$10,000 MINECRAFT Monday Tournament w/ Preston (Week 4)

  • Published on Jul 16, 2019
  • A TheXvidr Minecraft Tournament. 10 minigames, winner takes all!
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  • Vikkstar123HD
    Vikkstar123HD  Month ago +1309

    Thanks to everyone who tuned in, had a blast!

    Me and Preston will be donating all of our winnings to charity. Throw some suggestions for some you'd like to see us support!

    • GoRa死
      GoRa死 7 days ago

      team with techno i beg !!!

    • 34N4N4 384R
      34N4N4 384R 10 days ago

      You’re amazing for doing that. You got a new sub!

    • Sidegeek
      Sidegeek 12 days ago

      vikk donates to charity. techno uses the money to survive college xd

    • Waverly Ritchie
      Waverly Ritchie 14 days ago +1

      Charity idea: Faith in Femininity

    • Reef Terry
      Reef Terry 15 days ago

      Vikkstar123HD m7e

  • Cp. Grn
    Cp. Grn 22 hours ago

    Trojan Horsed

  • Shan Mac
    Shan Mac Day ago

    TheXvidrs now:Why don't people subscribe?
    Pewdiepie:I know! I need to get to 100 million subs.

  • tupac shakur
    tupac shakur 3 days ago +1

    just realised preston had 10mil subs and millions of views per vid

  • Georgia Mc
    Georgia Mc 3 days ago

    Lmao Preston is like extremely Loud and crazy compared to vikk

  • Mr.CraZy
    Mr.CraZy 4 days ago

    Is speedy a girl?😂💀

    • CHALK UP
      CHALK UP 4 days ago

      Lol no. Very sweaty man.

  • KiddAced S-A-D
    KiddAced S-A-D 4 days ago +1

    This is so heart warming to watch - no homo

  • Josh Paul
    Josh Paul 5 days ago

    Anyone watching this when preston is at 10 mil

    MSASS 6 days ago

    2:14:28 missed a stone button while going up the stairs

  • Hayden Estabrooks
    Hayden Estabrooks 6 days ago

    #Bring back the pack

    If we can get bring back the pack in the Comments

  • GoRa死
    GoRa死 7 days ago +1

    please just team up with techno, op team must be created at least once !!!!

  • Liam Erickson
    Liam Erickson 7 days ago

    Is the pack still a thing

  • AlcoholAndLAG
    AlcoholAndLAG 8 days ago +1

    No wonder vikk and preston won, they are both really good players. i can see them easily beating a technoblade team in a hunger deans game

  • KaranP _
    KaranP _ 8 days ago

    When you won you should've played 'Victory Chant' lmao

  • My dogs
    My dogs 9 days ago

    Poor Lachlan

  • AsianGuy123 bruh
    AsianGuy123 bruh 9 days ago

    Gotta respect vik for commitment

  • CrazyAaronsThinkingPutty

    Preston is a god at parcor

  • Blank
    Blank 11 days ago

    This comment sections is like the Tom fan vs Jericho fan comment war during Mianite for pussies

  • Kenzie Elizabeth
    Kenzie Elizabeth 11 days ago

    I love how happy he is with his shirt

  • Leen Capiau
    Leen Capiau 11 days ago +4

    I LOVE Preston's enthousiasm. Really hope you guys get paired up again in the future!

  • Preston Zhou
    Preston Zhou 13 days ago

    Where do I watch Preston’s minecraft monday

  • Ken n paper
    Ken n paper 14 days ago

    Techno skeppy Preston best trio

  • ryan Kid
    ryan Kid 15 days ago


  • Emily Ebeling
    Emily Ebeling 15 days ago +3

    bro the amount of iconic people on one server is insanee

  • Abbie Duff
    Abbie Duff 17 days ago +1

    I’d love to see vikk and jj do this

  • Jack Comstock
    Jack Comstock 17 days ago

    Nice, a bunch of ads in an unedited stream. If you want money just get good at mc and win

    • Sidegeek
      Sidegeek 12 days ago

      Get TheXvid premium ;)

    • Jack Comstock
      Jack Comstock 17 days ago

      Lucario Ryan i probably am, I play skywars on hypixel, takes a lot of skill. And even if I’m not what does it matter? I’m not in the event

    • Lucario Ryan
      Lucario Ryan 17 days ago

      I very highly doubt you'd be good enough to win the competition so sit down and pipe it

  • Caleb Lever
    Caleb Lever 18 days ago +1

    I saw mitch

  • Jacob Cupcake
    Jacob Cupcake 18 days ago +1

    I don’t understand, when Vik is underground he doesn’t need torches to see, his screen is perfectly lit up. I don’t really watch Minecraft videos and I’m sry if I sound like a noob

  • Wow I’m Awesome
    Wow I’m Awesome 19 days ago +1

    I just love Preston’s commentary in the background
    “They’ve got pleb armour!”
    “His name is like spleef! It’s spleepy!”
    Add more if you please

  • EJ Craft
    EJ Craft 20 days ago +1

    Bring grian into minecraft monday

  • Not Viccy Victor
    Not Viccy Victor 20 days ago

    who thought vikk and tmnr frags was a balanced team

  • Thought TRTLS
    Thought TRTLS 20 days ago

    Technoblade NEVER dies

  • Angela Carillas
    Angela Carillas 21 day ago +1

    I wonder when bedwars ever came to this game

  • OSM_ Innocent
    OSM_ Innocent 22 days ago +1

    3:23:30 roasted by James Charles

  • Chase Nenema
    Chase Nenema 23 days ago

    anyone wish ssundee did it fortnite ruined his life he was on of the oldest minecraft ytubers if only he went back to minecraft earlier

  • CrimsoNeo
    CrimsoNeo 23 days ago

    Why are people disliking so much?

  • From Philippines
    From Philippines 24 days ago

    No grape!!!!!!

  • Kitzunaa
    Kitzunaa 24 days ago

    Everyone please join flashcraft.apexmc.co it’s a op faction server!

  • Alpaca•
    Alpaca• 24 days ago

    Scummiest player in Minecraft Monday he didn’t deserve the money or the win skeppy and bbh should’ve won

  • Youtube Gaming
    Youtube Gaming 25 days ago

    Frags and ssundee😂😂😂

  • Ajith Ramanathan
    Ajith Ramanathan 25 days ago

    where are you going to stream H6M?? so excited!!

  • MLGSnyper
    MLGSnyper 26 days ago +2

    I thought watching vikk playing with james charles was boring this is more sweaty and boring

    ASTROAMP1 26 days ago +9

    Vikk and Techno would be so fun, the taunting would be unreal🤣

    • Fraser
      Fraser 22 days ago +4

      As much as I want them to get paired together for jokes, it just won’t happen because it’s the biggest unfair advantage ever lol.

  • Ibrahim Sharrocks
    Ibrahim Sharrocks 26 days ago

    imagine techno and preston on a team

  • Haroon Rasheed
    Haroon Rasheed 26 days ago

    When’s the game gonna start

  • Adam Aldridge
    Adam Aldridge 26 days ago

    2:17:20 Vikk said 3 and a half minutes as the timer goes down to 3:30 mins until lava run. Anyone else clock that XD.

  • Alex RDM
    Alex RDM 26 days ago

    Vikk u should do more factions your videos are really good

  • Nhelmar -PlaysMC
    Nhelmar -PlaysMC 27 days ago +1

    Dude why people HATING VIKK And PRESTON!!

  • ThatBoy Chris
    ThatBoy Chris 27 days ago

    Vikk the type of guy to run from a fight when Preston is killin' xD love you VIkk! xx lol

  • EdGe Light
    EdGe Light 27 days ago

    Games start at 23:00

  • Harrison Leach
    Harrison Leach 28 days ago

    Bring back pixelmon please 🙏🏼

  • Jamayia Sama
    Jamayia Sama 28 days ago

    I haven’t watch one of your video’s in years
    Aww little Vik growed up 😭😭

  • FlamekillerMLG
    FlamekillerMLG 28 days ago

    Preston and techno is better preston carried vikk

  • Joey Gehlen
    Joey Gehlen 28 days ago

    Still a fan i love the sidemen and minecraft but im just saying

  • Joey Gehlen
    Joey Gehlen 28 days ago

    Bryan decharts stream was also 3 hours and his had like 6 ads

  • Joey Gehlen
    Joey Gehlen 28 days ago +1

    You know ur rich when u have like 20 ads in a vid

  • Josh Lucas
    Josh Lucas 29 days ago

    58:48 game 3

  • Statiic Scrollz
    Statiic Scrollz Month ago

    It’s not fair tbh cause Preston too good

  • David Lewis
    David Lewis Month ago +1

    Is your name Alex

  • FSL_Lucky
    FSL_Lucky Month ago +2

    if u team with techno he will litterly get kicked from minecraft mondays

  • Ross Buckley
    Ross Buckley Month ago

    Why does Preston sound gay?

  • Kikcat Gaming
    Kikcat Gaming Month ago

    Play factions

  • Isaac Njuguna
    Isaac Njuguna Month ago +1


  • WavyBone Dre
    WavyBone Dre Month ago

    I got hella respect for you bro, always being a good homie 😂 offered to let speedy win

  • jamesproximity 15
    jamesproximity 15 Month ago

    Why does vik suck sidearms’ dick

  • jamesproximity 15
    jamesproximity 15 Month ago

    Pls play with poods

  • Daniel West
    Daniel West Month ago

    Team with tinny 😀

  • Cryfder-
    Cryfder- Month ago

    My childhood came back this video ngl I saw so many YTbers I watched years ago

  • Kyla The Human
    Kyla The Human Month ago


  • Kyla Ruscitti
    Kyla Ruscitti Month ago +1

    did preston upload mc monday videos??

  • James Beattie
    James Beattie Month ago

    That 5k gotta be feeling good

  • Capt. Fattbelly
    Capt. Fattbelly Month ago +1

    They should add uhc as a mini game

    • lilsperlo
      lilsperlo 27 days ago

      Capt. Fattbelly too long and slow paced probably

  • Its_The_GingerBread_Man

    Can u ware a full green t shirt so it’s just ur floating head

    • Owlescent
      Owlescent Day ago

      Its_The_GingerBread_Man but his chair?

  • Azure Randomness
    Azure Randomness Month ago +10

    Seeing Vikk type in “CraftBattleDuty” sent me somewhere oh my Lord
    I can’t see Preston or who did it but I bet it’s Mitch, I remember his stream, he was so salty towards the Veston team xD

  • Gabe Duhon
    Gabe Duhon Month ago +1

    Preston is so loud