£20 SMASHED PS Vita! - Can I Fix It?

  • Published on May 18, 2019
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Comments • 308

  • iand adi
    iand adi 2 days ago

    Interesting! Where did you found the replacement part of psvita?

  • TheDoctorPlayzYT :3
    TheDoctorPlayzYT :3 6 days ago

    Lego brick connector. Anyone thought of JerryRigEverything

  • Astral Strider Z
    Astral Strider Z 8 days ago

    Is it possible to repair my Vita? It broke from overheating and doesn't even power up (maybe a burnt CPU).
    I think it just needs another motherboard, and everything else still works.
    Or maybe it's useful just for parts?

  • Pedro Raposo
    Pedro Raposo 12 days ago +2

    Great video.
    Love the Vita.
    I have a replacement screen on the way. Hope to manage to replace it like you did!!!

  • Crazyoldman84
    Crazyoldman84 12 days ago

    The person who disrespected that vita should be hunted down and shot.

  • Vili Muratovic
    Vili Muratovic 12 days ago

    Nice video :)

  • Kelly Duckworth
    Kelly Duckworth 27 days ago

    Is the vita worth picking up? I've always been interested in it.

    LEXANDER96 28 days ago


  • Iceman India
    Iceman India 28 days ago

    If you keep the Vita, get Henkaku and VitaShell on it. You can download PSP isos and apparently u can get emulators like N64 and sheeeet

  • Elcool Master
    Elcool Master 28 days ago

    Hello frm where di you boy the screen?

  • franco natoli
    franco natoli Month ago

    where can you buy the replacement screen from

  • Ethan Anderson
    Ethan Anderson Month ago

    Honestly, Idk why I find ur bids so entertaining

  • FinalFinatic
    FinalFinatic Month ago

    I’m still playing my vita and it’s jailbreaken so much fun

  • Josh G.
    Josh G. Month ago

    How's the screen compared to the OLED screen? Debating on replacing mine someday...I hate those spots at night/dark screens.

  • Just Enjoy!
    Just Enjoy! Month ago

    wow! That was epic! well done.

  • Box Master
    Box Master Month ago

    Where did you buy the replacement screen ?

  • lsles a
    lsles a Month ago

    حرفيا بيتش مٌٌٌختل ريلي اشوف مسخ يالبيتش وع 😉🔥

  • computer1up
    computer1up Month ago

    Huh, that's funny. I replaced the broken screen on a Vita last monday. Got it for free though :P

  • REDHWAN ARIFF Khairulannuar

    Just asking I havent used my vita in a long time, just took it out a few days ago. But now it's battery goes from fully charged to suddenly saying is low battery. Do you know what's the cause of it?

  • Captain Resentiment

    The madman did it

  • ice twitch
    ice twitch Month ago

    I miss my PSP 3000 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Juan Rodriguez
    Juan Rodriguez Month ago

    Is the replacement screen OLED as well? This replacement looks like something I could do.

  • TKaz 10
    TKaz 10 Month ago

    this video was great!

  • Yannick K
    Yannick K Month ago

    Hey man just watched a whole bunch of your videos and I really appreciate your work, really educating and entertaining for sure! Do you have a tip or two on how to clean/replace the analog stick of the psp 3000 model? Mine just keeps screwing up walking directions which is crucial in a game such as Monster Hunter haha!

  • Ciaran McGreevy
    Ciaran McGreevy Month ago

    You seem to always get faulty handhelds for next to nothing when that's not how much they actually go for.

  • Wicked Gamer & Collector

    £20 SMASHED PS Vita! - Can I Fix It? / YES YOU CAN !!! :P

  • Richard Lucin
    Richard Lucin Month ago

    I got a Vita for 50 euros. It had Fifa 13, but it was on FW 3.69, so I had to wait for a couple of weeks. But now it's jailbroken and everything is good. 👌👍 But it came with only 4 GB memory card.

  • Annøying Goøg
    Annøying Goøg Month ago

    This looks like the Nintendo switch and ps4 also made a new pro controller that looks like the pro controller on Nintendo switch

  • Sound Trek
    Sound Trek Month ago

    Fair play Eliot!!

  • Ex Gremory
    Ex Gremory Month ago +1

    You its asking for a memory card no the game

  • GSFModz 502
    GSFModz 502 Month ago

    This is a expensive piece of kit. Why would anyone treat it like this? I've had mine for 8yrs (Got it new when it first came out) and I've always looked after it.

  • duy nguyen
    duy nguyen Month ago

    Watching this makes me so nervous

  • Roger
    Roger Month ago

    "£18 expensive repair" lol!

  • Classic Sonic
    Classic Sonic Month ago


  • Qator Bashtar
    Qator Bashtar Month ago

    Make sure to hack.

  • samysaar
    samysaar Month ago

    One word: HENkaku

  • Stcked Decked
    Stcked Decked Month ago +1

    John: here you go
    Me: you fix it

  • 666jamie666
    666jamie666 Month ago

    Sold my vita to get a switch. The vita had such potential but Sony really did drop the ball with it.

  • TheFallenOne250
    TheFallenOne250 Month ago

    I love you videos but this one in particular made me super happy. The Vita is my favorite handheld of all time.

    A RANDOM GENT Month ago

    My advice with screws is have a sheet of cardboard and some clear tape at hand, then as you go stick the screws to the card in groups/their original layout and label them.

  • MC Chase
    MC Chase Month ago

    While you were at fixing the screen, REPLACE THE OLED WITH A LED!!!

  • MC Chase
    MC Chase Month ago

    Holy sweet cranberries! That Vita looks like it has been in the war the the original ganeboy went through!

  • Sklikis Panos
    Sklikis Panos Month ago

    Man i have a problem with my 3ds>The top sreen is like a mirror do you have eny ideas???

  • asturides
    asturides Month ago +2

    Nice video. It would be nice if you could do a video comparison of the replacement screen vs an original one, to see if it is indeed OLED and its quality

  • Δημήτρης Βερλής

    14:54 btw this mark on the bottom left corner of the lcd panel is a fault from factory at the bubble removal process!

    • krisnadi imam
      krisnadi imam Month ago

      i cant see any defects, what is it... i replayed the thingy several times already

  • Δημήτρης Βερλής

    I'm the only one who thinks that guy is cute?

  • Golden Funmaker
    Golden Funmaker Month ago +2

    Hey bro, Can You Fix My Ps Vita, It Has The Orange LIght Problem

  • dawe82
    dawe82 Month ago

    i got mine working for 70euro ... and now is even hackable (because 3,70)

  • Ivan Staev
    Ivan Staev Month ago

    LDK Game, Bittboy V3, Retro mini:
    If I can buy only two of them, what should I buy (prefer GBA games)??

  • Babis Klados
    Babis Klados Month ago

    Hello my friend maybe you sell this ps Vita ?

  • wesmoen
    wesmoen Month ago

    I am really surprised that the main screen is attached to the front cover.
    PSP-1000 had that separated, so replacing the screen was a doozy. Now, on the Vita you have to disconnect everything, quite a hassle isn't it?

  • The Broken Past
    The Broken Past Month ago

    10:19 - The worst fear of anyone repairing tiny electronics - the dreaded itch on your hand (or a sneeze!) while delicately holding onto the components!
    Jokes aside, fantastic video! Great job on the repair. I've got an entire PSP 3000 screen and shell swap in the near future, and I haven't done anything yet beyond replacing the faceplate before. Seeing your success in effectively doing an entire swap on a Vita, gives me confidence on my PSP 3000 swap. Slow and methodical, while documenting your process as you go.
    Keep up the great work!

  • Lord Marcus
    Lord Marcus Month ago +1

    My wife, watching one of your vids with me for the first time: "Surely electronics Harry Potter can fix it."

    • Lord Marcus
      Lord Marcus Month ago

      @The Retro Future Heck yeah, and we've been wanting a Vita, but are broke. Thinking now about undertaking a similar task as you to save a big chunk of change.

    • The Retro Future
      The Retro Future  Month ago +1

      Did she enjoy the video tho? 😂

  • Alex Ross
    Alex Ross Month ago

    I wonder if he actually couldn't fix this so off camera he went and bought a new one and said "alright that is that".

    • sjm4306
      sjm4306 Month ago

      Replacing the entire front oled and midframe assembly is super easy for the vita, and I personally know Elliot so I'm absolutely sure he actually did the repair. Why would you even automatically assume someone would waste their time and money to try and deceive people like that? Especially when doing things properly would take less effort.

  • J
    J Month ago


  • Peppachelet Jr
    Peppachelet Jr Month ago

    Best console of all Time.

  • Ant N
    Ant N Month ago

    I like your videos and attention to detail, but have you never heard of electrostatic discharge? It drives me a little bit crazy when I see you rubbing your fingers over PCBs and board connectors 😉

  • Gidano _
    Gidano _ Month ago +1

    I want to thank you for the great content!
    I've been watching for a few months and now you inspired me into collecting gameboys!
    Today I found a super weel kept Yellow Gameboy Color, I paid 20 Euros for it since his start button isnt working, I'll try to fix that, I'm actually excited!

  • Unknown Creature
    Unknown Creature Month ago +1

    Love the background music.

  • Dominic Black
    Dominic Black Month ago

    Would be worth modding the system due to it being as cheap as it was.

  • Sterling20073
    Sterling20073 Month ago

    Get it hacked vita.hacks.guide

  • Fate
    Fate Month ago

    A while ago i found a broken Vita on the 3.60 firmware so i bought it for my girlfriend and i fixed its broken screen problem .. now i bought one for my friend. Both were around 30 euro. I had so much fun fixing the 1st one. Cant wait for the display to arrive for the second one!

  • Adrien Brasseur
    Adrien Brasseur Month ago

    What type of model is the first oled model or the lcd model

  • Russell Masters
    Russell Masters Month ago

    Should have fully re-shelled it.

  • Switchpoint
    Switchpoint Month ago

    Great fix of the Vita, it's a great system and was underrated as far as I'm concerned. It was marketed terribly in the West as an on the go replacement to your PS4 or PS3, but it was more a niche gmaers paradise with awesome japanese style games, such as Senran Kagura, Persona, 999, Digimon Cyber Sleuth, and much much more games like that

  • TakingCovers
    TakingCovers Month ago

    Where did you find that screen so cheap?

    • avinay rama
      avinay rama Month ago

      Might be a cheap LCD replacement and not OLED like the original on the psvita 1000

  • Cody McCarty
    Cody McCarty Month ago

    I saw this mod done on a dmg where the guy basically wires up a wireless charging pad onto the back of it and it actually worked would you maybe be up to trying it and maybe going into deeper detail and stuff

  • Alexandria Thorne
    Alexandria Thorne Month ago

    One of my absolute favourite handheld consoles.

  • Shitlord Diabettus
    Shitlord Diabettus Month ago

    pls hack the vita and do a special video about it. bonus points if you add tech james as a cameo

  • Instahawk 84
    Instahawk 84 Month ago

    Good to save a great handheld like the vita especially the original oled model this console I used for everything back when it got released email skype TheXvid ect it’s a lit console

  • Phil Hartmann
    Phil Hartmann Month ago

    Gotta love the ps veeter

  • Mojix Productions
    Mojix Productions Month ago

    What's good jaomock

  • Gina Hansestaat
    Gina Hansestaat Month ago

    whhaaat ? there is a basic standard computer hardware wifi modul in it ? i dont even know that ^^
    nice !

  • Albert Zinger
    Albert Zinger Month ago

    Not sure if you intend to actually use Vita, but as of right now every existing Vita can be jailbroken. You can put in a micro SD card with a cheap adapter, play any Vita/PSP/PS1 game, play homebrews, emulators up ti N64, etc. Vita is awesome!

  • Jordan Davies
    Jordan Davies Month ago +2

    I wonder if the replacement screen is OLED like the original or if it's just a regular LED screen?

    • Mikka Heintz
      Mikka Heintz Month ago

      The vita 1000 dont turn in with a lcd ...

    • Agent Morgan
      Agent Morgan Month ago

      I believe it's an LED screen. The first one I searched up was an LED. Just an assumption but most likely!

  • Norse King
    Norse King Month ago +1

    Nicely done - another Vita lives another day!

  • a G
    a G Month ago

    Just follow a ifixit guide, you're making things harder on yourself

    • a G
      a G Month ago

      @The Retro Future ok I understand what you mean, cheers mate

    • The Retro Future
      The Retro Future  Month ago

      Wheres the fun in that?

  • On-the-GO
    On-the-GO Month ago

    The game in the vita is physhical games you need the game cart to play them..btw nice work! I love ps vita!

  • MJR07
    MJR07 Month ago

    I'm not sure if im correct, but a lot of the sub £25 screens ive seen now do not seem to be OLED, I think they're a cheaper 3rd party LCD, looking much like the Vita slim. Be careful if you're replacing these screens and expect them to be OLED, because I dont think they are. The OLED screens are incredible.

  • Jamie Cullen
    Jamie Cullen Month ago

    What music did you use in this video?

  • Zulfikran Zulmos
    Zulfikran Zulmos Month ago +2

    U should watch Jerryrigeverything how he removes ribbon cables 😅😅

  • Rayane Haddadou
    Rayane Haddadou Month ago

    Can you do a video about replacing the c stick of a 3ds with a joystick of a psp 1000

  • Jay Benton
    Jay Benton Month ago +19

    Next thing you do is jib it and install custom firmwares. Allows you to play 'backups' and emulators (the Vita is a BRILLIANT emulator machine).

  • MagnuM00125
    MagnuM00125 Month ago

    Send me a hacked one

  • shinygaming
    shinygaming Month ago

    Any one remember Bob the builder from that title

  • Aali Guy
    Aali Guy Month ago +3

    I'm surprised you haven't picked up a Vita yet!

  • Hugo Vlach
    Hugo Vlach Month ago

    You should clean the whole casing and all the pieces accesible from outside of the console. And the replacement screen is original or aftermarket fake?

  • Dayle Grady
    Dayle Grady Month ago


  • Tagataro Lian
    Tagataro Lian Month ago

    you can hack the vita to play any game you want for free

  • The Fox God of Night

    Why did i expect the Enso logo there

  • Don Jave
    Don Jave Month ago


  • Peter W
    Peter W Month ago

    Such a nice console. Sony should have brought GTA and Monster Hunter on it for better sales

  • DC Celly
    DC Celly Month ago +3

    Great job! Looks great. Now do a video on modding it since TheFl0w just dropped that 3.69/3.70 hack.

    • DR Straw
      DR Straw Month ago

      Check out tech james. He made a easy way to do it.

  • Aufa Tamam
    Aufa Tamam Month ago

    Anyone knows the screen quality for the replacement?

  • Alex Ma
    Alex Ma Month ago +6

    What version is this PS Vita on? You should try getting Henkaku Enso on it :)

    • Astral Strider Z
      Astral Strider Z 8 days ago

      At time of writing, as long as Sony doesn't throw another (useless) software update, you can pretty much jailbreak ANY Vita model, regardless of its current firmware.

    • Retro DX
      Retro DX Month ago

      This one was on 3.35, but I’ll upgrade it to 3.65 Enso.

    • Nonoobgaming
      Nonoobgaming Month ago

      Firmware doesn't matter now, he just downgrad to 3.60/3.65

  • Vicky Sofyan
    Vicky Sofyan Month ago

    It looks so damn satisfying

  • Burn FPV
    Burn FPV Month ago

    Brilliant device with retroarch.

  • CheatingSoi
    CheatingSoi Month ago

    The dead pixel is pissing me off.

  • Jlm Kal
    Jlm Kal Month ago

    I've been waiting for this video since yesterday!

  • Gil Trakhtenberg
    Gil Trakhtenberg Month ago

    Great, now you only have to pay 100$ for a new 8gb memory card.