RPG Maker MV Tutorial: How To NOT Make "Just Another RPG Maker Game"

  • Published on May 1, 2016
  • Oh man exporting takes forever:/
    Let's look at a few things we can do to make our game feel like our own game, and not just another RM game.
    It's pretty terrible when going through steam looking through RM games could be a drinking game.
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    Music by Jewelbeat.com, used with permission from EndlessGaming.Today
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  • General Snuggles
    General Snuggles 5 years ago +575

    I have another tip:
    "Design your first level, last."
    I heard this from none other than John Romero. Of course, he was talking about when him and Id Software were making "Doom", but I think it applies to game making in general. See, if you design your game backwards, then by the time you reach the beginning, you've learned a whole bunch of tricks and shortcuts, which you can use to ensure that the people playing have a good first impression.

    • JigsawAlwaysWins
      JigsawAlwaysWins 7 months ago

      That's great food for thought, but I'd have a damn stroke if I scripted anything backwards. Go and write a book from finish to start, good luck

    • Jeff Zebert
      Jeff Zebert Year ago

      This tip is especially of value to beginners. When I started making a game in MegaZeux (which is another Game Creation Set), that was a process of improving my game-making techniques; and it SHOWS! Case in point: the first house in that game doesn't have a visible roof when the player leaves that house. And yet, the houses that I designed later on DO have roofs that are visible while the character is not inside them.

    • Sen Ming-Wu
      Sen Ming-Wu Year ago

      @TheGreatBackUp Thank you btw!!

    • Sen Ming-Wu
      Sen Ming-Wu Year ago

      @TheGreatBackUp Ahhh the time-saving things that were already part of the things :'D My apologies, I took that way out of context haha

    • TheGreatBackUp
      TheGreatBackUp Year ago +2

      @Sen Ming-Wu Before I thought mashing was the ideal way...turns out you can just hold space.
      I think pressing space or ESC instantly drew the text rather than waiting for it to go along, stuff like that.
      You can hold space bar during cutscenes to speed up their animation so walking is faster.
      It's not nearly as complicated as I made it sound.

  • KoS87
    KoS87 6 years ago +227

    I swear, you should be the official spokesperson for RPG Maker. Every set of tips from you is incredibly inspirational.

    • Benjamin Rackley
      Benjamin Rackley 3 months ago

      I hope she can make some videos that show the differences between PC and platform RMMV. I got it for PS4 and definitely need some help...

    • G_ Enigma
      G_ Enigma 5 years ago +8

      They need to cut this woman a check. I'm buying MV.

    • Cerileyn
      Cerileyn 6 years ago +4

      +shadowkeepertienga23 I feel like she is at this point xD This might sound bad but she's actually one of the reasons I actually forked over the cash to buy MV xD yeah I put on a white dress and she sold me a ketchup popsicle xDDD No regrets lol

  • Hal P
    Hal P 2 years ago +367

    "it's so easy even a child could make a game"
    That hurt me and my 5 failed attempts to get started.

    • Suegiclah
      Suegiclah 8 months ago

      It's only a failed attempt if you think it's a failed attempt.

    • Throwed Gaming
      Throwed Gaming 10 months ago

      I made a character and saved it but have no idea how to even change the main character lol. In videos the people just click on the character and something pops up but thats not the case for me. Something so simple yet boggles me how to even do?

    • Arella17
      Arella17 Year ago

      I've got somethin goin, I wouldn't call it a game it's a bunch or random events that were done through a tutorial.
      I hope you didn't give up and have kept working at it.

    • Caleb Scoville
      Caleb Scoville Year ago

      @HaxGamer09 Oh I don't even know if it's possible to collaborate with someone online, but it was just a thought. Right now I'm trying to make an RPG with a very generic storyline that I'm mostly making up as I go along, just so that I can have some practice under my belt before I attempt to create something better. It's a lot of work to do by myself. But one problem I foresee with collaboration is having different ideas about story and characters, so... I don't know. What's your RPG like so far? Are you trying to make it really deep and complex?

    • HaxGamer09
      HaxGamer09 Year ago

      @Caleb Scoville i understand that. The build in tutorial is kinda weak and doesn't really help much

  • Soul Reaver
    Soul Reaver 5 years ago +413

    All of the gameplay and mechanics tips are great and stuff, but honestly, the main killer of your average RPG maker game I've noticed is simply language. Either filled with typos, poor grammar, characters without personality in their speech, unfitting lame jokes thrown in completely killing the mood or (often) just a combination of all of the above.

    • JigsawAlwaysWins
      JigsawAlwaysWins 7 months ago

      I'm really limited on ps4. You can only have about 10 words before it cuts everything off. So either A: I have to keep it short and sweet or B: I spam the player with 30 chat bubbles

    • coxxycabee
      coxxycabee Year ago

      @xSilentZeroXx Accents in any readable content is a downer for me. I hate it when writers do that. I know they're trying to be immersive but it has the complete opposite effect on me, as my brain has to stop, decipher, make sense, and then re-read.

    • metalskirmish
      metalskirmish 2 years ago +3

      Do in world linguistics bother you? I hate typos myself, but does it bug you when like, tolkien made languages for all the races in the ring series, if someone tries to make a consistent spin on language is it a dealbreaker? Im making a game where there was a precursor to common tongue that predates and is used in the naming of older locations and historical happenings, dealbreaker or no?

    • Kaffekane
      Kaffekane 5 years ago +1

      Love your comment.

    • xSilentZeroXx
      xSilentZeroXx 5 years ago +7

      Most painful thing is when you have a character who's meant to speak in a Southern drawl (y'know, talkin' like this n' all that), but you're either forgetting to "translate" some of their textboxes or your "translation" is inconsistent (such as changing between outta and out o'.) purely on accident.
      It's tough, man. But yeah, last thing I'd want to do is leave those in.
      Mood, I feel, is a very important thing for my project, so yeah, I'm trying to avoid anything that may cause some whiplash there.

  • Alex Montenegro
    Alex Montenegro 5 years ago +43

    The sincerity and kindness you put into this video feels genuine, thank you! Before watching this I was so worried about using RPG maker for my game, but now it feels like a good experienced friend who loves gaming and telling a story as much as I do, reassured me it's fine. The internet is sorely full of insincerity and simple grabs for attention. Whatever your reasons for posting this video all I can say is thank you, thank you for posting this and spreading this feeling.

    • LUKE lcs
      LUKE lcs Year ago +2

      I kinda want to paraphrase what you said about the video, only say it about your comment but...
      That might be taken as an insult and...

  • Metal Grootvader
    Metal Grootvader 5 years ago +136

    You earned a new fan today. I'll be 50 next month and always wanted to make a game. Think I will give it a shot...this should be interesting. Thanks for the awesome videos!

  • Valryia
    Valryia 6 years ago +10

    The reason why the length of a game seems so important is because potential buyers want the most bang out of their buck.
    But, times have changed. It can't be said enough: Not the sheer length of a game is important, but the amount of good *gameplay*!

  • William D.
    William D. 6 years ago +2

    12 minutes well spent! Confidence boosters, informative tips, helpful hints, and explanations as to how a developer should play into their strengths. Just... another... great video !!!

  • BananaBread2
    BananaBread2 6 years ago +21

    I just started using RPG Maker. I've watched so many tutorials and stuff, but this has been the most helpful so far. Subscribed.

  • Voxel Composer
    Voxel Composer 6 years ago +2

    I saw this video pop up a few times in my recommended list, and I'm glad I watched it! I could hear how much enthusiasm you have for making and playing games. I can tell how much how you want to spread that enthusiasm to others without judging them or making them doubt themselves. You're absolutely right! Even though the engine is simple, that doesn't mean we can't make our games the experiences we want our players to have. What "works" for others may not work for us. We should embrace that. Thank you for this video and your positive, creative attitude!

  • QuackSpeed
    QuackSpeed 5 years ago +159

    Making a good game isn't my problem, it's getting frustrated and giving up or just simply losing interest.

    • JonelKingas
      JonelKingas 2 years ago

      At first youre happy and all but when you get stoped by a needed script that isnt on internet its gg... Happened to me today looking for live combat system for rpg maker mv but cant find it...

    • marthvon
      marthvon 3 years ago +5

      no greater passion will ever help you in finishing a game without hardwork.
      When people say passion they always think of it as the activity that makes you happy... BUT... NO... your passion should be the ability to dedicate yourself to something even if it is dull, tiresome or hard. For better or for worse 😂 you never make a game because of the satisfying feeling you recieve while doing it but for the satisfaction you'll recieve at the end of it

    • Mang Merciless
      Mang Merciless 3 years ago

      @Dawid Mejka I just write it in a notebook.

    • Dawid Mejka
      Dawid Mejka 3 years ago

      @Mang Merciless I consider to do the same but where do you "store" things you make before touching rpg maker ? Do you use some other specialized software or just write it down in ms word or piece of paper ?

  • Matthew Campbell
    Matthew Campbell 5 years ago +118

    With RPG Maker, anyone can make a game, but they never said that anyone should.

    • IvanezRus
      IvanezRus 10 months ago

      It's like in Ratatouille movie: not anyone can become a great cook, but a great cook can come from anywhere.

    • RetroTheWiz3rd
      RetroTheWiz3rd 5 years ago +3

      tru that

    • Michael Primo
      Michael Primo 5 years ago +60

      I heard this: RPG Maker have a good and a bad. the good is: everyone can create a game. The bad is: everyone can create a game.

  • chazdoit
    chazdoit 5 years ago +1339

    This video sounds like it was made by an Anime character

    • Kawaii Dere
      Kawaii Dere 10 months ago


    • Chaos-15
      Chaos-15 Year ago

      It can't be since I don't feel the urge to stab my ears.

    • Marc Andre Sarthou
      Marc Andre Sarthou Year ago +1

      She sounds like Ruby Rose from RWBY!

    • Mr. TNT
      Mr. TNT 2 years ago +1

      @Nikke'ta Snowden yeah i gotta rewatch it I'm feeling that nostalgia now

    • Nikke'ta Snowden
      Nikke'ta Snowden 2 years ago +1

      @Mr. TNT yeah. I honestly forgot I posted this, but yeah I know what you mean. I have been recently watching through season one (i bout the season 1-4 dvd collection off of Amazon not too long ago). I have never seen every episode I don't think. And I never fully watched season 3 or 4.

  • Cherrieee
    Cherrieee 4 years ago

    I was actually very inspired by this, Echo. Thank you for your wonderous and inspirational content. I'll be sure to learn a lot on my path to becoming a video game developer.

  • Courtney Calle
    Courtney Calle 6 years ago +5

    Omg this started out as "how to make a game" and ending with "lessons of life as an artist/ creator " lol you are awesome!!!

  • TwinPage777
    TwinPage777 6 years ago

    This was really inspiring, thank you for putting your videos out there to help those who have not taken the first step. It's like a gentle push to go out and try and over come the walls with your head held high and have fun while doing it. Keep up the good work =)

  • Kalavinka
    Kalavinka 5 years ago

    I wish I could like this multiple times. This is such a genuine, helpful and kind video for someone to make. I'm dipping into the shallow end of the RPG Maker development pool right now, just bought MV off Steam and have used previous versions a bit.
    Thank you for making this, Echo! You're very encouraging.

  • LunarcomplexDev
    LunarcomplexDev 6 years ago

    An amazing video Echo, and I still can't believe how you made a game in such a short amount of time. I'm sure this will help push people further into creating their very own game! =D

  • Luninareph
    Luninareph 6 years ago

    This was really encouraging and lovely to see... and you pointed out some great areas I should look into improving on my game! Thank you so much for this :)

  • Andrew Barrett
    Andrew Barrett 2 years ago +1

    That made me feel so pump and inspired to make a game. Hopefully when I get my I will definitely send you a free copy 😊.

  • Xnithi
    Xnithi 5 years ago +3

    This is solid advice, and you proved your point by showing and contrasting crap games with good ones. Or good *one*. Gonna check out this Gaia's Memory, and maybe take notes on what I like, and why. All that said - you should be a voice actor. That is, if it interests you. You could easily get paid voice acting for anime dubs and games. Unless you already do... then this is a bit redundant... anyways, thanks!

  • Lawrence Fitzgerald
    Lawrence Fitzgerald 4 years ago

    This was one of the cutest, most inspirational videos I have seen so far for game creators. Thank you for taking the time to put this video together.
    +1 for "...blah, blah, blah--bored!"
    +1 for having a character named Fighterdoken (I miss that comic!)

  • Kezo The happy lurker
    Kezo The happy lurker 4 years ago

    I love your tutorial, it's easy and entertaining to follow, unlike the endless droning on about the endless minutiae of details and real time meandering inside the program!...Subbed!

  • MrAsianadam
    MrAsianadam 6 years ago

    Wanted to say thanks for this video! I just bought RPG maker VX yesterday- I was 16 when I remember seeing adverts for RPGMXP, but I never felt like I was 'good enough' to try. Many years later I've rekindled the feelings I had in my childhood, the want to make a fun and interesting RPG, and now I can. :D

  • Laurent Cassagne
    Laurent Cassagne 3 years ago

    I really love your dedication in your vidéos and your game making. I can sense that you just want to share your experience and make the community grow. I do no know if you continue to do so but this is really great ! (following you since 2015)

  • Justin Brown
    Justin Brown 4 years ago

    This is one of the most constructive RPG maker tutorials I've ever seen.

  • RayMK3/AltairHatena
    RayMK3/AltairHatena 4 years ago

    Thanks for these tips :), i've been working on a game for most of my summer break and it's getting polished right now!
    Your video motivated me to keep learning and use the provided resources in my own ways.

  • Nulhulux
    Nulhulux 5 years ago

    Clear, concise, and inspirational. You have a talent for these videos~ =)

  • eric dease
    eric dease 5 years ago

    Thank you for making this video. It was very helpful and really encouraged me to do more work in my rpgs. I want to be able to make rpgs like the ones you showed off and im going to make them my own. Thank you

  • copester1204
    copester1204 6 years ago

    Great video. I also HIGHLY recommend reading a book (or 5) on writing fiction. Learn about how to start 'in media res' to hook the player/reader. Learn about plot and the false climax. Learn about and practice writing flash fiction so your prose is rich in imagery and short on words. So much of the story in RPGs is told through the prose but so many game makers ignore the text in favor of creating amazing graphics and sounds. Flashy graphics and good music and sound can only take you so far if your dialog and exposition looks like it was written by a 7-year-old.

  • M
    M 5 years ago

    You are AMAZING!!! All of these tutorials and stuff, I am going to watch ALL OF YOUR TUTORIALS to learn how to play! Thank you, and you just earned a subscriber.

  • Raddix
    Raddix 5 years ago

    Thank you.. what you've said encouraged me really. I am at the very beginning, but i wanna try so much at the same time. I am really looking forward to use a majority of my freetime to slowly learn everything step by step myself. Maybe... i have a friend who could even help me with art. So I actually have much opportunities!
    Thank you so much for this video. Without this i would probably have given up soon.

  • Overexcited Player
    Overexcited Player 6 years ago

    Amen to all of these tips, man. I finally feel motivated to start my next project!

  • David Harper
    David Harper 2 years ago

    I know this is an old video, but thank you!
    I'm always super bummed by the uphill battle it is to get people to take RPG Maker stuff seriously because I love it! Replacing most of it with custom-built stuff is a depressing prospect when you have little to no budget but this video has offered some helpful insights I'll be sure to capitalize on.
    Thanks again!

  • A l b a r n
    A l b a r n 5 years ago

    Came for the tutorial, stayed for the voice. Very well done, I'll try to use all of theses tips when I sit down and try to make something.

  • RsBerzerkaVG
    RsBerzerkaVG 6 years ago +7

    Great Example: (OFF) That game went above & beyond with its simplistic style hiding away a deep dark story. I really enjoyed that game Alone, and I recommend to anyone who needs inspiration or anyone who just wants a game that makes you go WTF! xD

  • Clayton Spears
    Clayton Spears 3 years ago

    This was the sweetest, nicest way I've ever seen anyone give advice to anyone lol. Great video and some great advice. Reminded me to take my time and make something enjoyable.

  • Nicholas Nadon
    Nicholas Nadon 3 years ago

    This is a fantastic video. You put everything together very well!

  • Swashbucklingfox
    Swashbucklingfox 5 years ago

    I love this video! I started with rpg maker 2k3 a long time ago and rpg maker taught me alot about game development. Currently doing a 3d project in ue4, but looking forward to making a game with MV! RPG Maker is an amazing game development engine.

  • Camarada Lobo
    Camarada Lobo 5 years ago

    Echo607. It's amazing the amount of love that you put on your videos. It's very inspiring. Thanks for the hard work.

  • Aciefied Spade
    Aciefied Spade 6 years ago

    I needed this... Thank you... You see, i recently made a small game that my friend thought was the most amazing game ever produced, in reality, there was only 7 different enemies, 5 rooms and all the rooms were computer generated with little touches here and there... to add to it, there was only one character in the party but he took almost no damaged and dished out almost double what the enemies could... it was the first game i ever made... but he still loved it to bits... and he and this video convinced me to make another... a longer one, a better one, a prettier one :3
    (also... if anyone wants to actually play it... i have it on mediafire somewhere... .-.)

  • TurboWaitress
    TurboWaitress 6 years ago

    This video is extremely helpful. I've had VX Ace for a year and just DLed MV. I enjoy both but there's so much out there it can feel overwhelming.

  • Rickey
    Rickey 6 years ago

    Echo, you made me feel a lot better about wanting to make a game. I was so discouraged before but now I feel way better because of you! You have this way of speaking that just makes a person feel comfortable and confident. Thank you!

  • Dantalian Gosick
    Dantalian Gosick 4 years ago

    i'm in love with the way you motivate , and give advice ! keep going

  • GallahadGaming
    GallahadGaming 5 years ago

    Thanks for the much needed inspiration here....I've been picking up and putting down a project for the past 12 years. hahaha.
    thinking of scrapping what little progress ive made and starting over. MV looks like a great engine. XP and VX were good....but you had to be a scripter in order to get nice battle systems. But everything seems more user friendly with this one.
    Just, thanks for this. Its really appreciated. :D

  • EpsilonFragment
    EpsilonFragment 5 years ago

    This is the first video I've seen from you, and wow instant subscribe. Love your presenting style and these tips are great. Thank you for taking the time to make this!

  • duskaxe
    duskaxe 6 years ago

    Great video with a positive message that I think anyone who works on RPGMaker games should hear.

  • Chensquint
    Chensquint 6 years ago

    OK... so, This was the first video I've seen from you and your channel is literally the best at explaining different elements of an RPG thank you for creating your channel, I just subscribed too so, I'll be looking forward for more RPG tips and tricks :D

  • Billtuk
    Billtuk 2 years ago

    Thank you for this video! It motivated me even more in my dedication to my project!

  • Angry Misanthropist Freak

    You're tutorials are very helpful. Hey could you perhaps do a tutorial with voice acting and speech bubbles?

  • Will Soto
    Will Soto 3 years ago

    This was so inspiring and helpful, thank you!

  • John G
    John G 3 years ago

    It's so cool to see someone with so much love for rpg maker I love rpg maker games some of the best games I played were on these programs made by a small team of people

  • Brando Sheriff
    Brando Sheriff 6 years ago

    Great video as usual. I also want to say thanks, as it was because of your vids that me and my team were able to finish our game in time. It was a class assignment this semester in which we had to create a game in 5 weeks. And while it's definitely not the best game out there, I'm proud we were able to make and finish a game of our own, complete with our own original assets instead of the in-house RM graphics. Along the way, I ended up falling in love with RPG Maker and hope to create something truly amazing myself, so thanks again for your vids and encouraging me to develop RPGs!

  • Rigoberto Alcantara
    Rigoberto Alcantara 3 years ago

    While listening attentively to your valuable advice, I could feel a sincere desire to motivate and help others. I would like to thank from the deepest part of my heart for this video, especially the last part. Creating an original game is difficult, but thanks to you I have a clear idea of ​​how I want to do it. I'm happy to have accidentally ended up on your channel. From now on I will be a faithful follower.

  • Tony's Sweet Vids
    Tony's Sweet Vids 5 years ago

    Subbed! :D Love your channel, I recently just got back into rpg maker, I'm using VX Ace now, but as a kid I grew up using 2000 and 2003. My new game is using symphony batlle script, and monagatari's menu script so far. It's the first time I've made a game with scripts and I'm really excited about it. Also a simple wasd movment keys one lol.

  • Joshua Furtado
    Joshua Furtado 3 years ago

    I love your videos so much. I wish I'd gotten into game making earlier, I've had RPG Maker AX on my steam for a few years, but never really used it, my partner used mine to create a very short game for a class. Now I have RPG Maker MV, and I really want to create a small game, test out the features, and not try to overwhelm myself with too big of a game. I think your videos are very inspiring, thank you.

  • D MAS
    D MAS 5 years ago +5

    5:27 "I'm not saying 'Go download Yanfly's entire collection of battle plugins' or something..."
    8:47 "Some start with unwinnable battles"
    Great way to put me off a game for forever.

  • Pao Pao The Siopao
    Pao Pao The Siopao 4 years ago

    Your videos have helped me a lot. Thank you. Currently making my first game. Hopefully I can find a playtester. :) Again, thank you very much.

  • Procraftynation
    Procraftynation 6 years ago

    I'm really learning a lot from your videos! And with this video... Thank you for opening my eyes!

  • Patchwork
    Patchwork 6 years ago

    Your video is very helpful. I'm really learning a lot. I'm sort of starting at square one to get better with my game development.

  • SuperQuail
    SuperQuail 6 years ago +65

    I wish I could meet some RPG Maker people IRL.
    I've been doing this by myself since 2001 :(

    • s6xafterse7en
      s6xafterse7en Year ago

      Meetups! Look them or or create one

    • TurboWaitress
      TurboWaitress 5 years ago

      For those going to Otakon, I'm setting up a game makers' (including RPGMaker) meet-up, PM me if interested.

    • Firhan Bagus Adji
      Firhan Bagus Adji 6 years ago

      goodluck in finding your partner dude! i'm myself just started this recently and still doing shit so i'm still learning.. but maybe we can work together while you help me with this app maybe hahaha

    • TurboWaitress
      TurboWaitress 6 years ago

      Hope you get to do one someday. The first game panel I went to was for Ren'Py and it was great so after that I made it a point to look for RM ones as well. They're rare and usually at bigger cons, but very much worthwhile.

    • TurboWaitress
      TurboWaitress 6 years ago

      That sucks, I hope you're able to find more people locally someday. I live in a rural area but travel to cons and recently, a college in a nearby state started a game design program, so a lot of indie devs including RPG maker people, have come out of the woodwork.

  • chinguidinsky
    chinguidinsky 3 years ago

    It's a bit overwhelming... I just made my first little town with 3 houses using RM's resources and it was great but I don't know how to make music or my own sprites or anything. I just realized things like plug-ins exist thanks to this video. This is going to take longer than I expected.

  • FEmaster2020
    FEmaster2020 4 years ago

    You know, I'm going to make sprites! Characters and more! Thank you Echo for the inspiration

  • MsgGamerSonicPlays
    MsgGamerSonicPlays 11 months ago

    you explain soo good that if i still had the access to the rpg makers I wound try to listen to your tutorials as best i can [well until i get bored or die out of ideas or how to do stuff]

  • trioverse official
    trioverse official 4 years ago

    To be honest, I think the damage system is pretty cool!

  • lynndefender1
    lynndefender1 6 years ago +13

    this is the first time I have ever heard a girl talk this passionate about game creating.I actually felt everything you had to say.its almost like we're meant to be lol,but if you were selling this program,I think you would have a lot buyers.) I'm going to try this maker,because I have a lot of characters running through my mind,but also because I'm always excited about my worlds I had since childhood in me and don't worry,I'm not interested in the money part,but mostly for my characters.thanks for the passionate talk,hope we can meet one day.

  • JMotion
    JMotion 6 years ago

    If not for your voice alone, the great advice and really well put together footage makes it worth subbing. Great video.

  • Spencer McCabe
    Spencer McCabe 5 years ago

    Thanks so much, I've always been a more music minded fellow (played the oboe for 12 years and the piano for 2). However it's always been a dream of mine to create an RPG. Ever since I got hooked on games like persona, final fantasy, and what drew me to wanting to even try to use RPG maker, Corpse party. I love the 2-D art style I can't exactly explain why - Anyways thanks for the video it's really cool and gave me a lot to think about!

  • Saibot216
    Saibot216 5 years ago

    Thank you for this video! Steam was having a sale and I got RPG Maker MV because why not. I'll definitely have to check out more of your vids as I dive into game creation.

  • Rossiter
    Rossiter 5 years ago +3

    I always have trouble making a balanced difficulty.

    • Sakura Haruno
      Sakura Haruno 5 years ago

      omg me too xD

    • DJK1NG Gaming
      DJK1NG Gaming 5 years ago

      It's really not that hard. It simple really. If you play Pokemon before you should understand how it works. Stats will determine the damage. You can always just use the default skills and use that as base to calculate and learn the formula.

    • The Shangry Llamas
      The Shangry Llamas 5 years ago

      I actually haven't made a game that has battles in it yet because of this exact reason xD this game I'm working on right now will be the first one with ACTUAL battle sequences and I'm really hoping I can finally understand the maths xD

  • trevor stroud
    trevor stroud Year ago

    Really good vid, I like the musical overlay, her voice and influx. Her message was positive and corrective. Well done vid, this makes me want to check out her games.

  • Purist, the Specter
    Purist, the Specter 4 years ago

    I thank you for making this video, cause I plan on making a game with RPG Maker MV, and I have been planning things out for a while. I've seen good RPG Maker games out there, and they're what actually inspired me to attempt to create one myself! If you think you can't create a great game, don't sell yourself short, just get used to what's there, make yourself better, make the best thing you can.
    Also, whoever says that "RPG Maker only makes bad games", they *really* need to play either 'OFF' or 'Oneshot', they are incredible examples of great games made from RPG Maker (OFF is probably what inspired me to create a game in the first place).

  • Lord Shiba
    Lord Shiba 3 years ago

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    I found my peoples!

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    The Gaming Paladin 5 years ago

    i just wanted to say that i really like you reaching out to ppl and helpin out via these tutorials, this will help ppl like me go without ragequitting from the frustration that can come from all this work that we are preparing ourselves to go through to create our own games.
    so thanks for what you've put out thus far, and lookin forward to your game when it gets it's MV HD Remake.
    who knows, maybe you'll be looking forward to my project just as much in the future. (though i do plan to go down a controversial type of path with the story, heh heh...)

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    LunarWingCloud 6 years ago

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    Er P 6 years ago

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  • NotSoRoyalJester
    NotSoRoyalJester 6 years ago +4

    8:37 the Japanese character for death 死, is written in snow, XD

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    • Yannick Luecker
      Yannick Luecker 6 years ago

      +Yannick „Tiberius“ Luecker UPDATE: I drew something vaguely human looking today, after one week of practice starting from the position of someone who could only draw stick figures.

  • Pick Up Group
    Pick Up Group 6 years ago +12

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    • 3barze
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    • Pick Up Group
      Pick Up Group 6 years ago

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    • Cole Goodrich
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    Me, the compassionate one: Amen to that

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    agwtaw2 5 years ago

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    • U FKING WOT M9
      U FKING WOT M9 3 years ago

      Admiral Pepper not dark souls that idea was too frustrating and punishing and dark souls is challenging and fun

    • Enricus
      Enricus 4 years ago +4

      Save points are for casuals

    • name bn
      name bn 5 years ago +4

      Don't forget save points should be at least 2 hours apart.

    • Admiral Pepper
      Admiral Pepper 5 years ago +4

      @Blackpapalink Oh, no I meant in terms of gameplay where the enemies are either stupidly high in damage, dexterity, defense, etc. Or even all the above.
      The story, on the other hand, is amazing if you took the time to find snippets of lore from items, and finding out what item belonged to whom, and who made it. Hell, even rubbish has lore lol.
      So, sorry if I didn't make it clear for you or anyone reading this. :)

    • Blackpapalink
      Blackpapalink 5 years ago +2

      I wouldn't say Dark Souls has a lousy story. It's just most of it's buried beneath the lore, which isn't a bad thing.

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    • Allen Xav
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  • Grayson Wilson-Cacciapalle

    I'm a musician- and my earliest inspirations were soundtracks from the Final Fantasy series! I'm writing a concept album actually titled Final Fantasy, and I wanted to create a video game to go along with it so I just bought this and checking out some videos and tutorials. I used rpg maker 2000 way back in the day and had a lot of fun with it! So funny that I see a character named Akira in the video here- one of the characters in my album is named Akira! Message me if you want to here the demo track I recorded about Akira :)

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    • Mikhail Angela
      Mikhail Angela 4 years ago

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    • OSTSarahB
      OSTSarahB 4 years ago

      Saying kanji character is redundant. The "ji" part means character.

    • Taricus
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      Also Chinese for death. The Kanji actually matches the Chinese, in this case :P

    • wheatley
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  • ElNakamaConLentes
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    SHADOMEGA7569 3 years ago

    Very nice tips echo I'll be sure to take it to heart when using MV.
    Your saying to never let criticism discourage you from pursuing the development of your game, post sample maps to forums or steam for feedback, dont be afraid of your game not being known at first when publishing it, let every game you make be a learning experience to how you can do better as a developer, its ok to use outside resources as long as they're credited even if the resources are free to use, and if your game is becoming like another RM game try to make your game stand out from the rest.
    Honestly I plan to put my first complete game as a freebie and allow for people to donate to help support if they like it and hell even attempt a mobile version and try to get revenue from downloads while keeping it free.
    I've always felt amazed to what i could do with the base assets back on RMXP when i was sampling it.. I had a game roughly 50% complete and grant you it was mostly stuff i was winging as the story went on until my laptop gave out and i lost all access to it. I want to attempt to re create this story but not now, right now i gotta learn my way on using MV as VXAce i sucked at ruby scripting.
    Again this video is very inspiring to new developers like myself and i feel you deserve a special thanks in any in game credits as the work wouldn't of been completed without a morale boost from you

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