i transformed myself into the typical festival girl...*fiat 500 warning*

  • Published on Jul 14, 2019
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Comments • 903

    JAIME EAMES 8 days ago

    I enjoy you 😂👌💓i want that mirror

  • abi kristina
    abi kristina 8 days ago

    FIAT 500 LMFAO

  • Sacred Wahine
    Sacred Wahine 10 days ago

    this is.....the greatest thing I've ever watched

  • zara taqui
    zara taqui 12 days ago

    that was too funny

  • aliebabe
    aliebabe 12 days ago

    This is pretty much girls at festivals but they are normally in way less clothing and high af

  • DipDyedDaisies
    DipDyedDaisies 14 days ago

    im buckled

  • Carson Viewer
    Carson Viewer 17 days ago

    I enjoyed your video(:

  • Chelsea McFresh
    Chelsea McFresh 18 days ago

    Omfg can you just please never stop making videos 😂

  • alx xox
    alx xox 19 days ago

    Just got back from Leeds fest and my eyes have been blinded from highlighters

  • Big Poster
    Big Poster 19 days ago

    Okay but does anybody know where she got that necklace?

  • ジェイI Look Like a Toe

    We had exchange students from Japan at my uni who spent their whole lives thinking that UK girls were like the girls from Harry Potter and that everyone was prim and proper... to be met by girls who looked a lot like this. Seeing their faces was both funny and utterly depressing at the same time

  • I'llEatThat
    I'llEatThat 20 days ago

    Stereotypical cream

  • tia
    tia 21 day ago

    you're actually the funniest person i've seen on youtube omfg

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth 23 days ago

    I hate you because every time I see one of these girls now I automatically think of 16:45

  • Kristina Y
    Kristina Y 23 days ago

    Not all fiat 500 girls r the same :((

  • nefarious
    nefarious 24 days ago

    Powerful Jenna Marbles vibes here ngl

  • 4venger
    4venger 25 days ago

    I've never laughed so much at a video in my life

  • Josephtheboss 8
    Josephtheboss 8 25 days ago

    Your the most annoying bitch on a Ed tutgtav

  • unknown
    unknown 25 days ago

    How to have a party on your on

  • Kebab
    Kebab 26 days ago

    actually i think most people on festivals just wear band shirts and zero makeup. or maybe it’s just a woodstock thing.

  • abbs leigh rose
    abbs leigh rose 27 days ago

    she actually looks kinda good in the thumbnail ngl.. tbh chloe just looks good all the time full stop it’s weird but she’s stunning i caNt

  • No Soul Society
    No Soul Society 27 days ago

    Okay but I NEED those pants

  • Jorja Brown
    Jorja Brown 29 days ago

    I'm WETTING myself

  • M-L
    M-L Month ago

    The vibes I am getting from watching this are actually amazing. Thankyou for this

  • 123 456
    123 456 Month ago

    wow that intro was marvellous

  • John Mclean
    John Mclean Month ago +1

    dont mind me im just entering the villa. I FEEL VERY ATTACKED but absolutely loved this ahhahhahahaah

  • Redrumbum
    Redrumbum Month ago

    I'm dead this is so accurate

  • Charlotte McArdle
    Charlotte McArdle Month ago

    "If you're triggered by this video that's you're problem" love this

  • Lilian Jones
    Lilian Jones Month ago

    subscribed as soon as you said u was wired off coffee hahahaha

  • Mariem Gharbi
    Mariem Gharbi Month ago

    The setup lowkey looks like james charles' setup but with less lighting

  • Bernice Ward
    Bernice Ward Month ago

    Finallly someone who not afraid to take the piss 😂 absoloutley love it , I get exactly where she coming from aha 😂

  • margot tubbiolo
    margot tubbiolo Month ago

    Anyone know Where that hoodies from???

  • spbxl
    spbxl Month ago

    You are hilarious 😂😂😂😂🤣

  • Lily_ Niamh
    Lily_ Niamh Month ago

    This vid made my day -
    Love u Chloe Xx

  • Anne Barandiaran
    Anne Barandiaran Month ago

    I need a friend like her in London sos

  • Hana S
    Hana S Month ago

    I thought this was a tutorial on how to look like molly mae

  • Ally Ungerer
    Ally Ungerer Month ago

    You honestly crack me up, like legit the funniest person to watch !!!

  • Luciexox
    Luciexox Month ago

    Why does she look lowkey gorgeous tho

  • Elena Croxford
    Elena Croxford Month ago

    Choice literally makes me laugh for a solid. 20 minutes

  • Foxxie Gaming
    Foxxie Gaming Month ago

    Seriously though that glitter on your eyelids... what is it called and where’s it from?!

  • Henry-Joy Chenoweth

    *love island intro plays in the background*

  • Destiny
    Destiny Month ago

    The editing tho 👏🏼

  • _Wolfox
    _Wolfox Month ago

    She looks like billie eilish and Scarlett Johansson had a kid (in general not with the festival glam)

  • Tjaša Hočevar
    Tjaša Hočevar Month ago

    I just found ur channel and u look so much like me i am so triggered tbh (love u tho)

  • Anne-Malene Indahl
    Anne-Malene Indahl Month ago

    Can you transform to Billie Eilish

  • Mary Ingram
    Mary Ingram Month ago

    considering that this is the first video of yours I've ever watched, I really appreciate how much you love me :)

  • sokkatta
    sokkatta Month ago

    i dont remember when a youtube video entertained me tHIS MUCH bitch i‘m subscribed

  • Emmind
    Emmind Month ago

    What's the outro song called?

  • Gabby W.
    Gabby W. Month ago


  • Bulletproof Boys
    Bulletproof Boys Month ago

    Fiat 500 warning?

  • rebecca blundell
    rebecca blundell Month ago

    I fucking love you , you’re so funny 😂

  • Marlekat
    Marlekat Month ago

    yo we got the same last name are we relatives haha

  • Gabija A
    Gabija A Month ago

    love the dog

  • Lea Blant
    Lea Blant Month ago

    Im kinda lowkey this kind of bitch festival but it s ok Life is still going on
    Living for this humor and this Chanel

  • m.
    m. Month ago

    im crying this is what i signed up for

  • Jess g
    Jess g Month ago +4

    Ha my bro went to park life. He was so high he doesn’t remember it 😂😂

  • Jamie-lee
    Jamie-lee Month ago

    Oh my god I love you, fucking subbed mate

  • Aikooś Aikooś
    Aikooś Aikooś Month ago

    Okay, I'm staying here for longer.

  • Charlotte
    Charlotte Month ago

    This is absolute gold

  • Georgia Green
    Georgia Green Month ago

    sis u forgot the sequinned bum bag!! lolll