John Lewis Christmas advert 2018 featuring Elton John

  • Published on Nov 15, 2018
  • THE 2018 John Lewis Christmas advert stars Sir Elton John and tells the story of why some gifts are more than just a gift.
    The ad, called The Boy and the Piano, begins with a dressing-gown clad Sir Elton gently tapping out the opening bars to Your Song - his first big hit, released in 1970.
    Viewers are then taken through key moments in his life, including stadium tours, travelling on a private jet, playing at his local pub and performing at a school.
    It ends with four-year-old Elton running down stairs on Christmas morning, unwrapping a gift of a piano given to him by his grandmother - a present that changed his life forever.
    We then see Sir Elton playing the final few notes of Your Song, reflecting on his career.
    At each stage of his life the performance of Your Song is a recording of Sir Elton’s voice from that time.
    The 71-year-old superstar is currently on a Farewell Tour around the US.
    Sir Elton, now married to David Furnish, features in the present-day scenes, while five actors take on the role of him at various stages of his life.
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Comments • 374

  • alessandro rigobello

    Moving. A lifelong listening to this absolute masterpiece. Such a honouring video to a genius.

  • Sam Phoenix
    Sam Phoenix 10 days ago

    They've turned this advert into a film now...

  • Nabilah Khairunnisa
    Nabilah Khairunnisa 11 days ago

    I'm not crying, my eyes are just sweating. 🥺❤❤

  • katie bug
    katie bug 15 days ago +2

    i deffo have a completely different view on this after rocketman. aw. what an amazing man.

  • Hazel Wild
    Hazel Wild 2 months ago +1

    Loved this video

  • Jenny Giallanza
    Jenny Giallanza 2 months ago

    I’m not crying you’re crying!

  • France Clémence Fradet
    France Clémence Fradet 2 months ago +1

    Worried I was a sociopath as the 2019 ad left me entirely unmoved. Watched this one to check and shed a tear. Personality disorder diagnosis negative. Phew!

  • spadeturtle
    spadeturtle 2 months ago +1

    i got an ad to watch an ad

  • pedro arraño
    pedro arraño 3 months ago +1

    Te darás cuenta el sentimiento lo que siento por ti Adriana en dentro de mi por que te amo🇻🇪

  • Kenny Flanders
    Kenny Flanders 3 months ago +6

    I hate the mother in this, Watch Rocketman, and you'll understand

  • Alex Stone
    Alex Stone 3 months ago +4

    One of the most emotional ads ever

  • jan rey
    jan rey 3 months ago

    Oh man that made me tear up.

  • angie
    angie 4 months ago

    ngl i teared up

  • Juliana Ding
    Juliana Ding 4 months ago +1

    Who's still watching this after Rocketman?

  • MALA
    MALA 4 months ago

    How did they do this? Look so real

  • Dara Roberts
    Dara Roberts 5 months ago

    And then "Rocketman" happened!

  • Juanjo Memes
    Juanjo Memes 6 months ago +2

    These actors should have been in rocketman

  • Nowhere Man
    Nowhere Man 7 months ago +1

    Huh, the predecessor to Rocket man.

  • Ben Robinson
    Ben Robinson 7 months ago

    On my other account I’ve been subbed since 50k

  • Coshcosh
    Coshcosh 7 months ago +8

    How did they do the scenes where he’s younger? Looks so real

    • Jared Wullschleger
      Jared Wullschleger 2 months ago +1

      @Liv Magaro Actually Prosthetics

    • Liv Magaro
      Liv Magaro 5 months ago +4

      They used CGI. They had an actor doing the stunts and CGI’d his face over it

  • Ian Turner
    Ian Turner 7 months ago +1


  • noa price
    noa price 7 months ago

    Best ad ever

  • Kaculik91
    Kaculik91 7 months ago

    So, I went to see The Rocketman tonight. This song started to play, I instantly remembered the commercial. His mother was portrated quite differently in a movie. I know this is just an and and more importantly - that's not even the point.

  • Merricat Merricat
    Merricat Merricat 7 months ago +1

    My favorite EJ song.
    What a wonderful commercial.
    He is pretty magnificent.

  • Random Name
    Random Name 8 months ago +1

    Why am I crying oml!!!!😭😭😭

  • Kim Lewis
    Kim Lewis 9 months ago +1

    So beautiful.

  • Christian Leonardo
    Christian Leonardo 9 months ago

    everytime I wanna shed a tear I come here.

  • Jovianna Alexandra Johnny

    this guy should play for the movie tribute... anyway who he is?

  • Raul Rojas Benjamin
    Raul Rojas Benjamin 11 months ago +1


  • Per-Gunnar Eriksson

    "It's a little bit funny" = "It's all about the money"...

  • waveali
    waveali Year ago

    Damn this is a Don Draper special.

  • Anne Meredith
    Anne Meredith Year ago

    This is a brilliant commercial. Many of us have a similar story. Mine was a typewriter. Some gifts are indeed more than a gift.

  • Trífero
    Trífero Year ago

    really moved

  • Christian Merkle
    Christian Merkle Year ago


  • Kj Gamer
    Kj Gamer Year ago +1

    everyone is critisising this advert however i think it was time John Lewis took this step. Ive seen better by John Lewis but this is still great

  • EV 33333
    EV 33333 Year ago

    When I’m older I really want to be a contortionist like sofie dossi, I’m asking for a gym mat and a beam for Christmas and I showed my mum this advert, this Christmas I really think I’m going to get the present I want😂😏

  • Cult Tops
    Cult Tops Year ago

    Hell, advertising industry knows that we are a predictable feelings machine.

  • Game Overlord
    Game Overlord Year ago

  • Tea Biscuit
    Tea Biscuit Year ago

    Some how these adverts get better than the one before by touching so many hearts so congrats and merry Christmas!!!

  • gee diesel
    gee diesel Year ago

    all i could say is WOW

  • Napoleon the 14th

    Ha! repulsive old mincer!

  • Hugo ضضضج
    Hugo ضضضج Year ago


  • be neferet
    be neferet Year ago


  • javajen19
    javajen19 Year ago


  • GildaLee27
    GildaLee27 Year ago

    This is so beautiful. (The advert's pretty good, too.) ;-D

  • kevin cansdale
    kevin cansdale Year ago

    Can't stand the man,,,,,,and I only expect to see him at Royal Weddings and funerals.....

    • Scott McMahon
      Scott McMahon 5 months ago +1

      But you decided to watch the video and comment anyway....🙄 Idiot.

  • Frederico Estevam

    This piano that he plays at the beginning of the commercial is the same as he won from his mother?

  • James Jones
    James Jones Year ago

    Pure genius!

  • Aklakul Alom
    Aklakul Alom Year ago


  • Gabriela Alejandra González

    Increíble !

  • Brendondotexe
    Brendondotexe Year ago

    Christmas has officially started

  • Randall Morales
    Randall Morales Year ago

    amazing feeling, the thrue christmas feeling, Love it!!

  • Ramon Altamirano
    Ramon Altamirano Year ago

    Este comercial es genial!!!

    CLAUDIO RIOS Year ago

    Wow , blow my mind 😢

  • Mari Mari
    Mari Mari Year ago


  • Orleans11
    Orleans11 Year ago +8

    I would love to have seen Elton's reaction when he first saw it.

  • Raul Aragon Panduro


  • Barre Flynn
    Barre Flynn Year ago +1

    made me cry. those were my fingers when I was five. now I am 70

  • Mike Orr
    Mike Orr Year ago

    I'm not crying! YOU'RE CRYING!

  • Cayetano López
    Cayetano López Year ago

    Beautiful !!!!...