Nintendo Switch My Way - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe & Super Mario Maker 2

  • Published on Jun 28, 2019
  • This summer, play Nintendo Switch your way - at home, on the go, and everywhere in between.
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Comments • 763

  • Jesse Figueroa
    Jesse Figueroa 3 days ago +1

    Im to poor

  • Courtney O'Neill
    Courtney O'Neill 3 days ago

    Ummmmmm I did not mean to click de vid but the games cool I wonder what the next game will be🤔

  • Cham the Man
    Cham the Man 4 days ago +1

    This better be a meme

  • Reem Parla
    Reem Parla 5 days ago

    I am in love with my new one

  • seibatu smart
    seibatu smart 8 days ago

    I'm happy

  • Korkut Yildiz
    Korkut Yildiz 10 days ago +1

    TheXvid: You should watch this add

  • Abraham Cortes
    Abraham Cortes 12 days ago

    I just saw this ad when I put roblox on Nintendo Switch

  • Sowyag
    Sowyag 14 days ago

    The girl scream a lot

  • Claudia Garcia
    Claudia Garcia 14 days ago +1

    Allisson Ernesto tatson belyybelto allisson Ernesto tatson belyybelto

  • Julene Click
    Julene Click 14 days ago


  • Ricardo Rodriguez
    Ricardo Rodriguez 15 days ago +1

    target: chd
    hit: man 30+

  • Flight
    Flight 16 days ago

    I'm laughing so hard because people thought Nintendo would be marketing the system extensively with hipster millennials in commercials but it turns out they always have children in mind. I told you so.

    • TheNeoCat64
      TheNeoCat64 4 days ago

      Well according to Nintendo only 14% of Switch owners range from the age of 0-12.

  • Fellow Jack Nation
    Fellow Jack Nation 17 days ago +1

    Nintendo, please stop promoting hot garbage Mario maker levels.

  • Lupita Barba
    Lupita Barba 18 days ago

    I need my joycons fixed it moves on its own

    • Frosty3001
      Frosty3001 5 days ago

      You can get it repaired for free now

  • Charlene Eberhart
    Charlene Eberhart 19 days ago


  • nrg
    nrg 21 day ago

    0:06 What's up with her hands did they just green screen that in or something?

  • Cathy’s Corner
    Cathy’s Corner 21 day ago

    Why does the girl with freckles look like Cameron Boyce...

  • Rhonda Conley
    Rhonda Conley 26 days ago


  • Fedora Gamer 88
    Fedora Gamer 88 28 days ago +1

    Okay but what about aqualast? The entire level is near perfectly synced, MUCH better than the furious

  • MrTux
    MrTux 28 days ago

    Mmmm every perfect sleepover I guess

  • Owen Coleman
    Owen Coleman Month ago +1

    "you should totally add a BOX" "YAAAAS!!!!!"

  • Axl Arellano 8000 Arellano Gaming

    Can You Give Me Super Mario
    Maker 2 And Put Waluigi In Super Smash Bros Ultimate NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW

    • Callan Fox
      Callan Fox Month ago

      No and start mowing lawns or something to get enough money.

  • Ronan B
    Ronan B Month ago

    My 2 favorite games.

  • Kazo Yt
    Kazo Yt Month ago


  • Fabian15
    Fabian15 Month ago

    and new super mario u deluxe

  • ymellow
    ymellow Month ago +1

    Person:Nintendo switch my way to play
    Me: why?
    Person:Because it’s Nintendo

  • Lorri Burleigh
    Lorri Burleigh Month ago

    Rhir ufuf

  • TheNumber1Loser
    TheNumber1Loser Month ago

    Should’ve added a clear condition so you have to defeat bowser

  • Rem Temp
    Rem Temp Month ago

    Smm 3

    NEW BUILDER PASS:uNlOcK MoRe BlOcKs AnD Enimies

    • Callan Fox
      Callan Fox Month ago


  • Jay.Tericka hh
    Jay.Tericka hh Month ago +1

    If you dont drop a like on this video ill make an asmr video dedicated to you

  • Bruh321
    Bruh321 Month ago

    0:25 RIP Luigi

  • Zatter Gaming
    Zatter Gaming Month ago

    I wonder how Nintendo made the multiplayer gameplay look smooth?

  • Mitchell Peebles
    Mitchell Peebles Month ago +1

    I'm getting Wii U vibes...
    *And I don't like it*

    • Callan Fox
      Callan Fox Month ago

      Hot popcorn its a deal
      Lets Upgrade POW WOW

  • Poever
    Poever Month ago +1

    It’s telling there’s no 3DS summer ad campaign this year aimed at this audience

  • MelodiousBlitz
    MelodiousBlitz Month ago

    *Did I just click on an ad, and ENJOY IT* !?

  • FlamingCrystal Alchemist

    Where the color kids that like Nintendo I have yet to see any

  • Magentas
    Magentas Month ago

    R.I.P. Podoboos

  • Giovany Bolanos
    Giovany Bolanos Month ago +1

    I wish I have a Nintendo switch

    • Callan Fox
      Callan Fox Month ago

      Get a job and than buy the switch.

  • EGM
    EGM Month ago

    Hopefully Nintendo doesn't turn to the Wiis target demographic

    • EGM
      EGM 3 days ago

      @TheNeoCat64 yeah my mistake

    • TheNeoCat64
      TheNeoCat64 4 days ago

      *Wii U

  • Ava Rocco
    Ava Rocco Month ago

    nintendo switch needs themes‼️‼️‼️

  • toty pouzolles
    toty pouzolles Month ago

    Concept intéressant

  • Hernán Sáez
    Hernán Sáez Month ago

    I love you, Nintendo!

  • Joshua Solis
    Joshua Solis Month ago +2

    Bruh where the ni🅱️🅱️as at
    What kind of girls locker room is this

  • brodie braun
    brodie braun Month ago

    What was the point of this lmaooo

  • Mark Ferring
    Mark Ferring Month ago

    Hmm, I clicked on this video, and I saw a 30 minute ad that I couldn't skip, and then when it was over the video didn't play. 🤔🤔

  • Einara Irmgard
    Einara Irmgard Month ago +1

    I see an update from nintendo.
    I scream internally in joy.
    I click.

  • N_ Vardi
    N_ Vardi Month ago

    I have a flashback of the commercials of the wii u😨🤢

    • Callan Fox
      Callan Fox Month ago

      Its time to UPGARE POW WOW
      Hot popcorn its a deal.

  • Dogu Kilickap
    Dogu Kilickap Month ago

    Kill me

  • Undertale Songs and More!

    You know what’s funny... I have only 2 game cases and guess what they are.

    Super Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario Maker 2

    • Undertale Songs and More!
      Undertale Songs and More! Month ago

      Callan Fox I do have Undertale... I said game CASES. I digitally downloaded it.

    • Callan Fox
      Callan Fox Month ago

      You don"t have udertale so that means you never played it


  • Luigi And Mario
    Luigi And Mario Month ago


  • 9TFox
    9TFox Month ago


  • Vorname Nachname
    Vorname Nachname Month ago

    Please don't return to the wii u marketing. The one at the reveal was better. I don't want these kids to tell me to get a switch, I want to see, why to get one.

  • Michle Liopold
    Michle Liopold Month ago

    Let's be real no one plays my account anymore after CTR

    • Genesis Gaming
      Genesis Gaming Month ago

      What? Mk8 is still better (talking about switch version of ctr)

  • HeroicMarioBros
    HeroicMarioBros Month ago +2

    0:26 Luigi didn’t make it to the flag pole :(

  • Kellen Elliott
    Kellen Elliott Month ago

    Hi Nintendo! How are you!

  • TheBeastModeGamer
    TheBeastModeGamer Month ago +1

    They put a cursor on the screen when they were on handheld, literally unwatchable.

  • YungLink
    YungLink Month ago +3

    dude what about mario kart maker, that’d be cool

  • Didy's Site
    Didy's Site Month ago +1

    can you give us Mario 64 art style in mario maker 2 pls?

  • DesexedDoggo & Games

    Just wait until their joycons start drifting, Muhahaha

  • عبدالرحمن الحربي

    What’s Nintendo’s problem with making their kid actors overreact when they beat a level

  • عبدالرحمن الحربي

    You really think we don’t own mk 8 deluxe yet?

  • Jacob Schwartz
    Jacob Schwartz Month ago

    Wait is that local coop on smm2?

  • dragon 3xd
    dragon 3xd Month ago +2

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    • Samson Keenan
      Samson Keenan Month ago

      I have no idea what you said, but I love it.

  • Christian Schlumpf
    Christian Schlumpf Month ago

    A mario kart 8 deluxe dlc needed

  • SuperJrockKing
    SuperJrockKing Month ago +1

    I love mario kart just bought it 7 days ago :3 need to buy mario maker 2 :3

  • Alpha M
    Alpha M Month ago +29

    Please don't go back to *THOSE* ads...
    _looks at Wii U_

  • Gesith
    Gesith Month ago

    yo can you translate the new Three Houses videos instead of pumping out these stupid slice of life commercials

    • Samson Keenan
      Samson Keenan Month ago

      Would you shut up? What's so stupid about this?

  • Pascal Osterop
    Pascal Osterop Month ago +4

    So were going back to the Wii U ads?

    • CraptopDude
      CraptopDude 8 days ago


    • Samson Keenan
      Samson Keenan Month ago

      This isn't even a half of a quarter as stupid as those abominations.

  • Ricardo
    Ricardo Month ago

    A ps que alegria no? Yuuuupi

  • Kelp
    Kelp Month ago


  • Poka Dot
    Poka Dot Month ago

    When y'all gonna add more tracks to Mario Kart 8 deluxe

  • Dragon Ball University

    I love that she’s playing both Mario Kart and MM2 with 2 available Joycons while her friend just watches... It’s Nintendo Switch MY way not OUR way KAREN!!

  • lol no
    lol no Month ago +5

    Idk about you guys but I would LOVE a port for Mario Kart Wii for the switch

    • Tim Shaw
      Tim Shaw Month ago

      yesss ikr

    • lol no
      lol no Month ago +1

      YungLink ik but it’s a different game and would be cool to see. Maybe they could even add stuff like CTGP for mkwii fans (Mkwii deluxe)

    • YungLink
      YungLink Month ago

      they wouldn’t, we already have 8 deluxe

  • update day Animations
    update day Animations Month ago +1

    55 seconds ago..

    1k commends