Myles Garrett's racial slur accusation is ugly for the NFL - Jonathan Vilma | Get Up

  • Published on Nov 22, 2019
  • Mark Sanchez, Jonathan Vilma and Bobby Carpenter discuss the timing of Myles Garrett's racial slur accusation against Pittsburgh Steelers QB Mason Rudolph and whether Garrett should have made the claim shortly after the fight.
    #GetUp #NFL
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Comments • 1 025

  • Jared R
    Jared R 16 days ago

    It’s Trump’s fault because of his rhetoric! Thats what my liberal friends told me.

  • Clay Bigsby
    Clay Bigsby 17 days ago

    lol blacks tend to lie about racism to perpetuate racism. Par for the course.

  • Free Tilly
    Free Tilly 18 days ago

    Who leaked what happened in meeting? If Myles said what happened right away to people, media would have said he was making excuses for what he said. Prove it didn't happen. There is audio.

  • Roy Monrreal
    Roy Monrreal 19 days ago

    Thats why Sanchez was never the quarterback he should have been.."uuu yeah man once they take your helmet just back off peace dude" lol

  • Boar Hog
    Boar Hog 19 days ago

    Jussie Smullets revenge?

  • Matt Johnston
    Matt Johnston 19 days ago +1

    I heard Kaepernick, Jussie and Myles were just assaulted by racist Trump supporters outside the methadone clinic in Seattle! CNN got on this and interview all the witnesses!😂

  • karanasos30
    karanasos30 19 days ago

    Just looking for an excuse. Typical. Even if he did say something, doesn’t give you a right to do what you did. Ignorant!!

  • Steel
    Steel 19 days ago

    Bottom line.....does name-calling justify the action taken?

  • TallCoolDrink
    TallCoolDrink 19 days ago

    Bobby "Barbie" Carpenter?

  • Mary Sue Tells
    Mary Sue Tells 19 days ago

    There was no audio...u and the nfl refuse to say this.

  • Nec Big Dog Ozzi
    Nec Big Dog Ozzi 19 days ago

    Garrett is a racist.

  • I say shotgun, you say wedding

    Nearly every player on that field was black, and well over 200 lbs, and this very white looking qb is going to shout the "N" word lolol
    No fkn' way, man!

  • Tony 82 Young
    Tony 82 Young 20 days ago

    He lost so it’s default time classic.

  • Ben Vasilinda
    Ben Vasilinda 20 days ago

    Why this isn’t a big deal? Had he said it, his career would have been ruined. Someone falsely accusing someone of something that could ruin someone’s career, nothing happens. Women accuse men of rape all the time, when the man is found innocent, nothing happens and the man is just supposed to be happy he didn’t get into trouble. Jussie Smollett is proof of this. Until false accusers start to get punished for trying to ruin someone’s career, it will continue.

  • Chris Mason
    Chris Mason 20 days ago +1

    Miles Garret is miles of Tray-Ash!

  • Chris Mason
    Chris Mason 20 days ago

    Miles Garret is miles of Tray-Ash!

  • xpradaGx
    xpradaGx 20 days ago

    Mason Rudolph’s new nickname = MAGA Rudolph

  • Sam Davis
    Sam Davis 20 days ago

    Garret should never be in the nfl again dude is crazy

  • Nick Casale
    Nick Casale 20 days ago

    The clowns in this video don't have the testicles to call Garrett a liar. Pathetic.

  • W John
    W John 20 days ago

    When you have no other defense, use the race card.

  • T á c o s
    T á c o s 20 days ago +1

    Who cares about a slur, that’s a word we cannot prove. What we can prove is Rudolph was pulling his helmet off first so Myles took his helmet. eye for an eye

  • T á c o s
    T á c o s 20 days ago +1

    all the black athletes got suspensions and the one person who started it is being treated like a victim

  • Frank White
    Frank White 20 days ago

    Why do black people always play victim whn we all seen the disgusting display of a horrible player nd we all seen the crime tht u did Myles u could have killed him but why now ur sayin racist comments by mason bullshit why didn't u say tht from jump u should be kicket out the league

  • Eric Claey
    Eric Claey 20 days ago

    Garrett lost the conversation when he used his helmet as a weapon. Then Garrett makes the racist accusation to win the argument. Won't happen. Even if it was true,"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me".

  • Corey Payne
    Corey Payne 20 days ago

    This is how I look at it. If Mason Rudolph truly did say it, it needs to be suspended or even kicked out of the league for what he said. The world doesn't need any more racism. If Myles Garrett is lying, then it needs to be addressed, simply because this is a pretty serious claim that could ruin Rudolph's career

  • James Feezer
    James Feezer 20 days ago

    I don't know I think these guys are trying to contrive this story, make it something its not.

  • TS Mullins
    TS Mullins 20 days ago

    Bull. He would’ve told all the boys on the sidelines immediately. It would’ve been in open at once.

  • Big Will
    Big Will 20 days ago

    ESPN/CNN 🤦‍♀️

  • Harrington Benton
    Harrington Benton 20 days ago

    Too many IDIOTS on one team!

  • Brady Phillips
    Brady Phillips 20 days ago

    If I was Myles Garret, I would’ve said right after the game “I hit him in the head with his helmet because he called me a racial slur” not wait a day. What a joke.

    • Brady Phillips
      Brady Phillips 20 days ago

      Frank B Parker exactly, I feel the same way. But he was literally asked if Mason said something to provoke it but he avoided the question for no reason

    • Frank B Parker
      Frank B Parker 20 days ago

      Even if he did call him a nagger it still doesn't give him the right to assault someone with a deadly. Blacks try to use that all the time as a reason for assaulting someone just to get away with their crime

  • The Observer
    The Observer 20 days ago

    Sticks and stones. Get over it.

  • Who Dey
    Who Dey 20 days ago

    Sick and Tired of the whole Racism BS now. All we hear about. Common sense people..... colour doesnt matter anymore. If you black, white, brown or yellow i really dont care..... its boring me now. PC PC PC

  • Al Yi
    Al Yi 20 days ago

    woman beaters and people that commit assault play football the people who stand up for others rights they're not welcome here ...just saying

  • david burke
    david burke 20 days ago

    He is trying to claim racism to explain his actions ... hmmm 🤔 seems I have seen this movie before..

    PHiLLY BLaZeN 21 day ago

    Garrett vs Rudolph most interesting and entertaining part of that game😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • AWelsh Celt
    AWelsh Celt 21 day ago

    I believed and still believe Anita Hill. Reason? She had nothing to gain by lying. I don't and will never believe Myles Garrett. Reason? He had everything to gain by lying. His letter was a sham. He said he didn't expect leniency from the NFL by revealing why he got SO out of control. That's bull**t. There are no white reporters willing to call it out either. Look what happened to Merrill Hoge when he said Vince Young wouldn't last 5 years in the NFL. He was vilified as a racist. Myles Garritt is a racist. A coward, too.
    "Sports doesn't build character it reveals it." - Heywood Hale Broun

  • Back Woods Billy Craft Beer Reviews

    🍇🍷🍺🍂🍁 I call B.S. See Jesse SMOLLETT! Why not say this immediately after the game! This is not the first time Myles Garrett has had physical altercations! NFL found his statement Full of 💩 THIS CLOWN NEEDS TO BE IN JAIL! Why no Criminal Charges ??? Video! Written Statements from NFL! You don't need a victim statement! NEXT The NFL needs to understand kids see this ???! Next They need to not only test for Steroids, HGH, but For SARMS Same effect as steroids!

  • Thomas Pasco
    Thomas Pasco 21 day ago

    Did you ever think Garrett didn’t want to put that out cause that would automatically and truly damage masons career and wanted it to stay private and not in the media just between the nfl and mason? Imagine if he would of stated “He called me a racial slu” right after the game it would of been very bad for the Steelers but he wanted it to stay private for safety reason maybe. Regardless the helmet swing was over the line in any situation restraint would have done more damage then words

  • Cheap Shot
    Cheap Shot 21 day ago

    Justice for Juicy✊🏽

  • Harry Helen
    Harry Helen 21 day ago

    Garrett got a phone call from the French actor ... Jussie Smollet.... and the French actor gave him some advice.

  • 419 Buckeye
    419 Buckeye 21 day ago

    From what I have seen of myles I want to believe him but it seems weird the amount of time before it came out I did not think he was the type of guy to fly off the handle for nothing

  • William Scott Collier

    If he said it, Mike Tomlin would have heard would Art Rooney. You dont have a backup quarterback without a mic. If it was said after the helmet came off, pouncey would have heard it. Myles Smollett just wants a lesser suspension and wants to ruin another man's reputation. No one believes him. Not for a second.

  • Kyle Jones
    Kyle Jones 21 day ago

    Juicy!! Glad to see you're back!

  • Andy Ward
    Andy Ward 21 day ago

    I don’t believe he said a racial slur. What kind of idiot is going to yell a racial slur in the face of a black guy while surrounded by a bunch of black guys? His own team would have turned on him. It sounds like an excuse to justify acting like a child.

  • Phil E
    Phil E 21 day ago

    Whether Rudolph said it or not, how does that justify hitting him in the head with a helmet? Racism doesn't give you a free pass to assault someone.

  • john Rawhten
    john Rawhten 21 day ago

    NFL DID investigate whether he said it or not and concluded he didn't. See what the left has done? Everything has to be seen through the spectrum of race. There were enough people within ear shot to hear it. This kind of thinking has invaded our sports, with this, and Colin K., to where now we can't get away from it. Might just have to tune out period cuz I am sick of being preached to when all I want to hear about is game stats.

  • Jay Muise
    Jay Muise 21 day ago

    Yah blame it all on the white boy...Lol...

  • Jesse Albrecht
    Jesse Albrecht 21 day ago

    Vilma, does it need to be addressed if Garrett lied and committed character assassination?

  • A N
    A N 21 day ago

    You can imagine how I offended I get when the vendors in these stadiums harass me all game long calling me Cracker Jack as if I have no feelings

  • michael Castle
    michael Castle 21 day ago

    Either way Garrett was not suppose to assault anyone just because of that.

  • K Hunigan
    K Hunigan 21 day ago

    3 black players suspended w/o pay. 1 white player(the instagator) eventually fined. That enuf proof?

    • A N
      A N 21 day ago

      Who threw punches and swung a helmet? The white qb got penalized and fined for his actions he didn’t throw any punches.

  • Rocky Hooah!
    Rocky Hooah! 21 day ago

    Maybe Myles realized his actions were so thuggish that he felt embarrassed so he made up the racial slur comment in hopes to lesson the view of his thuggish actions.
    Just saying....

  • EXMORr
    EXMORr 21 day ago


  • Matt Johnson
    Matt Johnson 21 day ago

    It's ugly for the nation. The country is so diveded and at odds with one another. It makes us weak as a unit. Instead of focusing on what makes us all different in an attempt to further our status. Let's all just come together as Americans. And turn this mess around.

    • A N
      A N 21 day ago

      Exactly Trump 2020 these democrats are the ones who got us into this mess they are the ones constantly bringing up race.

  • Stock Starters
    Stock Starters 21 day ago

    RILEY COOPER! Look it up!!!

  • wade Smith
    wade Smith 21 day ago

    Garrett hearing voices from the corn field, needs mental exam

  • The Chilean Torpedo
    The Chilean Torpedo 21 day ago

    Ahhh the race card, I knew it was coming out of the deck

  • David Ross
    David Ross 21 day ago

    NFL version of Jesse Smollett

  • Donny Vang
    Donny Vang 21 day ago

    If rudolf has a mic 🎤 in his helmet then they will hear exactly what he said

    • A N
      A N 21 day ago

      They already went thru it and found nothing

  • M Brower
    M Brower 21 day ago

    Mark, Mark...Rudolph's helmet didn't "come off" it was ripped off. You don't think he was angry about that? Maybe you wouldn't have been...