DC vs Marvel - Who Has the Better Games?


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  • Panels to Pixels
    Panels to Pixels  8 months ago +32

    Thanks for checking out this video! Why not join the conversation by commenting and letting us know who YOU think has the best games? Marvel or DC?

    • Gemnist
      Gemnist 11 days ago

      Well, you yourself say that Marvel is more consistent overall, and I think that should be the deciding factor. Arkham may be DC's gold standard, but it can't - and doesn't - define the entire DC lineup. If talking current lineup though, it's pretty neck-and-neck, but Marvel's future looks more refined.

    • yohan outsider
      yohan outsider Month ago

      Panels to Pixels where is mobile game comparation??

    • Roblox Champion_09
      Roblox Champion_09 2 months ago

      Panels to Pixels if greatest game then it marvel.

    • Case McCulloch Animations
      Case McCulloch Animations 3 months ago

      Panels to Pixels DC by far.



  • The Goddamn Batman
    The Goddamn Batman 4 days ago

    Spider-Man just took stride with Batman: Arkham. Too awesome. Competition really does make good games.

  • dovahs darkness6066
    dovahs darkness6066 4 days ago

    I like how much sweaty mega fans are raging a war thats been going on for 8 months in this chat

  • zxr3 o967xz
    zxr3 o967xz 9 days ago

    I like Marvel more

  • VizioN-Scope
    VizioN-Scope 12 days ago

    Overall DC has better games but Marvel has way better movies

  • Christian Ada
    Christian Ada 17 days ago

    I'm sorry but Batman is the only game worth anything.
    But Marvel has the better games that's more interesting

  • Aj Jingco
    Aj Jingco 17 days ago

    Batman: Arkham City is like The Dark Knight of superhero video games so it's gonna be hard for anyone to top this game.

  • ShadowSnake 115
    ShadowSnake 115 18 days ago +1

    dc only has the arkham games and the injustice games, marvel has had more consistently good games on older generation consoles. In my opinion i think marvel has had more good games but dc only has a handful of great games.

  • Zeus PrimeTM
    Zeus PrimeTM 19 days ago

    Js. Marvel Online Games don't last long. The hype for their MMOs and RPGs last maybe 1-3 months. But DC's MMOs and RPGs last for years. Take DCUO for example. The alpha version was created in 2009-2010. Beta 2011-2013. And its 2018. The game is still going.

  • Hunter Higginson
    Hunter Higginson 25 days ago

    The Arkham series was great to begin with but ended horribly, the Arkham Knight reveal was piss-weak, I guessed Robin as soon as the Knight appeared in game, it was so painfully obvious that it ruined the game for me.

  • Just a Person
    Just a Person 28 days ago

    Both of them has good games but i cant decide

  • Skol 285
    Skol 285 29 days ago +1

    Take all of the Arkham games out of the picture, then marvel wins for games. But if you take all of the dc games away except for the Arkham games, dc beats marvel. That’s how good the Batman games were.

  • HerculezGaming
    HerculezGaming Month ago

    We need more games like justice league heroes and ultimate alliance

  • Real PotatoKinq
    Real PotatoKinq Month ago +2

    how bout we don’t argue about this and say both have great games? Besides Origins and Spider-Man 3

  • these2kings0305
    these2kings0305 Month ago

    DC games best
    Marvel movies best
    DC and Marvel comics are equal

  • Flash Sky Walker
    Flash Sky Walker Month ago +1

    DC has better games .

    *Despite spider-man ps4 haven't came out yet*

  • Vegito
    Vegito Month ago

    Imo Spiderman PS4 destroyed Batman

  • Bat man
    Bat man Month ago


  • Thanos
    Thanos Month ago

    Marvel Movies > DC Comics Movies: Marvel Comic Books < DC Comic Books: Marvels Games < DC Games

  • Nuhad Rahman
    Nuhad Rahman Month ago

    Well dc has better games and I guess Spiderman ps4 will be good but still it can't just beat arkham series and injustice

  • Will Rocks
    Will Rocks Month ago

    I’m a massive Marvel fan but DC wins in games for sure.

  • Red Rex
    Red Rex Month ago

    And let the hate begin. In my eyes the only good marvel game was spider man when dc was only Batman. The only thing you can compare is the story really, Batman is dark and he really brutal when spider man is meh

  • Ori
    Ori Month ago +1

    I think DC are currently a head with the Arkham series and the Injustice games dwarfing any recent marvel games but with Spider-Man and the Avengers project i tihnk they'll be equal within the next 2/3 years

  • Mr Sam
    Mr Sam Month ago

    I actually love both DC and Marvel games, movies, tv shows and comics

  • iOmega
    iOmega Month ago

    Marvel has better: films, marketing
    DC has better: heroes, villains, books, soundtracks, games, and cartoons.

  • Stone Hex
    Stone Hex Month ago +1

    Arkham Knight has no replay value.
    Spiderman, well, we'll see.

  • Dontai's broke headphones

    Well the arkham series and insjustice series are best and the new spider man game is bedt... but other than that

  • Boss Breezy
    Boss Breezy Month ago +1

    Batman is the only DC game thats actually good and y'all say they have the best games y'all never played captain America the iron man games and Spiderman games such as web of shadows and Spiderman 3 so many Spiderman where good and the new one tops all DC games

    • Boss Breezy
      Boss Breezy Month ago +1

      Lego Marvel marvel vs capcom come on now

  • Boss Breezy
    Boss Breezy Month ago


  • Atom Gamer
    Atom Gamer Month ago

    Spiderman ps4 won't make a difference because exclusivity and we all know sony won't let a game go to all platforms

    • Atom Gamer
      Atom Gamer Month ago

      Oh and little fanboys just stay away I don't wanna lose another million of my braincells

  • Edwin virelas
    Edwin virelas Month ago

    Spider-Man is better

  • Uganda knuckles gaming

    DC has better games

    IAMSAM Month ago

    Spider-Man 2 should’ve been mentioned

  • Peyton Marcum
    Peyton Marcum Month ago

    6:22 the game and the guy speak at the same time

  • Tavis Ament
    Tavis Ament Month ago +1

    In the 2000’s marvel had the games, but Dc rocks the 2010’s

  • sonic the headghog
    sonic the headghog Month ago

    Marvel is better

  • Freddy McShreddy
    Freddy McShreddy Month ago

    Both are tough competitors and have a plethora of good games... but as much as marvel has put out some pretty good games I’m gonna give my vote to DC (because of unsurprisingly the Arkham games)

  • Animoro
    Animoro Month ago

    The only thing i ever enjoyed from marvel games is Spiderman

    • Mr Sam
      Mr Sam Month ago

      Animoro- I actually really agree but i do also like the legos

  • mr mister
    mr mister Month ago

    spiderman 2

    nuff said

  • Young Wave
    Young Wave Month ago +1

    i think marvel makes better movies, but dc makes better games, tv shows, and comics.

    • Toxic Anoxic
      Toxic Anoxic Month ago +1

      Young Wave I like the marvel tv shows more, the only tv show I like from dc is flash and that's about it

    • Old Man Hogan
      Old Man Hogan Month ago +1

      Young Wave DC makes terrible tv shows

  • earth ,
    earth , Month ago


  • Doctor Kyri Strange


    WEEGEE Month ago

    who has the best movies? MARVEL. Who has the best games? DC. WHO HAS THE BEST HEROS? WHO KNOWS???? I LIKE ALL SUPERHEROS

  • Andy Parker
    Andy Parker Month ago

    Let's make this straight. The Arkham series sure are the best superhero games but that doesn't mean that DC, IN GENERAL, is better. Arkham, DC Universe Online and Injustice are all that DC have.
    Overall, Marvel is better with majority of the Spider-Man and X-men games as well as Incredible Hulk: UD, Ultimate Alliance, Deadpool and Marvel vs Capcom.

  • Ghost_elite 17
    Ghost_elite 17 Month ago

    Marvel games get boring

  • Ghost_elite 17
    Ghost_elite 17 Month ago

    Dc wins in games

  • Arian Seyed Cheraghi
    Arian Seyed Cheraghi Month ago +1

    marvel is dominating because superhero movies are a sudden trend among adults and teenagers... that’s why it’s considered better.
    But in animations games and the much more superior comics... dc is dominant...
    Without movies marvel would be bankrupt

  • jjxtraxtra
    jjxtraxtra Month ago

    Also don't forget Deadpool

  • jjxtraxtra
    jjxtraxtra Month ago

    DC Hands down

  • Kirai
    Kirai Month ago +1

    Marvel mobile games are nice and legos are really good too. I play batman arkham knight and city but i still think spidermans games are a match for batman arkhams

  • LEGEND 25
    LEGEND 25 Month ago +2

    Spider-man 2>>>>>>>>>>Arkham

  • H30manic 111
    H30manic 111 Month ago

    I like batman out of all DC characters

  • H30manic 111
    H30manic 111 Month ago

    I only like marvel but I think batman Arkham series game are the best

  • Godspeed
    Godspeed Month ago

    DC makes more interesting comics and better games, but Marvel makes great movies, This new Spider-Man won't beat the Arkham series, especially Batman Arkham City, but it can be close to the success of Injustice 2

  • Jacob Long
    Jacob Long Month ago

    Marvel has better games bye far

  • reindeer games
    reindeer games Month ago

    Everytime i ask someone this question , they always say DC because of the arkham series and injustice. Well did y'all forget about the horrible batman ps2 games , or that shitty aquaman game on ps2 , or how about superman returns. And do I even need to mention superman 64 , which set it's mark as the worst video game of all time.

  • Indominus Spinosaurus

    DC because it has injustice 2

  • Marlon J
    Marlon J Month ago

    Those where really good games

  • Marlon J
    Marlon J Month ago

    Wait They are forgetting spider man 1 2 & 3

  • JP
    JP Month ago

    DC has better games, but marvels spiderman is coming out and i think it'll come to a close tie

  • Mean Flawless
    Mean Flawless Month ago

    i am a marvel fan but... Injustice 2 keeps me up for DC

  • Royed King
    Royed King Month ago

    You missed some good Marvel games like Hulk Total Destruction,arcade beat em ups like the X-Men,Ultimate Spider-Man, Web Of Shadows,Shattered Dimensions,X-Men Origins Wolverine, and even Deadpool

  • Doogie fun Apparel
    Doogie fun Apparel Month ago

    Am a marvel fan but DC's games are sooooo much better!

  • Smiley Boi
    Smiley Boi Month ago

    For me marvel has better games

    Nice vid btw

  • Kenneth Long
    Kenneth Long Month ago

    DC hands down. Marvel dominates the theaters. Hopefully the new spiderman game is good for marvel.

  • Xenofon Psyllidis
    Xenofon Psyllidis Month ago


  • McInHeather
    McInHeather Month ago

    Spiderman 2 was the best marvel game in my opinion.
    DC: you got the arkham games.

  • gaming king
    gaming king Month ago

    You suck neither of them won

  • Music 4eva
    Music 4eva Month ago

    I'm a COMPLETE Marvel fangirl, and the Spider-Man game is AMAZING, but the Batman games are spectacular

  • Dmarlow Tate
    Dmarlow Tate Month ago

    Marvels is better than dc

  • Octavio Marín
    Octavio Marín Month ago

    DC definitely has the better games. Big fan of Marvel, and though the new Spiderman game looks good; I personally think it degrades Marvel in terms of games, console exclusivity is never good.

  • Joseph Pakula
    Joseph Pakula 2 months ago

    Marvel Has Better CGI and Action (The Avengers)
    DC has Better Villains (Heath Ledger)
    Marvel Games Can Be A Bit Glitchy (Spider-Man 3 at Times)
    DC has A Great Combat System for it's Games (Arkham Series)
    Marvel Has Better Free Roam (Spider-Man 2 and 3)
    DC has Great Developers (Rocksteady)
    Marvel Has Better Games in the 2000s (Spider-Man 2002)
    DC Has Better Controls (Superman Returns, Batman Begins)
    Marvel Games Have Harder Missons (Arsenic Candy 1 Spider-Man 3)
    DC Has Better Boss Battles (Titan Joker Arkham Asylum and Clayface Arkham City)
    Marvel Games Feel Rushed A Bit (Spider-Man 3, Ultimate Spider-Man)
    DC Has Better CGI and Action in their Games (Protocol 10)
    Marvel games can be a bit shorter (Spider-Man 1)
    DC game endings can be a bit disappointing (Joker's Death In Arkham City)
    Marvel Has Better DLC (Costumes For The Amazing Spider-Man 2)
    DC has Better Storylines For Their Games (Arkham Origins, Arkham Knight)
    Marvel Has Disney Ruining Their Shows (2017's Spider-Man)
    DC Has Better Animated Series (Batman)
    Marvel Could Have Better Developers (Activision)
    Overall DC Has Better Games Because The Action Is Very Intense
    Such As When You Fight Bane In Arkham Asylum and Origins
    But Marvel Has The Emotion Which can get To you I almost Cried During SM3's Ending
    When Watching Spider-Man Get Beat Up By Venom and Sandman
    I Cried When Harry Died (Everyone Did)
    But DC Has Better Storylines The Beginning Of Arkham Origins And Arkham Knight
    DC Does Have The Hints for it's Endings Such As When Batman Turns Himself In and You See
    Red Hood's Symbol
    Besides Injustice 2 Was Awarded Best Fighting Game
    Spider-Man 2 Was The Most Popular Superhero Game To Exist
    But The Arkham Series Took Over The World By Storm When Arkham City Came Out
    It Became The Seventh Best Selling PlayStation 3 Game 5.49 Million Copies World Wide
    Spider-Man 2 Sold 600,000 Arkham Asylum Sold 2 Million Copies Worldwide
    Arkham Origins Sold 4.48 Million Copies World Wide
    Arkham City Sold 2 Million Copies In It's First Week

  • kakyoku
    kakyoku 2 months ago

    3:49 triggered my ptsd

  • koba bochoidze
    koba bochoidze 2 months ago

    marvel BRO

  • Alfie Jackson
    Alfie Jackson 2 months ago


  • mr. L
    mr. L 2 months ago

    spiderman did arkham before batman

  • Rango BAC
    Rango BAC 2 months ago

    Marvel fan but hands down DC. The Arkham games, Injustice games, heck even Mortal Kombat VS DC.

  • Carlos Sarabia
    Carlos Sarabia 2 months ago

    Then came along a game called Marvel Spider-Man and it changed everything.

  • DylanSavesTheDwarfs
    DylanSavesTheDwarfs 2 months ago

    Manga vs Marvel :P

  • LittleDeez
    LittleDeez 2 months ago +3

    Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 is still better than Injustice

  • Dc marvel and Transformers nerd

    Dc is better because of the arkham series and the injustice series and lego batman 3

  • Slade Wilson
    Slade Wilson 2 months ago

    Where's my game at?

  • RandomGamer 64
    RandomGamer 64 2 months ago

    The arkham series, thats all i got to say.

  • MrGuido
    MrGuido 2 months ago

    Here's how the whole debacle of "who has had the best games" goes:
    2-D games(sega & nintendo consoles,etc):It's a tie.
    First & second gen of 3-D games(ps1,n64,ps2,etc): Marvel.
    Third gen of 3-D games(ps3,xbox360,etc):
    Forth/current gen(ps4,xbox one,etc): ????
    I'm not claiming that every game of one side that came out in a gen where the
    Other was dominating is bad,just that the other had more quality games at the time.
    Now in the current gen,DC seems to be doing just fine,with games like injustice 2(even with netherrealm's clunky animation's) and Batman A.K.(which wasn't as good as A.C.),but we have yet to wait and see what Marvel has to offer(with the release of the Spiderman ps4 game,and maybe a new,more polished version of MvsC:I).

  • TheWolverine1987
    TheWolverine1987 2 months ago

    DC has Arkham games and only the Arkham games. Marvel has Spider-Man 2, The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, Deadpool, Ultimate Spider-Man, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, Marvel vs Capcom, X-Men Legends 1 & 2, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, Captain America: Super Soldier and X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 months ago

    DC’s games have been better recently. But I will wait for Insomniac’s Spider-Man game. Shame it’s only for PS4 but it does appear to be promising.

  • Eris stole my popcorn
    Eris stole my popcorn 2 months ago

    I like both

    3V1LKNIGHT 2 months ago

    DC has better games, Marvel has better movies.

  • Collector's Advanced
    Collector's Advanced 2 months ago

    Dc games and lego marvel

  • Isaiah Saldana
    Isaiah Saldana 2 months ago

    DC game is better rn.
    But marvel did good good in the past

  • Horzeeya
    Horzeeya 2 months ago

    Let’s just say there both good we all have our own opinions I am more of a gamer then a movie guy but I like marvel movies more then DC and marvel games and cartoons and comics and dc movies so I am a big marvel fan but DC has the better games apart from the LEGO titles so yeah that’s my opinion

  • Peanuttbutterjellytoby
    Peanuttbutterjellytoby 2 months ago

    It’s obvious dc you just need to say batman

  • Matt k
    Matt k 2 months ago

    DC no question




    *Dun dun dunnunnun* Livin ln the edge fightin crime creating webs

    AJXHD 2 months ago

    Marvel VS DC
    Videogames: DC
    Movies: Marvel
    Cartoons and animation: Both
    Comics: DC
    Fanbase: Marvel
    TV Shows: DC
    DC edges out Marvel

    • panda in a bambo
      panda in a bambo 2 months ago

      AJXHD marvel clearly edges dc have you seen Netflix marvel as it in MCU or Hulu or legion which one of the best shows in 2017 where arrowerse just keep dragging and marvel has more sales in comics if you look at the most soled comic books last year or even a year before that

  • Sparks
    Sparks 2 months ago

    At the moment dc but that might all change when the new Spider-Man games comes out but if rocksteady do decide to make a openwold superman game than dc by far

  • This Guy
    This Guy 2 months ago

    Dc easily makes better games

    • RandomGamer 64
      RandomGamer 64 2 months ago +1

      This Guy all you gotta say is the arkham games

  • Bryan Newton
    Bryan Newton 2 months ago

    Start the video off right with that NES Wolverine theme. Mad respects.

  • Luke Alvarez
    Luke Alvarez 2 months ago

    I say D.C. Wins I just like injustice and arkham so much :3