Teachers & Teens Take A High School Math Test

  • Published on Aug 19, 2019
  • "I'm never coming back to BuzzFeed if they make me take another math test!"
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Comments • 560

  • anushka maheshwari
    anushka maheshwari 11 hours ago

    Overacting blowing off the roof

  • Babatunde Bandanahead

    This highschool math test is like a C grade math test in the UK. Except I'm pretty sure we don't have geometry.

  • JamlessJoonie
    JamlessJoonie 2 days ago

    I want to see the questions

  • Jess Stewart
    Jess Stewart 3 days ago

    i feel as if this is easy math , especially for like seniors , i’m in s5 (year 12) and we did this like two years ago

  • grace !
    grace ! 6 days ago

    wait this is high school math
    i think i learnt these last year (im in middle school)

  • Sophia Sophie
    Sophia Sophie 7 days ago +1

    3:11 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I died of laughter
    “Is this real math?” Hahahaha hahahaha

  • Rojan Sayami
    Rojan Sayami 9 days ago

    The questions i saw and heard in this video was pretty easy. Thats like middle school math.

  • Rebecca Flores
    Rebecca Flores 9 days ago

    Did anyone laugh when he said “69”

  • OATMEAL with Soy Sauce

    3:40 mood

  • Brooklyn Hanninton
    Brooklyn Hanninton 11 days ago +1

    The fact that they’re talking during a test would’ve triggered me like bro, let me take a test in peace and let me think.

    SAVEGE BEAST 11 days ago

    I’ll be deadass witch y’all, I’d give myself an E- for a math test. I never remember anything I learn in math, after the end of summer I forget everything from my last class before summer. All I remember are the things that I have to use in all my school years like coordinate planes. Which I repeat to use in all math classes I’ve ever been in.

  • alna khaleel
    alna khaleel 12 days ago

    All these questions are so fricking easy

  • jinhit entertainment
    jinhit entertainment 12 days ago +1

    This just proves ur never gonna use half of this stuff

  • paffle
    paffle 12 days ago +3

    Everyone in the comments getting triggered that it’s middle school math, but after a three day weekend my brain literally forgets how to divide 😂

  • Pink Princess
    Pink Princess 12 days ago

    The teacher looks more like a teen and and the teen looks more like a teacher 😋

  • Vincent Tan
    Vincent Tan 13 days ago

    ..... Get a Sec 1 Math Student!

  • Arons
    Arons 14 days ago +1

    Check out my first vid

  • HeHaHu
    HeHaHu 14 days ago +1

    Asians vs Americans maths test. Do it. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Girls Have fun
    Girls Have fun 15 days ago

    2:01 tell me how that laugh sounded like that meme

  • JRF
    JRF 16 days ago

    I thought it was Demi Lovato on the thumbnail lol

  • haloosh _mas
    haloosh _mas 17 days ago

    The results😊

  • • oceanic •
    • oceanic • 17 days ago +1

    The first question easy as fucc lmao

  • Veronica Ng
    Veronica Ng 17 days ago

    tbh why does this seem so easy lmfao

  • It'z Your Gurl Ivy
    It'z Your Gurl Ivy 18 days ago

    just to make it clear

  • gabby miy
    gabby miy 20 days ago

    Bro why do the seniors like like low key freshman? Not in a mean way but they look so young lol

  • TaderVerse
    TaderVerse 20 days ago

    Hmm... talking during a test.. I can’t do that

  • IAmTamriver
    IAmTamriver 20 days ago

    Dude looks like a scuffed Matthew Perry, like lifes been hard on him after Friends

  • Aryan Raveshia
    Aryan Raveshia 22 days ago

    This is kids stuff...why is everyone making such a big deal out of it

    CHATTERBOX SUHAYLA 22 days ago

    me when i see my maths exam question paper

  • Sarah23
    Sarah23 22 days ago

    I literally just graduated with a Bachelors in Civil Engineering and I can’t remember how to do half of these questions lol. Once you take your upper division courses you utilize the calculus and general math you learned less and less. Honestly you just need to know how to do simple mathematics and understand mathematics concepts.

  • Raincie Comper
    Raincie Comper 23 days ago +1

    If only I actually had this math. Maybe I would pass my math class.

  • Ananya Singh
    Ananya Singh 24 days ago

    My Indian parents will be so disappointed after seeing this😂

  • thatlittlemonke
    thatlittlemonke 24 days ago

    Lmao I remember my higher Math exam that we had to do to get into uni was so hard that 70% of students in Scotland failed even tho they lowered the pass mark down to like 40% for a C and teachers that took the test after got B’s don’t know how they expected us to get A lmao

  • Clarissa Ellyn Hartono

    Hey... I love maths and im 13 but according to the questions they read, i feel like i wanna do it. Do you mind if you email me the test, i want to try my best to do it. Thx

  • KD Smith
    KD Smith 24 days ago +10

    This would have been a more interesting video if we could see the questions/answers.

  • yara g
    yara g 24 days ago

    this just proves that we don’t need half of the things we learn in maths

  • Redboy Hours
    Redboy Hours 25 days ago

    im good at math this is stressful

  • Carter Brown
    Carter Brown 25 days ago +2

    So y’all picked the dumbest people you could find for this video?

  • whoopz den deco
    whoopz den deco 25 days ago +1

    The girl teacher looks like glitterforever17

  • alyssaaa uwu
    alyssaaa uwu 25 days ago

    oh my days of algebra are coming after me

  • Lili Hohkraut
    Lili Hohkraut 25 days ago +5

    Wait I know this stuff...! where I live they teach us this stuff when we are 12 or 13?!

    • Lili Hohkraut
      Lili Hohkraut 24 days ago

      @Kathryn Kleiner didn't know that It's kinda sad that that is a thing though ☹️

    • Kathryn Kleiner
      Kathryn Kleiner 24 days ago

      As a middle school math teacher in the us, yes it's also taught in at that age here. Problem is culturally it's cool to be bad at math.

    TONG JIA SENG 26 days ago

    Can the questions be posted in the descriptions I wanna do it

  • Dom L
    Dom L 26 days ago

    Wow this is why I just made sure I did all of my math hw and easy credit work in high school so when I failed tests it didn’t hurt my grade too much 😂

  • Roxey
    Roxey 27 days ago

    How do you even get to high school without being able to answer these though...

  • Sampada Gurung
    Sampada Gurung 27 days ago +9

    Thank god our family moved to the UK instead of the US

  • Baddie 2005
    Baddie 2005 27 days ago

    I hate math so much

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr 27 days ago +1


  • sOpHiE cHaN
    sOpHiE cHaN 28 days ago

    I'm 14 and I've done all those types of qns b4...

  • MHU channel
    MHU channel 28 days ago

    Plot twist *the paper was a paid actor*

  • CentralCat
    CentralCat 28 days ago

    What do Americans do on school man, I'm a senior in highschool too and I think I could've done it way better than them :/

  • KD Briar
    KD Briar 28 days ago +1

    Everyone in the comments saying "oh that's literally so easy give them harder questions"
    Excuse you. I graduated high school last year and I barely passed math every single year cause I did not understand it. To me these questions were the bane of my existence.
    Math. Is. Hard.
    Even "simple" ones like those.

  • Bruna Borges
    Bruna Borges 28 days ago

    Is it wrong that I just want to solve these questions? BTW, this are not high school questions. What the hell do you guys learn in the US?

  • Krusty Kreme
    Krusty Kreme 28 days ago

    Seeing this on the verge of returning to school is haunting

  • Allison Newman
    Allison Newman 28 days ago

    Dude where's the score

  • chatparesseux
    chatparesseux 28 days ago +1

    Engineer vs mathematician take math tests

  • Legendary Derp duck
    Legendary Derp duck 28 days ago


  • Andrea Toth
    Andrea Toth 28 days ago

    The teachers kept saying the problems out loud I’d be like “STFU I CAN’T THINK”

  • Happy Jazzy
    Happy Jazzy 28 days ago +1

    Does a preschool tracher count tho

  • Teddys For life
    Teddys For life 28 days ago +8

    Preschool teacher:I don't know how I'm gonna do this sh*t
    *preschool kids gasp*

  • Mahissimo
    Mahissimo 28 days ago +1

    Watching this makes me wondering why you don't show and explain the tasks. Instead we're all just watching people fail on maths and make fun of it. But if you don't know Kim Kardashian, there's a shitstorm coming.