Live Q&A: "Conan Without Borders: Italy"

  • Published on Apr 12, 2018
  • Conan and Jordan Schlansky talk about their trip to Italy and answer fan questions LIVE.
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  • CLuv
    CLuv 14 hours ago

    Hold it hold it................Jordan walked through the streets of Florence naked?

  • Homer Simpson
    Homer Simpson Day ago

    Awesome video but I wish the host, whatever his name is would not try to chime in on the comedic magic of Jordan and Conan.

  • Rai Kue
    Rai Kue 2 days ago

    So rude 😔

  • Eli Infante
    Eli Infante 3 days ago

    Please make that app right now!!

  • 910AM Superstation Funnies

    I see Charles Manson! lmao

  • fawnha
    fawnha 4 days ago

    Poor Jordan

  • Yiwan Ye
    Yiwan Ye 4 days ago

    jordan + bley + sona are my fav ppl. on conan

  • David Taylor
    David Taylor 5 days ago

    this is gold. Jordan is in on the joke totally. The chemistry is awesome. The play it off each other perfectly.

  • pik nick
    pik nick 5 days ago

    the segments with jordan and conan are my favorites. . . just hilarious.

  • Yvonne Kelly
    Yvonne Kelly 5 days ago

    It’s only funny when Conan makes fun of him, white hair guy

  • vanessa12vane
    vanessa12vane 5 days ago

    That Aaron guy laughs to damn much what a clown

  • vanessa12vane
    vanessa12vane 5 days ago

    Edit Aaron out

  • Michael Cianciulli
    Michael Cianciulli 5 days ago

    Ehh every video in the Italy playlist was good except for this one. Conan went too far and Aaron is an idiot

  • mc luvinnn
    mc luvinnn 6 days ago +1

    This was hilarious, very informative and entertaining at the same time. Love you guys

  • mc luvinnn
    mc luvinnn 6 days ago +1

    I wish Jordan was still single ❤️

    SNEAKxxATTACK 6 days ago

    Conan misses Martha Stewart and their dynamic on camera.

  • Phage ling
    Phage ling 7 days ago

    I feel a little bad for Jordan

  • Anzoi 88
    Anzoi 88 8 days ago

    When they zoomed in on Jordan i was waiting for a Twizzler to poke him on the face lol they would have to throw the whole bag maybe

  • Sulaiman Mokhtar
    Sulaiman Mokhtar 8 days ago

    Please turn this into the new Odd Couple Show

  • Karl Aber
    Karl Aber 11 days ago

    Aaron’s laugh is annoying!!!

  • Michael Emberley
    Michael Emberley 11 days ago

    Would have been better without the giggling fuckwit

  • Chris Duggan
    Chris Duggan 12 days ago

    God I would love to work for this man!

  • Frances Lockhart
    Frances Lockhart 13 days ago

    The Jordan Schlansky show, nice ring to it. Jordan is ALWAYS right 🤓

  • Karl Kahn
    Karl Kahn 14 days ago

    "But you see, the beard is a vestigial trait. Yes, evolutionarily speaking it provided thermal insulation, but it also increased ones attractiveness." -Jordan Schlansky
    Please can we get a line of Schlansky t-shirts, and donate all the profits to charity.

  • Hazim Hassan
    Hazim Hassan 14 days ago

    I just saw the abyss

  • Sabrina R.
    Sabrina R. 14 days ago

    Yep Conan was the leader and the other guy was the follower laughing at all the jokes. I like Jordan and many things he said on this clip made me like him more. Conan did not understand the comment about the Universe reflecting back the love of Italy that Jordan has put out. The Universe put Jordan right where he was supposed to be, Conan was a means to that destination. Boom.

  • noel smith
    noel smith 15 days ago +1

    This is so much better than anything scripted could have been

  • Lavalambtron
    Lavalambtron 15 days ago

    Jordan schlansky is a man while conan remained a child.

  • MrJohnisthename
    MrJohnisthename 15 days ago

    this would be better without that babbling idiot with the fake laugh

  • RocketFella armani
    RocketFella armani 18 days ago

    Jordan is the best

  • Malte Hansen
    Malte Hansen 18 days ago


  • Alistaire Mordyn
    Alistaire Mordyn 19 days ago

    When is that Jordan app coming? Lol

  • Bellhelly
    Bellhelly 20 days ago

    I vote for the app. YES

  • SuperKing604
    SuperKing604 21 day ago

    Guy on the right has lost a lot of weight and kept it off good for him, read his story he lost it after a bad breakup.

  • retrogal96
    retrogal96 21 day ago

    Jordan is an interesting person!

  • Xiaochen Zhou
    Xiaochen Zhou 21 day ago

    Well, this video is a proof of the limit that Conan-Jordan relationship can reach. Hope Conan and the show can learn something from this video and keep the energy between the two in a more balanced way. I might take this too seriously but Jordan seems like a nice guy based on all the clips that have been released. He seems to be a peaceful 'human being' and he never makes abrupt judgements or being rude to others. He deserves respect and he deserves the jokes from a person who understands him. We all understand that love is the core of most (or all) comedy.

  • Azu Shi
    Azu Shi 22 days ago

    29:50 anyone have the link to that video?

  • Vietnam Ball Animation
    Vietnam Ball Animation 23 days ago +2

    Jordan Preparing interview
    Jordan: So humans have beards?
    *Fake beard on*

  • Marcos Canar
    Marcos Canar 24 days ago

    I want to hear Jordan talk about nutrition! they did not let him finish! and this Aaron dude is just a complete idiot 0 personality, very disappointing video.

  • Tony
    Tony 24 days ago

    I think Jordan's is on Adderall

  • XDoomriderX
    XDoomriderX 25 days ago

    When I look into Jordan's eyes I see a man ready to snap and choke the living daylight out of Conan.

  • Commander Shepard
    Commander Shepard 25 days ago

    Jordan is wonderful human being.

  • Jérôme Lévesque-Boucher

    12:38 That's it, I don't any stand-up comedy. Just leave Jordan in front of a camera and i'll laugh my butt out.

  • anthony popoca
    anthony popoca 26 days ago

    Aaron is a kiss ass

  • Amol Prabhu
    Amol Prabhu 29 days ago

    Jordan is to conan what karl is to ricky

  • Beatnik
    Beatnik Month ago

    I think even better than the "Let Jordan Talk You to Sleep" app would be an app that "Jordan-ified" simple concepts. So sort of like Alexa, if you said something simple like, "coffee" the app would come back with a long winded and pointless discussion. I would buy that.

  • Valentin S.
    Valentin S. Month ago

    The guy asking the questions is a grown man right? Not a 12 year old girl right?

  • Valentin S.
    Valentin S. Month ago

    Next time Conan and Jordan travel to Jordan

  • Baby Momma
    Baby Momma Month ago +2

    I enjoyed this video. It was nice to see Conan and Jordan show their appreciation for one another. Even though I am commenting on this. I truly wish TheXvid didn't have the comment section. 🤷🏽‍

  • Baby Momma
    Baby Momma Month ago +2

    Jordan is like a cat.

  • aLuthier
    aLuthier Month ago

    A conan/jordan podcast would be epic.

  • Ritik Grover
    Ritik Grover Month ago

    Aaron is so annoying, laughing dumbly at every thing.

  • Ashish Singh
    Ashish Singh Month ago

    fire that interviewing guy..

  • the poisionknite
    the poisionknite Month ago

    I see life and a beautiful soul in jordan eyes

  • Sim Sim
    Sim Sim Month ago +2

    Conan + Jordan √
    Conan + Aaron √
    But Conan + Jordan + Aaron doesn't work

  • Avia Levy
    Avia Levy Month ago

    I would like to have a conversation with Jordan

  • Avia Levy
    Avia Levy Month ago

    Jordan needs to be a writer or to just to be in the staff of a great writer. He can describe everything in a way that I would like to read.

  • Øivind Vågen
    Øivind Vågen Month ago

    I love it

  • Mohammed Alnasser
    Mohammed Alnasser Month ago

    best video to ever be made on team coco channel; the chemistry between Conan and Jorden is similar to the one between James May, Jeremy Clarkson, and Richard Hammond, a chemistry that makes the viewer wants more.

  • jason robbins
    jason robbins Month ago

    Honestly I use to hate on Jordan but hes really my favorite person to watch alongside Conan! The way Jordan can just keep a straight face is deserving of respect

  • jason robbins
    jason robbins Month ago

    I understand the human body... I know how to feed it... lmao he really might be an alien!

  • Patrick Metzdorf
    Patrick Metzdorf Month ago

    That poor guy. he gets bullied not only by his boss and all his colleagues. He gets bullied and ridiculed on TV in front of Millions... and keeps putting up with it!

  • francesco cabigiosu

    this was painfull to watch, conan is not being funny at all , just bossy and mean, the other guy is just a laughing ass licking douchebag, jordan is the only human being in the room.

  • Abiga
    Abiga Month ago

    Jordan has more life in his eyes than Conan ever will, Conan looks like this guy who have nothing matters to him, he looks with sleepy eyes and disregard for everything, that's the look of "no soul"

  • Ethan Wang
    Ethan Wang Month ago +1

    Jordon’s love for Italy is genuine. But the trip to Italy with a camera crew and people constantly making fun of what he loves might not have been fun for him.

  • Riot Act
    Riot Act Month ago

    I can't get enough of this odd man jordan!

  • Paul Spalek
    Paul Spalek Month ago

    This guy can sure take it. I would of punched Conan in the face.

  • TubeofDestiny
    TubeofDestiny Month ago

    The big thing between Jordan and Conan, is how Conan is seeing all the opportunities for jokes and comedy (he's really good at picking up something and unraveling it to solid comedy, it was pure madness during the writers' strike), while Jordan is seeing all the opportunities for thoughts and introspection (being able to discuss any subject at length _ad infinitum_ ) - when pushed further and further, it can leads to the tension we saw, almost to the point of turning the Jokester into a bully and the man of Wisdom into a buzzkiller.
    I know this is the personas they've made on the show, but I think there's a good part of genuineness there - and I think they still appreciate each others because of that strong contrast.
    You can clearly see that once Conan sees the comedy getting a bit too far and exhausting (at 40 min or so), he slows the comedy down a bit and let Jordan speak (who proceeds to do it in the most serious tone ever of course), and there's several, sincere moments of love and friendship between the two.
    I think both could benefit from each others' persona/personalities: Conan could sometime slow down a bit and discuss serious matters, while Jordan could sometime relax and enjoy playing along the social comedy - not everything is meant to be taken or discussed seriously, or joked about either: balance is everything ☯

  • Timico1000
    Timico1000 Month ago +2

    This was a pure torture to watch. I feel sorry for Jordan...

  • Honeyslevin
    Honeyslevin Month ago

    Wah it's true it's true!!!! I watched jordan long winded episode and it really made me sleep soundly after. Wow

  • waylan akers
    waylan akers Month ago

    I MUST HAVE the Jordan Meditation/Sleep Tape!!! Please make this happen!!!!!

  • joao carneiro
    joao carneiro Month ago +2

    this was very strange!! it look like two apes talking to a man !

  • Marisol1711
    Marisol1711 Month ago

    I just LOVE Conan’s wanting to die look

  • Luis Abarca
    Luis Abarca Month ago

    Brutal. Jordan, we appreciate you.

  • Hada Merryweather
    Hada Merryweather Month ago

    37th minute. Lets make great TV! Jordan Schlansky and Jim Carrey with guest, Conan O Brien!

  • Ali Aledany
    Ali Aledany Month ago

    Wow, when Conan was telling us what he see's as a good quality about Jordan, Jordan's voice cracked a little and sounded like he really appreciated that.

  • Kajsa Djärf
    Kajsa Djärf Month ago

    Woah, I just came to the part where Jordan talks about being an INTP. Makes a lot of sense. I have a friend of which I love, nobody else seem to understand her but they never give her a real chance. I love her, she's an amazing human but a real introvert and society doesn't seem to care to understand introverts at all. They just write some introverts off as "slow", "emotionless" or "uncapable". I hate the way that they are treating him. I have seen people treat my friend in similar, less extreme ways because they don't care to know her at all. You are evil. I hope that Jordan decides not to let them do this to him anymore.

  • Kajsa Djärf
    Kajsa Djärf Month ago +1

    I think that Jordan genuinely appreciated this trip and felt closer to Conan, like they might actually be friends. But this probably made him feel like he was the only one to feel like that and that the others actually doesn't care about him at all. I think that he's hurt to be honest. You're treating him like a circus animal, he's human whether you like it or not. You're not even trying to see him for who he is. You're literally just shitting on him, constantly. I'm not kidding when I say that this is probably one reason as to why and how people take their lives or others. I'm sorry but he can't do anything right, he can't breathe without you all jumping on him. I'm starting to understand why he wants his office out of the way of everybody else. He probably gets treated like this all the time. I have nothing else to go on but this is crazy. Makes me ill and sad. Really wish that you'd at least try to show some respect. I hate that you would do this to someone. You're being ignorant, he's not like others so therefore you ridicule everything that he is. He has feelings, why don't you care?

  • Kajsa Djärf
    Kajsa Djärf Month ago +1

    This is terribly mean toward Jordan. I understand that he agrees to these things but it's bullying. I don't believe that it doesn't get to him.

  • JICM25
    JICM25 Month ago

    Jordan is a very inteligent guy whom I would like to hear talk, perhaps having a podcast, and I would love if he explain his routine and diet. Conan is a very funny and witty guy but I think he goes too far sometimes. The other guy is just a typical idiot who has nothing to offer and follows the ones in power and makes fun of the ones in the ground, no character basiclly....

  • Jennifer Wilson
    Jennifer Wilson Month ago

    I would love the Jordan app!!!!!!!!!

  • chrisrios435
    chrisrios435 Month ago

    Two extroverts and jordan the introvert, man Jordan is a mentally strong person who can take on this bully and his follower. Goes to show when a different perspective questions ones reality, they truly react in a defensive act.

  • Ubooya
    Ubooya Month ago +1

    Honestly, I really didn't enjoy this conversation. I hope Conan doesn't treat Jordan this way when they're off-screen.

  • Pufferfish 2074
    Pufferfish 2074 Month ago

    At first glance there is no "spark". But, I have zoomed in, and I have found a mechanical spark, of an alien nature. He may have been sent by the same who sent "Mark Zuckerberg". But seriously when I zoomed out I was startled because Jordan's face with a beard is terrifying. And yes there is a slight glimmer of of humanity in those lifeless eyes.

  • Victoria
    Victoria Month ago

    I love Jordan!! I wish he'd do like.. Ted Talks or something.. write a blog or a book. I love his thoughts on things! xD

  • 蘋果香
    蘋果香 Month ago

    Jordan Schlansky is the most valuable member in Coan's team! Conan shines when Jordan is around. He is the No.1 reason I watch Conan's show!

  • John Alexis De Jesus

    this is madness... it must be scripted and no way can they pull this is organically natural... no way... hilariously funny... Aaron is laughing to much but he is good on throwing question.

  • 蘋果香
    蘋果香 Month ago

    1. I love to watch Conan& Jordan.
    2. I love to watch Jordan talk more with a cool third party.
    3. If Jordan makes an audio book, I would totally want to buy it.

  • 蘋果香
    蘋果香 Month ago +1

    that Arron 's constant inappropriate laughter kind of ruin this interview!!
    1. he laughed when Conan was criticising Jordan in a NOT funny way.
    I guess Conan was trying to be funny. But it doesn't work well this time and it sounds like an insult and it's not funny. That stupid Arron still laughed and encourage Conan. And it got worst. Without Arron's laughter, it wouldn't have gone that bad.
    2. That Arron guy laughed too loud when Conan raise his voice,and that forced Conan have to talk even louder then it turned into Conan yelling at Jordan.
    Usually, When Conan makes fun of Jordan, it feels like two really old friends making jokes, never really hurtful, always with certain respect. But this time, with that stupid Arron's giggles and laughter, it's not so funny, it feels like bully to doesn't feel right.
    I have no idea a man's laughter could be this annoying to me the whole time.
    The whole time I want Arron to shut up!

  • Lesbian Woman Over 40s

    Wow Neddy an funny Conan, I need validation okay.

  • Lesbian Woman Over 40s

    Trying to hear and laugh laugh laugh laugh. Stop laughing at everything that is Not funny.

  • Alfie Serra
    Alfie Serra Month ago

    Jordan is a wise dude... A lot of things he says makes perfect sense :-)

  • Lorenzo Lima
    Lorenzo Lima Month ago

    I would love if they understood we are here to watch Jordan, not Conan, and stopped interrupting Jordan every 3 minutes.

  • koschwarz
    koschwarz Month ago

    I see life in Jordan's eyes. Honestly, i'd be happy to travel with him to Italy and listen to what he tells.

  • The Goat
    The Goat Month ago

    ASMR Jordan?

  • Frank Lu
    Frank Lu Month ago

    the last 3 mins hahahahahahahahahahha

  • Carolyn Reynolds
    Carolyn Reynolds Month ago

    The reason Jordan's laugh is so shocking is because 95% of the time he controls his laughter so that his face is blank but he's laughing on the inside. It only breaks through when it's so intense that he can't suppress it ... resulting in a face you've never seen before.

  • Michael Hill
    Michael Hill Month ago

    This guy seems like the killer from American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace. He is self-important and pretentious but actually isn't useful in any way shape or form. He loves the finer things in life but doesn't want to actually do any work to get those things. He judges and looks down on others as if they were insignificant parasites yet he has glaring personal flaws (e.g. disastrous office, showing up to work 3.5 hours late, buying an espresso machine which is essentially for his personal use with office funds, ect.).
    Jordan clearly has delusions of grandeur and I would say he might be a psychopath due to his apparent lack of any empathy for other people/anything approaching a genuine human emotion but he lacks the ability to charm/manipulate others. He is also very open to self-delusion, e.g. the clouds and sun in Italy being somehow different than they are in the United States. Although he attempts to appear intelligent by memorizing and regurgitating random facts about coffee and Italy, I believe, deep down he feels that he is dumb/inadequate. I think he his projecting his own feelings of inadequacy onto others, which is why he judges them so harshly. The guy clearly isn't "at peace" based on his palpable anger towards Conan for questioning his Instagram-level personal philosophy. His "spiritual" tenants sound as if he's an alien who just read a bunch of Instagram posts from women at the gym showing off their asses and is regurgitating them back, "Dance like no one is watching.", "You've only failed when you stop trying.", "Give out positive energy to the Universe and it will give positive energy back.", ect.
    He acts like he's above it all and doesn't want to take part in the ridicule he is receiving, however, he knows he contributes nothing to the show and will be let go if he doesn't agree to being the butt of the joke. He could always quit but he knows he has a good gig, doing nothing but sitting in his messy office, drinking espressos and filling up his Brita water filter pitcher. I can't even imagine wanting to live this kind of life. It is a complete waste of your brief time on this earth.

  • cloveraby
    cloveraby Month ago

    Hello fellow INTP! :)

  • Apg002
    Apg002 Month ago

    What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?