Live Q&A: "Conan Without Borders: Italy"

  • Published on Apr 12, 2018
  • Conan and Jordan Schlansky talk about their trip to Italy and answer fan questions LIVE.
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  • TlalocW
    TlalocW 19 hours ago

    The one thing about Jordan - and maybe I see it because I recognize it in myself - is that he has to appear knowledgeable about everything. Food, fashion, spirituality, etc. In a recent remote where Conan was in Harlem sharing a taxi-cab with him, Jordan started going off on the history of the Apollo I think, and I said to myself, "An hour before this cab ride, he was on Wikipedia reading about the Apollo." Same thing when they dressed him in western clothes when they went to Texas. Let's learn about why the boots are like this; why are the hats this way, etc. I think Jordan's, not greatest fear but most annoying (to him) experiences, are when he has to admit, "I don't know." Like when he was unusually silent at the coffee place when the coffee people were explaining about the tannins, acids, and sugars, etc. He feels that Italian coffee (and Italian whatever) is superior so he's learned about that, and his love of Italy means only they do things right. It can't be that different places might have different tastes. So when the woman started going down a knowledge pathway he wasn't familiar with - because he wouldn't want to learn why non-Italians do espresso differently in the first place, he shut down.
    And I feel that was me at my most Jordaness.

  • Bruh
    Bruh Day ago

    Conan, that jacket might be a ww2 bomberjacket. I have one from my grandfather that look similar to yours, he was norwegian and fought with the RAF

    • Bruh
      Bruh Day ago

      Or not

  • StrangeFruit
    StrangeFruit Day ago

    Love Jordan. I'd buy that app. But I'd listen to him. He is actually quite layered.

  • Khoa Tran
    Khoa Tran Day ago

    Jordan is either incredibly stupid or incredibly smart. But both Conan and Jordan are great!!

  • Nhouking Tieng
    Nhouking Tieng Day ago

    I understand Jorden 100% completely.

  • primeDecomposition

    If I had to spend any more than 12 hours on a trip with this pretentious little twat, I would kill him, I would strangle his scrawny pencil neck with my bare hands. His glib ramblings are so completely insufferable.

  • Trevor Estrada
    Trevor Estrada Day ago

    Jordan is very Greg Turkington-esque. I love it

  • divyansh yadav
    divyansh yadav 2 days ago

    Honestly I don't know if Jordan exaggerates certain things for the video or if this is his actual philosophy but most of the things he said actually do make sense if you stop to think about it. One bit I would like to point out is the one when he talks about body tattoos. He said " As human beings, we own very little in this world" which is so true. If you think about this for good time you will realise how relevent this idea is. Not trying to be pretentious tho.

  • Mr Hutchinson
    Mr Hutchinson 2 days ago

    I've found myself fascinated by Jordan.🤯 He's like Rainman.

  • Roach DoggJR
    Roach DoggJR 2 days ago

    I love the end. At the end, chaos and absurdity, that rain supreme in an uncaring universe where chance and uncertainty are the fundamental laws, won over the hard, overanalytical logic of Jordan.

  • chody
    chody 2 days ago

    Jordan is a comedy genius.

  • Taylor Shantell
    Taylor Shantell 3 days ago

    Who else wants Jordan to have his own TheXvid channel?!?

  • Taylor Shantell
    Taylor Shantell 3 days ago

    45:55 this is like the ultimate motivator
    Like if this was played to me every morning, I don't think I'd ever have a bad day.
    Jordan seriously needs that app 😆

  • Taylor Shantell
    Taylor Shantell 3 days ago

    I'm a very big fan of Conan and Jordan. I feel like Jordan is such an informative person and obviously such a positive and spiritual person; and some people can't exactly and/or always understand and really appreciate that. There were so many unnecessary laughs and I don't think Jordan got the respect he deserved. But he completely remained as informative and calm as possible; which seems like his natural state. Conan is a comedian and is so used to being comedic and trying to make things comedic, which is totally fine and usually entertaining, but I don't think Jordan and Conan are yet to truly and/or healthfully understand how to correctly feed off each other's energy. And it may appear as awkward, especially since Jordan is such an introvert and as some may say "odd" or "weird" person. But overall they're cool people. I just think Conan needs to read body language more and he needs to understand what's appropriate or not. Overall, Jordan is just being Jordan, and he's completely great to me; imo his amount of positivity and open-mindedness to have a genuine discussion and inform is astounding and very much appreciated.

  • why me?
    why me? 3 days ago

    he didnt loose it

  • Abhijith PB
    Abhijith PB 4 days ago

    I can hear bitches laughing at Jordan. I know that Conan loves Jordan but this was too much for Jordan to handle. This isn't funny at all. More like torturing.

  • Kevin Atwood
    Kevin Atwood 4 days ago

    I never bought into Jordan's soulless eyes until 12:39

  • novenara
    novenara 4 days ago

    12:39 i've never been so uncomfortable

  • Shyam Doshi
    Shyam Doshi 5 days ago

    His eyes were shining. Was he about to cry?

  • Joseph Arielle Tolentino

    Awww Jordan was trying to hold his excitement

  • Jonathan Pearson
    Jonathan Pearson 5 days ago

    Please get Jordan to do this more often!

  • Viz Z
    Viz Z 6 days ago

    This was amazing

  • Jestronix Handerson
    Jestronix Handerson 6 days ago

    I love when Jordan's prairie dogging a laugh, the brows are like a cat ready to pounce, yet he holds hard. Just like the dismissive yeh....

  • Thej Kiran
    Thej Kiran 6 days ago

    Sometimes I think jordan feels really insulted, maybe this should stop!

  • Thej Kiran
    Thej Kiran 6 days ago

    6:43 hahahahahahaha! " Whos is doing jordans work now?"

  • عبدالله ابو آحمد

    I love you Jordan and your way of life and you inspire me. Thank you.
    The interviewer is so so stupid he laughs at everything Conan says, i hoped he was behind the camera

  • prettyyyprettygood
    prettyyyprettygood 6 days ago

    I don't know, is that still humor? I feel like Conan is just straight up bullying Jordan to a point where I just feel bad for the guy. The way he made fun of his laughing was just straight up mean. Jordan seems like a great personality, a very grounded, interesting and definitely loveable person.

  • FAMOization
    FAMOization 6 days ago

    Ketchup in lemonade??😂😭💀

  • Santone Glenn
    Santone Glenn 6 days ago

    Lot of Yes Men in that room. Especially the Q&A guy. This wasn't funny, but it was definitely cringe. I wouldn't mind a Jordan podcast.

  • APviKINGsz28
    APviKINGsz28 6 days ago

    this was gold. jordan is a good sport

  • Celta801
    Celta801 7 days ago

    Jordan is, what I feel like I'm afraid of becoming, when I'm on acid.

  • 강민탁
    강민탁 7 days ago

    This is pure gold interview

  • Amran Ismail
    Amran Ismail 8 days ago

    Why is conan so mean to him?

  • cristobal cardona
    cristobal cardona 8 days ago

    Jordan is a very intelligent and well read person, but sometimes as Conan does he exagerates also!

  • Ben Garcia
    Ben Garcia 8 days ago

    Is this comedy? I know the three stooges are putting on an act but this pretty painful to watch. It's nothing more than a bullying session and I wonder how much of this really gets to Jordan. I bet more than he lets on. Although, it's also his fault because he wants fame by being someones punching bad.

  • Ngoc Bui
    Ngoc Bui 9 days ago

    This one was a bit hard to watch. Those guys keep giggling and punching in the same jokes which seem like bullying at times... They should have just let things flow organically instead of trying too hard to get laughs every 30 secs at the expense of someone else

  • Diamantgeiszt gedera
    Diamantgeiszt gedera 10 days ago +3

    I hate this third guy the most. Huge respect to Jordan great guy

  • ovidiu s
    ovidiu s 10 days ago

    My life purpose is to find a friend like Jordan.

  • Chocolate Tree
    Chocolate Tree 10 days ago

    Jordan is our lord and savior

  • Sarah Skyler Bucu
    Sarah Skyler Bucu 11 days ago

    I'm not bothered by this.

  • Cheap Hacks
    Cheap Hacks 11 days ago


  • eggimage
    eggimage 11 days ago

    This show is 95% conan trying hard to cut jordan off every single minute. I can’t expect to hear a complete sentence from jordan without conan interrupting and turning it into a totally unnecessary mocking campaign

    FALLOUT 4 11 days ago


  • labber
    labber 11 days ago

    i wonder why nobody asked jordan if he ever felt insulted by conans jokes about his character?

  • Tijuana iguana
    Tijuana iguana 12 days ago

    19:35 lmao

  • Tijuana iguana
    Tijuana iguana 12 days ago

    12:30 omfg when he started directly into the camera I just got an eerie feeling. His eyes are scary

  • M. Stam
    M. Stam 12 days ago

    I love Jordan´s personality he could be a friend of mine.

  • llamawizard
    llamawizard 12 days ago

    I could watch Jordan and Conan for hours and hours.

  • 1 1
    1 1 12 days ago

    Someone just please hit that person sitting on the right. Just hit him with a pan or machete, who cares..

  • Jeff Cockmann
    Jeff Cockmann 13 days ago

    geez that dude is creepy when he stares at the camera

  • llamawizard
    llamawizard 13 days ago

    Please do an app of Jordan babbling incessantly about anything at all. That would be great!!!!

  • llamawizard
    llamawizard 13 days ago

    I want the app!!!

  • Peter Athanas
    Peter Athanas 13 days ago

    Wow you can understand lots about Jordan's and Conan's personality here

  • Neku
    Neku 13 days ago

    y hate on aaron.

  • David Lopez
    David Lopez 13 days ago

    could of been So! much better without aaron constantly laughing at everything, seriously why is he even in this

  • Ra Ra
    Ra Ra 14 days ago

    Jordan 'Tha God' Schlansky

  • MrStuart
    MrStuart 15 days ago

    Conan should line that jacket with kevlar because sooner or later Jordon is going to snap.

  • Brian Kowalchuk
    Brian Kowalchuk 16 days ago

    He has Charles Manson eyes!

  • movax20h
    movax20h 17 days ago

    Jordan for president. The world would be better a place. This man cann't be broken. Huge respect. I do not like however the wider impact of these clips on our society, that normalize ridiculing people like Jordan. It is not acceptable. And the fact that it is funny, or if it is scripted or not, or that Jordan accepted it and have no problem with it himself, doesn't change that it is wrong to continue what you are doing.

  • Kris Got Stuff
    Kris Got Stuff 17 days ago

    Great QA, but..i think they should've had conan and jordan in one chair each on screen and kept the host behind the camera just asking the questions without interfering with the dynamic of the two. All in all tho, as said..great video.

  • Spartan Fruze
    Spartan Fruze 17 days ago

    20:40 Funny as hell

  • CocaColaCo
    CocaColaCo 17 days ago +2

    I actually would like to know the full answer to Jordans diet please.

  • Elizabeth Catt
    Elizabeth Catt 18 days ago

    When they started talking about MBTI...
    Jordan: I.N.T.P
    Me (INFJ): I KNEW IT!!!
    Jordan: *starts talking about MBTI in detail*
    Me: YAAAAASSS!!! My life is complete!!!

  • 777Tralfaz777
    777Tralfaz777 18 days ago

    I am grateful for the writers strike.

  • Danial Mohamed
    Danial Mohamed 18 days ago

    Shut up Aaron laughing every minute

  • Houssam Chahrour
    Houssam Chahrour 19 days ago

    Mr. Interviewer only Conan gets to make fun of Jordan on camera. Please do your job and be respectful towards all your guests.

  • NevadaBoss
    NevadaBoss 19 days ago

    I still say what I said the first time I saw Conan and's all like a WWE performance art. The difference is..I no longer care if it is, or isn't 'real'...because it's so f*cking hilarious.

  • Andrews2490
    Andrews2490 19 days ago

    Lol, I like the way how Jordan looks at Conan when Conan is talking smack about him.

  • BeLight
    BeLight 20 days ago

    Your FANS wanted Jordan and Conan in Italy, Conan. That is where you should all focus. Your fans are fun little freaks. Listen to them.

  • Samvel Petrosyan
    Samvel Petrosyan 20 days ago

    I feel bad for Jordan because he is being roasted for the way that he is, its his life style its his life he can live it in anyway he would like and he should't be treated like that, but on the other hand he talks too much and is making himself very vulnerable to be roasted, which I might have done.

  • wololos
    wololos 20 days ago +1

    *To all the people who still thinks this is just a montage.* it is not, Schlansky i think really bought that coffee maker and conan was furious plus he REALLY don't like the guy but he knows that some funny things can come to light with Jordan in front of the cameras.. but,this is no funny man , this guys are just mocking jordan for the mistake and the way he is .. maybe because he doesn't have too much social skills....but come on.. just fire the guy dont break him down for 1 hour straight

  • Frozenfar
    Frozenfar 20 days ago

    what is this and where can i get more of it?

  • Livestronger
    Livestronger 20 days ago

    jordan is the greatest human being in existence

  • Jonas Charif
    Jonas Charif 22 days ago

    That guy with the tablet is laughing too much at stuff that isn't funny.

  • Chandler Langford
    Chandler Langford 22 days ago

    Jordan! You look like a serial killer lmao🤣

  • PoweredbyPlants
    PoweredbyPlants 22 days ago

    He totally does look like Mandy Patikin with that beard! But more seriously, Jordan is a truly unique individual and Conan was smart enough to see his potential and connection with a wider audience!

  • TamagoTamago
    TamagoTamago 22 days ago

    wait, people put ketchup in their lemonade??

  • luis alino
    luis alino 23 days ago

    You guys don't really get it... Conan is a smart dude. AnD Jordan is obviously aware that his boss is a hardvard grad that came into show business at the age of 30. So that being said jordan tries his best to be a good sport. Because that's one of the various tasks he's been given. Their chemistry is between a best of friends and an annoying nuisance. That concept is vice versa also. So chill guys its nothing to be curious about.

  • nickelandimed
    nickelandimed 23 days ago

    Jordan is a national treasure

  • Ville Metsola
    Ville Metsola 23 days ago

    There's a lot of truth being said here even though a lot of it is being disguised as comedy.

  • dream ah
    dream ah 23 days ago

    AND CONAN ISthe best jim carey has nothing on conan

  • dream ah
    dream ah 23 days ago

    i want that appp jordaN IS A GOOD GUY

  • didi aghish
    didi aghish 23 days ago

    I have an idea .
    Gorden can go to a stand-up show and see if he'll laugh

    THE GOOD CONTENT 24 days ago

    I love this duo. Is brilliant!

  • Jupiter Apple
    Jupiter Apple 25 days ago

    i noticed that after realizing jordan was getting really mad (at 40:50), Conan stoped the bullying a little bit and even said a lot of nice things about jordan to make things good between them again lol

  • X0T3
    X0T3 25 days ago

    Cant watch the video to the end.the bullying went to far in this one.

  • olhovivo351
    olhovivo351 26 days ago

    48:34 Boss status 100% 16:46 it killed it

  • Luis Tovar
    Luis Tovar 27 days ago

    I love Jordan!!

  • LordofFlames1
    LordofFlames1 28 days ago

    Conan is the bully who doesnt see it as bullying, Aaron is a victim of physcial bullying as one knows if one has seen other videos with him and Conan. And thus in this video Aaron tries to shift as much focus unto Jordan to not be the victim. And I feel for Jordan, you can see that these things hurt him. But I know it will be alright, that Jordan will be alright. Jordan in this moment in my personal opinion, is following principles easily found in very self-empowering forms of philosophy. Born out of thoughts similar to those of Nietzsche and progressed/improved upon in time til today. I try to live in a similar way, and the result is that you still feel things, all things, but it doesnt matter. Whatever you think, or feel or want, doesnt matter. You choose to live life after your own principles, and not as a slave to the circle(read hamster wheel) of life. Jordan, you're one heck of a human being. Your self mastery inspires me, and your stoicism empowers me. I do not fear for you Jordan, I fear for Conan. For he doesnt seem to be feeling all that well. Also, Jordan you have collected a vast amount of knowledge, it would've been absolutely unreal to just sit and talk for hours, DAYS about all the things that exists, might not and doesnt. And like Conan admitted in this video, you are truly a genuine person. Vivere in pace, Jordan Schlansky!

  • jj rickerson
    jj rickerson 28 days ago +1

    That's a lot of Insecure hate from the redhead guy.

  • boomshizzIe
    boomshizzIe 28 days ago

    Actually the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life.

  • indigo la end DTRWHo
    indigo la end DTRWHo 28 days ago

    The last bit is actually funny

  • R.R.R.
    R.R.R. 29 days ago

    1000 times more funny than any of the actual late night shows...

  • Beatrice Claudia
    Beatrice Claudia 29 days ago

    I think Conan and team should let Jordan talk, please stop cutting him off in between and stop making him look like an idiot cause he's not.At the end of the day we all get a good laugh at the cost of someone's hurt. Nevertheless I love both, but it was demeaning to Jordan at a few instances.

    IJSKOUDE MELK 29 days ago

    Aaron is just glad he's not the target.

  • Dakrusher
    Dakrusher 29 days ago

    I watched the whole thing! Too funny 😂😂😵the end was also really funny

  • Hamza Kais
    Hamza Kais 29 days ago

    Yea, jordan was totally irritated by the constant fun-making of him.

  • Deth Invictus
    Deth Invictus Month ago

    Conan's right, Jordan IS a serial killer. Nobody has caught him yet because *urk*

  • Zante Ngan
    Zante Ngan Month ago

    Can we have a dedicated series/channel or some sort for Jordan? LOL

  • andre silva
    andre silva Month ago

    Jordan is different but NO ONE have the right to judge you my friend!!! Because every single person is different!!!!