If Disney Princesses Were YOUTUBERS

  • Published on Sep 13, 2018
  • What if Disney Princesses were TheXvidrs? Imagine watching Elsa, Moana, Cinderella, Belle, Snow White and all your other favorite Disney Princesses on TheXvid!
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    Jasmine: goo.gl/V5iGiY
    Aurora: goo.gl/iXMDgM
    Tiana: goo.gl/2YUnSF
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  • Dan and Riya
    Dan and Riya  7 months ago +463

    Who is YOUIR FAV Disney Princess??

  • Manpreet Singh
    Manpreet Singh 3 days ago

    3:23 lol I saw my life as eva

  • Leah Bents
    Leah Bents 6 days ago +1

    If tianas channel was real I would’ve subbed🤣

  • Manpreet Singh
    Manpreet Singh 7 days ago

    3:31 I see my life as ava

  • Ana Flores
    Ana Flores 11 days ago

    Did she just say tea-ANA it's tea-ANNA

  • Magic Tv
    Magic Tv 19 days ago +1

    I turned up the volume for Aurora and then I heard tianas scream 😱 🤣

  • veronica aguila
    veronica aguila 20 days ago

    Mines are bella and bell

  • Judy Kamal
    Judy Kamal 22 days ago

    you copied the merrel twins

  • Musical Gatcha
    Musical Gatcha 24 days ago

    Have any of you wondered why any of the Disney princess are chubby?

  • gummy girls
    gummy girls 25 days ago

    Am í the only one thet was thinking of the subskribers moana has most and ariel has lest

  • Carrieane Gunawan
    Carrieane Gunawan 25 days ago

    Why is ariel black

  • Red Pikmin
    Red Pikmin 26 days ago

    What about Pocahontas? 😂

  • Lilly big fan Vlogs
    Lilly big fan Vlogs 27 days ago

    Nice video

  • Camila Garcia
    Camila Garcia 28 days ago +1

    Congrats on hitting 1mill subs

  • ʂɧąཞƙყ ᔕᕼᗩᖇK ᑕOOKIE

    Edit:Omg i never get this many likes

  • Margaret Walls
    Margaret Walls Month ago

    It's cool that when moana was vlogging they had an ad for the movie

  • SmithGs Smith
    SmithGs Smith Month ago


  • lalisa teo
    lalisa teo Month ago

    Wow merrell twins also does the same thing.

  • Helen Hebson
    Helen Hebson Month ago

    How can sebastian (who is a crab)have children that are lobsters

  • Delisha Morris
    Delisha Morris Month ago +1

    Omg I love you guys so much big dreams for you

  • Blue Girl
    Blue Girl Month ago


  • Brandi Smoot
    Brandi Smoot Month ago

    Make another one plz

  • Mica Ellah Jamis
    Mica Ellah Jamis Month ago

    My life as ava!!! Sub to her!

  • Hiyez Byrd
    Hiyez Byrd Month ago

    Wouldn't she be dad without water

  • scarahpurr
    scarahpurr Month ago

    My name is melody

  • Maleigha Murphy
    Maleigha Murphy Month ago

    Is Heather related to paul

  • Carla Boggs
    Carla Boggs Month ago

    Im so cringed

  • La Girl
    La Girl 2 months ago

    Let it go by Elsa........🌀❄

  • Alisha Kyeyune
    Alisha Kyeyune 2 months ago


  • angel marconi
    angel marconi 2 months ago


  • Bismiely Reyes
    Bismiely Reyes 2 months ago

    "Let it go with Elsa"

  • Kay Kay Squad
    Kay Kay Squad 2 months ago

    Hi honey

  • - Magical Roni -
    - Magical Roni - 2 months ago

    I like belle bc she’s played by Emma Watson xD

  • janarules
    janarules 2 months ago

    3:17 that's jaz Instagram username

  • Aisha Beyroutieh
    Aisha Beyroutieh 2 months ago +1

    Keep up with the uploads IM OBSESSED! 😍

  • Akshay Peddada
    Akshay Peddada 2 months ago +2

    That was awesome 😎! Can you guys please do if Disney Princes were TheXvidrs?

  • Dap Nu
    Dap Nu 2 months ago


  • Renee Jin
    Renee Jin 2 months ago

    How did you guys make it look like it was actually post it on TheXvid when you didn’t? Like can someone tell me how to do it?

  • Sky Ocean
    Sky Ocean 2 months ago +1

    This is so funny I died laughing

  • Alicia Calzada
    Alicia Calzada 2 months ago

    love cinderella's cat
    fav princess: Belle and Ariel

  • Leafychu
    Leafychu 2 months ago

    lol when it was time for aurora's video the popcorn bag was louder than her voice XD

  • Leafychu
    Leafychu 2 months ago

    Moana published her video on my mom's birthday!And so was Aurora's

  • Kyooty Pie
    Kyooty Pie 2 months ago

    I’ll watch tiana😭😂

  • Essence Brooks
    Essence Brooks 2 months ago

    Arouars so ugly

  • All Around Kayla Ianson

    I like MyLifeasAva

  • Bumblebee Yaya
    Bumblebee Yaya 3 months ago

    i love jasmine

  • Julia Florczak Year 8
    Julia Florczak Year 8 3 months ago

    Obviously Tia (I don’t know what’s her name) burned the food that’s why never ask her to cook for me

  • Young Cho
    Young Cho 3 months ago

    Let him go let him go let him go let him go let him go let him go let him go let him go let him go let him go let him go let him go let him go let go let him go!!!!!😂😌

  • Unicorn Poop
    Unicorn Poop 3 months ago

    YAS I love it 😍

  • toxic zinger
    toxic zinger 3 months ago

    It was funny when jazz played jazz

  • Italia Jn.louis
    Italia Jn.louis 3 months ago

    Ooh my god tiana is the funnyest😂😂😂👸

  • veronique chartrand
    veronique chartrand 3 months ago


  • Gummy gorilla2468
    Gummy gorilla2468 3 months ago

    You know when Snow White ate the apple candy it was clearly not an apple it was a strawberry

  • Tae Bae
    Tae Bae 3 months ago


  • Leah O'Donovan
    Leah O'Donovan 3 months ago

    Taina is not that fat in the movies

  • Xxgamer12
    Xxgamer12 3 months ago

    Tiana didn't even turn on the stove she didn't cook anything

  • Natalie Duran
    Natalie Duran 3 months ago


  • Minion Poop
    Minion Poop 3 months ago +54

    The last digit of your like is the Disney princess you are:
    4-Sleeping Beauty
    If you're not happy with you result than you can pick from when of these:
    1-Snow White
    Share your result in the chat box!

  • Łøßęr æßh Ash
    Łøßęr æßh Ash 3 months ago

    Disney villains

  • Łøßęr æßh Ash
    Łøßęr æßh Ash 3 months ago

    Yeah you guys should do a video if villains where are you tubers

  • Łøßęr æßh Ash
    Łøßęr æßh Ash 3 months ago

    Jasmine obviously

  • Lola. Pash
    Lola. Pash 3 months ago

    I’m lovin’ that outro y’alll! 🎼

  • Florence Lakewood
    Florence Lakewood 3 months ago

    Did anyone notice that when Jasmine was playing there was an Aladdin add???? like if you did

    3:16 to 3:38

  • Olivia Playz
    Olivia Playz 3 months ago

    Btw in the Ariel costume riya looks so pretty like always...:)

  • Olivia Playz
    Olivia Playz 3 months ago

    I love for some reason I tried to look up these Chanel’s lol 😂

  • moonlight Martinez
    moonlight Martinez 3 months ago

    OMG jazzz I love her

    SANAYAI SINGH 3 months ago

    I love how u put the Disney princess videos in the side and the name of the following princess channel names and I loved it when it was Arora's you tube turn in the right side above it was mostly all the Disney International HD shows

  • Shengshoua Thao
    Shengshoua Thao 3 months ago +1

    Some of these princeses have youtube channels

  • Watermelon For life
    Watermelon For life 3 months ago

    Tiana was fat and ugly

  • Tia Farmer
    Tia Farmer 3 months ago

    Look at 4:29 hey your really skinny wich is good and dont let anyone say your not

  • Maya
    Maya 4 months ago

    Why did I always think you and dan were a freaking couple

  • R o s i e xoxox
    R o s i e xoxox 4 months ago

    Who else saw Dan and Riya’s videos on this video

  • S H O O K
    S H O O K 4 months ago

    5:10 *i thought Snow White had short hair? Who cares AMAZING video*

  • S H O O K
    S H O O K 4 months ago

    3:00 *Birds come in and clean on the left, looks to the right*

  • S H O O K
    S H O O K 4 months ago

    2:13 *does a vlog, the camera is the wrong way round*

  • Anisa Borozan
    Anisa Borozan 4 months ago


  • Maren's World
    Maren's World 4 months ago

    My fav is belle

  • Ellen W.
    Ellen W. 4 months ago

    i love Shane dalson

  • Skinny roblox freak 4 life

    Let it go~

  • Gacha. familyz
    Gacha. familyz 4 months ago

    sorry but i hate the eals part eals is ugly

  • Saya Taylor
    Saya Taylor 4 months ago +1

    I loved Tianas! Was she saying Booty while she was dancing

  • Saya Taylor
    Saya Taylor 4 months ago +1

    You guys saw The little mermaid 2 and 3 not many people saw it but it was amazing

  • Alfredo Huerta
    Alfredo Huerta 4 months ago


  • Bonita bebe
    Bonita bebe 4 months ago

    Been here till 1k keep up the work guys!

  • Пелагея Соколова

    If toys were utubera

  • Hailees BestFriend
    Hailees BestFriend 4 months ago

    Omg Tiana Cook Girl

  • sex yonike josephm
    sex yonike josephm 4 months ago

    Moana looks like riya

  • super Cali fragelistic expealispaios !!

    I have been watching since 10k

  • rebeca ortegon
    rebeca ortegon 4 months ago

    I think your pretty

  • David Garcia Guerrero
    David Garcia Guerrero 5 months ago

    Burn I mean clean my step sisters ballgown😂😂😂

  • paul barry
    paul barry 5 months ago

    MY favorite princes is airiel

  • Jolie Jolie
    Jolie Jolie 5 months ago

    is cinderella maleficent from totally tv

  • master greninja
    master greninja 5 months ago


  • sassy sisters
    sassy sisters 5 months ago

    Lol the dance tho

  • Gamer Alice
    Gamer Alice 5 months ago

    For A Idea:You Can Do Types Of Boys

  • Halimah Hussain
    Halimah Hussain 5 months ago


  • 『!』 Retro Player 『!』


  • Asmr lover !!!!!
    Asmr lover !!!!! 5 months ago


  • padam khadka
    padam khadka 5 months ago

    Snow white

  • Eleen AbuZaid
    Eleen AbuZaid 5 months ago

    My Favorite princess is Bell🦄💘❤️💙💕💗💖💓😘😛🤪👱‍♀️💓💓😍🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄😘🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄