Richard Ayoade FREAKS OUT In Dead Sea With David Baddiel | Travel Man


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  • Channel 4
    Channel 4  2 months ago +8

    Which celebrity guest would you like to travel with?!
    Watch the FULL episode here:

  • Singh Veer
    Singh Veer 7 days ago

    Has anyone ever noticed that Richard never ever remove his shirt even if he goes to watery places. May be his body is so dirty that he is ashamed to take it off. He must be really dirty and hairy everywhere that's why me think.

  • Katarina
    Katarina 13 days ago +3

    Richard Ayoade smiling? Makes his saltiness seem funnier.

  • 2nd3rd1st
    2nd3rd1st 14 days ago +5

    Welcome to the "Man who gets paid to travel the world in luxury suffers more than Nigerian refugees who walked 500 kilometers to escape war and famine" show.

  • tec lo
    tec lo 20 days ago

    just drown the fucking whinging victim

  • Smooth Operator
    Smooth Operator 21 day ago +1

    Uuuuuuh, nobody tells you how much the Dead Sea will make your vagina burn, if you've got one, please and thank you Baddiel.

  • teagbroh643 GDC
    teagbroh643 GDC Month ago +3

    Who wants Richard Ayoade to be The 14th Doctor?

  • Mystixii
    Mystixii Month ago +6

    I just realised how similar I am to Richard. lol

  • LetsBeClear
    LetsBeClear Month ago +9

    Anyone catch that tidbit about the lake having shrunk 30% recently

  • everything will be ok
    everything will be ok Month ago +3

    I went to the Dead Sea and it was easily the worst tourist attraction I’ve ever been to. Hot.. sweaty... itchy... painful... naked old people everywhere...

  • Sean Mcguigan
    Sean Mcguigan Month ago +1

    David baddiel has stole a living! Not one ☝️ n nearly 30 years has this boring bastard made me laugh not once!

  • Erin Toal
    Erin Toal Month ago +1

    Gosh Richard is so delicate and fussy. I dont get why he does these trips.

    • paranoid android
      paranoid android 7 days ago

      It's almost like he's,,, playing a character for the camera

  • Noel Murray
    Noel Murray Month ago +2

    richard ayoade is addicted to fits now

  • SchattendragonflyPL
    SchattendragonflyPL Month ago +1

    Ohh why we did not get to see Richard shirtless!!

  • Lewis Campbell
    Lewis Campbell Month ago +1

    My god Richard Ayoade is insufferable.

  • TheTruthWillOut
    TheTruthWillOut Month ago +2

    Why do people still pretend David Baddiel is funny or in demand from the public in any remote way?

  • EggHeadUSA
    EggHeadUSA Month ago

    Mighty boosh guy

  • Hector Gonzalez
    Hector Gonzalez Month ago +28

    It’s too bad Richard and Anthony Bourdain never crossed paths

  • Issy to Bizzy
    Issy to Bizzy Month ago +4

    3:31 hes like a meerkat

  • TrainInVain
    TrainInVain Month ago +7

    Richard Ayoade pretends to FREAK OUT In Dead Sea With David Baddiel

  • Khyran
    Khyran Month ago +63

    I think the extra 31% salt came from Richard...

  • CA Levy
    CA Levy Month ago +13

    “What are they eating? Holly?” 😂

  • Nikhil Menon
    Nikhil Menon 2 months ago +1

    Richard ayoade lives 'far cry' !

  • Jerry Ferreira
    Jerry Ferreira 2 months ago +16

    Richard is such a baby. "I'm not going to float on my back." Geez!

    • Söl
      Söl Month ago +2

      You'e wrong, that's exactly what a baby would do

    • TrainInVain
      TrainInVain Month ago +15

      It's almost like it's just pretend for a TV show Jerry and he's basically playing a character for the camera. Almost just like that.

  • Joolz Godfree
    Joolz Godfree 2 months ago +7

    "Will you get me some crisps? 'Salt & Vinegar'..."

  • Mrxplicit01 45
    Mrxplicit01 45 2 months ago +51

    "David if you still have the option of not to take off I would take that option" 😅😅😅😅

  • كائبه موت
    كائبه موت 2 months ago +2


  • Yanti Ashaiban
    Yanti Ashaiban 2 months ago +1

    Herbert finally takes a vacation

  • HerHollyness
    HerHollyness 2 months ago +2

    I do love Richard Ayoade, but I don’t understand his complete unwillingness to display any part of his body other than shins and forearms. I’m genuinely curious what it is that holds him back from wearing a swimsuit without a t-shirt?

    • Peter Taylor
      Peter Taylor Month ago +3

      I seem to recall reading that he has some major burn scarring.

    • Nick
      Nick 2 months ago +5

      Either as an ongoing bit he's maintaining, or because he's just a wildly uncomfortable person. Probably a bit of both.

    • Muan Samte
      Muan Samte 2 months ago +2

      There’s nothing wrong with that. Even I don’t like wearing shorts or sleeveless not because there is anything wrong with my body but because I’m too self conscious about my own body. I admire people who have the confidence to show their body and I don’t judge them at all, it’s something i would love to but my own self consciousness wouldn’t let me

    • Alex Gandy
      Alex Gandy 2 months ago

      Gig Hallmark alright gig the last time you saw a real pair was on your ex-wife

    • Emilio Estevez
      Emilio Estevez 2 months ago +16

      Why do you care about what he does with his body? It's like me saying why don't you get your tits out?

  • J D
    J D 2 months ago +2

    I don’t know who they are, but, this is hilarious!!

    • KachZz
      KachZz Month ago

      How dare you...

  • Emily Hill
    Emily Hill 2 months ago +36

    you two act like you're married

  • rochaixfull
    rochaixfull 2 months ago +258

    "I'm captain Saad"
    "Oh, I'm captain sad in my own way"
    I want Richard Ayoade's wittiness

  • Sean Harmon
    Sean Harmon 2 months ago +69

    “I drink in every delicious moment”
    *Face is buried in hands*

    • Kaye Henry
      Kaye Henry Month ago

      +jak jak Sorry, I'm welcome for what? I thanked @Itz _George for confirming my comment. Are you @Itz _George AND @jak jak? How can I get a second identity?

    • jak jak
      jak jak Month ago

      +Kaye Henry youre welcome

    • jak jak
      jak jak Month ago

      thats what happened

    • RampentScot
      RampentScot 2 months ago +1

      oh yeah, who knew
      thanks for pointing it out

    • Kaye Henry
      Kaye Henry 2 months ago

      +Itz _George Thanks for confirming. 👍☺

  • ItsMePhoebe
    ItsMePhoebe 2 months ago +29

    When he was in the dead sea all I heard/saw was Moss! ^^

    • Roger J Hampson
      Roger J Hampson 2 months ago +1

      It reminded me of Moss in the courtroom with the fizzy water.

  • lyiriyah
    lyiriyah 2 months ago +37

    richard ayoade is the best