

    • sheuphorica
      sheuphorica 9 months ago +4

      So true, change it, CNET!

  • Ken Lundgreen
    Ken Lundgreen 9 months ago

    I'm guessing they mean the Dojo robot will be the first real world demonstration from how the next world for humans will really work.

  • John Bowling
    John Bowling 9 months ago

    We talked about a similar concept 15 years ago, but we didn’t have the hardware. That concept we knew would require programming only the smartest could design and grapple with the complexity much less write the code to debug. What this team has done is put the Wright Brothers, Bletchley Park Code Breaking Team, Manhattan Project Group, and the NASA Group that put man on the moon into one group

  • Randy Bruce
    Randy Bruce 9 months ago +1

    Ok so just like the rest of the stuff that is presented by Elon. I will wait until I see an actual working machine. Nice graphics.

  • ギガ チャド
    ギガ チャド 9 months ago +45

    Distant Past: ML on CPU
    Past: ML on GPU
    Present: ML on TPU
    Future: ML on DPU
    Jus look how fast the tech is evolving. The age of information is evolving into the age of AI

  • Man Le
    Man Le 9 months ago +56

    This is how Tesla does advertise campaigns.

  • Bigyan Devkota
    Bigyan Devkota 9 months ago +73

    Cant wait to pre-order Tesla laptop

    • Bandana Saikia
      Bandana Saikia 9 months ago


    • The Wood Welding Fabricator !
      The Wood Welding Fabricator ! 9 months ago


    • Andrew Heagwood
      Andrew Heagwood 9 months ago

      Unfortunately, the cost of this technology is waaaaay out of reach for 99% of the world. Someday though, maybe.

    • trentable
      trentable 9 months ago +1

      Sooner or later a machine like that might design the Tesla laptop from scratch.

  • Ronald Garrison
    Ronald Garrison 9 months ago +2

    I'd like to see a video just talking about the cooling system for this monster.

    • Ronald Garrison
      Ronald Garrison 9 months ago

      @Maxwell Benz OK, first, just to clarify, I didn't mean to suggest that they couldn't cool it-only that how they do it would probably be quite an interesting subject in itself. You have to get the coolant as close to the chips as possible. I would bet money that they are using liquid cooling-maybe even liquid helium. Expensive as that is, it's been used for decades. Every chip probably also has thermal sensors, to reduce heat generation if the temperature gets too high. I don't think it's predictable exactly how every chip is going to make out thermally when you have whatever vast number of those there are.
      So I'm sure it's liquid cooling, maybe liquid helium, and temperature sensors providing automatic thermal limiting.
      I've also been told that crystalline materials, if they are isotopically pure enough, can become thermal superconductors-thermal resistance just disappears, and all thermal vibrations just shoot right out of the material unhindered. Again, that's theory, I don't know how it works in practice, or the status or cost of such technology, or if Tesla is using any such technology. I would guess not, but wouldn't be totally chocked if it showed up somewhere in some way.

    • Maxwell Benz
      Maxwell Benz 9 months ago

      That's why I don't believe it. Explain to me how you cool this. I want to believe, so badly.

  • Anthony Remote Collaboration

    Tesla robotaxis could deliver and pickup pay-per use Tesla Bots. Could this be the start of a TESLA ECOSYSTEM of AI-ENABLED ROBOTS that work together seamlessly?

    • David Dean
      David Dean 9 months ago

      They could do Amazon deliveries

  • sergio salgueiro
    sergio salgueiro 8 months ago +1

    Can someone explain why this is so insane and what it means for the future?

  • Detecting Ohio
    Detecting Ohio 9 months ago +11

    Crazy to think that one day this will be antiquated

    • James
      James 9 months ago

      One day? In about three years from now.

  • anonymous
    anonymous 9 months ago +20

    I need this processor and board for my future pc build

    • Rex Dalit
      Rex Dalit 9 months ago +1

      You will almost certainly be able to afford it for a typical home "pc" in 30 or 40 years.

  • krazyhartin
    krazyhartin 9 months ago

    So, Elon is afraid of the AI. Yet, he let Tesla engineer the fastest supercomputer to accelerate AI.

  • Mark Kennard
    Mark Kennard 9 months ago +191

    I understood it perfectly up to the point where he said ' My name is Ganesh'

  • Ariel Ramos
    Ariel Ramos 9 months ago +2

    And then, many years later, just like what happened before, an architecture, the size of a room, or a cabinet, now fits your pocket 👀... I wonder, what will the technologies of the future, be used for? 🤔

    • Hector
      Hector 9 months ago +2

      Sooner or later transistors won't be able to physically get smaller. We already have insanely small transistors and building them smaller and smaller is what has been driving computer performance up and up and up. We will see what happens in the coming decades.

  • MPunkt PPunkt
    MPunkt PPunkt 9 months ago +26

    How many times do you want to zoom out?
    Tesla: Yes!

  • MrChillfactor2
    MrChillfactor2 5 months ago

    Funny and ironic: the more tech keeps rolling out to supposedly "improve" our lives, the more empty, disconnected, lost and lonely we become.

  • node head
    node head 9 months ago

    if tesla make cpu chips amd, intel and arm will fail, tesla's team is state of the art.

  • Torsten Maier
    Torsten Maier 9 months ago

    Viel Leistung. Hoffentlich klappt es nur mit Dojo, keine Unfälle in diesen Zeiten.

  • id104335409
    id104335409 8 months ago +1

    They found this chip in a factory inside a hydraulic press that had some metal remains in it.
    Very excited about the future!

  • blue internet
    blue internet 9 months ago

    the fact that they can't get their AI to work without custom hardware is a major setback. not to say that the AI will work on this this new hardware. that has yet to be seen

  • The BNW
    The BNW 9 months ago +1

    Tesla is at the beginning of building AI cloud computing, a.k.a. SKYNET

  • Omniback20
    Omniback20 9 months ago +37

    Isn't this twice as fast as the 2nd place supercomputer?

    • Dan Hersey
      Dan Hersey 9 months ago +2

      @RELANSIS google.

    • moki123g
      moki123g 9 months ago +11

      @How Does it Really Work They also have orders of magnitude more cpu/gpu clusters. They can't come close to a EFLOP in 5 cabinets. Tesla just became a world beating supercomputer supplier. I guarantee that LLNL and others want one as soon as they can. Super cool!

      RELANSIS 9 months ago +7

      @How Does it Really Workcompetitors? Hahahahahaah

    • How Does it Really Work
      How Does it Really Work 9 months ago +16

      Hypothetically -- if it were already built, it would have been. But they are only starting to debug the first compute tile, and will not build the whole system until next year at the earliest. By then, there might be other competitors.

    • MPunkt PPunkt
      MPunkt PPunkt 9 months ago +24

      Yes. Tesla isn't doing small steps

  • T.A.K
    T.A.K 9 months ago +1

    Reminds me a little the ibm mainframe CPU from the past. But with different architecture.

  • akuma2095
    akuma2095 9 months ago

    This is truly impressive.

  • fitzy1093
    fitzy1093 9 months ago

    this is absolutely insane!

  • Victor
    Victor 9 months ago

    Be scared of AI - Elon Musk
    Creates a super fast computer chip - Also Elon Musk.🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Jean Carlos Migars
    Jean Carlos Migars 9 months ago +8

    Tesla cell phone, laptop, tablet, tv, internet, Tesla everything 💪

    • Jean Carlos Migars
      Jean Carlos Migars 8 months ago

      Didn’t mean with this chip I am just stating that Tesla should compete with Apple products 👍🏼

    • Andre B
      Andre B 8 months ago

      Not with this chip. It was made specifically for learning, right down to the nano-meter. You won't be playing games or surfing the internet with it.

    • Hector
      Hector 9 months ago

      Did you miss the part where he said it is solely a machine learning chip?

    • Luka Potocnik
      Luka Potocnik 9 months ago

      theres tesla tv's sold in europe :D although its different company but they use same name

  • Adam G
    Adam G 9 months ago +13

    This is a huge Technology Push forward, tesla is not Ordinary, They are Extra Ordinary.

    • Patrico Fritz
      Patrico Fritz 9 months ago +1

      They almost live up to Nikola Tesla's legacy just amazing !

  • JohnTube2K
    JohnTube2K 8 months ago +1

    PREDICTION: Apple’s future M5 will out perform Dojo….

  • rockytunes89
    rockytunes89 9 months ago

    Neural lace? AI? -- it looks like Elon Musk is playing his own part well in the dystopian future he once warned us against

  • B B
    B B 9 months ago +1

    Bandwidth and thermal management critical. I can't imagine this without redundancy. Superconducting next? Cryogenics? Cooper Pairing?

    • Accacia Game
      Accacia Game 9 months ago +1

      Superconductors maybe overkill. But who knows. We are creating a freaking god.

  • FredT34
    FredT34 9 months ago

    Did you catch some info about the total memory this beast will embark?

  • Rpkiller
    Rpkiller 9 months ago +1

    9 PETAFLOPS?! in less space than a ITX PC takes up? Supercomputers are measured in Petaflops, so about 22 of these could equal the 2nd faster supercomputer in the world IBM's Summit supercomputer which which has around 200 petaflops.

  • rudy solomon
    rudy solomon 9 months ago

    A chip with curiosity coded, silicon based, hardwired curiosity?? Oh yeah, it’s called machine learning!!! I almost forgot.

  • smde1
    smde1 9 months ago

    This is StarLink on a chip ... Optical connections between training nodes -- so - StarLink is a large space-based compute cluster as you see being described here - hmmm. is anyone actually ready for the new level of scrutiny this makes possible ?

  • Town of Jezza
    Town of Jezza 9 months ago +2

    so they didn't get Quantum CPUs to work yet, so they built the next best thing...

  • Paul
    Paul 9 months ago +1

    Think about how Apple is actually trying to change the world. Then, think about how Google and Tesla are trying to change the world. Apple is just the Q-Tip of innovation.

  • RobertA105
    RobertA105 9 months ago

    Elon Musk both warns us of the danger of AI, while at the same time accelerates AI development. Regardless , I vaguely recall this isn't the first multicore processor that's been made. They haven't exactly taken the world by storm. This video was full of jargon, and as an engineer I know jargon. I have to wonder if the true reason of this video is to baffle investors with jargon and nonsense. Given nonsensical Elon Musk projects like the Hyperloop and Mars colonies we have to question the veracity of everything related to Elon Musk.

  • H S
    H S 9 months ago

    Amazing, although thought Elon has warned human kind of AI and our subsequent demise. Self-fulfilling prophecy, I guess.

  • eugkra33
    eugkra33 3 months ago

    12:38 He's so proud of himself. Like holding up his first borne.

  • Arise Training System
    Arise Training System 9 months ago +78

    This is where my investment money is going!

    • Arise Training System
      Arise Training System 9 months ago

      @Parvez Noorullah yup

    • Parvez Noorullah
      Parvez Noorullah 9 months ago +6

      @Arise Training System This. I'm putting my money into the 'good guys' who I believe is trying to make the world a better place....at the same time I feel will give me financial freedom

    • Arise Training System
      Arise Training System 9 months ago +7

      @Mustapha Lawal :) which is why I don't mind the fluctuating stock price. Regardless, my money is being put to making a REAL difference in the world.

    • Mustapha Lawal
      Mustapha Lawal 9 months ago +3

      Lol good choice 👌

  • Austin Rockney
    Austin Rockney 9 months ago

    I watch this and think back to the release of the original Xbox and PlayStation…the future will be crazy looking back on this and seeing it as prehistoric technology

  • Ralph Henderson
    Ralph Henderson 9 months ago

    Does anyone know how this rates against Fijitsu’s Fugaku supercomputer? It’s probably and apples-to-oranges comparison because Dojo is designed for a special domain, but raw FLOPS-to-FLOPS would at least give us some idea of scale.

  • meatbear
    meatbear 9 months ago +36

    Tesla is a high tech robotics company, cars are just a sideshow.

    • Andrew Heagwood
      Andrew Heagwood 9 months ago

      @Justin Fuqua massaging the sweet nectar of genius out of them. Yes. YES! Produce more epic. The expansion of his achievements, and the opportunities he creates to for others to make their own marks in history is incredible. Were there more like him... imagine what humanity would've achieved by now.

    • Justin Fuqua
      Justin Fuqua 9 months ago +5

      Tesla is a group of the smartest engineers and nerds, having the freedom to build cool next level tech with Elon's thumbs in their back🤯

    • Fluit Fluiten
      Fluit Fluiten 9 months ago +6

      Like Elon said: "Tesla's are semi-sentient robots on weels."

  • Irislemel
    Irislemel 9 months ago +1

    Wait a minute, this man is not Mr Ganesh Venkataramanan, Sr Director Autopilot Hardware at Tesla??? I was impressed by his speech and went to google.

  • Steven Lamoureux
    Steven Lamoureux 9 months ago +13

    It's just beautiful!!!!

  • Glitch
    Glitch 7 months ago

    Boys it’s been great knowing you even for a video it was a good time ai I’m ready lol

  • Cy Porter
    Cy Porter 9 months ago +8

    Something tells me I'm going to remember finding out about this for the first time.

  • hq cart
    hq cart 9 months ago

    For those who didn't understand anything:
    Tesla is making a machine that is equivalent to 500,000 computer GPU and fits in a small room, it will be used to enhance their self-driving.

  • Bladerunner2043
    Bladerunner2043 6 months ago

    Wallstreet Bears: Tesla is only a car company
    Elon Musk: Hold my Beer...