Eleventh Doctor Meets The Tenth Doctor | The Day of the Doctor | Doctor Who

  • Published on Sep 13, 2014
  • The Doctor and Clara have been called to the National Portrait Gallery to investigate some very strange paintings, but instead the Doctor runs into, well, himself. Subscribe: bit.ly/SubscribeToDoctorWho
    Taken from the Special for the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who 'The Day of the Doctor'.
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  • TheRezonator
    TheRezonator 2 hours ago

    Back when Doctor Who was good...

  • BlankFX
    BlankFX 7 hours ago

    Hey BBC, you might want to turn off TheXvid's automated video title translation feature. Or at least double check what it's doing to not make a joke out of yourself. The german translation is utter nonsense. 🤣

  • Envus King
    Envus King 20 hours ago

    Hey you guys remember when the Doctor met the Doctor and met the Doctor and met the other Doctor and meet the Doctor oh! And also you remember the time he met the doctor and the other time he met the doctor and and the other time he met the doctor!

    *god this took to long*

  • sonny m
    sonny m 22 hours ago

    *c o m p e n s a t i n g*

  • starwarsminecraft2439 Dan

    10 must be doing after S4 E13

    JAVOMAN Day ago

    Se auto follo asi mismo.

  • Magician Magala
    Magician Magala Day ago

    2:31 repeat it

  • Skadookz
    Skadookz Day ago

    That was a damn good season! You brought back memories. I'll have to rewatch both doctors arcs.

  • Jay Cartwright
    Jay Cartwright Day ago

    Back when the doctor was good

  • Black Sunshine
    Black Sunshine 2 days ago

    The crossover I'm waiting for is Horton Hears A Whovian or Horton Hears A (Dr.)Who

  • Justin Solte
    Justin Solte 2 days ago

    Man I wish this was still on Netflix 😪

  • Bangtan Potato
    Bangtan Potato 4 days ago +1

    I always love how the fez is back.

  • Just us
    Just us 6 days ago


  • MovieDesigner
    MovieDesigner 6 days ago

    david: is this cosplay?

  • _Silvertale_
    _Silvertale_ 6 days ago

    I'd love to see a special called "The day of the Master"😂.

  • Danny c
    Danny c 7 days ago +5

    Imagine these two working together for a full season be so funny

  • ljt47. exploring anything and everything

    Thay mist a trick there thay could have had Tommy copper pick it up just like that😁

    RAYAN OFFICIEL 7 days ago +1


  • zack stoner
    zack stoner 8 days ago

    They always talk about moments being time locked.. Who locks them? Who decides a fixed point in time?

    • Herocolt aka larrykitty
      Herocolt aka larrykitty 7 days ago

      I think its like... the more people know about it, the harder it is to change the past

  • Nathaniel Smith
    Nathaniel Smith 8 days ago

    I want a Matt Smith/David Tennant buddy cop movie.
    Or better yet, have Matt voice someone on DuckTales.

  • Thomas Mack
    Thomas Mack 9 days ago

    If physical matter can't travel in both directions...
    ... How can they hear each other speak?

  • furkan sağlam
    furkan sağlam 10 days ago +1

    Good old days now show sucks

  • Vic Samo
    Vic Samo 10 days ago

    Aaaaah, good old times when Dr Who was still a decent series...

  • azapro911
    azapro911 11 days ago


  • Daniel Kirby Ray
    Daniel Kirby Ray 13 days ago

    When doctor who was great! #MDWGA

  • nadel0219
    nadel0219 13 days ago

    These two are favorite doctors. I cried when 10 regenerated and I cried again when the same happened with 11. David and Matt are awesome actors. I can't decide who is the better doctor and you what? I don't want to decide. I love both. :D

  • Kedzie
    Kedzie 15 days ago

    one of the best episodes

  • CuppaTeaExe
    CuppaTeaExe 15 days ago +1

    I miss 2013 Doctor Who

  • Myles Dodd
    Myles Dodd 17 days ago

    Eleven and Ten comparing screwdrivers.

  • Adam Hoag
    Adam Hoag 17 days ago

    Honestly after watching this I hope its possible for the 60th to get back all the alive actors who have played the doctor like imagine tom baker and smith and Tennant and capaldi and jodie in a scene together

  • 爪ㄖ乂乂丨乇
    爪ㄖ乂乂丨乇 17 days ago

    XD Best Conversation Between 11 And 12

  • mattia locatelli the king of dark

    Non senso mettere il titolo italiano quando il video e ingrese

  • Koala From Tomorrow
    Koala From Tomorrow 19 days ago

    Does the doctor Change his personality or her personality when he regtngtes himself

    • Cynthia
      Cynthia 16 days ago

      Koala From Tomorrow his personality changes automatically in each regeneration. To quote 10 “Same memories, new face. Well... new everything”

  • AffableAussie
    AffableAussie 20 days ago +13

    That bit with the glasses
    "Ooooo lovely" that warms my heart

  • fera kay
    fera kay 21 day ago

    My two favs 🤣🤣🤣

  • GoddessOfWhim2003
    GoddessOfWhim2003 22 days ago

    LOL regeneration, it's a lottery

  • Rory
    Rory 22 days ago

    If my monsters got out of my paintings i'd probably be responsible for a lot of horrible deaths lol

  • Sean Chen
    Sean Chen 23 days ago

    Different doctors together; We need this in next christmas special...seriously...if there's a christmas special thou

  • English Ree
    English Ree 24 days ago

    That was lovely and impressive 💕💕💕💕 The glasses 😁

  • Gregg Mhire
    Gregg Mhire 24 days ago

    Who cares?

  • Gregg Mhire
    Gregg Mhire 24 days ago

    Who cares?

  • F Rowz
    F Rowz 25 days ago +17

    i didn’t realise how much i missed david tennant as the doctor till he came back, the chemistry between 10 and 11 is 👌🏽

  • That One Person
    That One Person 26 days ago +60

    "For what?"
    "Regeneration is a lottery"
    Love it

  • Channel 2
    Channel 2 26 days ago


  • Eric Cartmen
    Eric Cartmen 26 days ago


  • JAMEYX Films
    JAMEYX Films 27 days ago

    3:48 is that the high chancellor from V for Vendetta

  • The_Living_Speaker
    The_Living_Speaker 27 days ago

    For what?
    Best line

  • Lupine Sword
    Lupine Sword 27 days ago

    Me and my crush when we saw the first time we meet.

  • Mike X
    Mike X Month ago

    Whoever the dude is wearing the fezz makes me want to crack my own neck with the way his posture is.

  • Mama ko
    Mama ko Month ago

    Man I really need to watch more.

  • Ack Von Euan
    Ack Von Euan Month ago

    Ahhh the good days of doctor who

  • bananas are good
    bananas are good Month ago

    the 7th doctor called regeneration a lottery aswel haha

  • Derek Stevens
    Derek Stevens Month ago

    I love Matt's face at 2:47-2:49! 😂

  • A Ray tube
    A Ray tube Month ago

    What Season is this and what episode is the 3 doctors

  • Hamaa7
    Hamaa7 Month ago

    That girl ruined most of the show for me

  • thomas trapp
    thomas trapp Month ago

    6th December 2019
    The Dr. Who series, David Tennant with the cute Sexy lady, Catherine Tate Reunite. And Matt Smith with the nice Karen Gillian, I like it so much. My friend animal lover, 🐼🐼 - Pandas profile pic. I agree with him. A big thank you, to the creators of Dr. Who, the best Time traveler series.

  • animal lover
    animal lover Month ago +1

    Dec. 6, 2019
    The Matt Smith with the Sexy Karen♡Gillian and David Tennant with the Sexy Catherine♡ Tate♡Reunite, are the very best Actors for Dr. WHO ♡ forever ♡ The Dr. Who series, thats my favorite time traveler. Thank you very much for it. By the creators. THANKS !

  • Sude Akpınar
    Sude Akpınar Month ago

    What epsido

  • Matteo Luppi
    Matteo Luppi Month ago +1

    Quanta nostalgia ❤️😭😢🔙🎶!!! Noi rivolgiamo doctor who original, please!!!

  • Jack michael
    Jack michael Month ago

    Three Doctors David tenneat Matt Smith and John hreat