Cabbage Rice prepared by Grandma and Daughter ❤ Village Life

  • Published on May 29, 2019
  • Cabbage Rice prepared by Grandma and Daughter ❤ Village Life
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  • Village Life
    Village Life  Month ago +134

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  • Marie McLoughlin
    Marie McLoughlin 3 days ago +1

    Those girls

  • Roza Sahrudin
    Roza Sahrudin 3 days ago

    How the children eating spicy....😍

  • Nehad Mansour
    Nehad Mansour 18 days ago +3

    احلي عيشه

  • Richa Sharma
    Richa Sharma 18 days ago +4

    What is PANDAN LEAVES called in Hindi. I have heard before.

  • arshemoalla
    arshemoalla 18 days ago +2

    I like that they eat with their hands!

  • Shantal Rosario TV
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  • TheSweetMartinez
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  • vitor Silvia silva
    vitor Silvia silva 25 days ago +4

    Maravilhosa Mama adoro suas receitas

  • Nancy Partyn
    Nancy Partyn 25 days ago +3

    Que delicia!!

  • Edith Lima
    Edith Lima 25 days ago +2

    Hola no se que prepararon pero se ve muy rico 😋 saludos desde México 🇲🇽

  • Ideoform Sun
    Ideoform Sun 25 days ago +22

    I like the cute dress the grandmother is wearing. I wish I was as nimble as her. Bare feet, and I hear squatting is good for your hips.
    I like that they don't use chairs or counters or cutting boards. Just one knife each and a basket.
    I like that I don't see any plastic. I'm tired of seeing plastic everywhere.
    So much food, made so efficiently and simply.
    No electricity, campfire to cook with.
    I admire the natural way they cook. It looks like a lot of work, but I think it looks so healthy to live like this.

  • Tamika Johnson
    Tamika Johnson 25 days ago +6

    Aww they’re so pretty!

  • Adindunufin
    Adindunufin 25 days ago +4

    Funny the girls head babbling means approval, whereas in the western world it would mean the opposite..

  • Svetlana Aşık
    Svetlana Aşık 25 days ago +7

    Мне кажется нормальным ножом все быстрее нарезать можно

  • Florecita Rodriguez
    Florecita Rodriguez Month ago +10

    Hola abuela he visto lo que preparaste que delicia nunca he preparado lo que hiciste riquísimo eres una maestra en el arte de la culinaria un abrazo las admiro muchísimo...a tus bellas niñas un abrazo son hermosas 🌻🌻🌻🌻⚘⚘

  • Lisa Brantley
    Lisa Brantley Month ago +11

    She reminds me so much of my Grand Mother♥️

  • Kimberly Williams
    Kimberly Williams Month ago +14

    With all of the chilies, I would have thought it would be hot. The children didn't eat it like it was. I love Indian food!!

  • valerian k.
    valerian k. Month ago +19

    What beayutiful girls!!

  • Rev Dr S Hannah Nesamani

    Wondering why the mustard seeds were added after th onions were fried. Usually it is let to splutter in the oil...

  • mitooquerer
    mitooquerer Month ago +18

    The Grandma has a bandage on her finger (4:45) which she didn't have at the beginning. Did she get hurt with that weird knife?

  • Victoria Higgs
    Victoria Higgs Month ago +9

    Great job they look good!.

  • Classic Man E
    Classic Man E Month ago +9

    😘🌺I LovE your channel🌺😘

  • Terry Collins
    Terry Collins Month ago +2

    What was the powder and other ingredient you added into the boiling water?

  • Low Tech
    Low Tech Month ago +18

    There needs to be more videos like this.

  • JeanStephane Adrien
    JeanStephane Adrien Month ago +5

    Goood !!! 👏👍

  • maria camargo
    maria camargo Month ago +5

    Would like to see A small portions

  • myj488
    myj488 Month ago +8

    Thank you, I'm going to try this recipe, without the chilies, can't take the heat LOL maybe just a little...

  • Death2SELF :
    Death2SELF : Month ago +11

    Where is this village? Love to see these beautiful melanated people😍

  • Rosie Pena
    Rosie Pena Month ago +3

    Is this in Southern India? I also like to watch the cooking videos in the Philippine villages.

  • Зимняя вишня


  • D
    D Month ago +9

    Very time consuming a food processor would help save 5 hours

  • Majda Hana
    Majda Hana Month ago +3

    I love food l enjoy watching video

  • svcarranza
    svcarranza Month ago +25

    The dexterity with those "knives" amazes me. I would have cut-off a couple of fingers very quickly!

  • J M
    J M Month ago +2

    Se ve muy rico el arroz gracias por compartir la receta dios las bendiga 👏👏🌺. 🇲🇽👍

  • Shawn pollard
    Shawn pollard Month ago +10

    I think i want to retire in this village

  • Naima Cont
    Naima Cont Month ago +3

    Does anybody know the name of the tool she uses to cut the cabbage? Great video!

  • Tracy Muckenfuss
    Tracy Muckenfuss Month ago +4

    Me too. Can't use a regular knife. What a skill to learn. They are eating the most healthiest food ever! Leaves core and all. So relaxing to watch.....but boy if I tried that knife skill. Michael Myers!!!!! Thank you to ladies in advance.

  • gcmacyman
    gcmacyman Month ago

    Sounds like they're being served in a dang hut lol

  • Shahnaz Malik
    Shahnaz Malik Month ago

    Xwsdccnews chenals


  • Theepan K
    Theepan K Month ago +2

    very good village food, please let us know which country and village name

  • Debaarah Israel
    Debaarah Israel Month ago +4

    Love the pretty dark skin kids.... Nice...Good food to...

  • سلوى سعيد
    سلوى سعيد Month ago +1

    لا نستفاد من الوصفات نحتاج ترجمة بالعربي 😓😓😓

  • Hania Nouhaili
    Hania Nouhaili Month ago +1

    Too hard for grandma and daughter, Allah accept from them.

  • Hania Nouhaili
    Hania Nouhaili Month ago +3

    God bless them 👍👍👍

  • Savitri Kulkarni
    Savitri Kulkarni Month ago +2

    Ithna khana kiske liye banate ho aap...

  • Alberta's gardening and other things

    I bet the smells were amazing, but very hot to the mouth.

  • Juyne Blessed
    Juyne Blessed Month ago +1

    Why clean with salty water??

  • Pat Cavanaugh
    Pat Cavanaugh Month ago +38

    Happy family food...thumbs up!!!

  • Pat Cavanaugh
    Pat Cavanaugh Month ago +107

    It take a village to raise a child, but it only takes a grandma and her daughter to feed a village.

  • Pat Cavanaugh
    Pat Cavanaugh Month ago +85

    This has to be the most delicious meal ever. All whole food, made while the birds chirp and the breeze blows, which probably carries the wonderful aroma throughout the village.

  • jane buitron
    jane buitron Month ago +50

    That must smell and taste phenomenol! I want some now!!

  • Allat Goddess
    Allat Goddess Month ago +48

    She looks well fed.
    It's not really cabbage rice, it's everything else going into the pot.
    Eating with the fingers is the best, because it puts in your own energy into the food. The same as growing your own food, and cooking it.
    The best way.

  • Jacqueline Larsen
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  • P Jj
    P Jj Month ago +46

    I'd be bleeding in the pot and they'd hafta start over....

  • PR Brookman
    PR Brookman Month ago +11

    I once ate at a Ethiopian restaurant and you eat with your hands amazing experience!!

  • Gracie Mitchem
    Gracie Mitchem Month ago +18

    I love that you are doing this together, Thank you for sharing

  • PR Brookman
    PR Brookman Month ago +28

    Look how fine they cut the cabbage, on a good day my hands can't do that🙂 God bless them really enjoyed the video.

  • Geovany Maldonado
    Geovany Maldonado Month ago +51

    They eat very healthy and happy
    Not like in USA 🇺🇸 Macdonalds everyday
    Junk food.
    Excellent meal.

  • Rey Meh
    Rey Meh Month ago +20

    Thank you for sharing these videos. Love them. Specially I love grandma and how serious she is. Grandma love you.

  • k8eekatt
    k8eekatt Month ago +34

    As a scratch cook I see this and feeeeel for them: so much wooork!!- I want to give them cutting boards!

  • Churro Baby
    Churro Baby Month ago +36

    This beautiful video is sooo relaxing. I enjoyed the sounds of nature and them working. So much work and amazing how everything is washed, sliced, and prepared. The girls at the end are darling! Thank you for this gem

  • Jean Sooter
    Jean Sooter Month ago +6

    Pretty amazing

  • Maria Ferreira
    Maria Ferreira Month ago +2

    Que nome e dessas erva verde folhas

  • kimberley russell
    kimberley russell Month ago +15

    Two beautiful little girls thankyou for sharing

  • Seddi Moussavi
    Seddi Moussavi Month ago +12

    Thank granny.

  • Neverest
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  • Lora Ferneau
    Lora Ferneau Month ago +12

    I watch a lot of these videos, but something I've wondered is how when they are such a.poor village so many of the women wear gold bracelets and rings.??

  • Sara Bull
    Sara Bull Month ago +6

    Great recipie, I sure will use this recipe.

  • Regina Niebler
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  • Michele Allison
    Michele Allison Month ago +61

    Hi Grandma keep on teaching us how 2 cook health & heart friendly.
    Peace be with you all - JAH LOVE -

  • Michele Allison
    Michele Allison Month ago +42

    Hi Grandma just love 2 see you cook outside with your daughter. 😀 That weake knife u use is just 2 much. The way u handle it is 2 much u make it look so easy but you have been cooking 4 a long time.
    The food always look great & smell just yummy lol.😊 lol.😊.

  • Gwendolyn Browner
    Gwendolyn Browner Month ago +67

    Love everything about this video. Really love the way the children showed appreciation to the cooks. Blessings!

  • Sundown
    Sundown Month ago +68

    I enjoy this channel but I have to look away when she is using the knife. I wish I could get my knives that sharp, but I would probably lose a digit.

  • Mary Marth
    Mary Marth Month ago +62

    God has blessed these ladies with an abundance of food and the patience of Job.

  • Linda Storey
    Linda Storey Month ago +32

    I'm curious as to how these ladies keep the machete type tool stable ,do they hold the handle between their feet ,or is on legs of some sort?.

  • Jewel
    Jewel Month ago +37

    I love how the babies shake there heads side to side when they are enjoying the food 💜💕 so much love it’s beautiful love your Channel

  • nari sadan
    nari sadan Month ago +5

    I like this I will try it

  • Hardeep Kaur
    Hardeep Kaur Month ago +5

    Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou worlds best love you all world comments

  • &Mohamoud&ELmansi mansi

    Nice Very good

  • Hanife Kazanlar
    Hanife Kazanlar Month ago +20

    Grandma is so thin please eat what you cook

  • Hardeep Kaur
    Hardeep Kaur Month ago +12

    Keep on communicating and comments from Kenya love you all respect and honor world beautiful comments heaven on earth from Kenya love

  • Hardeep Kaur
    Hardeep Kaur Month ago +13

    Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou for the best comments in the world honor and respect for your comments l am laughing so much Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou beautiful l am reading the comments very funny blessed world 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏✌️✌️✌️🌍✌️🌍✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou

  • Abdulrahman al harthi
    Abdulrahman al harthi Month ago +52

    Somebody buy grannie a massive food processor and chopper..

  • Dave B.
    Dave B. Month ago +14

    I take three spoons to go, please and a reservation for next time also; Thank you.

    JEMIMA BROWN Month ago +15

    Awww need a holiday in that village lovely family xx best wishes from Scotland.

  • AngelWith ClippedWings
    AngelWith ClippedWings Month ago +21

    WOW she is one amazing woman, very gifted with the prep work and makes food with pure soul and heart :) even controlling the heat is immaculate …. just incredible I wish your family health, love, and peace

  • Mari Berg
    Mari Berg Month ago +15

    This is just fantastic. Blessing to you ladies.)

  • Melody Dy
    Melody Dy Month ago +6

    Halala..ces dames..avec une patience extrême..avec ce couteaux spéciale..bon courage ..bravo et prenez soins de vous😍👏

  • T Cole
    T Cole Month ago +17

    How cute are those kids💖

  • Samuel SunderSingh
    Samuel SunderSingh Month ago +10

    Fantastic traditional fried rice, very tasty

  • Shirani Thewarapperuma

    Too long video

  • Mary Beth Leib
    Mary Beth Leib Month ago +36

    How is there no blood anywhere! The tenacity and skill,of these women is amazing! Incredible!

    • T Cole
      T Cole Month ago +5

      Im with you on that one i use a regular knife and i cut my self Alot there amazing

    • Sister Anthony
      Sister Anthony Month ago +4

      They take their time. No rush.😊

  • LizzieDalai Callie
    LizzieDalai Callie Month ago +6

    This is wonderful! What is that you're using for fire wood?

  • rukinky2
    rukinky2 Month ago +17

    Love all your videos, but i wish you all would talk while preparing your foods. Grandma and her daughter and the little girls are beautiful. You all put your heart and soul into every meal you prepare. God bless you all.

    • Sister Anthony
      Sister Anthony Month ago +3

      Talking is overrated. 😁 Looks like coconut husk used for fuel.

  • Iracema Galdino
    Iracema Galdino Month ago +4

    Eu amo esse canal!👍👍👍

  • Patricia gutierrez Esta es mí vida

    Necesitamos que traduzcan al español

  • Patricia Barnes
    Patricia Barnes Month ago +34

    I like how this grandma cooks, and how, though her kitchen isn't filled with the trappings of modern amenities, she washes all her foods before cooking... Something most people in the modern world ignores! Nothing is more enjoyable than knowing foods are prepared well, and has been thoroughly washed before cooking.

    • Michael VR
      Michael VR Month ago +1

      Who the fuck doesn’t wash their food? Stop with the gaslighting. Btw, these people eat with their fucking hands so you can stop pretending they are the most hygienic people to exist when they aren’t.

    • cat sniffer
      cat sniffer Month ago +4

      I don't know anyone that doesn't wash their food while prepping!

    • LizzieDalai Callie
      LizzieDalai Callie Month ago +3

      Yes! It is so amazing watching this sweet, talented family. No modern appliances, washing the food before cooking, their cutting techniques....I just love watching them. ♥️♥️♥️

  • Melody Boudreaux
    Melody Boudreaux Month ago +24

    If I cut my food like that, I wouldn’t have any fingers!!