Guess The YouTuber Challenge (Impossible)

  • Published on Oct 16, 2020
  • Guess Who Board Game ft. @FaZe Teeqo @FaZe Nikan @FaZe Kay with a TheXvid Twist: we incorporated your favorite and most handsome creators: MrBeast, David Dobrik, Logan Paul, FaZe Rug, KSI, Miniminter, Vikkstar123, W2S, Sidemen, James Charles, Danny Duncan, Casey Neistat, FamilyGum, Tfue, DramaAlert, Cody Ko, Dream, Niko Omilana, Jake Paul, ZHC, LazarBeam, Matt Stonie and PewDiePie.
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  • dillon steffen
    dillon steffen Year ago +732

    nikan: do they have over 10 mill subs?
    jarvis: yes.
    nikan: *puts down lazarbeam*

    • Josh Steley
      Josh Steley Month ago

      LOL was just about to comment that

    • [HZN] Prez
      [HZN] Prez 11 months ago


    • Guillermo Jr Alvarez
      Guillermo Jr Alvarez Year ago

      He also put down mat stonie and he has over 10 mill

    • AKR7
      AKR7 Year ago

      @Santhosh Lakshmivarahan I said sry

    • AKR7
      AKR7 Year ago

      @Santhosh Lakshmivarahan ye dude I realized that

  • yo
    yo Year ago +87

    “Is your TheXvidr over the age of 25”
    “Lets take out all the old people”
    “Takes out dream”
    Also dream: 21 years old

    • Athallah Hilmy
      Athallah Hilmy 2 months ago

      by any chance do u kno what this game called? i mean that board cuz i wanna buy it

    • The boys Shorts
      The boys Shorts 10 months ago

      Yea true

    • Nate The Great BOI
      Nate The Great BOI 11 months ago


    • Vrexx
      Vrexx 11 months ago +1

      Also Nikan asked "Does your subscriber have over 10 million subscribers" and Jarvis said "Yes." But even then they took out lazerbeam who most definitely had more than 10 mill subs at that point. 10:33

    • 1DkWH4T _T0pU7h3r3
      1DkWH4T _T0pU7h3r3 11 months ago +1

      They only took him out because they were confident it wasn’t him

  • Wyatt Nemeth
    Wyatt Nemeth 3 months ago

    Let’s take the moment to appreciate how much effort he puts into his content for us. Great job

    • Athallah Hilmy
      Athallah Hilmy 2 months ago

      by any chance do u kno what this game called? i mean that board cuz i wanna buy it

  • TheRedWithin
    TheRedWithin 11 months ago +3

    “Does your youtuber have to film from a specific location”
    Dream who makes all Minecraft videos
    Teeqo: Flips his card down

  • Sparky!
    Sparky! Year ago

    Thank you FaZe I’m now obsessed with the dream team lol😂

  • FRF
    FRF Year ago +418

    It wasn't a tie though, it was Jarvis and frazier turn and they guessed it so they won

    • Abeer Mahmood
      Abeer Mahmood 2 months ago +1

      Jarvis and kay

    • FRF
      FRF 2 months ago

      It's called guess who

    • Athallah Hilmy
      Athallah Hilmy 2 months ago +1

      by any chance do u kno what this game called? i mean that board cuz i wanna buy it

    • FRF
      FRF Year ago +1

      @Snehehee Eebbsshshsh me? I was just confused 🤷

    • Snehehee Eebbsshshsh
      Snehehee Eebbsshshsh Year ago +1

      There’s always someone that has to say something like that

  • Papi Thanos
    Papi Thanos Year ago +1

    Dream probably earned around 1 million subscribers in the span of when they started the game and when they ended it

  • ?izzy¿
    ?izzy¿ Year ago +13

    I love watching this video now because of when they ask if they’ve ever been canceled and they left David Dobrik up lmao

    • 999 TJ
      999 TJ 10 months ago +1

      All 4 of them playing the game aren’t cancelled, they’re kicked and suspended lol 😬

    • Sowceitup
      Sowceitup 11 months ago

      @lightex3 he really has only had 1 major problem

    • lightex3
      lightex3 11 months ago

      and also dream whos getting cancelled every week lmao

    • Daniel Malvaez
      Daniel Malvaez Year ago


  • Alma Stewart
    Alma Stewart Year ago +352

    “Does your TheXvidr have over ten million subs”
    Flips over Lazarbeam

  • Kaylin Wuckert
    Kaylin Wuckert Year ago

    They should do a part 2 of this

  • lil’ Wolf
    lil’ Wolf Year ago +686

    “Does your TheXvidr have over ten million subs”
    *Flips over Lazarbeam*

  • Cristiano Ronaldo

    I wanna get the game board 😂❤️

  • Vinny Perry
    Vinny Perry Year ago

    Dream, POGGED! Through the challenge.

  • GhostAtlas
    GhostAtlas Year ago

    faze teeqo is actually an amazing human

  • Dylan Park
    Dylan Park Year ago +4

    Lazarbeam sees that Nikan knocked him down even though he has 10 mil+ subs.
    Lazarbeams reaction:😢

  • redtrapsalot
    redtrapsalot Year ago +273

    Nikan: "Does your youtuber have over 10mil subs"?
    Jarvis: yes
    *Lazarbeam was ejected*

  • strong mufassa
    strong mufassa Year ago +2

    is it only me whos craving the hot wings in the first round

  • True Esports
    True Esports Year ago

    PART 2!!!!! PLEASE!

  • hxskify ✔️
    hxskify ✔️ Year ago

    this video was by far the best video by Faze Jarvis so far.

  • J1VE
    J1VE Year ago +11

    Just pointing out that in the round after Jarvis gets iced lazarbeam has 10 million + subscribers

  • BTG
    BTG Year ago +296

    Nikan : Do They Have Over 10M Subs?
    Jarvis : Yes
    Nikan : puts down LazarBeam and Matt Stonie
    Me : *aRe YoU oK?*

  • Gurtpower
    Gurtpower Year ago +1

    Did you guys know that the bruvas already won? Teeqan went before their turn so basically the bruvas won

  • Cameron C
    Cameron C 6 months ago

    The reason you two won is cause you chose FaZe Rug and thank you for choosing him he's my favorite TheXvidr

  • Yashi
    Yashi Year ago +2

    Nikan and Teeqos relationship is a must want

  • Masood Anwar
    Masood Anwar Year ago

    Congrats on 4 mil!!

  • MrMIL
    MrMIL Year ago +5

    I love how teeqo calls the ones with GF’s simps😂😂

  • Salih Sahin
    Salih Sahin Year ago

    11:53 it shouldnt be a tie, kay&jarvis shouldve won bc it was their turn

  • 2cn
    2cn 5 months ago

    jarvis: does your youtuber own a lambo?
    teeqo: yes
    jarvis: WOOOOOOOO *closes mrbeast*

  • mcprogamerxd123
    mcprogamerxd123 Year ago

    Fun Fact: practicing in a game can make you better.

  • Ricardo Perez
    Ricardo Perez Year ago +133

    Frazier was about to ask if James Charles had a girlfriend 😂😂😂

  • THIH65
    THIH65 Year ago

    I love y’all so funny

  • ellierea
    ellierea Year ago

    "Is your youtuber older than 25?"
    *takes out dream*

  • Abishek Sundararaman

    Can someone count how many times Teeqo and Nikan fist bumped?

  • roshan mehaboob
    roshan mehaboob Year ago +1

    i lost brain cells when he flipped the bloody legend askin if the guy has 10 mil subs

  • Eli Ritchie
    Eli Ritchie Year ago +186

    Asks if James Charles is their friend
    Jarvis: Definitely not
    I’m literally dying

  • Khaled Hamadeh
    Khaled Hamadeh Year ago

    Bro I keep on looking at Dream and it makes me sooo happy

  • Lolo Lopez
    Lolo Lopez Year ago

    Jarvis looks more fit in his recent vids then how he does now fw the grind

  • ClappuYT
    ClappuYT Year ago

    Have Nikan and Teeqo heard of the dream team???

  • Melanie scougall
    Melanie scougall Year ago +21

    *I Love How The Games Are Sitting On Lyrical Lemonade Boxes*

  • 3_ 4jy
    3_ 4jy Year ago +499

    did he seriously put Lazar down for having less than 10 mil and he has 17 mil

  • LeeShon Dolch
    LeeShon Dolch Year ago

    Its cool to see mr beast in this mr beast should do the same thing with them in it

  • Matty
    Matty Year ago +1

    dang, hot wings are the punishment for losing the game!?? I would purposely lose the game to get some of those wings!

  • Yunis tareb
    Yunis tareb Year ago

    In round 2 Jarvis and Kay should’ve asked if they have been in faze

  • Cuty Thurtuss
    Cuty Thurtuss Year ago +1

    you and Kay won as it was technically you guys' turn.

  • bethaney
    bethaney Year ago +15

    I love how Jarvis did that at the end💕🥺 I’ve never seen someone do that with their fans

  • Tony Deng
    Tony Deng Year ago +1

    When teeqo says he is gonna get the best youtuber out of all of them. dream be like watching this video.:Dream YO WDYM M DA BEST TheXvidR!!!!11!!1!!!

  • Fun with grace Weston

    Sick keep it up love you x🥳🥳

  • Jason's Clips
    Jason's Clips 5 months ago +1

    KSI didnt even have a lamborghini and they kept him up for having a lambo lmao

  • KitKat Kate
    KitKat Kate Year ago

    Do more of this

  • Leonard Sherman
    Leonard Sherman 4 months ago

    Is that dream He's like The most famous youtuber online

  • keewax.
    keewax. Year ago

    Make more of these

  • Hitman AR
    Hitman AR Year ago +18

    10:41 LazarBeam has over 10 mil............... hold up wait a minute this ain't right. lol

  • Samuel Otoole
    Samuel Otoole Year ago

    U guys should do more of dose vids bro hella 🤩

  • Slikvfx
    Slikvfx Year ago +68

    Teeqo: Does your TheXvid’s have a girlfriend??
    Frazier: *Points at James Charles* does he...

  • xxIceEDITZxx
    xxIceEDITZxx Year ago +39

    Tittle: Guess the youtuber challenge (impossible)
    Me: that thumbnail don’t look impossible

  • Nikki & Craig Ross
    Nikki & Craig Ross Year ago +1

    Do a part two

  • Nolan G
    Nolan G Year ago +2

    Has your TheXvid ever been canceled
    Doesn’t put down David dobrik
    That didn’t age well

  • Hussain08Mahmood
    Hussain08Mahmood Year ago

    The thing is technically Jarvis and Kay won cause it was their turn

  • kugo父
    kugo父 Year ago +5

    Is it just me or nikan just said “ I wish I had that “ 9:17 I was dying when he said 😂

  • T H A N O S
    T H A N O S Year ago +17

    They could've found dream easily by just saying "Does your youtuber shows face" and *BOOOOOOOM* EZY

    • marcus contreras
      marcus contreras Year ago

      But if the answer was no it would be useless

    • T H A N O S
      T H A N O S Year ago

      @TheLoneWolf thanks 😊!

    • T H A N O S
      T H A N O S Year ago

      @TheLoneWolf yeah still could've just asked, asking doesn't hurt ya ;)

    • Gaming TF
      Gaming TF Year ago +1


  • Musty
    Musty Year ago +19

    actually frazier and jarvis won bcuz their turn was frost and they would have got it before teqoo and nikan .and teqoo and nikan had the first go so yh

  • Borri
    Borri 11 months ago +1

    Please do more!

  • Jacob lashuk
    Jacob lashuk Year ago +1

    You should do a guess who rapper edition

  • Doge
    Doge Year ago +82

    Dream has made a song tho!
    “I am a dog, under a log, under da tree, bu bum ba bum!”

  • Jusna Hussain
    Jusna Hussain Year ago +3

    Bruh in the second round there was a question. “Does ur character live in LA” and litterely KSI WAS STILL UP NOT DOWN HE LIVES IN ENGLAND SHEESH

  • Simon Bodjanac
    Simon Bodjanac Year ago +2

    Ksi and W2S dont have lambos 😂😂😂😂. Ksi used to.

  • Natasha Wiest
    Natasha Wiest Year ago

    Technically Jarvis and Kay won cuz it was their turn.

  • Zoro Eishtanger
    Zoro Eishtanger Year ago

    part 2 pls

  • PatronCris
    PatronCris Year ago +1682

    They should do a part 2 of this

  • Brody de Vry
    Brody de Vry Year ago +1

    Yes Mr. beast has a girlfriend 🤣🤣🤣

  • Sam was not The Impostor

    7:20 You should of asked if there in sidemen

  • FlyingRyan874
    FlyingRyan874 Year ago +6

    When they did the does your TheXvid have a girl friend and they pointed at James Charles I was dying 😂 1:35

  • alfsters.ツ
    alfsters.ツ Year ago


  • YoIts Miguel
    YoIts Miguel Year ago +11

    Nikan: does your TheXvid have over 10 million subs
    Jarvis: yes
    *puts down lazarbeam*
    Lazarbeam: Over 16 million subs

    • Seba
      Seba Year ago

      yea i thought that to

  • Just_a_werid_person

    This is a good video I whant a part two

  • Reuben R
    Reuben R Year ago +3

    The mates should’ve won it was their go

  • fxrnweh Hehe
    fxrnweh Hehe Year ago +5

    At 5:34 i was wondering why Dream was put down but then again not everyone knows he is 21

  • Nieve S
    Nieve S Year ago

    How did they tie because it was Frazier and Jarvis’s turn and they guessed it correct🧐🤨

  • Barack Obama
    Barack Obama Year ago +3

    5:34 dream is older then 25 😂✨

  • Frostex
    Frostex Year ago +17

    i mean jarvis and kay won, cause they guessed it on their turn

  • LxstExotiic ___
    LxstExotiic ___ Year ago +2

    Jarvis:there’s too many simps
    The viewers:-_-

  • A Satrape
    A Satrape 3 months ago

    correction in round two the blue side missed james charles he's 21

  • Catco ,
    Catco , Year ago +5

    They didn’t put ksi down when they said if they have a girlfriend 😂
    Ksi has a girlfriend you know

  • Creepo
    Creepo 24 days ago

    bro ngl just watching them eat spicy wings made my tongue feel weird

  • Night Sab Tv
    Night Sab Tv Year ago

    On the thumbnail they put KSI and Logan Paul, next to each other🤣😂

  • FrostedGeneralYT
    FrostedGeneralYT Year ago +5

    I was laughing when he said “lets take out all the old people”

  • Laimazing Gamezs
    Laimazing Gamezs Year ago

    The thumbnail doesn’t look impossible

  • Sergio Canseco
    Sergio Canseco Year ago

    Part 2!

  • please subscribe
    please subscribe Year ago

    Can you please do a part 2

  • Jc Pena
    Jc Pena 2 months ago

    Nikan and teeqo could've said "does your character do make up"

  • YTJacob
    YTJacob Year ago +1

    Faze jarvis when he boxes June 5th gonna get more aimbot power

  • Aarav Yadav
    Aarav Yadav Year ago +3

    Imagine giving mrbeast 1 thousands dollars that’s like pouring a bottle of water into the ocean no 🧢

  • dom.
    dom. Year ago

    I dont know why but I always feel like Teeqo is a kid in the body of an adult

  • MrCodeNFL
    MrCodeNFL Year ago +4

    literally put down lannan for the question does he have 10 mill subs he has 17 mill subs bruh and if that isn't enough for them to believe that he does not have 10 mill subs he has literally been in a movie

  • Hot dog And mustard
    Hot dog And mustard Year ago +2

    They say they are friends with W2S and KSI but they don’t know ksi sold it years back and w2s just filmed with it in a diss track whilst ksi was away

  • Senseiii
    Senseiii Year ago

    Do another guess who video !!!

  • KyleStar FN
    KyleStar FN Year ago +71

    Nikan: does your youtuber have over 10 million subs
    Jarvis: yah
    Nikan: gets rid of Lazarbeam

  • tyler finley
    tyler finley Year ago

    hold up we need to talk about how nikan was in a private browser

  • Lil Twerner
    Lil Twerner Year ago +8

    The time I’m watching it, I’m having hot wings for dinner

  • Jaeke
    Jaeke Year ago

    If Jarvis Was Smart He Woulda Say This : Are U Subbed To Your TheXvidr