Broken Parts Are The Worst Parts - C30 Update

  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
  • I took our C30 to our friends down at Long Valley Auto Works to get our new suspension installed and to try and nail down the cause of our boost issues. Well at the time I'm writing this the car is still there, five days later. One of our new Bilstein Struts broke during installation and were back in the "waiting on parts" game.
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Comments • 21

  • David Wark
    David Wark 12 days ago +1

    Dead TCV?

  • Chris Nipple
    Chris Nipple 17 days ago

    I also have a volvo c30 do you think it would be worth it to get a resonator delete just to make it a bit louder? What do you think of the ingen cold air intake for the c30, do you think that upgrade would be worth it?

  • Sorrow und Agony
    Sorrow und Agony 21 day ago

    3 products you need, TCV, Actuator, and DPBV from Elevate. though if you overboost it'll cause a limp mode that makes the car make no more then 8psi (under 4k RPM) and nothing over 4k

    • ShiftingLanes
      ShiftingLanes  21 day ago

      Tcv was replaced 9 months ago.
      She revs still. I'm gonna try a new tune and then a cbv

  • Pancho Northmann
    Pancho Northmann 27 days ago

    Don't feel too bad. I spent 40+ hours cranking on my car to get it ready for a 5k mile road trip last month. At the end of my efforts, I broke a fitting on the front suspension, puked out hydraulic oil and effectively killed the car until new parts could arrive. Waiting on them still. But yeah, less chatting, more wrenching. LOL, waiting intently for your moosetech AWD conversion...

  • Rich Aardvark
    Rich Aardvark 27 days ago

    I have owned these cars for 10years. Change the turbo control valve and the fuel pressure sensor.
    Trust me

  • Michal Hobson
    Michal Hobson 27 days ago +1

    Look at the silver least it sheared in the garage as opposed to on the track doing 80 through a corner right?

  • J. Hedstrom
    J. Hedstrom 27 days ago

    I’ve been there. I feel your pain

  • jon devieon
    jon devieon 28 days ago +1

    Next Update: *"The C30 is currently missing, it was last seen left in a bad neighborhood with the keys in the ignition and a $20 in the console - we're not sure what happened,but we're hopeful."*

    • ShiftingLanes
      ShiftingLanes  28 days ago +1

      You're right. Maybe I shouldn't let Hansen test drive the C30.

  • Fordon, mek och galenskaper

    When do you begin with the 245? I wait for that

  • gen2busa11
    gen2busa11 28 days ago

    Have you tried changing the tcv valve for that boost issue?

  • p4ct
    p4ct 28 days ago +6

    no more talking videos, more fixing the volvo on the cam!

  • Don Rossi
    Don Rossi 28 days ago +1

    Hey Chad...Lighten Up..!!
    Forge Ahead. will all work out!!

  • Chris Martinez
    Chris Martinez 28 days ago +1

    If your c30 still has the original CBV on your turbo these will sometimes stick halfway open. This can mimic a boost leak because some of the boost is escaping back to the intake. One way to know if it's the issue you can hear it is when you build up boost and snap the throttle close. You should hear a slight wooossh sound, if theres an issue no sound would

    • Chris Martinez
      Chris Martinez 28 days ago +1

      @ShiftingLanes also the diaphragm inside could also have dried out not sealing properly or a small tear which can allow boost pressure not to buildup/escape.

    • ShiftingLanes
      ShiftingLanes  28 days ago

      Interesting. I def get the woosh sound similar to a bov. Worth looking into.

  • Maciej Bucholc
    Maciej Bucholc 28 days ago

    Chad, you can't perform without Volvo 🤦🏻‍♂️😎

  • Uncle Julian
    Uncle Julian 28 days ago +1

    Dont worry Chad, this kind of issues happen to the best of us. Take your time and get everything sorted out! Dont rush on this build, we know youre trying hard to make content but take your time and enjoy the progression its making!

    • ShiftingLanes
      ShiftingLanes  28 days ago

      I think you win the award for the most sane, rational, well thought out internet comment of all time. Kudos!!!😁