Oppo put a periscope inside a phone

  • Published on Feb 24, 2019
  • At MWC 2019, Oppo showed off a new camera system with 10x lossless optical zoom. It works by using three cameras, one of which has a periscope setup inside the body of the phone. It's only a prototype for now, but Oppo will have it in a phone for sale by the summer.
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Comments • 296

  • Mackenzie Ryne Bagtong
    Mackenzie Ryne Bagtong 5 months ago +1

    Why that test phone has a notch when there's no camera and a sensor in it? They should've made it fullscreen with no notch.

  • ezHealing - Relaxing BGM

    Samsung has acquired Corephotonics, a patented x10 zoom technology.

  • Adiii
    Adiii 6 months ago

    Finally, some real innovation!

  • dragonfli_play
    dragonfli_play 6 months ago +1

    Any one alive ever remember Konica Minolta? They implemented this tech in a point and shoot device that did really well for its time...

  • Logan Flynn
    Logan Flynn 6 months ago

    If OnePlus 7 doesn't have this, IP69, it's a NO GO!!! DOA

  • Dawn MoonWolf
    Dawn MoonWolf 6 months ago

    hauwei could use this technology

  • Bushangels
    Bushangels 6 months ago

    Huawei P30 Pro is going to be the first mass market phone with this periscope 10x zoom setup.

  • Pewterschmidt
    Pewterschmidt 6 months ago

    i still dunno why we are not getting macro lens on phones

  • M. Arbah Binamin
    M. Arbah Binamin 6 months ago

    That camera software needs work though. Zooming through 1x to 10x seems terrible with a scroll wheel like that.

  • Anna S
    Anna S 6 months ago

    Cool! But umm.. where is the flashlight?

  • MithunOnThe.Net
    MithunOnThe.Net 6 months ago

    I used to think this was an innovation by Oppo. Turns out the tech is by an Israeli company called Core Photonics... which just acquired by Samsung.

  • Harshal Shah
    Harshal Shah 6 months ago

    reason for why no flash?

  • Marioboi259
    Marioboi259 7 months ago


  • Arjay Arceo
    Arjay Arceo 7 months ago


  • sarvesh lonakadi
    sarvesh lonakadi 7 months ago +2

    Where is the flash on the back?

    FIRDAUS HASHIM 7 months ago

    Would love to this on iphone, oh wait, iphone no more on top 10 innovative company

  • Moiz Ahmed
    Moiz Ahmed 7 months ago

    Where is asus zenfone 6???? And 6Z

  • Arnav Jindal
    Arnav Jindal 7 months ago

    Bad Audio Verge

  • Banana
    Banana 7 months ago +3

    *Perfect for concerts*

  • William Su
    William Su 7 months ago

    Yess they finally brought back the Periscope design! I've been waiting to see when they would use it since they unvieled it 2 years ago. My question is however where is the flash?

  • wadde faq
    wadde faq 7 months ago

    Pointless. They should focused on pic quality. Like Color, fuzziness, contrast, detailed. I use smartphone almost 15 years, a never use "zoom" function. Maybe it good for videographer vloggers, but of course they will use a proper camera, not a smartphone.

  • Andre
    Andre 7 months ago

    Google " so you added periscope" ?

  • SidewindeR
    SidewindeR 7 months ago

    Are you sure it's a mirror? Could be a refracting prism.

  • Rudram Golder
    Rudram Golder 7 months ago

    Why does the title sound like the surgery in a grape meme

  • Neha pande
    Neha pande 7 months ago

    Make a smartphone that can clean air

  • savio john
    savio john 7 months ago

    I want Jerry rig everything to rip it off

  • Top 01
    Top 01 7 months ago

    They should make their processors good like their cameras too

  • lil toaster
    lil toaster 7 months ago

    Imagine one day a cell phone with zoom like the nikon cool pix p900

  • Namreg Otto
    Namreg Otto 7 months ago

    Asus actually did it first 3 years ago in their Zenfone zoom. Just a rebirth of this technology that did not sell to majority of the consumers.

  • Pity me Nonchalang
    Pity me Nonchalang 7 months ago

    This kind of innovation pls.
    They kinda did this on asus before but it was ...

  • satria ibnurahman
    satria ibnurahman 7 months ago

    OPPO find X2?

  • M B
    M B 7 months ago

    Google be like 'Hold my beer, I can do that with software'

  • TechVidz
    TechVidz 7 months ago

    To bad it won't come to the US

    CIKEDEES 7 months ago

    The ultimate stalker phone

  • M G S
    M G S 7 months ago

    but the real question is, can this thing beats nikon p1000 in zooming?

  • Jihad Ali Khadra
    Jihad Ali Khadra 7 months ago

    Scope 10x

  • Cypher NX
    Cypher NX 7 months ago

    2:41 there's a guy using osmo pocket to review. awesome!

  • Sense of Humor
    Sense of Humor 7 months ago

    Lossless zoom just flopped from 8xzoom

  • Madasu Abhilash
    Madasu Abhilash 7 months ago

    2019 Periscope in a smartphone
    2050 Kaleidoscope in a smartphone πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Versatile Knowledge
    Versatile Knowledge 7 months ago +3

    Oppo & Vivo have been really innovative brands in the last couple of years.
    But they need to work on their UI a lot. :-)
    & In the Outro, you told no 6G sorry (Trump) 🀣🀣

    • Phrancis5
      Phrancis5 6 months ago

      I love physical android phone innovations, but not manufacturers insistence on making UI skins. I wish there were more Android One phones available.

  • Ahsan K
    Ahsan K 7 months ago

    Why does it look so hard to zoom in you look like you were struggling

  • vikas kumar
    vikas kumar 7 months ago

    The golden Era is over now...you know for whom...

  • Paulo Arinto
    Paulo Arinto 7 months ago

    Oppo 5x who remembers that?

  • Erik Alvarez
    Erik Alvarez 7 months ago

    The main camera tech I have been waiting for in a phone camera. Optical zoom

  • xilefx
    xilefx 7 months ago

    vlads videos are really falling behind

  • Helio P.
    Helio P. 7 months ago

    I liked very much the video, but I have to say that the title is misleading. The phone is using a prism system to change the lens mount.
    That's not a periscope - a periscope is an optical instrument that lets you see what's beyond a wall or other obstacles, while staying protected. Thank you.

  • Jacky Mo
    Jacky Mo 7 months ago

    Android is stepping up in 2019 y'all, hopefully Apple also has something in store for us

  • Brian Gray
    Brian Gray 7 months ago

    Not optical zoom. Not lossless.

  • jan maroto
    jan maroto 7 months ago

    Doesn't it starts at 25?

  • Tasin Chowdhury
    Tasin Chowdhury 7 months ago

    Using a periscope is a way to hide the front camera + sensors. Pretty sure it will happen.

  • Hakeem Adjei
    Hakeem Adjei 7 months ago

    OnePlus πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  • Oscar Lee
    Oscar Lee 7 months ago

    This is the game-changer we need, not foldable displays.

  • Sudip Chatterjee
    Sudip Chatterjee 7 months ago

    "No 6G, sorry!" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Brilliant! Bravo!πŸ˜‰

  • Yoan Mitov
    Yoan Mitov 7 months ago

    3 prime lenses does not mean optical zoom.

  • Jaiswal Siddharth
    Jaiswal Siddharth 7 months ago

    The made 5x for a phone few years back. But they didn't release a phone with it. I hope they release a phone with this 10x zoom.

  • Sanyam Jain
    Sanyam Jain 7 months ago

    You could have shared the image samples πŸ€”

  • Kedar Kshirsagar
    Kedar Kshirsagar 7 months ago

    So the periscope is important enough to be in the title but not so much to deserve more than 6 seconds of screen time!?

  • Billy Buttlord
    Billy Buttlord 7 months ago

    V L A W I D D A V E R G E

  • ilhamrj
    ilhamrj 7 months ago

    S10+ already has this technology.

  • spafro101
    spafro101 7 months ago