Live Q&A: "Conan Without Borders: Italy"

  • Published on Apr 12, 2018
  • Conan and Jordan Schlansky talk about their trip to Italy and answer fan questions LIVE.
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  • Isaac Cabal
    Isaac Cabal 2 hours ago

    Is there a way to contact Jordan Schlansky.... I just want to let him know that there fans who appreciate his patience with Conan.

  • David Mundt
    David Mundt 8 hours ago

    This whole piece was a disaster. The interviewer/moderator destroyed this. He is also annoying on the gaming skits. Conan, please get rid of him.

  • Anthony Manzalji

    @12:45.. died laughing harder than I have in a long time. No soul to be found.

  • Bill B
    Bill B Day ago

    They literally bullying Jordan lol

  • Ely Rock
    Ely Rock 2 days ago

    They should make a channel for Jordan where people ask him questions about every day problems or personal issues or just wtv, he's so smart he would be as famous as Elliott Hulse! XD

  • stinky Ass
    stinky Ass 2 days ago

    Aaron is just full of *soil*

  • Joonas Ojanen
    Joonas Ojanen 4 days ago

    I think Conan takes it too far when he instructs Jordan to stare at the camera while he redicules him. He is taking advantage of his position of power as his employer to publicly mock Jordan. It reminded me of being bullied in middle school for being different. Its uncomfortable to watch.

  • Andrea Chin
    Andrea Chin 4 days ago

    14:25 never heard anyone says my name as intense as Conan

  • Andrea Chin
    Andrea Chin 4 days ago

    Jordan will be a great dad... haha

  • Rayyan Chami
    Rayyan Chami 5 days ago

    The interviewer laughing so hard at everything Conan said totally kills Conan's type of humor.

  • longhairedbraids
    longhairedbraids 5 days ago

    Id really like Jordon to have a podcast

  • Sebastian Herbasz
    Sebastian Herbasz 5 days ago

    If I hear Aaron laugh one more time, I will kill myself.

  • Sebastian Herbasz
    Sebastian Herbasz 5 days ago

    This Aaron guy asks questions and then complains when Jordan starts answer... Like what? Normally Jordan is like chilling with it but this interviewer was pissing him off and pissing all of us off. Not funny, poor taste tbh.

  • RedboRF
    RedboRF 5 days ago

    Conan please get fire that idiot Aaron. He really ruined this episode.

  • Majinboom
    Majinboom 5 days ago +1

    Fml Aaron is annoying AF in this video.

  • NinepinsKnave
    NinepinsKnave 5 days ago

    When Jordan said it would take 8 minutes, he was forgetting to convert from metric time to imperial time. Right? Yeah, riiiiight.

  • AvP FTW
    AvP FTW 6 days ago


  • ludwig amadeus
    ludwig amadeus 6 days ago

    The ending kinda reminded me of Cristoph Waltz interview with Jimmy Fallon (or Letterman, or any other american host for that matter)

  • ludwig amadeus
    ludwig amadeus 6 days ago +1

    49:35 - good point.

  • ludwig amadeus
    ludwig amadeus 6 days ago

    The app would be kinda cool, but at the same time I'd prefer just to see Schlansky on Joe Rogan show or something like that.

  • ludwig amadeus
    ludwig amadeus 6 days ago

    Hm, I think I see what he did here. It's actually a very interesting game he's playing in this interview.

  • ludwig amadeus
    ludwig amadeus 6 days ago

    I wish there were more Jordan (and less Aaron) in this one.

  • ludwig amadeus
    ludwig amadeus 6 days ago

    a comment about the beard

  • Samadar Chakraborty
    Samadar Chakraborty 7 days ago

    I have never seen angry...but he seems angry now.

  • silver storm
    silver storm 7 days ago

    People are not getting that Conan really likes Jordan and so does Jordan

  • bA hEkA
    bA hEkA 7 days ago

    **** conan, insecure **** , admires the qualitys of him. But ridicules the to make him self look better.

  • silver storm
    silver storm 7 days ago

    Conan really likes Jordan because he appreciates how smart he is because Conan is a very smart person as well and that’s the core of his funnyness and at one point at the end Conan was really caught up in Jordans words about how we own nothing not even our body and he showed that to Jordan but ended it up with a funy smart joke to come back to the fun light ambient of the interview
    Hope that makes sense I’m not so great at English :)

  • Mr. Bison
    Mr. Bison 7 days ago

    Jordan reminds me some Greek pseudointellectuals that studied in France such as Kolatos, but in America it doesn't work. The English language is not compatible with pseudointellectuality.

  • Fylyx 7
    Fylyx 7 7 days ago

    To all people hating on Aaron ; remember, those three are friends, and Jordan is low key playing character

  • Chen Li
    Chen Li 7 days ago

    Coz' our fake Italian buddy does not really fit the modern American culture.

  • Andeas
    Andeas 8 days ago

    Get the third guy out

  • Heather Labenz
    Heather Labenz 9 days ago

    Can Jordan have a podcast?? He is DEFINITELY an INTP 😂😂 I want to know Conan’s Meyers Briggs

  • Heather Labenz
    Heather Labenz 9 days ago

    Get rid of this Aaron guy. Please! Wayyyy too much laughing, so irritating. Lol Also, he doesn’t get to ridicule Jordan. Only funny when Conan and him interact in that way.

  • sugarraybow
    sugarraybow 10 days ago

    Why the hate on Aaron? Ok, at the end he laughs a bit too loud. But he made a good job throughout the episode. ALso they are all friends, why shouldnt they laugh when theres something funny..

  • Ulric Clayton
    Ulric Clayton 10 days ago

    jordan looks just like Charles Manson with that beard, he even goes through long periods of time without blinking just like Manson LOL

  • funsizedaree
    funsizedaree 10 days ago

    You know what? There are times when I'm listening to Jordan... and I almost hear Stephen Colbert! I'd like to see a conversation between the two of them. I imagine I'd be amazing...or horrific.

  • Bella Marley
    Bella Marley 11 days ago

    Omg....someone please knock out laughing aaron.

  • beeperlove
    beeperlove 11 days ago

    It feels mean with someone else sitting there laughing

  • Fitness Man
    Fitness Man 12 days ago

    this guy with blue jacket is so irritating his laugh is so disturbing YOU R FIRED such a faker, next time please conan and jordan only

  • Ajlez
    Ajlez 12 days ago

    Damn it, Jordan and his having similar knowledge about things like diet and numerology to me.

  • Jacqueline C
    Jacqueline C 12 days ago

    Agreed! The Aaron guy is quite obnoxious and could show more respect. Even though Conan is making fun for laughs he has some respect for Jordan. I wouldn't be surprised if there were extraterrestrial life on earth... Jordan could potentially be someone like that. He speaks like someone who is channeling some sort of broader perspective. Very insightful into the human condition (eg, our lahgh is biological and how our body language is connected to mind/spirit and confidence) I will look into that more (to empower the self in different circumstances). Fascinating! Appreciate Jordan speaking and would just love to hear more about what he thinks about the "human condition" his insights into how we are, and how to empower ourselves, etc. His peace and quietness in the midst of "baboon laughter" (like someone else here in the comments mentioned) already shows he has quite the stamina and is getting some sort of value by withstanding the "aka ridicule" but less people would watch it if it wasn't for Conan 'jokes and Conan clearly has respect for him (seen in the quiet moments, time spent together in film, this q and a). So obviously they both know on some level, "the masses" benefit from this video. The large masses are typically like this Aaron fella💙😝 unfortunately. Just on reaction automatic mode... 💚💜💙 But were all awesome and I'm sure Aaron is not a bad person.

  • Speranza Sempre
    Speranza Sempre 12 days ago

    Having seen the comments I feel compelled to say this... PEOPLE!!! I think it's pretty obvious that Conan and Jordan are buddies!!!! For the record I haven't seen this whole interview - only saw bits of it. But I've seen lots of their other videos together. Their relationship is def made up for comedic effect. Like, in the video where they are in the teeny red car in Italy, Jordan even swears at Conan and stuff. So, their on screen relationship is obviously made up! And Jordan's personality exaggerated and altered.
    My point being... I don't think Conan is bullying Jordan. They're just acting. And in reality they are good mates who, after shooting is done for the day, go out for a nice cup of espresso together to chill and laugh about how some of us believe their bickering is real. Lol

  • Lisa M.
    Lisa M. 12 days ago

    He's got Manson eyes, Jordon that is.

  • simon aigilo
    simon aigilo 12 days ago +1

    This is just plain bullying.conan is funny but this is straight up a cry for help, to treat someone you call "friend" like this is unreal, it is better to live rather then be made a fool off..its 2018 and nah, its not right to bully another person because of the way they are, jordan has his job on the line so he cant pretty do much to get back at conan.. Jordan is fine! Conans bullying is a psychological cry for help,He needs help,He was tormented and broken before and is insecure so he bites others.he hides his pain through comedy and show biz and lets it out on jordan.. I have a friend with the ecxact personality ike conan.this kinda guys need assurance and help to heal what happen in their current and past lives!

  • Drifter
    Drifter 13 days ago

    I don't like that Aaron guy he seems like of the spineless weasel type

  • Shubham Toshniwal
    Shubham Toshniwal 13 days ago

    I feel really bad for Jordan. Sorry Conan but this was way over the line, Jordan sure works for you but you don't own him. Aaron is one of those sidekicks of bullies that don't have the balls to do anything by themselves but would dance to the tunes when the master bully comes in. Aaron's clear partisanship and bootlicking is not helping this segment at all.

  • Skolanthropy
    Skolanthropy 13 days ago

    11:55 Even if Conan is joking. Why is meanness and not taking a sincere person seriously comedy?

  • DD
    DD 13 days ago +1

    Is it OK to bully people like this? Those 'dead eyes' are so familiar to me in a very traumatic way :(
    He is a very cool, smart and correct guy. More people should be like him.

  • Speranza Sempre
    Speranza Sempre 13 days ago

    I think Jordan has beautiful eyes!

  • Andres Leon
    Andres Leon 13 days ago

    Does Conan need to pay a lot of money if he wants to fire Jordan? So he's trying to make him quit?

  • N A
    N A 14 days ago

    I have a cousin who is exactly like Jordan but a teenage version

  • Luis Tolentino
    Luis Tolentino 14 days ago

    Best place to visit in Italy is 'cinque terre'

  • Hambroger
    Hambroger 14 days ago

    They have a Batman Joker relationship

  • Haruka
    Haruka 14 days ago +1

    Jordan is a beautiful person

  • Rick Grimes
    Rick Grimes 14 days ago

    Jordan have the exact same eyes as jason bateman from Ozarks

  • TryingToBeRational
    TryingToBeRational 15 days ago +1

    The person asking the questions is 100% an idiot. Jordan is a gun.

  • TDesting
    TDesting 15 days ago +1

    I thought Jordan was a character/facade and Conan's teasing was part of the act, but it seems like Jordan really is like that in real life, and I feel sort of bad for him now for letting Conan get away with all this ridiculing. I cant help but think that it must bother Jordan a lot on some level even though he very rarely (if ever, really) stands up for himself, at least not on camera.

  • yoyo
    yoyo 15 days ago +1

    Jordan is a beautiful person.

  • mayanza
    mayanza 15 days ago

    The more I watch this series and the one in Japan, the more it feels how Americans lack culture and depth in their life. Their ignorance to other cultures portray a poor sense of comedy.

  • Michael Keefer
    Michael Keefer 15 days ago +1

    Jordan genuinely scared me when he looked into the camera when it zoomed in.

  • Larry Sunshine
    Larry Sunshine 16 days ago

    Is the guy on the right a full time kissass or it's just a character? It's just too disgusting to watch.

  • Brian Chen
    Brian Chen 16 days ago

    Jordan is woke AF.

  • Emma
    Emma 17 days ago +7

    stop being so mean to jordan

  • Diego Romero-Lovo
    Diego Romero-Lovo 18 days ago

    Jordan, great like always. Conan you became a guy that nobody would like to hang out with . And the third guy was simply pathetic

  • Timothy Crowell
    Timothy Crowell 20 days ago

    Do a clueless gamer with Jordan

  • ken hunter
    ken hunter 20 days ago

    " Cult of Jordan". 🤘🏻😎

  • Commenter John
    Commenter John 21 day ago

    After 40:00 jordan stays in madness

  • Asura_14
    Asura_14 22 days ago +1

    I'd love to meet Jordan

  • Jumal Sander
    Jumal Sander 25 days ago

    Jordan is awesome.. Conon and that other nerd that wants to with in where POS

  • Gen ST
    Gen ST 26 days ago

    "Babble away Babbles" lmao!

  • Lalo Hernandez
    Lalo Hernandez 27 days ago

    A grinning skull 💀😂😂😂

  • WuzNab
    WuzNab 27 days ago +5

    Honestly in this Q and A I saw a lot more anger in Jordan than I saw “cold hard calculations.” Is it just me?

  • Dale
    Dale 28 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks Jordan might have Asperger I am on the spectrum so I can kind of see myself in him in many ways no homo Lol

  • Casual Commodore
    Casual Commodore Month ago +1

    First up, I love Conan! And Conan and Jordan do have a unique chemistry. But like other people have mentioned, I think Conan should learn when to stop ridiculing Jordan (assuming most of it is real). I believe Jordan does not express being hurt, as most people do. And Conan relies on those absent expressions to know when he's gone too far. This is just my own speculation. I know Conan said good things about him as well, and that's good. But it's not much all in all.
    It's impossible not to love Jordan, and I'm glad he set Conan straight a few times, fighting back. The duo would be perfect, if Conan just dialed it down a little.

  • Someone
    Someone Month ago

    12:48 Martin freeman with a beard?

  • Twilight Zone
    Twilight Zone Month ago

    U had Aaron on that trip... And u didn't bring in any video . 😭😭

  • Maluminse
    Maluminse Month ago

    Not fun. Major hostility. Sad chapter in JS saga.

  • Maluminse
    Maluminse Month ago

    12:54 Looks very sad. Hes a good guy.

  • Pika MB
    Pika MB Month ago

    hahhaha watch this drunk with doritos it's gold

  • Gusstavv's Stuff
    Gusstavv's Stuff Month ago

    Jordan is like a real like Sheldon Cooper without the physics knowledge.

  • Gusstavv's Stuff
    Gusstavv's Stuff Month ago

    Conan + Jordan = A boss getting profit for the weirdness of his employee making fun of him.
    Conan + Jordan + third guy for an hour = Mobbing. It's really sad.

  • Khaled Mourad
    Khaled Mourad Month ago

    Andreaaaa Backleyyyy

  • whichadrian
    whichadrian Month ago

    Maybe somewhere in New York there's a dude called Italy who's obsessed with the nation of Jordan

  • Hello Goodbye
    Hello Goodbye Month ago

    Dam Conan 😔

  • Cole Rakocevic
    Cole Rakocevic Month ago

    I can listen to these two guys all day 24/7! Really I love it!!!

  • DylanM7468
    DylanM7468 Month ago +1

    12:40 who cares about finding life on Mars we need to find life in Jordan’s eyes

  • Dwight E morgan
    Dwight E morgan Month ago +1

    37:00 🤣

  • redplague
    redplague Month ago +1

    God Aaron is terrible. A giggling fool who interrupts his own questions.

  • MotherTouching-Ninjas

    Stop bullying Jordan. Hes unique and alot of people appreciate him. And that other guy is such an asslicker.

  • Chloé Bernard
    Chloé Bernard Month ago

    I love Jordan,I think Conan is being really mean to you. What you say IS interesting. If you could Not be interrupted sometimes, it would be nice!

  • Adwi Iwda
    Adwi Iwda Month ago

    12:31"if you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back at you"
    I saw Armageddon in those eyes :O

  • Graviler
    Graviler Month ago

    EAndrea BoKelly

  • S P
    S P Month ago

    You hurt his feelings Conan. You’re cruel.

  • S P
    S P Month ago

    Make the Jordan app. We will buy it.

  • Rukus Mon
    Rukus Mon Month ago

    Jordan HATES Conan i think that's obvious.

  • shupadupa
    shupadupa Month ago

    "He makes me crazy...I want to kill him...I want to squeeze the life out of him and put him in a shallow grave. But at the same time, I wish him all the best!"

  • Jacob  Batuchi
    Jacob Batuchi Month ago

    The guy in grey hair is annoying with his stupid laugh

  • Eric Warwick
    Eric Warwick Month ago +1

    Wow Jordan can’t even say one thing without it getting torn apart. 😞

  • Janelle Silbernagel

    The best!! Keep these segments with Jordan coming!! They make my day..I get to laugh!! Thank you so much!!

  • D Jackman
    D Jackman Month ago

    Introvert versus extravert is the basis of childhood bullying. Both perfectly valid ways of being. Conan and Jordan can obviously each dimly see the strange foriegn but magnificent terrain of the other but the extraverts need to restrain themselves from tipping into ridicule sometimes - it takes all types.