Surprising My Boyfriend With His Dream Car!!

  • Published on Jul 14, 2019
  • HEY EVERYONE... Welcome Back to my channel!!! Hi, How Are Ya??? Today I'm surprising Nathan with his dream car, a brand new Aston Martin Vantage!! Love you baby, so happy to welcome this new edition to our family!
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  • Ccaren Studios
    Ccaren Studios 4 hours ago

    Has two chairs and Jeff just sit in the other one and then the other is for the bag.

  • Huh Autumn
    Huh Autumn 4 hours ago

    this just called me poor in 90 different languages

  • Jai S
    Jai S 5 hours ago

    The tag says period LMAOOO

  • heather powell
    heather powell 8 hours ago

    Omg so lucky!!

  • Cheryl Collins
    Cheryl Collins 13 hours ago

    Jeffree : Hi how are ya??? Me: Amazing after watching Nates reaction

  • Kaylee Minnich
    Kaylee Minnich 14 hours ago

    Can you so brandi tvs make up

  • JoAnna Pappas
    JoAnna Pappas 15 hours ago

    Literally gas in az is $2.69😭😂

  • Debby Schaening
    Debby Schaening 16 hours ago

    You should get one of those elevator garages for multiple cars (for new additions) and make it really cute and on brand. Like the frame can be baby pink, the outer glass can be a clear multi-chrome or like mirror sunglasses and the entrance/exit door can be star shaped(or like a normal rectangular garage door but have the star design implemented somehow . Like extra to the next level just like you💕.

  • Yara Hernandez
    Yara Hernandez 18 hours ago

    His reaction when the car was sold was same as mine lol but his oh shit when he saw the car, pure satisfaction! Jeffree's amazing!

  • Julia Amadi-Obi
    Julia Amadi-Obi 22 hours ago

    I love your face without makeup

  • Алексей Спб
    Алексей Спб 23 hours ago

    and after this present he sucked his dick all year !
    nice love story

  • DerpyPenguins
    DerpyPenguins 23 hours ago

    Do living with a car under 20,000$ for a week

  • Leila Rivas
    Leila Rivas Day ago

    Dude i love jeffree and nates relationship💗😻

  • emilychan6699
    emilychan6699 Day ago

    Hair tutorial please!!! 💕

  • Mom Of2JLs
    Mom Of2JLs Day ago +1

    I just want to say its great that everything worked into place for u its so good to hear n see good things happen for people who deserve it!

  • Maddie Miller
    Maddie Miller Day ago

    I literally want to be your assistant pleaseeeeee

  • Charlotte
    Charlotte Day ago +2

    I love the way he says “that was my favourite one” and Jeffree acts like that was his only car 😂😂

  • Ronald Pevahouse

    Super secret overlooked

  • Ronald Pevahouse

    Now ok two washcloths sink wash then put one wrapped inside other squeeze then reverse make snow ball

  • mtndew33725
    mtndew33725 2 days ago

    I love that Nate took the news his car was sold so well and was still all loving the next day before he got a new one

  • Autumn Black
    Autumn Black 2 days ago

    Are you hot in that jacket

  • Infernul teFootE 563

    And the Amazon is burning, but who the hell cares?

  • Odara Lahirima
    Odara Lahirima 2 days ago

    Adopt me 😭

  • Keith Sapnu
    Keith Sapnu 2 days ago

    Nate saying Period Bitch is my new religion

  • Paris King
    Paris King 2 days ago

    Curious what has Nate given to Jeffree above all these lavish gifts he always rcvs?

  • Catherine Yim
    Catherine Yim 2 days ago

    You pretty much made it if you own an Aston Martin.

  • WillWillDoIt
    WillWillDoIt 2 days ago +4

    U might think im stupid but i didnt think jeffre was gay

  • Jorja Miller
    Jorja Miller 2 days ago


  • Xox it’s Maya xox
    Xox it’s Maya xox 2 days ago

    It’s meant to be “periodt”

  • Xox it’s Maya xox
    Xox it’s Maya xox 2 days ago

    This was uploaded on my bday :)

  • Jess L.
    Jess L. 2 days ago

    Anyone else see the BARBED WIRE?! 😂😂

  • drue churchill
    drue churchill 2 days ago

    holy shit you guys pay bare cash for gas

  • bnb0510
    bnb0510 2 days ago

    Imagine how many hungry kids in California you could feed....

  • anne0527 Abad
    anne0527 Abad 3 days ago

    Hi im anne from the philippines please notice me im also a transgender like can u help me please

  • Airalie Jen Laranjo
    Airalie Jen Laranjo 3 days ago

    The gas in California is so f*ckn expensive

  • Ava Rowe
    Ava Rowe 3 days ago

    Nate dose not look gay in my opinion. But they are the cutest couple!!😊

  • Lucas VanPopering
    Lucas VanPopering 3 days ago +1

    He complains of the gas prices when he makes 150 to 200 million dollars a year

  • Chiroyaki Zn
    Chiroyaki Zn 3 days ago

    DID HE HATE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!
    REALLY Jeffrey did he hate it . who the f*** buys a car as a gift and say did he hate , like 🤯🤯 but again this is Jeffrey star next time it might as well be a mention 😋😉

  • xox. Z
    xox. Z 3 days ago +3

    awh omgg Nate is so cuteee he’s like “awh that was my favorite car but hey it’s okay” I’m glad he loves the new car Jeffree gave him. These two are so mfn cute ahhh😭 stay blessedddd

    • Raccoon & Otusian
      Raccoon & Otusian Day ago

      Is easy to know that Jeffre would buy him a better thing , i mean he is rich, so why to be upset knowing that your bf is rich lol.

  • Najla Anthony
    Najla Anthony 3 days ago

    Hahahahaha this is the most staged thing ever omg hilarious

  • Riley & Clara
    Riley & Clara 3 days ago

    Were I live it’s 40 bucks for gas...

  • Nuke Vex
    Nuke Vex 3 days ago +1

    Burn in a hole filled with worms and demogorgans and get gonnahrea with your “boyfriend”

    • Nuke Vex
      Nuke Vex 3 days ago

      I like this comment

  • Michael Roberts
    Michael Roberts 3 days ago

    You make me so happy keep up the great work!

  • amoralba
    amoralba 3 days ago

    why is jeffree's house always a mess?

    • somaali Media
      somaali Media 3 days ago

      Money cant buy class thts how he grow up 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sam H
    Sam H 3 days ago +43

    Nate is such a wholesome boyfriend, he just fully is down with whatever makes Jeffree happy. That is so sweet to see!

  • T
    T 3 days ago +3

    I can't even pay my 400$ rent pregnant with me and my husband trying to work as much as our jobs will let us, but I'm using my last bit of data to watch jeffree buy a 400k car. 😂🤣
    Waiting for life to come full circle, yes? No? Hmm.

  • sis stars
    sis stars 3 days ago +3

    Today is my birth day and no one remembered me

  • marites arevalo
    marites arevalo 4 days ago

    wooot wooot

  • yas yis
    yas yis 4 days ago

    Excuse my appearence LMAO

  • il regalecoon
    il regalecoon 4 days ago

    Transp di merda

  • Hailey Fisher
    Hailey Fisher 4 days ago +19

    My ex boyfriend bought me a cheese burger.

  • a.ko.m.a
    a.ko.m.a 4 days ago

    Holy shit, he literally didn’t spend anything at all, cuz he just made more than the car’s worth. Damn

  • SumLit
    SumLit 4 days ago


  • djawad toureche
    djawad toureche 4 days ago

    I saw him in faze rug's video is he a man acting lika a women ??? Please answer me

  • Catarina casimiro
    Catarina casimiro 4 days ago +2

    I love this B*tch❤

    • Nuke Vex
      Nuke Vex 3 days ago

      Catarina casimiro I dont

  • MaDeInSanPabLo
    MaDeInSanPabLo 4 days ago

    Jeffree looks sad. In every video. And Nathan looks disinterested in everything

  • Mary Bearden
    Mary Bearden 4 days ago

    lol for desil in michigan its 2 57

  • Makeup With Baloch
    Makeup With Baloch 4 days ago

    They broke up

  • Macqualyn Young
    Macqualyn Young 4 days ago

    Jeffree is literally Arthur Bach w/o the alcohol addiction 😂❤

    • Nuke Vex
      Nuke Vex 3 days ago

      Macqualyn Young thx finally a hate comment

  • Usama Shafiq
    Usama Shafiq 4 days ago

    Are you a BOY/GIRL

  • CursedDust15
    CursedDust15 5 days ago

    Jeffree owns that mountain, he should build like a private airport in it. I’m sure he has the money lmao.

  • Jean Sabido
    Jean Sabido 5 days ago

    I wish Jefree would give me 1 birkins. Then i'll go for vlogging life 😊

  • Жания Аманова

    Я так поняла, парень этот нихуя не делает, не работает. Пиздец

  • Der Boss höchstpersönlich

    If i had seen this when i was a kid... You all know this little black girl screamin as hell? That would have been my reaction

  • Der Boss höchstpersönlich

    "Aston Martin all i think about is james bond... Punding my ass"

  • Nokkturnals
    Nokkturnals 5 days ago +1

    James Charles tried acid.

  • Brooke Bartilucci
    Brooke Bartilucci 5 days ago

    Hey jeffree wanna adopt a 13/14 year old

  • Ashley Danehower
    Ashley Danehower 5 days ago

    Always has a star mirror 😂😂😂😂

  • Junus Munch
    Junus Munch 5 days ago +1


  • Shaikha Aljassam
    Shaikha Aljassam 5 days ago

    Your a boy and u have a boy friend??

  • Queen onika maraj
    Queen onika maraj 5 days ago

    In meantime I just bought a Honda 😁

  • Amber Greer
    Amber Greer 6 days ago +1

    He's so calm about it. I'd be screaming and jumping up and down lol. I'd be showing my ass lmao

  • Crystal K-Heemsah
    Crystal K-Heemsah 6 days ago


  • Lina lovw
    Lina lovw 6 days ago

    If only I had the money to buy a car and house like Jeffree's

  • butchikek01
    butchikek01 6 days ago

    More travels plllllsssssss