Richard Ayoade FREAKS OUT In Dead Sea With David Baddiel | Travel Man


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  • Channel 4
    Channel 4  5 days ago +2

    Which celebrity guest would you like to travel with?!
    Watch the FULL episode here:

  • قاسم سماره
    قاسم سماره 22 hours ago


  • Yanti Ashaiban
    Yanti Ashaiban 4 days ago +1

    Herbert finally takes a vacation

  • HerHollyness
    HerHollyness 5 days ago

    I do love Richard Ayoade, but I don’t understand his complete unwillingness to display any part of his body other than shins and forearms. I’m genuinely curious what it is that holds him back from wearing a swimsuit without a t-shirt?

    • Alexander Gandy
      Alexander Gandy 2 days ago

      Gig Hallmark alright gig the last time you saw a real pair was on your ex-wife

    • Gig Hallmark
      Gig Hallmark 3 days ago +2

      Why do you care about what he does with his body? It's like me saying why don't you get your tits out?

  • J D
    J D 5 days ago

    I don’t know who they are, but, this is hilarious!!

  • Emily Hill
    Emily Hill 5 days ago +5

    you two act like you're married

  • rochaixfull
    rochaixfull 5 days ago +31

    "I'm captain Saad"
    "Oh, I'm captain sad in my own way"
    I want Richard Ayoade's wittiness

  • Sean Harmon
    Sean Harmon 5 days ago +11

    “I drink in every delicious moment”
    *Face is buried in hands*

    • RampentScot
      RampentScot 16 hours ago +1

      oh yeah, who knew
      thanks for pointing it out

    • Kaye Henry
      Kaye Henry 5 days ago

      +Itz _George Thanks for confirming. 👍☺

    • Itz _George
      Itz _George 5 days ago +1

      +Kaye Henry Looking back now, you're right. Sorry 😀

    • Kaye Henry
      Kaye Henry 5 days ago +2

      +Itz _George Actually, given camera angle and skin tone, I'm pretty sure it was Richard who covered his face ... ironically.

    • Itz _George
      Itz _George 5 days ago

      Richard said that but it was David who put his head in his hands.

  • ItsMePhoebe
    ItsMePhoebe 5 days ago +5

    When he was in the dead sea all I heard/saw was Moss! ^^

  • lyiriyah
    lyiriyah 5 days ago +14

    richard ayoade is the best