• Published on Sep 26, 2019
  • The third episode of REUS TO GLORY in FIFA 20! The ruleless ROAD TO GLORY around Marco Reus! I hope you enjoy episode 3 of REUS TO GLORY FIFA 20?! #FIFA20 #ReusToGlory #FIFA20ReusToGlory
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  • Ieuan George
    Ieuan George Month ago +288

    Your videos are so fun to watch keep it up

  • Arubaruna
    Arubaruna Day ago

    7:06 insert naughty-daddy-sound-effect

  • Gustavo Cedeno
    Gustavo Cedeno Month ago

    Your videos make me interested about FUT again! Keep up the good content.

  • Watjafrpic Watkins
    Watjafrpic Watkins Month ago

    Change reus number to 11

  • Cody Dolan
    Cody Dolan Month ago

    Ur vids r class makes me so happy watching u

  • Laura Burchill
    Laura Burchill Month ago

    Reev keep up the good work love your vids

  • Finlay Carter
    Finlay Carter Month ago

    Get pukki for a sub

  • Ellis Kendall
    Ellis Kendall Month ago

    Get Wendell left back Brazilian and from bundesliga

  • cokenn11
    cokenn11 Month ago

    You look like a sexy ninja with the hair

  • Hi
    Hi Month ago +1

    Get IF Thuram I’ve got him and he’s sick reminds me of fifa 17 Lukaku

  • Alfie Brook
    Alfie Brook Month ago

    The only rtg I actually watch

  • Ramzi Doughan
    Ramzi Doughan Month ago

    Change reus kit number

  • 13thall
    13thall Month ago

    Your Road To Glory videos are dope, I rarely sub to FIFA players but this channel is actually worth it. Well done!

  • Its VirtualWorld
    Its VirtualWorld Month ago

    Reus Is my favorite footballer because he is born in the same place as me in Germany and we have the same birthday

  • Louis Birch
    Louis Birch Month ago

    Buy Schulz he’s 12 k and he’s really good

  • Tommy Kelsall
    Tommy Kelsall Month ago

    Make Reus number 4, as it's the fourth series!

  • king Munich
    king Munich Month ago

    You could try the other English rm in the bundesliga lookman I think it is

  • Brent Smith
    Brent Smith Month ago

    Reev will you start a career mode with Bury again on Fifa 20?

  • Adam JR
    Adam JR Month ago +2

    "holy, wow." Reev. 2019.

  • Gursikh Gill Vlogs
    Gursikh Gill Vlogs Month ago

    Put biabiany rw for Sancho

    E.DWARD Month ago

    Tapped arsenal fan🤢

  • DudeStrudser
    DudeStrudser Month ago

    buy mendy left back

  • Bradleyc Fifa
    Bradleyc Fifa Month ago

    Put kimmich at lb

  • Ryan Hossein Nejad
    Ryan Hossein Nejad Month ago

    Great series mate! keep up the good work

  • ToaXst WR
    ToaXst WR Month ago

    Anyone know what camera angle he is using? (On Fifa)

  • FatySimulator
    FatySimulator Month ago

    Post more reus to glory I love this series sooo much keep up the good work Reev

  • Logan Doerr
    Logan Doerr Month ago

    Reev will hit 1 mill before the new year

  • juan
    juan Month ago +2

    “You’re a legend mate” I love that 😂

  • MisT
    MisT Month ago +3

    MyBday is on October 2nd so please upload on that day so I can watch you on my
    new laptop

  • Emma Bracegirdle
    Emma Bracegirdle Month ago

    Why are you not finishing your BUILDING BURY series. Plz plz plz carry on with it as was really enjoyable. Thanks emma 👍👍

  • Marcelo De Leon
    Marcelo De Leon Month ago

    You sound just exactly like Spencer FC

  • Stephen Call
    Stephen Call Month ago

    Do u recommend lacazet I have 600k for my team it rtg

  • Yeet Man
    Yeet Man Month ago +1

    Keep it up man love the content

  • Yeet Man
    Yeet Man Month ago

    Everyone sub to reev

  • Funky Shenanigan787
    Funky Shenanigan787 Month ago +1

    Your videos are always amazing keep it up

  • Stevie J
    Stevie J Month ago +1

    I packed sancho Yesterday and sold him for 37.5k. Getting a good team just depends on those packs.

    • Kuolemanlaakso
      Kuolemanlaakso Month ago

      Exactly, it's pay to win. A game rated PEGI 3 has gambling in it. Let that sink in.

  • Clay Thompson
    Clay Thompson Month ago


  • Trilla Slav
    Trilla Slav Month ago

    Don’t get me wrong, cool videos but you clearly said “I had 1500 or 1800(don’t remember) fifa points” last video. That’s spending money???? Doesn’t help the ones who can’t spend money..

    • REEV
      REEV  Month ago

      I had to get reus, watch episode 1, that might help clear it up.

  • HaydenJT 3012
    HaydenJT 3012 Month ago

    Imagine if somebody took the club name Reus2Glory5 lmao

    • HaydenJT 3012
      HaydenJT 3012 Month ago

      REEV I didn’t know that 😂😂

    • REEV
      REEV  Month ago +2

      It doesn’t get taken, people can have the same club name

  • mjohnson04
    mjohnson04 Month ago

    when vinicius’ loan runs out buy rodrygo the other brazilian real madrid left winger

  • king matthew479
    king matthew479 Month ago

    Number 9 for gaming

  • kaioken goku
    kaioken goku Month ago

    Try getting asensio LW and alcacer ST

  • JTWM Records
    JTWM Records Month ago

    why don't you buy mesut ozil because he gets strong link to lacezette and links to reus give me a thumbs up if you think so

  • pierce productions
    pierce productions Month ago +1

    We got #8 in trending yayy

    • pierce productions
      pierce productions Month ago

      @REEV come on I'm a huge arsenal fan

    • pierce productions
      pierce productions Month ago

      @REEV shout out in next vid?😆😆

    • pierce productions
      pierce productions Month ago

      @REEV ye fair enough at least I got to talk to u thx ☺

    • REEV
      REEV  Month ago

      pierce productions hurt by saying it’s not Pinned? When it wasn’t? Just hearted

    • pierce productions
      pierce productions Month ago

      @REEV ouch...hurt by one of my favourite youtubers gg reev gg

  • Tom Barron
    Tom Barron Month ago

    Get ozil when have enough

  • Andymuzzz
    Andymuzzz Month ago +1

    REEV this series is the best fifa 20 series on TheXvid I love it so much and it makes me so happy when I see it uploaded

  • Big Boy Baron YT
    Big Boy Baron YT Month ago

    Buy rousillion or halsenberg

    COCO FAM3 Month ago

    I’m watching this in class

  • Mason Askew
    Mason Askew Month ago

    I'm loving the series and you make it so fun to watch. Keep up the good work cause you're an absolute legend mate.

  • edmund 2003
    edmund 2003 Month ago

    Change Reus to number 11 please


    Bro your intro amazing 🔥🔥👍

  • Foxy Fox
    Foxy Fox Month ago

    307 comment

  • Beinn Sinclair
    Beinn Sinclair Month ago

    Make Reus no. 11

  • Pavol Volcek
    Pavol Volcek Month ago

    Reev u should buy Konate and Upamecano from Leipzig

  • dee waller
    dee waller Month ago

    U need to get ozil as he will get perfect link to laca and he wil get a week link to reus

  • Amman Haider
    Amman Haider Month ago +1

    Why u playing Reus cm

  • The purple egg
    The purple egg Month ago +1

    You should buy Sancho so you can have him for the rest of the series

  • Tom Dolan
    Tom Dolan Month ago

    You probably won’t read this but can you tell me in sancho is good I packed tradeable CR7 and have bout sancho now but haven’t got early access to play

  • Peter Devonshire
    Peter Devonshire Month ago

    Loving the content though

    THE KNIGHT Month ago +1

    Almost at 700K