Live Q&A: "Conan Without Borders: Italy"

  • Published on Apr 12, 2018
  • Conan and Jordan Schlansky talk about their trip to Italy and answer fan questions LIVE.
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  • Victor Charlie
    Victor Charlie 7 hours ago

    12:35 The dude is crying inside. I can fell is sorrow .

  • Luis D. Amézquita

    55:25 the beginning of that answer really comprised the full Jordan weirdness.

  • Pablo Jara
    Pablo Jara 2 days ago

    His look is from someone who abused from Lsd or weed, now strangle with mental lagoons or something.

  • Your Pugness
    Your Pugness 5 days ago

    I see wiring in those eyes

  • 10secondsrule
    10secondsrule 5 days ago

    Aaron seems to be an ass kissing tosser... I really respect how Jordan can tolerate this prick without walking out after 10min let alone the whole q&a

  • 10secondsrule
    10secondsrule 5 days ago +1

    Gave up half way. Cannot stand the idiot on the right and Conan’s constantly attacking Jordan. I feel it would be much much more interesting if he was allow to talk. I genuinely would like to hear what he has got to say. Such a shame.

  • Norbert Červený
    Norbert Červený 5 days ago

    we just love jordan!

  • J Dog
    J Dog 5 days ago

    I got the answer for yous Italians are the healthiest and longest living peoples in the world. Why, because they eat Italian food.✔

  • SupaFlySi
    SupaFlySi 6 days ago +1

    Its been over a year i hope Jordan is doing OK i miss him

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer 6 days ago

    I feel sorry for Jordan! I hate that they keep making fun of him. I mean Conan does it for the show but the other dude not so sure, and also hate the fact that when Jordan answers a question the other dude would say "oh god". I mean seriously dude!?

  • Beecauve
    Beecauve 7 days ago

    Guys obnoxious laugh ruins it.

  • We Da Fam Productions

    I want a podcast with conan and jordan

  • abay8907
    abay8907 7 days ago

    Jordan and I are both INTP’s!

  • zeke dawgg
    zeke dawgg 8 days ago


  • chypres89
    chypres89 8 days ago

    The Jordan burn to the blue shirt mr.giggle.

  • Shawn Wee
    Shawn Wee 10 days ago

    Aaron is such a dork, in a cute way.

  • Ascendant Madness
    Ascendant Madness 10 days ago

    His pedantry comes across as extreme arrogance.

  • manish kulkarni
    manish kulkarni 11 days ago

    Jordan looks like he is crying

  • The truth Man
    The truth Man 15 days ago

    Jordan has a stare of a hardened gangster

  • LightningBolt
    LightningBolt 15 days ago

    remove the dbag and replace him with andy ricter as interviewer

  • LightningBolt
    LightningBolt 15 days ago

    those who are just starting to watch the video please discontinue ..... that idiot dbag who looks like an obese version of bigbird is very very annoying!!! should only be conan and jordan

  • LightningBolt
    LightningBolt 15 days ago

    it becomes a little painful to watch this hour long attack on jordan.....maybe take out the interviewer or replace him with someone who is not going to laugh non stop in an insulting fashion.....his laughing makes it very annoying to watch. Its fun to see the difference in Conan and Jordans personalities but really dont like the addition of a third person (dbag) simply for the purpose of mocking jordan.

  • Aleksandra Wj
    Aleksandra Wj 16 days ago

    It's interesting how Jordan is always deadly serious and at the same time considers Conan the funniest person he ever knew

  • Valerio Tagliaferri
    Valerio Tagliaferri 16 days ago

    Jordan is even funnier than Conan

  • QuirkyQuillify
    QuirkyQuillify 17 days ago

    The constantly laughing guy almost ruined it for me. Almost unwatchable.

  • Meycia
    Meycia 18 days ago

    Conan and Jordan: a truly entertaining team. Yet Conan's too rude towards him.

  • Tariq Darden
    Tariq Darden 18 days ago

    Do ppl even which the show they do this all the time, that's the whole act.

  • Mik902
    Mik902 19 days ago

    Jordan has incredible self control...or he's autistic.

  • Universal User
    Universal User 19 days ago

    Wow! Crossed 1M views for Q&A.👍

  • -chase
    -chase 20 days ago

    this is why i dont like the meyers briggs personality tests and all that astrology stuff. I am both an INTP and Aries, just like jordan. people will use these personality types / astrology ideals to categorize who you are. I don’t act in any way like jordan. conan wouldn’t call me an alien/robot. this proves its all general.

  • -chase
    -chase 20 days ago

    this was the first video i saw of jordan. i caught this live. lol. i was in between classes and saw this. ive been hooked ever since

  • John Here
    John Here 23 days ago

    How Jordan doesn't kill him??!!! 😨😂😂

  • Mohammed Atallah
    Mohammed Atallah 23 days ago

    The guy on the right makes me angry
    He is an asskisser every word conan say he laughs at it

  • Lily Wang
    Lily Wang 25 days ago

    Jordan deserves all respects. He knows what he is doing and therefore has a fulfilling and real soul. I would buy it if he did the talk app biz.

  • TheWiseWizard
    TheWiseWizard 26 days ago

    Oneday Jordan ll kill Conan😂😂😂

  • DMS
    DMS 26 days ago

    "1994, that's the year Beck's 'Loser' came out. Coincidence or no?" LMAO

  • Big Virgil
    Big Virgil 27 days ago

    Can't believe how many idiots there is in the comments who Think Jordan ISNT playing a character and they are really bullying him. I'm lost for words at your stupidity.

  • Jules Lu
    Jules Lu 28 days ago

    the "interviewer" is an annoying, stupidly giggling fruitcake that this videos would have been more enjoyable without.

  • Rotten Rainbow
    Rotten Rainbow 28 days ago

    Staring into Jordan's eyes was like suffering at the hands of a Gorgons

  • Derese Perkins-Lucien

    Jordan is adorable

  • Richard Noone
    Richard Noone Month ago

    That other guy is annoyingly sycophantic

  • mk
    mk Month ago

    Finished the whole thing. That was fun lol

  • mk
    mk Month ago

    I think Aaron Blayer is the most opposite of Jordan Schlansky even more than Conan

  • Shahad Alfa
    Shahad Alfa Month ago

    I love Jordan! He is a genuine person who enjoys the simple things with exquisite taste in things. Yes I only love Italian coffee, what's wrong with being clean EVERYWHERE??
    Team Jordan!!

  • Bo Li
    Bo Li Month ago

    Conan come to China! Not sure if Jordan likes it... but it's gotta be fun

  • Venkatesh Narayanan

    This is bullying with camera focused close on Jordan.

  • ryan kampner
    ryan kampner Month ago

    26:26 i think i see a little smirk. so small but i think he almost laughed.

  • louis rv
    louis rv Month ago

    Conan’s weird beam just defeated Jordan

  • lone wolf
    lone wolf Month ago

    Its day light and Soon as Jordan's face locked in the camera I shat myself last time I did that was watching the Ted bundie files at 3AM

  • Dennis
    Dennis Month ago

    Please never do an Q&A with that guy on the right. He is annoying and taking out of the chemistry of C&J

  • Pandas are cool
    Pandas are cool Month ago +1

    37:23 "Of course you're connected to the universe, you had to travel through it to get here!" by far his best roast of Jordan.

  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott Month ago

    Aaron really messes with the conan/jordan chemistry, such a weirdo.

    C U B S TRASH GANG Month ago

    Love Jordan, but he looks like he’s going to come to work and shoot it up

  • Steve S
    Steve S Month ago

    Jordan doesn't shave anymore? Does that mean he no longer prepares his body in various ways in the morning?

  • ADOoOLA .K
    ADOoOLA .K Month ago

    What the hell with this person on the right, he's so disrespectful needs to put a shoe in his laughing mouth, unbelievable 😒.

  • r56mini
    r56mini Month ago

    Jordan is very articulate and knowledgeable. If Conan is a Harvard graduate, Jordan should be a Dean of Harvard.

  • Rolland Long
    Rolland Long Month ago

    Jordan is CLEARLY an introvert, and clearly an INTP at that.

  • Taylor Brown
    Taylor Brown Month ago

    I literally started crying with laughter when they were talking about the JFK assassination. I’m not sure how Jordan didn’t laugh😂

  • Pedro Freitas
    Pedro Freitas Month ago +1

    Despite of making fun of Jordan all the time, Conan has feelings for him

    • 10secondsrule
      10secondsrule 5 days ago

      Pedro Freitas is it something you’ve been told by Conan or something you’d like it to be true?

  • MSЯ
    MSЯ Month ago

    Conan has one cow to whisk out comedy and that cow is Jordan

  • swish swash
    swish swash Month ago

    I would watch Jordan’s you tube channel

  • Andy Valencia
    Andy Valencia Month ago +1

    At the end of the day I'm taking this two as clowns and really wouldn't care about anything they say but just sort of respect the one who is paying me. on the other hand, jordan is someone who just by how he communicates earns my respect. This guy asking the questions is just annoying and Jordan burned the f out of him when he said he "laugh out of politeness" 😂😂😂😂 Jordan is the man here.

  • PolaBoy
    PolaBoy Month ago

    Jordan looks scary

  • MrzRudEgiRL
    MrzRudEgiRL Month ago

    This is the only time I felt the pain and felt like I was laughing wit the bullies

  • Debbie
    Debbie Month ago

    Jordan looks like Charles Manson in the close up!

  • Sany Fox SUCCESS
    Sany Fox SUCCESS Month ago

    I don't like Conan, and I'd like to learn from Jordan about various things.

  • Itsyaboi
    Itsyaboi Month ago

    Can someone please spell the restaurant stated at 18:35? Sounds great would really appreciate a reply!

    AZAZEL Month ago


  • Yildiz S.
    Yildiz S. Month ago +2

    wow that interviewer has 0 manners

  • lllIIIIlllIlIIl
    lllIIIIlllIlIIl Month ago

    This gave me PTSD. You're just trying to convey an idea but poeple just laugh at you. Personnally I fell silent.
    Edit: The end was sweet though. Plus I would like to see Aubrey plaza and Jordan having a conversation

  • Bloodhound A&GV
    Bloodhound A&GV Month ago

    Nah Jordan just can't take a joke sometimes. we've all seen him lose his composure in a good way could be mood swings

  • Hi Welcome to Chili's

    This presenter was terrible, just agreed with conan the whole time and literally won't stop laughing throughout. Please no more of him during Conan and Jordan. Ruins the chemistry

  • Monsieur Max
    Monsieur Max Month ago

    This third wheel is such a waste of breath. Kids, watch and learn two opposite ends of masculinity sitting right next to each other. One comfortable with himself and one a complete pushover under peer pressure

  • francisco melendez
    francisco melendez Month ago

    I love how jordan robo-splains "100%" to conan.

  • Ivan Emma
    Ivan Emma Month ago

    I love how Jordan maintains his integrity and intelectual level along with the disappointing addition of the third guy laughing desperately

  • Ivan Emma
    Ivan Emma Month ago

    I really cant believe how people believe all the acting and the show behind this and pretend like every part of it was true. I mean is people joking?

  • James Fanon
    James Fanon 2 months ago

    “ I must ASSUME...” killed it 🤣

  • Savvy Freeman
    Savvy Freeman 2 months ago

    It's called comedy. Most of the time Conan makes fun of himself. People need to laugh more.

  • smokester74
    smokester74 2 months ago

    All hail Hypno-toad!

  • Derek Hernández
    Derek Hernández 2 months ago

    Omg at 12:33 I jumped and fell to the floor

  • bulwinkle Jones
    bulwinkle Jones 2 months ago

    I do like jorden. I think he realizes that a majority of the world will never understand him and he sees how pointless a lot of things are. To him mostly humor.

  • allen13696
    allen13696 2 months ago

    This is almost hard to watch, they bring this gentle guy almost to tears

  • Anil Mishra
    Anil Mishra 2 months ago

    Jordan seems really angry

  • Kaiyi S
    Kaiyi S 2 months ago +1

    y'all are projecting Jordan can't be fazed

  • ClaraLobo273
    ClaraLobo273 2 months ago +2

    Conan is funny, but not 1 hour non stop funny Aaron!

  • onedayautumn
    onedayautumn 2 months ago +2

    The amount of sensitive snowflakes in the comment section lol.. if this is considered workplace bullying I'm sure Jordan would've stopped working for Conan ages ago. Pretty sure he was part of the staff that flew to LA just for Conan after the NBC thing happened (including Aaron). Loyal friends are loyal.

    • wolverineiscool
      wolverineiscool 2 months ago

      he couldnt have stopped working, he has a lucrative job there I'm sure he wont get anywhere else, I mean he got popularity from Conan

    • Vinyl Buff
      Vinyl Buff 2 months ago

      Fr jordan and conan are close friends, theyve been to each others houses plenty of times they know how to joke

  • Casper
    Casper 2 months ago

    I am a big fan of Jordan and Conan! Together they are comedic gold! I do however think, that it near the end was a bit too much, with the rude comments and Conan zooming in on Jordens eyes etc. That's when it stopped being funny to me!
    I furthermore didn't like, that the interviewer rolled his eyes a few times, when Jorden spoke. Only Conan gets to do that, given their history and chemistry together... They should have been more respectful towards Jorden and let him talk! The guy does say alot of interesting stuff, that I for one would like to hear!
    Jordan, please never change! We love you man! 😊

  • Y M F
    Y M F 2 months ago

    I love Jordan always. Your eyes do scare me.

  • FenderBender503
    FenderBender503 2 months ago

    that breathe and sniff at 41:46 says it all...

  • FenderBender503
    FenderBender503 2 months ago

    What I gather from this is the guy on the far right is an annoying yes man; Conan is acting like a bozo as always; and Jordan is the clear intellectual. Almost painful to watch the way they treat Jordan, act or not.

  • Jasy Mann
    Jasy Mann 2 months ago

    What's happening here lol

  • Flat Earther
    Flat Earther 2 months ago

    He looks like lionel messi

  • Syed Mohammad Yusuf
    Syed Mohammad Yusuf 2 months ago

    God I love them!!!!!!! XD i could watch you for hourss!!! i really got scared when they zoomed in really deep

  • Milan K
    Milan K 2 months ago

    I think that with this beard i might actually like Jordan. He kinda looks like Hugh Jackman.

  • rukiddinbro
    rukiddinbro 2 months ago

    Jordan was sent to Earth as a probe. When more Schlanskys eventually come here and invade, humans will be assigned to perform various menial tasks and duties. And the cars will be running on espresso.

  • Dan Barry
    Dan Barry 2 months ago

    I think Jordan could be a really good ASMR Artist. He does have quite a calming voice.

  • n. p.
    n. p. 2 months ago +1

    Wow this was actually sad. I had to turn off at 13:02. This is straight bullying, zero comedic value. Whoever chose this interviewer and setting missed the ball on this one. Poor Jordan. Conan reminds me of that one shitty friend in school who would do anything to get a laugh, even sacrifice their friends...then say "aw it was a joke, come on" after. And he has never came across that way to me before.

  • timesmash
    timesmash 2 months ago

    I believe most fans in watching this biopic of the Conan/Jordan relationship would agree that they were hoping to find an underlying relationship of greater friendship, professionalism, and most importantly, comfort between the two stars, but in putting it that way, with the use of the word 'stars', referring to both Jordan and Conan, and even more interestingly, in the way Jordan was used first, before Conan, it's possible or more correctly likely appropriate to observe that along with the general viewership, even in myself, or rather in my own estimation, Jordan has become what the modern, western world would refer to as a star, although assignment of human figures or personalities to the stars has more historically been done on an individual basis, individual for the both the pubic figure and the star as identified by it's unique position in the night's sky, wait... What? What's that? Mothership, this is 09724, I hear you! Yes!! We will correct the tone, yes!!! Human ears are too simple, recalibrating!! Beep beep boop bop boop.... Conan's just jealous Jordan is getting so much love and fame now, so he feels like he has to keep the act going full tilt during and actual behind the scenes interview, when all we want to see is them getting along in a more comfortable way, and not pushing the shtick against Jordan. He's a good guy, not a crazy killer man Conan. Let him have his day in the sun and all that eh? At least for this kind of thing let him, and then go back to the forced 'ridicule' that Jordan clearly didn't expect to find so much of in this interview man! Love you both though. Peace!

  • Rachel lundquest
    Rachel lundquest 2 months ago

    I feel so bad for Jordan. They are being so mean to him. I know he's weird, but he's actually a nice guy.

  • Michael Ornelas
    Michael Ornelas 2 months ago

    Good old obsequious Aaron always giggling even when Conan misses the mark on a joke.