Bose SoundTouch 10 WiFi speaker system: A worthy Sonos competitor

  • Published on Mar 30, 2016
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    The SoundTouch 10 is Bose's most affordable wireless multi-room audio speaker -- and it sounds excellent for its size.
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Comments • 37

  • Dave Delve Delve
    Dave Delve Delve Year ago

    There shit, don't waste your money

  • Ashley Martin
    Ashley Martin Year ago

    I’ve just bought two of these. I unboxed and set up the first speaker, failed to work. Unboxed the second speaker, failed to work after minutes. DON’T BUY!!

  • Gilles Morel
    Gilles Morel Year ago +2

    Having a soundtouch 10 for some time, I can confirm it’s pure crap ! And the soundtouch app a nightmare

  • Callum kinsella
    Callum kinsella 2 years ago

    its a load of shit doesnt work when set up in stereo major lag that bose wont solve

  • flyhigh13
    flyhigh13 2 years ago

    If you connect 2 of them together can you still use them both on bluetooth or aux?

  • Simon Morse
    Simon Morse 2 years ago

    Hi can I use the preset button to pick up radio stations through Wifi and not through my app on my device

  • Ameer K
    Ameer K 2 years ago +1

    When will the Bose Soundlink Mini III come out

  • Alookks
    Alookks 2 years ago +4

    They should make this google cast compatible.

  • James Burrows
    James Burrows 2 years ago +3

    Lol, I have both. The soundtouch is one of the worst sounding speakers I have (second to my Mum's old radio). The soundlink mini 2 has more bass and sounds better than this. The play 1 sounds a hell of a lot better as well.
    After playing the sonos, when I started using the Bose, my friend went "That sounds crap" and rightly so.
    Not to be a Bose hater because I have quite a few products from them, it just sucks that the sound wasn't good. The Soundtouch 20 is a hell of a lot better than the 10 so I guess I would save up and go for that

  • ffsdfsdf fsdfsdfsd
    ffsdfsdf fsdfsdfsd 3 years ago

    It looks great! It may be a stupid question but does it work with an ipod touch? (version 4)

  • Fouad Amr
    Fouad Amr 3 years ago

    Do i have to plug the power cable to the soundtouch so i can be able to hear music or is it portable as well ?

    • chltmdwp
      chltmdwp 3 years ago +2

      Did you not watch the video?

  • technology productions 2019

    my 80s Bose speakers sound way better

  • hconn
    hconn 3 years ago +14

    That app looks terrible!

  • Marko Milenkovic
    Marko Milenkovic 3 years ago +3

    sonos is much better

  • Rxahman
    Rxahman 3 years ago +8

    App is so dated

  • HeavenlyClassic TheMightyHC

    i know its witeless but does it have the option to connect via wire? my lg tv has crappy sound so need speaker but soundbars are stupidly expensive

    • Mark D
      Mark D 3 years ago

      Yes, it has an AUX input.

    • craig2web
      craig2web 3 years ago

      +HeavenlyClassic TheMightyHC If you're looking for a cheap alternative, try hooking up a 3 piece computer speaker system (the 3rd piece being a subwoofer). These generally start around $25 and offer tremendous bang for the buck. I have one connected to my TV, and when I turn it up, the bass literally shakes the house. :-)

  • Akshay Patel
    Akshay Patel 3 years ago +9

    Apple, ios and Android 😂

  • Mace
    Mace 3 years ago +3

    why isn't there just a simple plug and connect?

    • Davis Vanderslice
      Davis Vanderslice 3 years ago

      +Mace it's a bad trend in your opinion, which is valid. You have to remember though, we are a small part of the population. Not everyone can buy a raspi and make this happen for $50. That's where such products come into play.

    • Mace
      Mace 3 years ago

      @Davis Vanderslice yeah but these added "features" come at a cost. Its like the market delivering a smart TV when consumers just want a quality TV picture.
      I know you might not be on the engineering team for this but nonetheless, its a bad trend.

    • Davis Vanderslice
      Davis Vanderslice 3 years ago

      +Mace it has a proprietary app, but you can use your own app if you want through the long range Bluetooth signal (75 ft). It also has a 3.5mm AUX jack on the back

    • Mace
      Mace 3 years ago

      +Mrsaladization seriously, a wifi speaker with just Bluetooth. that's it. No proprietary app; you can connect to it like a regular device on WiFi or not. Simple.

    • Mrsaladization
      Mrsaladization 3 years ago

      lol I know

  • Odium
    Odium 3 years ago

    no tidal support? heeheehee

  • Scott's Speaker and Camera Reviews

    I love soundtouch!

  •  3 years ago +28

    why do they have to make it look like a small refrigerator

    • Rob Erickson
      Rob Erickson Year ago

      2007suprasport they think its cool

    • Diwash1
      Diwash1 3 years ago +1

      Because they are the BOSS :D

  • steppa money
    steppa money 3 years ago

    speaker girl

  • Adora Basil Winterpock
    Adora Basil Winterpock 3 years ago +5

    Trump 2016!

    • SavageArfad
      SavageArfad 3 years ago +12

      F%&k Trump. He is a complete & utter idiot.