Fourth Doctor 1980 Title Sequence | Doctor Who

  • Published on Apr 3, 2019
  • To celebrate the release of 'The Collection - Season 18' here is the Fourth Doctor's full 1980's title sequence in glorious high definition! Find out more and get your copy here:
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Comments • 287

  • Luka T
    Luka T 9 days ago

    The best ever!

  • The Twelfth Doctor
    The Twelfth Doctor 13 days ago

    0:21 Fourth Doctor's Final Intro variant, It;s White
    Fifth doctor's Intro, it's Blue

  • thedavecorp
    thedavecorp 15 days ago +1

    Love Doctor Who.
    The Capaldi years were art.

  • CoolKidJeff
    CoolKidJeff Month ago

    Does anybody here know how they made this intro?

  • Laura Waterfield
    Laura Waterfield 2 months ago +1

    One of the longest running Dr. Definitely my fav for the past doctors. Loved the video. ❤❤

  • super john
    super john 4 months ago

    The title sequence took quite a lot of editing way back in the day they did not even have CGI, you would never think this was camera created, 39 years still look very impressive.

  • Mike Krochtiak
    Mike Krochtiak 4 months ago +2

    There goes my Doctor 👍
    Tom Baker what a Legend 😎
    Growing up in the 70's watching
    Doctor Who 💖
    that title sequence & music
    with synth just Awesome 👍

  • Zach The one gamer
    Zach The one gamer 4 months ago

    I love the theme. Keep up the good work bbc
    (Edit) I know this is the 80s btw

  • Mayo's Animated Sketchbook

    I like them all! But my favourite version of the Doctor Who theme tune is the early 1980's version. Probably has something to do with my earliest memories of Doctor Who being 'The Keeper of Traken' from 1981.

  • Кирилл Шукюров

    The next title sequence after Jodie's should be THIS modernized!

  • Who Edits
    Who Edits 4 months ago

    Hey! Check out my TheXvid Channel for Doctor Who Edits!!

  • SKP
    SKP 5 months ago


  • Hiiro kagami
    Hiiro kagami 5 months ago +2

    tom? are you ok? you look mildly dissapointed

  • Armaan MJ
    Armaan MJ 5 months ago +1

    it's the end the moment has been prepared for

  • Adrian Preston
    Adrian Preston 5 months ago +1

    Love the sci-fi feel to this theme, One of my favorites.

  • Deputy Jimmy Savile UTTP THDTC Strikes Again


  • H N
    H N 5 months ago

    She's one of my favorite Doctors.

  • gxdshino
    gxdshino 5 months ago

    Bring the 11th Doctor Back, he was the best Doctor! :c

  • Crazy Crafts
    Crazy Crafts 5 months ago


  • mat khatun
    mat khatun 5 months ago

    why did you kill Doctor Who Chipnall why?

  • Eddie badass Davis
    Eddie badass Davis 5 months ago +1

    Doctor Who The Collection:
    Fifth Doctor's final season

    • Yeti
      Yeti 5 months ago

      Rumour is season 10 is next
      Then 26

  • Tardis Net
    Tardis Net 5 months ago +2

    This would be a good title sequence if it weren't for Tom Bakers facial expression

  • Totally DW
    Totally DW 5 months ago +13

    Tom Baker’s curls in HD, what more could you ask for

    • Andrew Chapman
      Andrew Chapman 5 months ago +2

      Well, I would've asked for a jelly baby, but we never see the Fourth Doctor with jelly babies at all in his final season.

  • Miles Shuman
    Miles Shuman 5 months ago +5

    In my case this is my favorite opening

  • Blue Planet
    Blue Planet 5 months ago

    Doctor Who used to be really great didn't it?

    • Blue Planet
      Blue Planet 5 months ago

      Peter was GREAT and a true fan of the show (shame about the crap material he was given in his latter series and he deserved a WAY better send off)!

    • thedavecorp
      thedavecorp 5 months ago

      Peter Capaldi is my new fave.

    PROD.HADES 5 months ago


  • Vault Dweller Carmelo Johnson

    Me:* thinks of vault dweller who series 37 titles * I Got It! I'll Do It Starfield!

  • Linux Lounge
    Linux Lounge 5 months ago +12

    Seeing this without broadcast compression is truly something special...

  • Bobby Who
    Bobby Who 5 months ago


  • Liāna Lloyd
    Liāna Lloyd 5 months ago +2

    This made me happy :) Tom Baker was my first Doctor

    • Androo 64
      Androo 64 4 months ago +1

      Liāna Lloyd he was my uncle’s too!

  • Mary BS
    Mary BS 5 months ago +1

    This is the best Doctor Who intro FIGHT ME!!!!!

  • Green
    Green 5 months ago


  • Phoenix Commander
    Phoenix Commander 5 months ago +9

    Hey, idk if you guys know, but this is the best channel on TheXvid. For now, and forever more

    • Phoenix Commander
      Phoenix Commander 5 months ago +2

      Woah. Doctor who! We may be a real good audience, but it’s the show and its production that keeps us coming back. I speak for us all when I say we love you guys. Keep it up! Keep it real!

    • Doctor Who
      Doctor Who  5 months ago +5

      Dawww. That's because we have the best fans!

  • Matt's Modelling
    Matt's Modelling 5 months ago

    the best

  • The Lost Settler
    The Lost Settler 5 months ago +3

    Love Doctor who Mat is the best IF YOU LIKE MAT SMITH SMASH DAT LIKE

  • The Colorization Channel
    The Colorization Channel 5 months ago +1

    With the popularity of Peter Jackson's WW1 documentary, I would actually like to see an official 60s episode colorized and released on DVD

  • Dr.Whovianologist
    Dr.Whovianologist 5 months ago


  • Anthony Ikeda
    Anthony Ikeda 5 months ago +4

    When do we get an HD Dolby 5.1 version? :)

  • the 만년 뉴비김덕춘

    me favorite

  • Jake Culley
    Jake Culley 5 months ago

    Although I adore this version of the title sequence, I can't help but feel a bit sad. Because, (please anyone correct me if I'm wrong) I think that Tom Baker left because of the drastic changes made to the show. John Nathan Turner (producer) apparently tried to 'modernise' the show by changing a lot of aspects.
    He changed the style of writing, the incidental music for the episodes, the costumes for the Doctor and everyone else (the less we speak of Adric's costume the better!), and of course he changed the title sequence.
    Maybe that's why this title sequence feels dated, and the earlier 1975 one doesn't nearly as much.
    I still love this theme!
    It was the first classic who titles I watched!

  • Jelly Daze
    Jelly Daze 5 months ago +1

    Look Barbara, we've made it! London 1965!

  • shibeboi
    shibeboi 5 months ago

    It looks like a meme

  • TheG
    TheG 5 months ago

    The objectively best doctor who opening theme

    • Yeti
      Yeti 5 months ago

      Delia Derbyshire is rolling in her grave

  • Andrew Hsieh
    Andrew Hsieh 5 months ago

    Looks better in HD! 👍

  • coolnegative
    coolnegative 5 months ago first doctor!

  • BigggRoss
    BigggRoss 5 months ago +1

    I say this is my DR. He is the one I first watched, staying up late headphones plugged in to not wake the parents.

  • Jon L
    Jon L 5 months ago


  • Kelvin
    Kelvin 5 months ago +3

    The quality in this is straight up INSANE. How was this refurbished??

    • Jean-Mikael
      Jean-Mikael 3 months ago

      Yes, scanned in HD from the original 35mm film negative.

    • DMann2006
      DMann2006 4 months ago

      Apparently the title sequence was created on Film.

  • Spencer Raney
    Spencer Raney 5 months ago +1

    I love the combination of Peter Howell’s theme and Sid Sutton’s traffics. Probably my favorite Doctor Who credits, definitely my favorite version of the theme.

  • blake
    blake 5 months ago

    i like it very retro

  • Reina de Ol.Ma
    Reina de Ol.Ma 5 months ago +1

    Scarfs are cool!

  • Vearon
    Vearon 5 months ago

    perhaps my favorite of the old school doctors

  • jamison melchi
    jamison melchi 5 months ago

    When Doctor who comes back next year I want the opening title to be just like this but modernized!😄👍🏻

  • sfcbjs1
    sfcbjs1 5 months ago +3

    My favorite theme version of Classic Who.

  • Jay Stevens
    Jay Stevens 5 months ago +1

    It would be so cool if you guys uploaded the scene where Ryan is talking to his dad in the coffee shop!

  • Rebeca Milk
    Rebeca Milk 5 months ago

    Please, put subtitles in Brazilian Portuguese please. Por favor, coloque legendas em português BR por favor.

  • Terry chamness
    Terry chamness 5 months ago

    This is still my favorite version of the Doctor Who theme music and I still think it's the best of all of them

    • Zohaib Hussain
      Zohaib Hussain 5 months ago

      @Michael McGrath I don't think you know what an "opinion" is child.

  • Babajint
    Babajint 5 months ago

    This is music is holy 😇

  • MCW North East
    MCW North East 5 months ago +1

    Ix corn

  • dragonvoldor x
    dragonvoldor x 5 months ago +3

    Best doctor ever.