FEASTING at Japanese DEPARTMENT STORE Mitsukoshi in Tokyo Japan

  • Published on Jul 11, 2018
  • When you think about department stores, you think high-quality clothes, bags, brands, etc. But in Japan, you're also thinking high-quality top-notch food! Today I'm at the Mitsukoshi Department Store in Tokyo, and I'm getting everything [that I can carry ;)] that looks good.
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    Location :
    Mitsukoshi Ginza store

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Comments • 2 509

  • Prayashi Kalita
    Prayashi Kalita 6 hours ago

    Whenever this guy relates something to anime,
    I'm like, hell yeah!!! Someone knows how to appreciate things!! Freaking finally!!

  • Morty Adams
    Morty Adams 10 hours ago

    I feel like a chocolate sandwich is very European. I remember seeing them everywhere in France!

  • Brandon Williams

    3:54 You go upstairs where there is a WHAT? TERRORIST?!?!?

  • the mean or nice one

    It's not honeydew it's cantaloupe. Smh this adult don't know his fruits STILL

  • Hello 13
    Hello 13 4 days ago +1

    first time with no broth

  • Bex owo
    Bex owo 5 days ago

    mike: *enjoys food deliciously*
    the audio of the baby crying in the background: *AAAAAAAAAaaAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaAAAA-*

  • sonia aguilera
    sonia aguilera 7 days ago


  • sonia aguilera
    sonia aguilera 7 days ago


  • Melissa Brown
    Melissa Brown 9 days ago

    Isn't cantaloupe orange so woundnt that be a cantaloupe melon pan bun

  • Gavin Lai
    Gavin Lai 9 days ago

    he bout to get shouted at for hovering his chopsticks above the food

  • Edgar Rodriguez
    Edgar Rodriguez 10 days ago

    The poor man's chocolate sandwich: one, buy some bread from the dollar store (make sure it's on clearance)
    Two, go to the gas station and buy one of the Nutella Dunkaroos.
    Three, buy a bottle of whip cream.
    Four, apply Nutella to both pieces of bread.
    Five, put a nice chunk of whip cream on both pieces of bread.
    Six, slam it all together and you made yourself a poor man's chocolate sandwich.
    Your Welcome.

  • BoblaxXIII
    BoblaxXIII 11 days ago

    "I reassured her that that would really not be a problem" Omg Mike 😂

  • Diana Rose
    Diana Rose 13 days ago

    While watching this: I wish I can read Japanese 😢

  • Susana Lopez
    Susana Lopez 14 days ago

    Omg drooled

  • Brenda J
    Brenda J 14 days ago

    I want to give you a knife and fork instead of struggling with two sticks.

  • Rob Jones
    Rob Jones 14 days ago

    And here in the UK, we get a choice between sandwiches and fast food.

  • ephek ehe
    ephek ehe 14 days ago +1

    Lol this department store is hetter than some of the restaurants here in my country😂

  • db Vetter
    db Vetter 15 days ago

    Idk why he doesn’t weigh 400 lbs.

    APOKOLYPES 15 days ago +1

    sad wasted time in Japan finding Restaurant shouldve just eaten where I saw all the locals

  • hoshiharuhime X
    hoshiharuhime X 15 days ago

    Okay but I hope you cleaned up the table afterwards man... all those crumbs are killing me...

  • abir ghazouani
    abir ghazouani 16 days ago

    in tunisia when we were young and playing in the street when we got hangry we go buy a cheap chocolate and of course the cheapest thing in tunisia is baguette and we made a sandwich with it it's totallyyy yummy and it represents our childhood

  • LaNoir
    LaNoir 16 days ago +1

    He eats 4x the amount for one meal I eat in a whole day...

  • Davenge II
    Davenge II 18 days ago

    If I go to japan, I'd definitely gonna be broke

  • Ivy Lozano
    Ivy Lozano 18 days ago

    *oh yes please, yolk me up* 😂🙊

  • Ymmi Trash
    Ymmi Trash 18 days ago

    Japanese food always looks so good 😭😭

  • luna selene
    luna selene 19 days ago

    Mike: yeah I watched a bunch of anime
    Me: sugoiiiiii

  • Anggia Angela
    Anggia Angela 19 days ago

    Watching Mike is better when you’re fasting, somehow I feel full and happy just watching him eating ^.^

  • Judith Thompson
    Judith Thompson 21 day ago

    Dude,why don't you weigh a thousand pounds?😁

  • Alivia Shatto
    Alivia Shatto 22 days ago


  • Isagani Prado
    Isagani Prado 22 days ago

    If i have your appetite Mikey, my parents would have kicked me out long time ago! Hahaha

  • Valentina F.
    Valentina F. 24 days ago

    Mike please come to Italy and do some reviews of the food over here 😊🙋🏼‍♀️👍🏼

  • Winston Carter
    Winston Carter 25 days ago +2

    "Oh wow, WOW, that is a welcoming sight, oh yesss please, yolk me up mmmm" 😂

  • 1 Jess
    1 Jess 26 days ago

    Anyone find him using the chopstick to eat the strawberry tart funny?

  • Deyes Dbones
    Deyes Dbones 26 days ago

    im getting a little one cause i got to consider my stomach................

  • Rea Bee
    Rea Bee 27 days ago

    “It’s like you were invited to a party and only melons showed up”
    Lol mike what😂

  • James Tuwat
    James Tuwat 27 days ago +4

    Japanese people in the background watching mikey devouring a lot of food

  • Fail City
    Fail City 28 days ago

    Take my beef box and stick my meatballs in it

  • Renz Sedric
    Renz Sedric 28 days ago

    Where do you put that all? Always wondering every time I saw your vids😂

  • Oi Inky
    Oi Inky 28 days ago

    Can we just talk bou that mike ate a cheescake with chopsticks

  • Katia Djaoued
    Katia Djaoued 28 days ago

    The chocolate sandwich theirs something similar in russia its this cream cheese bar covered in chocolate that is ment to be spread on toast that brought back memories

  • 88Keys🎹
    88Keys🎹 29 days ago

    Ok, I’ve never seen, never even heard of sandwiches made with fruit and berries. Interesting! They actually looked pretty tasty. That Strawberry Tart looked absolutely delicious. Geesh, my existence is so sheltered. There’s so many incredible foods out there that I’d love to try...so many different cultures I’d like to experience. When the money is short, so is your leash.

  • Kota Tombs
    Kota Tombs 29 days ago

    you're making me hungry but i can't stop watching

  • Comix
    Comix Month ago

    Opens egg *starts playing inspirational music as he busts a nut to the sight of the egg*

  • Winter Avery
    Winter Avery Month ago

    I want to go in their plss !!

  • Vin B
    Vin B Month ago

    This guy is so good that he made me eat another bowl of oats..looking at him eat makes me hungry,. Im on a diet but look what he made me do : )

  • geekelly000
    geekelly000 Month ago

    Don’t know what to get??? One of everything!

  • mepadge
    mepadge Month ago

    Where does he put it all & can I please have his metabolism?

  • Demetri Lestenkoff
    Demetri Lestenkoff Month ago +1

    I was watching MRE reviews and yours popped up in the side. Now I'm subscribed.

  • raven scott
    raven scott Month ago +1

    I m moving in there.

  • Jennifer Scarabin
    Jennifer Scarabin Month ago

    I don’t think the price is bad at all. Your buying the food and the nice containers they put them in. I could so live there. Lol

  • Why Am I Straight
    Why Am I Straight Month ago +1

    **Yeet** at a department store
    That's all I hear

  • Black Ginger
    Black Ginger Month ago

    Omg u same like my mum..she love food shopping not clothes/shoes/handbags/jewellery/makeup/ware shop/etc...she love food so much she appreciated food and respect her food so much too

  • john wayne
    john wayne Month ago

    Mike always compared his food with halle berry. For me...i rather go with jennifer lawrence 😀

  • Sakshi Shriyan
    Sakshi Shriyan Month ago

    Oh hell Mikey, When you were in Mumbai you should've tried the chocolate grilled cheese sandwich. It's so good 😭

  • Jared Giff
    Jared Giff Month ago

    jackie chan looks like he is turning into a lesbian

  • Henry Li
    Henry Li Month ago

    in the US its gonna be like, heres some pizza and hotdogs enjoy!

  • MajesticLuna20
    MajesticLuna20 Month ago

    Melon ball=Concha (mexican sweet bread) But melon ball has delicious flare!

  • Alejandra Marin
    Alejandra Marin Month ago

    I love the Sedona Az shirt

  • Maureen Rae
    Maureen Rae Month ago +2

    He said IM SORRY to the food. 😂 it's that good

  • Christine Nicole Bautista

    That Doujimaro reminds me of Brazo de Mercedez with a fruit inside.

  • Angry Alpaca
    Angry Alpaca Month ago +3

    The amount of food he can eat in impressive.

  • Aminoss Alis
    Aminoss Alis Month ago

    I laugh so hard on this scene 19:34

  • Nikooru
    Nikooru Month ago +4

    They sell melon buns stuffed with green tea ice cream in Japan (I had one in Osaka)! SUPER delicious

    DISTRESS Month ago

    *Warning do not watch this at midnight*

  • Hijab Randhawa
    Hijab Randhawa Month ago

    Melon bread Dorami s favourite!

  • Super Pew
    Super Pew Month ago +14

    Is anyone torturing themselves by watching strictly dumpling when you are hungry?

    • Alyssa Grasso
      Alyssa Grasso 2 days ago

      I got one on that lol. My stomach is paralyzed and i cant eat anymore (im tube fed now) im always hungry😭

  • Jiminie Pabo
    Jiminie Pabo Month ago +4

    Strictly dumpling: 4:06

    My brain: *I LoVe RefRiGirAtoRs*

  • sarika agarwal
    sarika agarwal Month ago


  • MiaSole
    MiaSole Month ago +1

    All of them look like masterpeace.

    SUGAR Month ago

    some of the stuff is soo cheap compared to american

  • KiDD ViDD
    KiDD ViDD Month ago

    That kid is going ham in the backround

  • NaNg Ng
    NaNg Ng Month ago

    What's the garbage situation like in Japan? Those are some nice containers/packaging he gets with his food so I was wondering

  • Hill Tran
    Hill Tran Month ago

    **warning don’t watch any strictly dumpling video if you are on a diet**

  • frzhlmi
    frzhlmi Month ago +1

    He’s the asian version of Anthony Bourdain. Rip Anthony Bourdain

    • Alison Ferrara
      Alison Ferrara Month ago

      frzhlmi I was thinking that too- Tony would have appreciated his love for eggs and pork! RIP💜

  • Camille M
    Camille M Month ago


  • Lola Lalo
    Lola Lalo Month ago

    Isnt that too much cream for so little of fresh fruits.

  • weeguy
    weeguy Month ago

    You should be banned because everytime you videos like this, you make me jealous and depressed 😑

  • Sabi
    Sabi Month ago +7

    Here in Germany we actually have small chocolate "bars" to put them on bread or toast, with or without butter 👍They are called "Eszet Schnitten" 😂

    • Sabi
      Sabi Month ago

      @Schlänge Ja 😂 Die gibts in so gut wie jedem Supermarkt

    • Schlänge
      Schlänge Month ago

      HABEN WIR?!

  • ez ez
    ez ez Month ago

    when jackie chan decide to do a food vlog

  • Kiki Cz
    Kiki Cz Month ago

    How does one stomach have room for so much food?!? I am legit jelly; I eat a handful and get full, he eats a buffet of delectable noms and keeps going. How is this possible?

  • Lee Jen Wei
    Lee Jen Wei Month ago +3

    Japanese bakery is amazing. We enjoyed it every time.

  • p5ych official
    p5ych official Month ago

    I hate this dude so much, he makes these foods even more advising

  • Jeffrey Chandler
    Jeffrey Chandler Month ago

    The bakery did me IN.. Im in love n lust

  • Why Not Try
    Why Not Try Month ago

    "Yeet at a department store"

  • Christy Harsen
    Christy Harsen Month ago

    people is still wondering who eats chocolate sandwiches and ill tell who. Danish people.

  • Ra Zor
    Ra Zor Month ago

    Did you guys realize that the bottle right next to Jim is popping

  • Slow Cuber
    Slow Cuber Month ago


  • Molly Marshall
    Molly Marshall Month ago

    I’m so tired every time he says the word eat I hear YEET

  • Niki Edmonds
    Niki Edmonds Month ago

    That first beef box looked fantastic but everything else not so much...a chocolate and cream cheese sandwich on bread!?! 🤮 I'll pass

    FRED RYANS Month ago +1

    What are the tips for eating cheap yet delicious in japan?

  • martin quinn
    martin quinn Month ago

    150 for lunch wtf

  • SeouL
    SeouL Month ago

    I really want to try that Melon bread.

  • Juicey
    Juicey Month ago

    Satania might get that melon pan

  • Random Blob
    Random Blob Month ago

    9:26 TBH..... I would probably marry the girl who brought a big dumpling.......

  • Marvin Berrios Jr
    Marvin Berrios Jr Month ago

    Looks good i feel like some pho right now

  • Bre Sams
    Bre Sams 2 months ago

    This is no doubt the best I've seen from him. A department store full of delectable snacks & food wow! I really love watching him💕

  • aeders
    aeders 2 months ago

    That S P R E A D though!!

    JAVEN 2 months ago

    Is there anything he doesn’t like?

  • maudesuzelle
    maudesuzelle 2 months ago

    poor peas...

  • antoine ly
    antoine ly 2 months ago

    How to define Asians:
    *Eats cake with chopsticks*