Ken Block Swiss Alps Raw Onboard Rally Stage: First Ever Full Stage Caught on GoPro Hero8!

  • Published on Dec 5, 2019
  • One of my favorite stops from this year's Cossie World Tour: rallying in the Swiss Alps!! Check out the very first raw GoPro Hero 8 full stage run, through Stage 9 (Veysonnaz 2) of the International Rallye Du Valais. yep, the one with that big jump in it. One of the most epic stages of Rally International du Valias for sure!
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Comments • 627

  • Mikeycrzed
    Mikeycrzed 2 days ago

    Ken Block = walking Advertisement. 😃

  • KillaKing Productions


  • trip spbrasil
    trip spbrasil 18 days ago +1

    Very Cool! We like this Vrrruuummmmmmmm

  • Lleyton Haeke
    Lleyton Haeke 22 days ago

    Nice driving, are you coming to the Ypres rally in Belgium. That is also a rally with a lot of tricky corners

  • Prague Music
    Prague Music 22 days ago

    What a Man! love this guy, would love to meet him, do you ever race in Prague?

  • Anthony G
    Anthony G 26 days ago

    Piece of cake

  • Ace T
    Ace T 27 days ago +3

    2:55 you almost gave me a heart attack Ken

  • Vitor Batista
    Vitor Batista 27 days ago

    Challenge this

  • build buy and master
    build buy and master 28 days ago

    objectively i know hes going fast but it doesn't look fast on camera

  • Ariskot007
    Ariskot007 29 days ago

    Looked scary sometimes, some proper driving for an exhibition. Nice job at managing understeery attitude of this beast. It is mindblowing that some of the actual competitors with R5 cars were over 20 seconds faster on this stage.

  • Joe Nels
    Joe Nels Month ago

    just going on a putt with some talk radio on the kenwood lol

  • Andrew Foster [Matthew 5:43-44]

    It must be lovely to know there are no on-coming and be able to keep your right foot welded to the floor!!!!

  • Herik
    Herik Month ago +1

    2:58 .. terror in his voioce

  • Kyle Hicks
    Kyle Hicks Month ago

    So what exactly is the co-driver doing? I assume he’s giving Ken information about what’s coming up but I don’t understand what’s going on with the plus/minus, numbers, and whatnot.

  • Nice
    Nice Month ago +1

    2:58 hahaha

  • drunkenmaster1313
    drunkenmaster1313 Month ago

    Dang, that boy can drive. Continuously impressed by the skill, and more so how he makes it look like me running to the store.

  • SuperSpatman
    SuperSpatman Month ago

    Say "first time;" It makes it sound ground-breaking.

  • RUFO-_-DK
    RUFO-_-DK Month ago


  • PhunkBustA
    PhunkBustA Month ago

    😲ken you legend, thank you 😁

  • DanielC
    DanielC Month ago

    Samir! You're breaking the ca... Record

  • 1854 Jayhawker
    1854 Jayhawker Month ago

    I would like him to explain the navigators communication with him.

  • Andy P
    Andy P Month ago

    Can someone explain to me in english what the co-pilot is saying?

  • RallyFunTV
    RallyFunTV Month ago

    Cruising without much commitment, would like to see to competitive driver riding this machine

  • Willie Burke
    Willie Burke Month ago

    this dude is speaking morse code

  • iBelieve Gaming
    iBelieve Gaming Month ago


  • Carlos Rodrigues
    Carlos Rodrigues Month ago


  • robin sherwood
    robin sherwood Month ago

    Sebastien Loeb !

  • Петр Головин

    Ну тут все понятно по-моему, гопроха 8-я гамно, на микрофоне явно сэкономили

  • Mayuresh Sonawane
    Mayuresh Sonawane Month ago

    into left 3 drop 50 uuhhhh...jesus....i got scared

    Jared THISDELLE Month ago

    Scared the co pilot. Ya buddy 🤣😂🤣😂😁😁😁

    Jared THISDELLE Month ago

    Oh ya dope as hell sickness man ... love it

  • Erik Frangos
    Erik Frangos Month ago

    Let’s take a minute and appreciate this badass raw footage. I’m sold on the new GoPro

  • sillieww
    sillieww Month ago

    I would likely end up climbing the wrong mountain with that kind of human GPS instructions.

  • Scott Johnston
    Scott Johnston Month ago

    Wow. Incredible.

  • Waxel Punkt.
    Waxel Punkt. Month ago

    Great race & thanks, Ken.
    If your are able to put speed & gears on screen, we "civilians" would be more thrilled (scared ;) yet than usually.
    Good luck!

  • Zucka 007
    Zucka 007 Month ago

    3:00 hahaha

  • e1n3r
    e1n3r Month ago

    Audiochip Broken. i do not buy this shit.

  • Brian Boru
    Brian Boru Month ago

    Nice Fast open stage

  • Toshitsugu Nakata
    Toshitsugu Nakata Month ago


  • dudeperson3
    dudeperson3 Month ago

    more of this!!!

  • Epifanio Mate'
    Epifanio Mate' Month ago

    I hope you will promote also Long Board is really amazing to watch that guy that seems bird on skate

  • Kai Mcnally
    Kai Mcnally Month ago

    Looks a lot more comfortable and faster than Donegal last summer

  • Schlitzer HZ
    Schlitzer HZ Month ago

    2:59 best :D

  • Евгений Иванов

    Какое место он занял?

    THE REAL? Month ago

    It’s embarrassingly slow tempo...
    He s not the same what he used to be. I think he should do more rally

  • Turbo Sam
    Turbo Sam Month ago +1

    My hero 8 black edition doesn't give quality anything like this? What are they doing differently?

  • Akibono
    Akibono Month ago

    this ride just increased my respect for the copilot by A LOT. thanks for sharing this video

  • Danny Swayze
    Danny Swayze Month ago

    Pace notes and driving excellence.

  • Bob Lee
    Bob Lee Month ago

    Still impressed that the car goes this fast being weighed down by Ken's MASSIVE balls

  • ida bagus giri basuki


  • Nils
    Nils Month ago

    Rides the world championship Rally and finished last position.

  • Brian's Brain
    Brian's Brain Month ago

    That guy is a much better driver than I.

  • Vhin Rs
    Vhin Rs Month ago

    2:59 𝙅𝙚𝙨𝙪𝙨.😂

  • tyt2006
    tyt2006 Month ago +1

    Playback speed 2x

  • Iwreck903
    Iwreck903 Month ago

    That poor clutch...

  • Canadianloon
    Canadianloon Month ago

    Go pro YES
    You 2 need some psychiatric help.
    Why don't you drive over a cliff and do nature a favour

  • Thumbbreaker
    Thumbbreaker Month ago

    Ok you can slow down now. I believe you ,your car is fast.

  • Face Off
    Face Off Month ago

    Too bad for him rally is not Gymkhana to repeat 'till you get perfect vid...

  • xingmen neigong
    xingmen neigong Month ago

    Looked like a nice Sunday drive

  • Eric Sartana
    Eric Sartana Month ago

    Holy crap. You're a modern day hero. Kick ass!!!