I Built a COPPER FARM in Minecraft Hardcore (#55)

  • Published on Nov 26, 2021
  • Today I Built a COPPER FARM in Minecraft Hardcore, so I could get UNLIMITED COPPER in Minecraft! In a previous episode of hardcore minecraft I built a copper golem statue, and you guys told me to make a Minecraft drowned copper farm! Watch the whole video to find out how to get unlimited copper in minecraft!
    Copper Farm Tutorial: ShulkerCraft
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  • WadZee
    WadZee   +8


  • Aidn Shorts

    I can't wait for the warden farm!

  • LeeOne 2000

    WadZee don’t worry we all get tired at times and get burned out, do what makes you happy and don’t stress it. If you need a break just take it, we’ll be waiting for you! ❤️

  • BaseBallGamerrr

    "the tinted glass is pretty expensive bc it uses amythst" (casually has a full netherite block powered beacon In the backround)

  • Drevexx
    Drevexx  +266

    Never be sorry for taking time for yourself , your a amazing youtuber , great content . I would rather you take a break than get burnt out and have your content suffer for it , keep up the good work Wadzee , im cheering you on

  • Daidalos Plush Mix 2019

    The way to prevent “phantom” interruptions is to either sleep at least once every 3 Minecraft days (obviously at night), or enclose your AFK platform because one of the conditions for spawning phantoms is an unrestricted view of the sky. Oh and phantoms can spawn during thunderstorms as well, so be weary of that.

  • Davide D'Onofrio

    Take all the breaks you need bro, you certainly need them. And also, if videos come out less frequently, you know, they become more special.

  • Trace Carnes

    I know you won’t see this comment but you taking breaks will never affect us you take as many and as long of breaks as you want we will understand. Keep up the phenomenal work ❤️

  • FlamePlays RBX

    i have a way to make this farm still possible when you fly away: grab a zombie, name it using a name tag, and put it in an area you won't hit, like somewhere out back of the farm; the zombies will still spawn when you get back if the snow golems can hit the zombie

  • ;3 Daddy
    ;3 Daddy  +86

    Hey WadZee, love the videoes!

  • stuckonaslide
    stuckonaslide 28 days ago +1

    you know you've made it as a mc youtuber when you got a long-running lets play. when you go from single-episode challenges to full series; thats how you know, man.

  • Purple Burples

    your content is pretty high quality so it's amazing you've been able to keep pumping out a new video every WEEK. totally understandable that you need a break from that

  • Cluttercloud069☁️

    Dude. That's so amazing. You probably need to do to grab a single zombie every time you gotta farm on the copper lol.

  • fWhip
    fWhip  +3

    Heads up, I almost died using this farm in my HC world, baby zombies riding chickens can make it to the middle and will walk through the gap you're using to kill them so be careful if you use an auto clicker

  • Mar0nat0r
    Mar0nat0r  +12

    Hey WadZee! I just want to say I love watching all your videos. For your farm, I was thinking that maybe you could add a tiny area right underneath the main chamber where you have a snow golem shooting at a zombie that you put a name tag on so it never desponds. That way when you come back, to the farm, it will start up again without you having to go through any extra trouble!

  • Adrian
    Adrian  +4

    You should add a beacon near the melon farm so u can mine out the blocks faster.

  • Blake Crochet

    You should renovate a village, and they would all be a different wood type theme. But the blacksmith would be made out of stone bricks, cobble, stone, and dark oak. It would be the tallest of them all with two large stories. The walls would be a little shorter than the blacksmith, with watchtowers on all four corners.

  • OblivioNation

    I just want to say I’ve searched for a while to find a Minecraft streamer as relaxed and enjoyable to watch as you and I can’t find one. You’re my favorite Minecraft streamer and I love every one of your videos.

  • 内田Christopher

    Don't worry about taking an extra long break, everyone needs time off now and then! Besides, you definately sounded more cheerful this video, so I think it was well worth the wait. Welcome back :)

  • Azmie_11
    Azmie_11  +354

    Hey there WadZee. Since you've build a giant desert pyramid, why not build a giant jungle temple