Why SpaceX's Newest Rocket Will Never Go to Space (Hint, it’s not supposed to)

  • Published on Jan 9, 2019
  • SpaceX is building a massive massive new rocket down in Boca Chica Texas that will never make it to space. No, this isn’t clickbait, this particular rocket will never go to space. Because it’s not designed to.
    This is just a hopper version of their upcoming starship, that some people are calling StarHopper, and at first, this thing will likely only fly a few meters at most. But don’t get me wrong, of course when the actual Starship goes online, I fully expect it to make it to space!
    So today we’re going to do a quick history on SpaceX’s previous fleet of hoppers, why they build them, what this one is going to accomplish and then we’ll build a version in Kerbal Space Program and demonstrate what we’ll hopefully see the StarHopper do in 2019!
    How to install Realism Overhaul to Kerbal Space Program - thexvid.com/video/0a6PLkDUWF4/video.html
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  • Andrew Meyer
    Andrew Meyer 8 days ago +639

    Haha, now there's a title. Super-clickbaity to anyone who doesn't know about Starhopper, but at the same time completely accurate and not even particularly surprising to anyone who's been keeping up with SpaceX.

    • t H
      t H 3 days ago +1

      +P. A. nailed it

    • Carlos_A_M
      Carlos_A_M 6 days ago +2

      +P. A. of course it says the video is not clickbait because the title and thumbnail explain how he is talking about the newest spacex ship, the star hopper.

    • P. A.
      P. A. 6 days ago +2

      +Carlos_A_M Because it is. And the fact that the very first thing mentioned in the video was how the headline wasn't a clickbait only proves my point. Consider my first comment a friendly warning (wink). But seriously we're wasting energy on discussing the obvious. I didn't start the thread. Wasn't even going to. @Everyday Astronaut does fantastic job, and that's what we should take from it, right?

    • farvision
      farvision 6 days ago +3

      Ok, so how do you keep up with SpaceX?

    • Carlos_A_M
      Carlos_A_M 7 days ago +1

      +P. A. then why did you cross out the text to imply its clickbait?

  • hardcorerabanrk
    hardcorerabanrk 43 minutes ago

    looks like the nazi v2

  • Plasma 1
    Plasma 1 4 hours ago

    BFR, oh it's called the big fuc... I mean big falcon rocket!

  • MAWA
    MAWA 12 hours ago

    This guy sounds sarcastic yet he isn't being so.

  • Eduard Maxim
    Eduard Maxim 12 hours ago

    And there you are, having to use a clickbait title just to get some views. "but the thumbnail clarifies it", you'll say. Of course it does, so he can have an excuse.

  • John C
    John C 13 hours ago

    Elon Musk is an idiot! All his projects are useless and failing. They are unreal, unpractical and totally crazy! Drilling tunnels for cars, the Tesla cars and this stupid space project with public flights. It's so insane that it is embarrasing! It's like he has an infinite amount of funny money given to him by the Deep State to spend spend spend and keep the current economic bubble going. It will all go POOOF very soon anyway as the Central Banks are being exposed and taken out!

  • Luka Nys
    Luka Nys 14 hours ago

    Most clickbait video that I watched in months wow unsubscribe

  • Kyle Nolan
    Kyle Nolan 15 hours ago


  • Blitz Multhe
    Blitz Multhe 16 hours ago

    Is it just me or does Tim look like he has Heterochromia in this video, Hmmmmmm?

    • Everyday Astronaut
      Everyday Astronaut  15 hours ago

      They do quite a bit. Even Elon said “good eye” and I was self conscious about which one is the good one 😂

    • Blitz Multhe
      Blitz Multhe 16 hours ago

      Nobody ever says anything about it.

    • Blitz Multhe
      Blitz Multhe 16 hours ago

      I can't believe that I never noticed!

    • Everyday Astronaut
      Everyday Astronaut  16 hours ago

      I do have heterochromia, in every video 😂

  • R D
    R D 18 hours ago

    btw, i understand that testing is different, but wouldnt it make sense for SpaceX to build the Superheavy and Starship at cape canaveral's lunch site? (or as close to possible to a site they intend to launch from)

  • stevewassailing
    stevewassailing Day ago

    I just don't know enough yet to understand why, "an engine just might go out"...how does that happen with our current grasp on engineering? When do we get to the day where I jump in, turn the key, head on over to the fuel station and then go for a Sunday drive? Flight? Mission??? BTW...I am really enjoying this channel...love the enthusiasm!! (and cool interesting info!!)

  • LPMeternum
    LPMeternum Day ago

    wow they're putting ads right in the center of video's now..... no thank you!

  • All Things M3
    All Things M3 Day ago

    Doesn’t matter that it blew up after the 9th or whatever number of launches. That’s way more uses than any rocket in history. Pure genius.

  • peter mcmahon
    peter mcmahon Day ago

    FAKE EX !!!!!!!!!!

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy Day ago

    **Elon Musk reads video title**
    "O rly? Hold my beer."

  • Broccoli_32
    Broccoli_32 Day ago

    Hey Tim do you think starship could be used as a launch escape system in the event of an emergency?

  • The Great Mechanized Ape

    and you will be able to buy a model 3 for $30K!!!!!!! my god, do they ever learn? LOL

    • Everyday Astronaut
      Everyday Astronaut  Day ago

      The original quote was $35k, and guess what, not sure if you missed it, but if you live in California you can already buy a Model 3 for $35,950 after tax incentives and that's not even the "short range" model. So yeah, that happened last year.

  • The Great Mechanized Ape

    An actual Starship would have to be capable of going to another star other than our own.. you fake nerd...

    • Everyday Astronaut
      Everyday Astronaut  Day ago

      So what do you think about Boeing's Starliner? Where's your outrage on that? Or are you just anti Elon Musk, based on your follow up question, it seems you have a grudge against Musk, which is fine. I just don't share you sentiment about having grudges against anyone working to advance any program.

  • Aqua Vitae
    Aqua Vitae Day ago

    Use '#antigrav' tech. #Dielectric acceleration

  • Syed Habib
    Syed Habib Day ago

    The head is less pointy. Pointy is scare.- dictator aladeen

  • markerdude
    markerdude Day ago

    They probably realized their new rocket shaped, helium balloon wasn't fooling enough people.

  • John Leicester
    John Leicester Day ago

    Voyage to Mars, to increase and offer a good space could increase and make a catamaran or a trimaran with two starships and a round module or another starship but without a big tank, in the center to exercise, Gyn, cafeteria, restaurant laundry, storage and other activities, with the following figure 101 or 111 or another design that at the top could deploy a solar sail, This ship will be assembled in space in Earth's orbit, also this device might have Dragon capsules to use of emergency, like a lifeboat, then When it reaches the orbit of Mars, the two BFRs will separate and land, leaving the module in space for the return.

  • Chiraz Ayari
    Chiraz Ayari Day ago


  • SamCat FREEZE_YT


  • Magic Cookies
    Magic Cookies Day ago

    Why not BFR
    Big Fu**ing Rocket!
    Don't judge, you thought of it too ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Ty James
    Ty James Day ago

    Yes computer algorithms work better at doing this than a human controller common 👨

  • Gene Phipps
    Gene Phipps Day ago

    You need to add a video to your list titled "trinkling" =)

  • Notmyrealname
    Notmyrealname Day ago

    Hmm when will space x do something original.... McDonnel Douglas did this in the early 90s why do we care

  • Julio Castillo
    Julio Castillo 2 days ago

    Dog why you click bait me

  • T1Oracle
    T1Oracle 2 days ago

    Long story short: Star hopper is a test vehicle, to test take off and landing (hopping) with the new engines.

  • Mind Breaker
    Mind Breaker 2 days ago

    I saw your advertisement for spinning globes! It was cool.

  • Michael Moore
    Michael Moore 2 days ago

    6:30 You have no life

  • HackedRobot1
    HackedRobot1 2 days ago

    I live nearby and saw it in person. It's short and fat. Kind of a cartoon egg shape looking thing.

    BLACK BEARD 2 days ago

    I really hope someone from musks team sees this and suggests they do helipad landing on a building lmfao
    Elon: Challenge excepted.

  • Stanislav Braila
    Stanislav Braila 2 days ago

    I like the BFR name more then Star Ship!!!

    T-ROY FOOTLONG 2 days ago

    Spaceship"spaceship" spaceship"spaceship

  • I Energy Supply
    I Energy Supply 2 days ago

    When are we going to fly by the moon and get ultra hd pictures? Why haven't we done that yet?

  • billy toob
    billy toob 2 days ago

    Have you taken the Chris Hadfield master class?

  • Xtrech
    Xtrech 2 days ago

    That title *_triggered_* me
    *(* I'm a big fan of *SpaceX)*

  • Raymie Deans
    Raymie Deans 2 days ago

    howcome no one except spacex managed to film it?

  • Bob Of Atlantis
    Bob Of Atlantis 2 days ago

    Grid fins won't work on Mars, at least not enough to include them.

  • wapitigon 666
    wapitigon 666 2 days ago

    this duude a man child
    gets real wet over rockets

  • niven poovanen
    niven poovanen 3 days ago

    Captain obvious

  • Roger Garrett
    Roger Garrett 3 days ago

    So now the Big Falcon Rocket is no longer called the Big Falcon Rocket (no doubt because so many people took it be a "polite" way of saying Big Fu**ing RocketO and instead it's the Super Heavy. We had the Falcon, then the Falcon Heavy, now the Falcon Super Heavy. Makes sense. But since this new one is destined to head for Mars, making it interplanetary, I'd think aspect of it should somehow be included in the name. I'm thinking maybe Super Heavy Interplanetary Transport. SO it would become Falcon SH... Ooops.

  • Dab
    Dab 3 days ago

    I’m going down the road to watch this when it launches y’all need anything

  • Jacob Merrill
    Jacob Merrill 3 days ago

    imagine if one bored a very long tunnel, and launched this vertically using a very long linear accelerator.

  • M Ave
    M Ave 3 days ago

    U R Such a Dork but its Awsome!

  • ezzz9
    ezzz9 3 days ago

    That is not getting off the ground. It's not even a good-looking water tower let alone a rocket. He must have some strong weed.

  • Onas Knox
    Onas Knox 3 days ago +1

    BFS means big 'falcon' spaceship? Funny. I heard a different name...

  • Frankie Ford
    Frankie Ford 3 days ago

    That POS isnt going to space....
    Looks like a mockup....

  • /\non/^\edi€
    /\non/^\edi€ 3 days ago

    17:47 maybe some chute can help keep it up right on landing.

  • jason palmer
    jason palmer 3 days ago

    The presenters apparel gave it away from the beginning; fan-boy, all the way.

  • activationcode
    activationcode 3 days ago

    There is a reason SpaceX makes rockets and you make you tube videos.

  • Omar Monroy
    Omar Monroy 3 days ago

    Tim, I live very close to SpaceX's Boca Chica facility in TX. Do you how can I watch the test when it happens? do I have to ask for passes or something or just get as close as possible?

  • The Last Jackalope
    The Last Jackalope 3 days ago

    BFR ripped straight out of PlanetSide 1! I'm sure it was somewhere else before that though lol.

  • Razar Campbell
    Razar Campbell 3 days ago

    Now Elon just needs to change his name to Jefferson, so that we can all take a ride in a Jefferson Starship!!

  • John Garcia
    John Garcia 3 days ago

    Hey Tim, do we know if they are going to do the hops at BC, TX or if they are going to transport to McG, TX? Living in Central TX, I don't have much of a chance to catch Cape or Vandenberg Launches, but Hops... I could catch me some hops.

    WTFMOFO 3 days ago

    This is crap

  • Themis Spanopoulos
    Themis Spanopoulos 3 days ago


  • vrendus522
    vrendus522 3 days ago

    Everyhting that you said with respects to the lineage of the prototype of the Starship, relating to the earlier Falcon 9s is wrong. The reason that there is this separation, is due to both mass as this translates to size and weight as it relates to lateral momentum. Elon Musk is looking at this issue that if he test-flies this stainless steel model, a little, and is lucky enough to get it back on the ground without crashing, then he can go for the medium sized proposed Star Ship and that will get him to Mars. For one, its too heavy to use just aft end thrusters, to preform a tail stand upon landing. Because of the size of the second model up in size, more than likely there will have to be reaction control rocket thruster boxes at the top. Another issue that Musk does not understand, is the thermal protection layer or anti-heat prophylaxis. With the weight he's going to be incurring with stainless steel instead of aluminum nickel or other alloy metals, plus a dynamic heat protection exterior, he's going to be incurring penalties that he does not want. One has to look at the Star Ship as a fully packed vehicle, that is going to have cargo plus people. If one gets a lateral motion going to where weight is concerned, then just a moving tail rocket nozzle may not fill the bill. If you ask me' this design is not workable for deep space travel.Lastly, because there is an alien pirate problem in this solar system, according to Patrick Huyghe's book, (The fieldguide to extraterrestials), don't name it Star Ship. Star Ship means that this spacecraft has a quantum stellar drive and bad sorts of aliens will jump the ship because of how expensive these drives are. Name it the Mars explorer or something. Elon Musk here, in my opinion is thinking with stubborn strong and cutting all good influences out of the picture. I want this said now, as in the future everyone will be looking at each other when his ship crashes asking, " Well' what went wrong"?! Thank you for posting this video.

  • Christian Navarrete
    Christian Navarrete 3 days ago

    nasa fake 9000%

  • Justino Martinez Jr.

    Its not boca chica ,tx. Its called boca chica beach in BROWNSVILLE,TX.

    BXPOLANCONY 3 days ago

    Lol let me listen to this expert ahhahaha

      BXPOLANCONY 3 days ago

      +Dwight K. Schrute sureee white Knight hahaha

    • Dwight K. Schrute
      Dwight K. Schrute 3 days ago

      Sure he knows more than you. He's had full blown conversations with Elon, both in person and on Twitter , about SpaceX's present and upcoming hardware.

  • Rooschell Gouveia
    Rooschell Gouveia 3 days ago

    Only Elon Musk can turn a water tower company into a space ship company. I wonder how that first conversation went.

  • e1123581321345589144

    it's not a starship unless it can do interstelar flights

  • david rogers
    david rogers 3 days ago

    that same rocket was in the comic books in the 50's or 60s.

  • Samira Peri
    Samira Peri 3 days ago

    Metal dildo.

  • Alex Afa
    Alex Afa 3 days ago

    It's the ugliest design I have ever seen. Why don't they make a spacecraft like the USCSS Prometheus.

  • John Willis
    John Willis 3 days ago

    It looks like the 1950 Rocketship XM 1..

  • sasidharan palaniappan

    over 9000%

  • SuSSiSu
    SuSSiSu 4 days ago

    Elon is smoking so much "hurb" he's flying even without a rocket.

  • Launch Pad Astronomy

    Super job, Tim and I can only imagine what your video list must look like!

  • SkyorbGaming
    SkyorbGaming 4 days ago

    Elon time is 1 hour = 1 to 2 days.

  • Theovie Dinte
    Theovie Dinte 4 days ago

    what Apps are you using to do that

  • Raffia16th Blaze
    Raffia16th Blaze 4 days ago

    probably another tesla inside that hopper

  • Henk van der Laak
    Henk van der Laak 4 days ago

    We've been shooting rockets into space for 80 years. No big deal.

  • TheNoobyNoob 61
    TheNoobyNoob 61 4 days ago

    Falcon 9 Block 6=Falcon Heavy

  • Johan Hoevink
    Johan Hoevink 4 days ago

    Elon is in a hurry cause of the fastening magnetic north pole changes.

  • Robert Krüger
    Robert Krüger 4 days ago

    Your content is awesome and inspiring! You should get a job at spaceX :).

  • steve lecaz
    steve lecaz 4 days ago

    another gr8t video ) nice to see someone who knows what they're talking about! Thank you )

  • I'm the captain now
    I'm the captain now 4 days ago

    Prob got tech for star ships in space... rockets good for getting materials up there.

  • James Wilson
    James Wilson 4 days ago

    Only issue is fuel source. Deuterium might be the best solution for such a small vehicle to take off and land.

  • Tiago Gobbi
    Tiago Gobbi 4 days ago

    I can't believe SpaceX will launch that water's tower, come on!! Well, since is the SpaceX I kind believe Lol!! And why they put a cowboy in that hopper's test, Elon is too crazy some times in my opinion Lol!! Nice rocket in KSP, just miss one detail, turn some degrees the cap nose to align the bright stripes! And you have reason when say Scott Manley have done a amazing job, I'm big fan of him since I start play KSP many years ago!! By the way, I knowed your channel because some TheXvid related video since I watch many vids of Scott, or even by his indication, I'm not sure right now hehe! Well, thank you for this great vid as always, you are the man!! Hugs from south hemisphere! :))

  • Mikael henriksson nobelius


  • Repz
    Repz 4 days ago

    Thunderf00t is sitting in mom's basement in he's underwear saying Elon Musk is a loser, and claim SpaceX's new invention wont work by investigate and ofc judging a concept model.

  • beriorgar
    beriorgar 4 days ago

    time to subscribe, i'm here on a regular base now anyway

  • Ned
    Ned 4 days ago

    "But hey! That's what the stairs are there for.." Awesome.

  • Reuben Stern
    Reuben Stern 4 days ago

    I'm sure people who visit this channel know more than me. So why are we going to Mars to terra form it, when we can't even fix this planet? If we must go to Mars, why aren't we colonizing the moon for practice?

  • yoryiop
    yoryiop 4 days ago

    *You know its not clickbait if its not 10 minutes*

  • Bill Hesford
    Bill Hesford 4 days ago

    All a lie.

  • Reuben Stern
    Reuben Stern 4 days ago

    Look at that old fashioned art deco thing... I've figured it out. Elon wants us to live like the Jetsons! Many of his ideas turned out to be ancient. Like sending people around in vacuum tubes. Some shops used to have tubes, sending messages and stuff.

  • Andromeda Tower
    Andromeda Tower 4 days ago

    And... I'm not sure if the position of the three return motors is good.

  • A. Kamal
    A. Kamal 4 days ago

    The big fffffalcon rocket :)

  • Andromeda Tower
    Andromeda Tower 4 days ago

    The way forward is always thorny! You do not expect everyone to understand that. Some people think things are easy and fast. You are standing today, and tomorrow you are ready to fly. I think things with the BFS development happen right.

  • jonnda
    jonnda 4 days ago

    Are you sure this isn't just a literal hopper, silo, or water tower made to look like a rocket but never intended to fly at all ever?

  • ValhalaFiveSix
    ValhalaFiveSix 4 days ago

    Not going to happen, you are delusional. I will admit that Elon is a genius at naming his toys, "Starship" Oh that should get all the Trekkies to wet their pants, Star Wars CosPlay morons to pop a nut, Furries to mate in giant Panda costumes, yeah. It is not going to happen because abrupt climate change is going to extinct humans and that is the kinda unsaid reason why Elon has a boner for Mars because he knows this and is trying to beat extinction on Earth with a Mars colony. Not going to work because he is outta time, so he makes these "hoppers" to get you noobs all wet and excited. Sorry for being debbie Downer guys.

    • FSX737Pilot X
      FSX737Pilot X 3 days ago

      Are you ready to be wrong like all the other Elon-doubters who always end up being wrong?

    • Allyson Cornish
      Allyson Cornish 4 days ago

      Well if that happens, so be it. If the governments of earth of the 70's, 80's, 90's and Naughties thought about that then we would not be relying on an Elon Musk to save humanity from itself.

  • mevisface cornholio
    mevisface cornholio 5 days ago

    The design is laughable, build is embarrassing and reflects no ambition.. balloons are still a better option

    xXPORTALXx 5 days ago

    I like how he mentions 'airliner like reliability,' yet most airliners are rather difficult to land if an engine goes down lol so much so there's a movie about a famous landing with engine failure

  • Norm Johnson
    Norm Johnson 5 days ago

    Was wondering why it was shiny stainless exterior. Just to look nice I guess.

  • TheAtom
    TheAtom 5 days ago

    Any idea on when the next Starship announcement will be?