Bane, Kenobi, & Moralo Arrive On Serenno [1080p]

  • Published on Mar 18, 2017
  • Season 4 Episode 17 "The Box"

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  • Thomas Ream
    Thomas Ream 6 months ago

    What’s that theme music at the end

  • Conrado Javier
    Conrado Javier 6 months ago

    Serenno is Dooku's Last Name.

  • Phoenix Prime
    Phoenix Prime Year ago +3

    I just love how both Bane and Kenobi shove Moralo Eval like that. X'D

  • baldy hardnut
    baldy hardnut Year ago +2

    cant dooku detect obi wans force aura?

  • Mr. JustAGuyWithALightsaber

    Wouldn’t Dooku sense “Hardeen’s” connection to the force?

  • Mükerrem Han
    Mükerrem Han Year ago +1

    why Dooku cant senses kenobi in there?

    • Luis Davila
      Luis Davila Year ago +1

      Mükerrem Han he does 100%,just wants to toy with his prey

  • DredgeX97
    DredgeX97 Year ago

    Kenobi as a jerk, this is probably how he really feels like acting.

  • Anthony DeRose
    Anthony DeRose 2 years ago +2

    The ship at the start is The Lady Luck

  • CentauriA _Gaming_
    CentauriA _Gaming_ 2 years ago +15

    Well at least Dooku can "Count" all of his contestants

  • Angry Devil Gamer
    Angry Devil Gamer 2 years ago +21

    i like the helmet Hardeen aka Kenobi is wearing

    • Juan Cena | THE CHAMP IS HERE
      Juan Cena | THE CHAMP IS HERE Year ago +1

      Jonathan Sayah it was concept art for boba

    • Jonathan Sayah
      Jonathan Sayah Year ago +1

      Yeah, it looks like a pretty unique mandalorian helmet.

    • Jon Mann
      Jon Mann 2 years ago +1

      Angry Devil Gamer you didn't need to clerify who you were talking about

  • Billy Joyce
    Billy Joyce 2 years ago +7

    I like how these Magnaguards have yellow electrostaffs. I take it, yellow means "Dooku's personal guards."

    • Sug Dolomar
      Sug Dolomar 2 years ago +2

      Billy Joyce that and without the capes.

  • Benny Chap
    Benny Chap 2 years ago

    Why doesn't kenobi shoot dooku

    • Imp Pro
      Imp Pro Year ago

      You idiot

    • Lady Idoun
      Lady Idoun 2 years ago

      Yea uh no lol! There's cad bane and other villians there... I don't think so lol

  • Brekdon
    Brekdon 2 years ago

    Is Cad Bane, Grand Admiral Thrawn

  • Aurα вírdч
    Aurα вírdч 2 years ago +1

    Im there too but like a ghost

  • Orleans
    Orleans 2 years ago +80

    Serenno looks awesome. Dooku has a nice home.^^

  • Joseph
    Joseph 2 years ago +38

    kinda weird to see bane without breathing tubes

  • tyrant slayer
    tyrant slayer 2 years ago +143

    what's odd is Dooku couldn't sense Kenobi and it's bothering me lol

    • Loyal Peace
      Loyal Peace 21 day ago

      Then how come the Jedi order or Yoda couldnt sense Palpatine is a sith?

    • mad mutation22
      mad mutation22 10 months ago +1

      tyrant slayer no he knew he just wanted to prove it and try to kill kenobi in the challenge if possible lol.

    • Imp Pro
      Imp Pro Year ago

      The Cool Persian Hehehehehehwheheheheheeheehehheehehheheheheheheheheheheheehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehheheheheheheheheheheehehheeheheheheheheeheheheheehheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheeheeheheheheheheheheheheheheh hehehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehhe

    • The Cool Persian
      The Cool Persian Year ago +59

      Same reason why he didn't sense Kenobi in Episode II. Force concealment is a power available to all users of the force, Sheev Palpatine being the most famous example. Don't forget Anakin also didn't sense Obi-Wan's presence too when he fought him.

    • Combine115
      Combine115 2 years ago +111

      He knew it was him, but wanted to make sure 100% by putting him in the challenge and watching his skill.

  • David Peters
    David Peters 2 years ago +44

    What if someone made the box in Minecraft with all the challenges inside using a whole bunch of pistons and Redstone stuff.

    • Imp Pro
      Imp Pro Year ago

      Centauri for sabers just use mobs to replace that

    • CentauriA _Gaming_
      CentauriA _Gaming_ 2 years ago +1

      I can make that, but where am I supposed to get poisonous gas, the target mover, and the lightsaber traps? What could I do alternatively? Poison splash potion, lava, water, moving walls, and Idk about the 2nd Box Test part for the alternative.

  • Jeffrey Zhang
    Jeffrey Zhang 2 years ago +4

    107th like, 9th like, 20th comment.
    Some landing platform. I like the shrubs along the sides.

  • Doc4 Strang3
    Doc4 Strang3 2 years ago +91

    What is the difference between the purple and yellow Magneguards?

    • Poison
      Poison 2 months ago

      It’s yellow because it’s set to stun mode, purple is kill mode. That’s why the clone prison guards also had yellow electrostaffs.

    • blake des lauriers
      blake des lauriers 2 months ago +1

      @David Peters yeah it does, green is the strongest and does the most damage, blue is strongest against droids, and red is the cheapest.

    • Imperial Sentinel
      Imperial Sentinel 6 months ago +1

      Yellow are the more advanced ones.

    • Simon Harris
      Simon Harris Year ago +2

      Actually blaster fire is different:
      Green is explosive
      Red is for flesh
      Blue is emp
      Of course, these are just their specialties and each can be used differently.

    • The Starbound Show
      The Starbound Show 2 years ago +1

      Doc4 Strang3 It's Either Rank: Purple Higher, Yellow Lower, Rank Of Person That They Serve, Or Purpose.

  • letmg2
    letmg2 2 years ago +77

    Wait,if Kenobi knew where Dooku lived,why wouldn't the Jedi go and arrest him

    • Mitchell Indelicato
      Mitchell Indelicato Month ago

      Because he's also the leader of the Seperatist Alliance, who don't know he's a Sith Lord. If you watch the episodes where Padme tries to broker a peace deal, you'll see Dooku plays the same "charming leader" game Sidious does as Palpatine. Arresting him would be spun as a hostile action of the Republic with fabricated evidence.

    • Will Brown
      Will Brown 2 years ago +9

      Luca watch the scene when dooku tells grievous to invade dathomir, the fleet above serenno is ridiculous

    • Combine115
      Combine115 2 years ago +62

      Coruscant and Serenno are MASSIVELY guarded, if you were to attack then that's basically suicide. We all know how Battle of Coruscant looked like.

    • Joseph
      Joseph 2 years ago +87

      wait, if dooku knew where the jedi temple was, why didn't he just go destroy it?

    • темирлан укибаев
      темирлан укибаев 2 years ago +80

      Also, there probably giant fleet to protect him

  • Imperial Sentinel
    Imperial Sentinel 2 years ago +12

    Thumbnail looks awesome. #magnaguardsforlife

  • _MaZ_TeR_
    _MaZ_TeR_ 2 years ago +5

    The Dooku's face close-up always catches my eye in this scene, I think it's because of the really good facial animations.

  • AaronsDodo
    AaronsDodo 2 years ago

    7th 8)

  • The Daily Dose Of Randomness Crew

    communism will prevail

    • Randy Cheow
      Randy Cheow 2 years ago +1

      The Daily Dose Of Randomness Crew communist at where I didn't see it

    • Voca Productions
      Voca Productions  2 years ago +5

      Thank Russia!

  • Voca Productions
    Voca Productions  2 years ago +36

    Newest episode was amazing! Won't spoil it like some people had to do for me, so it wasn't as special, but dang that final battle was short.