Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts w/ Kendall Jenner

  • Published on Nov 17, 2016
  • James and Kendall Jenner take turns asking each other very personal questions, like ranking the names of North, Saint and Dream, her nieces and nephew, or eating disgusting foods.
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Comments • 16 321

  • Soham Das
    Soham Das 8 hours ago

    ain't anything gonna talk bout how beautious she is????

  • Prajzwal Khatiwada
    Prajzwal Khatiwada 16 hours ago

    All those food looks tasty to me

  • marKidion IsAGod
    marKidion IsAGod 20 hours ago

    Omg it's been 3 years

  • Gabby Gumshoe
    Gabby Gumshoe 23 hours ago

    lol love this!

  • Noah Fang
    Noah Fang 2 days ago

    fish eye, bird saliva and hot sauce is actl nice

  • NewhamMatt
    NewhamMatt 2 days ago +2

    Kris Jenner's response to her daughter being asked to drink clam juice:
    "Ah well. The other four are pretty profitable. There's room for one of them under the bus."

  • wyt 007
    wyt 007 2 days ago +5


    shut up.


  • NlRVANA Bob
    NlRVANA Bob 3 days ago


  • A liza
    A liza 4 days ago

    I love this game..I'm gonna play with my cousin's in this winter vacation!! love from Bangladesh🇧🇩❤

  • Tshegedi Mokalapa
    Tshegedi Mokalapa 4 days ago

    James is retarded

  • Eric meng
    Eric meng 4 days ago


    BRVTVLHSM 5 days ago


  • S M
    S M 5 days ago

    *James. Your parents are proud for downing that sperm like a champ.* 🤮

  • Alejandro jose Florez
    Alejandro jose Florez 6 days ago +1

    X,...., Z)*4INJA🍪🍮🏺🍗🦄🦊🐘🐱🥰🐵🎇🎇🎄%__^⚽️🥋🏑TH00•••R-+

  • Aslam N
    Aslam N 6 days ago

    That skin

  • Lee Lou
    Lee Lou 6 days ago

    I think she wanted to answer, but no, there were kris.☹️

    BITCH PLEASE 7 days ago +2

    6:48 he thinks about what to give kendal and the guy in the audience says grasshoppers and she says shut up lol 😂😭🤣 8:15 the girl in the audience says grasshopper I think and kendal is like okay 🙂 starts turning the wheel table with joy! 😂😭🤣

  • Bernardo Bila
    Bernardo Bila 7 days ago

    She's so damn cute 😍

  • Jcolin3
    Jcolin3 7 days ago

    Kendell is so beautiful

  • It's Moon
    It's Moon 7 days ago

    The Cod failed NNN

  • Master of my fate
    Master of my fate 8 days ago

    I wanna smash Kendall

  • E Bazar
    E Bazar 8 days ago +1

    She wanted to say that the bird saliva tastes like cum! Respect to the man who did this backstage tho😂

  • •Sorxo Gacha•
    •Sorxo Gacha• 8 days ago

    Wait why is Kylie letting a BABY hold her HEAVY shopping bag..

  • archim3dis
    archim3dis 8 days ago +1

    i dont get the meaning of this.. everytime james has to "eat" something he just puts in his mouth and spits it out immediately

  • Robert the Infernape
    Robert the Infernape 8 days ago +3

    That cod must’ve had an interesting experience before the show

  • Dannyboyz
    Dannyboyz 9 days ago

    6:00 I mean if you refuse to have them back, why is it a secret? Easy answer.

  • Dannyboyz
    Dannyboyz 9 days ago

    she wore lingerie

  • timidelm
    timidelm 9 days ago +1

    Her hair looks like a hat lmao

  • Krazy Fork
    Krazy Fork 9 days ago

    I'm sure she has eaten bull penis before

  • SurabhiXSubash
    SurabhiXSubash 9 days ago

    I wanna know who's job it is to clean those sick dustbins... damn

  • Shwetha Singh
    Shwetha Singh 9 days ago

    I need to see dis w/ Nicki Minaj and Selena Gomez

  • Adem Şavluk
    Adem Şavluk 9 days ago +3

    4:20 look at the dad and mom they are totally given different reaction 😀

  • Mark C
    Mark C 9 days ago

    What a soft cock. Every time he spits the stuff out

  • Adrijan BAKA
    Adrijan BAKA 10 days ago

    Thats atleast a conversation starter.
    Some bloke:you ever tasted jizz
    James:cod jizz me

  • BDK Gaming
    BDK Gaming 10 days ago

    The things people do to entertain others for money 😂

  • Patricia Arroyo Estevez

    I'm kind of sad no one had the fish eye 😂

  • The Brinda Majumder
    The Brinda Majumder 10 days ago


  • Heidi xx14xx
    Heidi xx14xx 10 days ago +7

    James : “Dream, North or Saint”
    Me : “Wtf are those name, no offence but those are weird names”

    • Veulia
      Veulia 5 days ago

      Heidi xx14xx exactly 😂

    • Chjöp Chjöp
      Chjöp Chjöp 5 days ago

      Patricia Arroyo Estevez Remember when Kris thought North’s middle name was South? North South West lmao

    • Heidi xx14xx
      Heidi xx14xx 10 days ago

      Patricia Arroyo Estevez Hahaha

    • Patricia Arroyo Estevez
      Patricia Arroyo Estevez 10 days ago +2

      The worst part of that is that North is called North West 😂

  • charisowTV
    charisowTV 10 days ago +1

    In Asia, we pay lots of money for bird's saliva 😂

  • Royal Idk
    Royal Idk 10 days ago +2

    Kendall is so beautiful. She’s perfect

  • Justin Interest
    Justin Interest 11 days ago

    I’m sure all the Jenner girls have had some version of bull penis.

  • Rehan Perera
    Rehan Perera 11 days ago

    Oh James respect buddy! Good human! Proud of you!👏👌💞

  • Manchester Is Blue
    Manchester Is Blue 11 days ago

    this show makes me glad i'm not famous

  • Quinn Morlock
    Quinn Morlock 11 days ago

    Some people watch these kinds of interviews because their offbeat nature makes the guests be more open with their answers or answer questions they normally wouldn't. I watch them to see celebrities humiliate themselves for my amusement though.

  • Brandon Goodwin
    Brandon Goodwin 11 days ago

    Who else would love to fill Kendall’s guts 🥴😂

  • Josh Mcclure
    Josh Mcclure 11 days ago

    She was thinking she was to good for the show she is kinda of a brat and seems like ur ego is to far up her ass

  • lica
    lica 11 days ago

    James doesn't mind eating theseeeeee

  • Phantasmal Gaming
    Phantasmal Gaming 11 days ago

    Mouth full of Cod sperm,... Proud look on dad's face... LMFAO

  • android16B
    android16B 11 days ago

    Jame's mom: I won't mind! Pick your dad! Don't eat the cod sperm!
    James: "I can't do it." *eats the cod sperm anyway*
    James is a good son. :)

  • victorarreola
    victorarreola 12 days ago

    By far the most beautiful of the K-J Clan

  • Maria Belen Donoso Vera

    And Stormi didn't even exist 1:37

  • Tunpaz Yim
    Tunpaz Yim 12 days ago

    Anyone else notice the sniffing

  • tinyGIRAFFE
    tinyGIRAFFE 12 days ago

    i get the jist of why people hate the kardashians, but not knowing first-hand myself, she seems nice enough. same with kim; i see her on shows and she seems fine. personally, i don’t have an problem with either of them

  • Srikrishna R
    Srikrishna R 12 days ago +2

    That dress she is wearing looks weird doesn't it?

  • Z H M
    Z H M 12 days ago

    Kendall is love ❤❤

  • Adarsh Rajan
    Adarsh Rajan 12 days ago

    Do it with bear grylls

  • Mohy Subait
    Mohy Subait 12 days ago +1

    You know! If James plays this with Trump, Trump will definitely eat nothing

  • AryKrish Sharma
    AryKrish Sharma 13 days ago +1

    North’s best. lil mosey? Predicted the future

    Nah this is stupid

  • KK
    KK 13 days ago

    Who vomited 🤮?

  • s A
    s A 13 days ago

    Lets be honest James really wanted to eat em