Why SpaceX's Newest Rocket Will Never Go to Space (Hint, it’s not supposed to)

  • Published on Jan 9, 2019
  • SpaceX is building a massive massive new rocket down in Boca Chica Texas that will never make it to space. No, this isn’t clickbait, this particular rocket will never go to space. Because it’s not designed to.
    This is just a hopper version of their upcoming starship, that some people are calling StarHopper, and at first, this thing will likely only fly a few meters at most. But don’t get me wrong, of course when the actual Starship goes online, I fully expect it to make it to space!
    So today we’re going to do a quick history on SpaceX’s previous fleet of hoppers, why they build them, what this one is going to accomplish and then we’ll build a version in Kerbal Space Program and demonstrate what we’ll hopefully see the StarHopper do in 2019!
    How to install Realism Overhaul to Kerbal Space Program - thexvid.com/video/0a6PLkDUWF4/video.html
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  • Andrew Meyer
    Andrew Meyer 2 months ago +874

    Haha, now there's a title. Super-clickbaity to anyone who doesn't know about Starhopper, but at the same time completely accurate and not even particularly surprising to anyone who's been keeping up with SpaceX.

    • Shoots Productions
      Shoots Productions Month ago

      He might be a flat Earther.

    • t H
      t H 2 months ago +2

      +P. A. nailed it

    • Carlos_A_M
      Carlos_A_M 2 months ago +2

      +P. A. of course it says the video is not clickbait because the title and thumbnail explain how he is talking about the newest spacex ship, the star hopper.

    • P. A.
      P. A. 2 months ago +2

      +Carlos_A_M Because it is. And the fact that the very first thing mentioned in the video was how the headline wasn't a clickbait only proves my point. Consider my first comment a friendly warning (wink). But seriously we're wasting energy on discussing the obvious. I didn't start the thread. Wasn't even going to. @Everyday Astronaut does fantastic job, and that's what we should take from it, right?

    • farvision
      farvision 2 months ago +4

      Ok, so how do you keep up with SpaceX?

  • DL R
    DL R Day ago

    NASA is FAKE

  • Owen Salisbury
    Owen Salisbury 2 days ago

    They might have build a larger landing pad.

  • Lauren Anon
    Lauren Anon 3 days ago

    you talk too much.

  • Jay K
    Jay K 3 days ago

    You got me nice and ready to throw rocks on you #TeamDzaddyMusk

  • Rafael Gonçalves
    Rafael Gonçalves 4 days ago

    What about the Falcon Heavy?

  • Art Smith
    Art Smith 4 days ago

    SpaceX will officially close State Hwy 4 (which runs right through the launch site) and Boca Chica beach on 20 March from 10 am to 4 pm.
    Backup dates are 21 or 22 March at the same time. This first test is likely to be a hold down test of the engine or possibly an actual flight to 500 meters (less likely). In either case San Antonio/Austin Tesla owners considering a trip down there would not be able see anything from South Padre Island (the nearest viewing site 5 miles away) so we will not attempt a trip down there until later.

  • Merion
    Merion 5 days ago

    They actually call it Starship? But this is not a starship. (Starships are interstellar.) How will they call a real starship? Galaxyship?

    • Merion
      Merion 5 days ago

      ​+Everyday Astronaut Car, airplane, submarine and even starship are vehicle types but there's no such vehicle type as starliner. That's more like a brand name.
      You know, we don't call anything "time machine" unless that's a time machine.
      But it's not up to you, just an overthinking by me. Keep up the good work! 🤘🏼 :)
      Btw, off-topic! I've just had a great readings, a little mystic but also very inspiring sci-fi book about an astrophysics professor who revolutionises space travel (and reveal a mystery and more exciting sci-fi things, placed into a present-days set, that's just dramaturgy…). Title is "Ammara". I can recommend it to you, I'm sure you, as a space-nerd just like me, would also enjoy it. 😊
      (non-English user)

    • Everyday Astronaut
      Everyday Astronaut  5 days ago

      What about Starliner? Don’t they all go to “the stars” or even our star?... or how about Dreamliner? Call Boeing and complain that it doesn’t fly to a single dream. It’s just a name 🤷‍♂️

  • eugenio santiago garcía


  • James Lake
    James Lake 7 days ago

    Star ship is meant to be built to transport to mars when it is civilized by humans yes it will go to space but in the future and in test flights

  • 9 year old army
    9 year old army 9 days ago +1

    am I seeing a cowboy

  • camo man
    camo man 10 days ago

    I wonder if that rainwater tank will make it into deap space

  • MR.Freeman
    MR.Freeman 11 days ago

    Oh i thought the BFR stood for Big Freakin’ Rocket

  • Xolotl Morett
    Xolotl Morett 13 days ago

    So... i think it’s “obsloeto” this video... but a nice one! This is the beauty about technology! Cheers mate!

    • Everyday Astronaut
      Everyday Astronaut  12 days ago +2

      Nothing about this is outdated yet! StarHopper still won’t go to space. Just hop 👍

  • MonkeyPants676
    MonkeyPants676 16 days ago

    I’m new to the channel and subbed immediately I knew as soon as I clicked that this channel would be informative and useful for my love for rockets

  • Robert Bailes
    Robert Bailes 16 days ago

    Landing like that definitely was the single biggest exciting thing also for me at 66 years old

  • Jashan Bola
    Jashan Bola 17 days ago

    They went into space

  • Sean Crees
    Sean Crees 17 days ago

    Looks like a stainless steel dildo.

  • yaBoi 2000
    yaBoi 2000 18 days ago

    News flash it went to space

    • Everyday Astronaut
      Everyday Astronaut  18 days ago +2

      Watch the video... it’s about StarHopper. StarHopper won’t go to space, it’s not meant to go to space. If you’re referring to DM-1, I was there 😉 I’m aware of its mission 👍

  • Michael Dundee
    Michael Dundee 19 days ago

    Ty for your enthusiasm..little bit of an information overload but I'm getting pretty excited about the space program

  • Michael Dundee
    Michael Dundee 19 days ago

    5:25 nice view of a coming in with a master steam device pointed at it

  • Rafael Varon
    Rafael Varon 19 days ago

    Its the big fcking rocket

  • Rhys Ablen
    Rhys Ablen 20 days ago

    In 3 Am

    • Everyday Astronaut
      Everyday Astronaut  20 days ago

      I was there. This has literally nothing to do with Crew Dragon and falcon 9. May I suggest watching the video before you comment?

  • Rhys Ablen
    Rhys Ablen 20 days ago

    The rocket just fly to the orbit

  • Rhys Ablen
    Rhys Ablen 20 days ago


  • Rhys Ablen
    Rhys Ablen 20 days ago


  • Bitterrootman32 Honor
    Bitterrootman32 Honor 22 days ago

    So it is click bait.

  • YoBoi GeneralMike
    YoBoi GeneralMike 22 days ago

    1:25 Did I just hear... *skin?*

  • Funny TV
    Funny TV 25 days ago


  • Adrian Young
    Adrian Young 29 days ago

    hey. it went to space

  • Carl Cushman Hybels

    The Starhopper looks very much like the 1950's imagined view of what Space Rockets would look like!! (See, Google 1950's view of rockets, future, old Popular Science illus and old children's book illustrations -of projected space travel... "You Could Go To the Moon One Day")

  • Hubert J Farnsworth
    Hubert J Farnsworth Month ago +1

    oh fuff that's only because Elon is an idiot. I have a fully functioning rocket ship that can fly anywhere in the galaxy.

  • P L D
    P L D Month ago

    Awful clickbaity for you to mention it's not clickbait.. I agree with the guy below

  • Brian 716
    Brian 716 Month ago

    Big F!!!in Rocket. BFR

  • Barry Bend
    Barry Bend Month ago +1

    Elon must have been watching too much classic Thunderbirds.

  • Barry Bend
    Barry Bend Month ago +2

    KSP = spaceships for dummies.

  • Joshua Palmer
    Joshua Palmer Month ago

    So I am trying to keep up with Space X, Just noticed I had not subscribed? Anyhoo very cool of you to keep up with news, and definetly cool of you to shout out the other Space X TheXvidrs.....

  • Humphery89 YT
    Humphery89 YT Month ago

    “You will probably see this pretty soon” ten seconds later *lands on vehicle assembly building*
    Elon yes that was so cool how your team programmed a rocket to land on top of a 536 foot tall building

  • Ballwiz 23
    Ballwiz 23 Month ago

    Soo that moving ball in the back of the room Anybody have any idea what that thing is called?

  • Stefen Chapman
    Stefen Chapman Month ago

    You would have to reinforce and add a heat shield to land on a building.

  • Gustav
    Gustav Month ago

    This isnt the stage two of BFR that elon has chosen to make out of stainless steel instead of carbon fiber?

  • Kody Sauvé
    Kody Sauvé Month ago

    Would it not make the booster much easier to control if they were to install enclosed directional thrusters at the nose and base of the unit ?

  • Opportunity In China

    I'd like to see their transcontinental flight plans come to fruition. My 14 hour flights from Chicago to Shanghai are less than pleasant.

  • Gerry Ljung
    Gerry Ljung Month ago

    More excellent content! Thanks!

  • Steven Clanton
    Steven Clanton Month ago

    No its called the super heavy starship

  • hev gamer
    hev gamer Month ago

    will they build a booster hopper too? or will they use the data of this hopper to build both the space ship and the booster?

  • M K
    M K Month ago

    Elon Is God, And He Knows Everything And Co Do Anything

  • Grh Haddybow
    Grh Haddybow Month ago


  • SkiddlyBinx
    SkiddlyBinx Month ago +1

    If only you were as good at clickbaiting as you are at licking Elons immaculate cornhole

  • Karim El Baradie
    Karim El Baradie Month ago

    One day you might wake up and realise that all that spaceX does in space is CGI. Nobody ever went to space and never will. There is about as much reality in what space
    X does than in your video game. It's just more expensive because they still build some rockets that will never go to space. So either you are a troll put there to make people believe in space or you are waisting your time with something that doesn't exist. In both cases I am happy not to be in your position. So have a good sleep or in the other, hope you feel good in your work of deception.

  • Matteo Maps
    Matteo Maps Month ago

    Sorry to say but it IS clickbait

  • Iron Bear
    Iron Bear Month ago

    You actually believe this stuff?

  • hugh hempner
    hugh hempner Month ago

    more insults and embarrassment

  • SFS 2.0
    SFS 2.0 Month ago

    starhopper fell over ;c

  • N&W 2156 Y6a
    N&W 2156 Y6a Month ago

    I think we all know what BFR really stands for

  • Youtuber Accneeded
    Youtuber Accneeded Month ago

    Create a runway first for landing in Mars in first missions in which astronauts would land in starship then in commercial missions send the starship part like a shuttle to land. It would be much cheaper. We can return same way by building a superheavy rocket from the first starship used.

  • Bill Housley
    Bill Housley Month ago

    I was pretty sure we were going to see an explosion when missed the helipad with one of the legs.
    Kerbal definitely needs to dial up the explosions though. ;-)

  • EthoTheBoss C
    EthoTheBoss C Month ago

    So we should call it the S.S.H. (Starship, Super, Heavy)

  • Lefty Gomez
    Lefty Gomez Month ago

    This video helps confirm that the "Apollo lunar lander" is a joke. I knew it anyway because there was no way they could transmit a video signal all the way from the moon. Anyway, look at all the Space X hoppers rocket plume and how much dust and debris it generates at take off and landing. You want a good laugh??? TheXvid lunar lander take off ha ha ha what a joke!

    • Lefty Gomez
      Lefty Gomez Month ago

      +Sebastian Nolte please youtube, lunar lander takeoff from the moon... Atmosphere or not, you tell me in 2019 that those are real images of a space craft lifting off.. Come on look it up

    • Sebastian Nolte
      Sebastian Nolte Month ago +1

      You know, that there is no atmosphere on the moon?

  • Cloxxki
    Cloxxki Month ago

    What's the point of tiny platforms? The challenge? With costly crafts, you'd want to maximize safe recovery, surely? I can imagine rings coming inward to the platform to prevent toppling.

  • Cloxxki
    Cloxxki Month ago

    Do they test anything at small scale? Seems that would ask a lot from sensors and software as miniature crafts seem to be much more instable?

  • barkbarkatthemoon
    barkbarkatthemoon Month ago

    click bait

  • fittutube
    fittutube Month ago

    Elon Musk just invented the T virus. It is to be tested in Africa with minimum damage to the civilized world.

  • Yourname Here
    Yourname Here Month ago

    so your saying that all those stupid Ed Wood sci fi movies were correct in their scientific concepts of what a space ship should look like?
    If Ed Wood was right then I don't want to live anymore.

  • Dave Patrick
    Dave Patrick Month ago

    Space. What a joke

  • Oliver Squid
    Oliver Squid Month ago

    NASA has nothing in space x,well except for that moon landing thing...

  • Ezra Goldfinkelsteinberg

    Feel bad for this guy, his entire life is built on lies

  • 2drunksracing
    2drunksracing Month ago

    That was a Grain silo, not a water tower. I especially like the fake pick of the super silver rocket from the 50s then switch to this dented up rocket that looks like its wrapped in tinfoil.

  • Hi I’m Ky
    Hi I’m Ky Month ago

    Tim, if spacex tried to land a rocket on a building, I don't think there would be a building to land on anymore.

  • MediBunny
    MediBunny Month ago

    The first space shuttle never went into orbit either, so anyone who complains just needs to be patient. Its standerd practice to test full scale prototypes first with each version designed to go higher and further until you have a fully functional prototype. It's why I hate when people hype up digital animations but show no functioning or even non functioning prototype.

  • Super BottleBros
    Super BottleBros Month ago

    you liked every one of Elon's tweets

  • Voytek Zeglin
    Voytek Zeglin Month ago

    Click bait scam.

  • dhabith bmx
    dhabith bmx Month ago

    THE BFR to mars

    TOP GAMER SITES Month ago

    the rocket engine of the STARSHIP HOPPER is to close to the landing gear will heat afect the landing gear structural interity ?

  • Md. Idris Ali Pramanik

    So in short they are learning to walk before run

  • dave m
    dave m Month ago

    When they are one with Starhopper Elon should donate the shell to a park or attraction

  • nareiman roshandel
    nareiman roshandel Month ago

    برو بمیر مردک خیال پرداز

  • fred ned gold
    fred ned gold Month ago

    a lot off topic but the things i think about are they are now saying that the universe is expanding correcting old theory that it shrinking but i was thinking is it possible that the universe is tidal

  • FPV Style Racer
    FPV Style Racer Month ago

    You got. me 😉

  • Ikethespike03
    Ikethespike03 Month ago

    Why I don’t keep up with this stuff more? Idk. Prob cuz school takes forever... but oh well it will be worth it :p

  • Wolf_ of_Fire
    Wolf_ of_Fire Month ago

    Man, talk about a chrome dome!

  • Marc A.
    Marc A. Month ago

    Space x: *Hopper spaceships*
    NASA: ....

  • incorectulpolitic
    incorectulpolitic Month ago

    Because nobody can go through God's solid firmament.

  • KlapAl0ng
    KlapAl0ng Month ago

    But its not going to fly cuz it fell lol

  • Techno Nerd
    Techno Nerd Month ago

    Why is your ps so loud.

  • Wolfgang Breitenseher

    Elon Musk is a scammer

  • Mike Foster
    Mike Foster Month ago

    Look all the way back to Flash Gordon for the look

  • Wank Wank
    Wank Wank Month ago

    1:50 gotta keeping it family-friendly (:

  • Tongye R
    Tongye R Month ago

    oh yeah yeah

  • Headon Enterprises
    Headon Enterprises Month ago

    it's crazy, I don't think any of them have been to space... according to a quick search of how far space is in feet.... this came up... In the US, "space" begins at 80.4km (50 miles), or 264,000 feet. General international consensus sets a similar limit for the start of space as 100km (62 miles), or 380,000 feet. "Low Earth Orbit" (LEO), where many satellites live, goes from 160km (100 miles, 525,000 feet) to 2,000km (1,240 miles, 6.5 million feet)

    TOP GAMER SITES Month ago


  • Meirele
    Meirele Month ago

    It's not "massive"...

  • Benjamin Burns
    Benjamin Burns Month ago

    Just tipped over lol

  • Brendan Downing
    Brendan Downing Month ago

    The dam thing fall over

  • Sal Sanchez
    Sal Sanchez Month ago

    Say, brother, just to clarify something. There is NO Boca Chica Texas. The facility is at Boca Chica beach which is on Boca Chica ROAD in Brownsville Texas.

  • Tairom
    Tairom Month ago

    Starship took a "nap" today. lol Winds in the area toppled the hopper crumpling one side. I guess it is safe to assume it isn't very aero-dynamic at this stage of development.

  • Luís Miguel Marques

    When will SpaceX's Demo-1 fly? Thanks.

  • JaceLightning
    JaceLightning 2 months ago

    Hi Everyday Astronaut! Huge fan, fellow Iowan. Had a question about the new article: www.popularmechanics.com/space/rockets/a25953663/elon-musk-spacex-bfr-stainless-steel/
    Biggest question: how will that work with the HUGE thermal expansion of steel? Don't metals cold weld in the vacuum of space?

  • Sek' Nos
    Sek' Nos 2 months ago

    Hi, I'm French. I just discovered your youtube channel. it's just awesome. there is some channel youtube space in France but none that speaks as well of space and rocket. Bravo kiss of France

  • Charlotte
    Charlotte 2 months ago

    There is no substitute for building and flying a prototype. What you learn from doing so helps tremendously in making a reliable and safe spacecraft. Things can go wrong that were not thought of or tweaks needed to perfect the design are better done in a prototype than in the final product with a live crew. Just building a prototype gives you experience in how to make the next one better. Even if the prototype crashes or explodes engineers will learn much from what went wrong and how to fix it. The Grasshopper and the Falcon 9R prototypes were instrumental in learning what was needed to bring an orbital class booster from orbit.

    • Charlotte
      Charlotte 2 months ago

      I should wrote on the last line "The Grasshopper and the Falcon 9R prototypes were instrumental in learning what was needed to bring an orbital class booster from orbit and landing it"