Metallica: The Unforgiven (Official Music Video)

  • Published on Apr 13, 2014
  • Metallica's official music video for “The Unforgiven,” from the album “Metallica.” Subscribe for more videos:
    Directed by Matt Mahurin
    Filmed in September 1991 in Los Angeles, CA
    Video Premiere Date: November 19, 1991
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    © 1991 Blackened Recordings
    #Metallica #TheBlackAlbum
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  • саша савельев

    Металика рулит.

  • Skip Pryne
    Skip Pryne 9 hours ago +1

    Best Guitar of the 90's.....

  • maniek laspoi
    maniek laspoi 18 hours ago

    Skrzypce w lodzie

  • Tvoi Supreme
    Tvoi Supreme 18 hours ago +1

    2020 hello

  • Anyta Artaza
    Anyta Artaza 22 hours ago

    Te amo jason newsted ❤

  • Angelica Alvarenga
    Angelica Alvarenga Day ago +1

    Mesmo sendo impossível escolher as melhores músicas deles, essa ainda é top demais

  • breen acuña
    breen acuña 2 days ago

    Me recuerda mi niñez mi hermano los escuchaba, q lindos recuerdos 😪

  • ilker BATTAL
    ilker BATTAL 2 days ago +1

    Zaman ne çabuk geçmiş ya

  • TheKevoyo
    TheKevoyo 3 days ago

    The unforgivable mindlessness unreasonable mercilessness of some things...

  • Cesar Cepeda
    Cesar Cepeda 3 days ago

    Metallica no es heavy metal ..... es Thrash metal

  • toronto canada
    toronto canada 3 days ago

    Curt Cobain could've got on this but the same messages listen put him with Metallica done deal

  • toronto canada
    toronto canada 3 days ago

    All there songs are heavy they are a solid band never replaced

  • legend _97
    legend _97 4 days ago +4


  • Victor Vladimir Lastimosa


  • MohammadAmin AB
    MohammadAmin AB 5 days ago +7

    this song made me a metalhead \m/

    • Tony Giannini
      Tony Giannini Day ago

      There's a metalhead in all of us just waiting to be unleashed.

  • Yudha Setiawan
    Yudha Setiawan 5 days ago

    Who still watch now on 2045

  • Søren Hagelskjær
    Søren Hagelskjær 6 days ago


  • Den Lav
    Den Lav 7 days ago

    Круто ! Просто круто и все...

  • Young OG1323
    Young OG1323 8 days ago +5

    This song will always spark something in my soul who else?

  • Eric Bussa
    Eric Bussa 8 days ago +7

    And, here kids, is why James Hetfield, was dubbed "King of Heavy Metal"

  • Nunung Nurlina
    Nunung Nurlina 8 days ago +1

    I always like metalica songs... 😘

  • Michael Joseph
    Michael Joseph 8 days ago

    Good music

  • REX recargado
    REX recargado 9 days ago +1

    Tremenda esta rola. de todos los tiempos. éxitos metálica..

  • Aaron Wambold
    Aaron Wambold 9 days ago +1

    Metallica the unforgiven is the number one song for today

  • Suspendu LR
    Suspendu LR 9 days ago +1

    Nous battons des œufs et couic couic ils sont dur ♪♫

  • will Brown
    will Brown 10 days ago

    Goddamn that guy could whale on a guitar.

  • Geraldo Trovão Júnior
    Geraldo Trovão Júnior 10 days ago +1

    Um clássico da banda eu amo essa música 🎵

  • Ritik Saha
    Ritik Saha 11 days ago


  • Ronan CARN
    Ronan CARN 11 days ago

    Nous battons des œufs et cuit-cuit ils sont durs ! Best lyrics ever

  • Пельмешku С kетчунезом


  • Agus Aprilliana
    Agus Aprilliana 11 days ago +33

    Who still watch on 2020 ☝

  • Iulia Eugenia Niculai
    Iulia Eugenia Niculai 12 days ago


  • Саня Турсунов


  • leslie ab
    leslie ab 12 days ago


  • Серж Е
    Серж Е 13 days ago +1

    Дизлаки могли поставить только попсятинские типы и только те кто ненавидит рок музыку.

  • KittenRaptor
    KittenRaptor 13 days ago

    Anyone else find themselves doing the Unforgiven Dance to this? It goes... sway sway HAMMER E STRING TWICE sway sway REPEAT

  • Alit Nur
    Alit Nur 14 days ago +2

    Metalica kl tdk slh, dulu prnh dtolak konser d indonesia!! Karena musiknya trlalu ekstreem dan mnggelegarrrr😁😁😁😁pdhl lgnya waooooooow i like it, bikin adem.

  • Angel Escobar Castro
    Angel Escobar Castro 14 days ago +4

    2020 Metallica

  • Samuel henrique Silva
    Samuel henrique Silva 15 days ago

    Cadê os BR em 2020?

  • Tamara Raffai
    Tamara Raffai 15 days ago


  • Maikon Gabriel
    Maikon Gabriel 15 days ago

    Uma das melhores músicas na minha opinião.

  • Alba Rosa Sandi Corrales

    Costa rica 😃😁

  • Wilmer Hayden
    Wilmer Hayden 16 days ago

    Me and J , w, went to 4 back in the day

  • Juustja
    Juustja 16 days ago +4

    Now I remember how Real Music supposed to be like.

  • Gog Գոգ
    Gog Գոգ 16 days ago +4

    Anyone in 2020?❤

  • sukhay bhai
    sukhay bhai 16 days ago +1

    I love Metallica

  • 3_asy_boi Reee
    3_asy_boi Reee 17 days ago +3

    A few weeks ago at my school in the gym we were playing dodgeball and my coach would play music and I heard this he’s my favorite coach!

  • Golden Dreams
    Golden Dreams 17 days ago

    Can anyone tell me what the song is about?

    • Oravbro
      Oravbro 13 days ago

      Search up the meaning

  • Cobain-Spirit 1994
    Cobain-Spirit 1994 17 days ago


  • Jim Newton
    Jim Newton 17 days ago

    this song makes me mad because it isn't the way it need be ,,,,, anything any abuse any type of hidiose Hanus act perpetrated upon one's self can be overcome the real answer is love and letting it in but of course, people will always fear you they fear what they don't know they fear retribution coming for them for all they have done when all that comes is love they don't know how to react or accept forgiveness and that intern makes it difficult to accept forgiveness themselves vicious cycle that is you need to break that to move on and live so please try till you succeed Happy new year 2020

  • Jessica Sims
    Jessica Sims 18 days ago +30

    2020 still love it

  • MJM ID
    MJM ID 18 days ago


  • kris senamart
    kris senamart 18 days ago


  • Muhammad Irsyazman
    Muhammad Irsyazman 19 days ago

    James vocal at his best here. Dio,bruce,james,rob is the best metal vocalist of all time imo

  • KC Smarty
    KC Smarty 20 days ago

    Please give us UnIVgiven !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Leticia Gutiérrez
    Leticia Gutiérrez 21 day ago +1


  • Dominik Beňak
    Dominik Beňak 22 days ago +1

    Legend's never die 🖤

  • Rabbi Islam
    Rabbi Islam 22 days ago +1

    5 K people Disliked! I think they are mentally sick,they need treatment.

  • Lelouch Yagami
    Lelouch Yagami 23 days ago +1