Anorexia's Childhood Roots (CBS News)

  • Published on Oct 16, 2007
  • Thrust into the public eye by a provocative ad campaign, Isabelle Caro has become the living face of anorexia, who says her disease stems from a childhood spent in isolation. Sheila MacVicar reports. (

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  • saff 125
    saff 125 10 days ago

    i had anorexia and now i’m 5”0 at 16 and my 12 year old sister is 5”5 and my 15 year old brother brother is 5”11

  • Mellissa Conway
    Mellissa Conway 12 days ago

    I wonder what she would have looked like at a normal size. Her facial features are quite distorted, but she probably would have been very beautiful..:/

  • Queenie Miller
    Queenie Miller 27 days ago

    Its look like went a person have the deaseas cancers

  • Martin Vasquez
    Martin Vasquez 2 months ago

    Oh my god that so gross what happened to her thats too much thin

    • Martin Vasquez
      Martin Vasquez 2 months ago

      @Limeade L nope im not because your the worst thing in here bisaya

    • Limeade L
      Limeade L 2 months ago +1

      Martin Vasquez You’re a horrible person

  • Jack Ward
    Jack Ward 3 months ago

    I couldnt think of anything more tragic than watching a family member suffering with that illness. RIP

  • Jessie
    Jessie 4 months ago

    They refused to serve her in bars? Hate much?

  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous User 4 months ago

    Heroin makes you anorexic but in terms of appetite loss but when you are anorexia as in anorexia nervosa you have no choice.

  • Alexis
    Alexis 5 months ago

    _Vine por Chanel - pero me da tristeza la mujer :(((._

  • Soraya Gonzalez
    Soraya Gonzalez 7 months ago +1

    What do you see in the future? A coffin

  • Polish issues
    Polish issues 9 months ago

  • ícҽís թհօҽղíx
    ícҽís թհօҽղíx 10 months ago +8

    Eugenia Cooney desperately needs help.

  • Станислав Мельничук

    бонитта лучшая!

  • Belle Singer
    Belle Singer Year ago +1

    so sad....this wicked disease takes so many lives!

  • L M
    L M Year ago +2

    Rest In Peace):

  • latino heat
    latino heat Year ago +7

    Sad story she should ofgotten help sooner im sure her organs were badly damaged from the lack of nutrients rip

  • CelticXAngel88
    CelticXAngel88 Year ago +67

    How do folks refuse to serve her at bars/cafes!? I’d be like “whatever u want honey it’s on me!” I don’t understand the logic

  • rae L.
    rae L. 2 years ago +77

    So sad she couldn't make it back she seemed to to really want to live..

    SUNLY SAN 2 years ago


  • Harriet Jahn
    Harriet Jahn 2 years ago +154

    rest in peace poor woman, it's such a shame she didn't recover she would have made a great mother.

  • Lauren Anon
    Lauren Anon 3 years ago +33

    Anorexia nervosa is the most lethal mental illness of all. Some where around 20% of anorexics eventually die. Isabelle is dead now, she passed away in November 2010..

  • Angelique Dixon
    Angelique Dixon 3 years ago +94

    I'm discusted in some of the comments here you are under educated if you know nothing about anorexia. Anorexia is a mental illness that needs professional help to recover successfully so if you have to comment do so with compassion and understanding. I'm a recovered anorexic I know this..........

    • -Tracey -
      -Tracey - Month ago

      Yes, it's more about the hit you get from the control you have when in it. Different things trigger it for different people. Usually a troubled childhood, but not always that. So happy you are healthy. I stay recovered for my beautiful children. If there is such a thing.
      Blessings to you ❤️

  • Grotesqua Gargoyle
    Grotesqua Gargoyle 4 years ago +51

    And even if an anorexic person wanted to get back to eating properly, their stomach would more than likely reject the food, depending on how long they've been starving. After too long of not eating, your body sees food as a threat and gets rid of it. They would probably need to get medical attention for a feeding tube instead.

    • Ella Carpenter
      Ella Carpenter Month ago

      its called refeeding syndrome, where your stomach shrinks because of lack of food and rejects food in treatment leading to vomiting

  • Grotesqua Gargoyle
    Grotesqua Gargoyle 4 years ago +15

    People piss me off. All so ignorant. Anorexia nervosa is a mental illness that you cannot control, it's not just something you can throw yourself into and take yourself out of at any time. Before you tell someone to "just eat," learn your fucking facts first. Retards.

  • Sobeida Lagrange
    Sobeida Lagrange 4 years ago

    @Daniel39363, never heard of that one before...

  • lina lona
    lina lona 4 years ago +3

    i stoped eating for 3months it was so hard .... :( but i am recovry now

    • Ella Becerra
      Ella Becerra 5 months ago

      lina lona for a full 3 months, you didn’t eat?

  • Misery M.
    Misery M. 4 years ago

    This woman should be ashamed She just had to eat. Eating is the easiest thing on earth! You take food and put it in your mouth, chew and swollow it!
    Crazy woman now she´s dead!

    • Hazel Nutt
      Hazel Nutt 3 months ago

      Omg. You are so disprectful, you are the one to be ashamed. Maybe you should actually research and look into something for once before calling dead people crazy. You have no idea what it is like.

    • latino heat
      latino heat Year ago

      Misery M. Are you a doctor . you don't no that till your anorexic

    • TorysTrending
      TorysTrending 3 years ago +2

      Too far...

    • EriquaRaine
      EriquaRaine 3 years ago +3

      It's not that simple, it's more of a mental illness rather a physical one. They become obsessed with staying thin and their mind takes control over their body and says they should not eat or else they will gain weight. And because she is so thin I believe it would be quite hard to begin stuffing food in your mouth because your body would've become trained to reject it, so your body would most likely reject for quite some time until finally your body accepts it.

    • LPSstarTV™
      LPSstarTV™ 3 years ago +4

      are you serious?! for a lot of people its not easy to eat! its a serious illniss

  • Kelsey Ulloa Conley
    Kelsey Ulloa Conley 4 years ago

    she is dead now

  • LA2Alaska
    LA2Alaska 4 years ago +1

    How can you not eat in France ! The food! Amazing!

    • kristenellie
      kristenellie Year ago

      it is NOT about food!!! the food can be sooo tasty, but we can still NOT eat... its a MENTAL illness! get that for good times sake!! please!

    • Misery M.
      Misery M. 4 years ago

      +LA2Alaska Ikr. I love french cheese!

  • CapAnson12345
    CapAnson12345 4 years ago +1

    Died three years later.. all for want of a burger.

  • Felix Culpa
    Felix Culpa 4 years ago +34

    This story makes me pause and think about the way I perceive things when it comes to people who blame their childhood for their current situation in life. I almost always label that as a crutch, to blame their childhood I mean, I used to think it's just an easy way out of taking any real responsibility for their own poor decisions, but when I look at her, when I listen to her story, I truly can't find any real cause to blame her at all. This is definitely all because of that horrible childhood. So how can I say that about her, but when other people blame their upbringing for their adult situation I say it's a crutch? Guess I shouldn't be judging at all.

    • Judy Hinterlong
      Judy Hinterlong 2 months ago +1

      Felix Culpa well, at some point we all have to decide we’re adults and can’t let your childhood define your life. Not saying that’s easy, but most people have imperfect childhoods and they must grow past that.

    • Felix Culpa
      Felix Culpa 4 years ago +6

      @***** For me it's mainly sex offenders that make my blood boil, and when they have their sleezy attorneys put up a defense that blames their own victimization as a child, I get pretty darn irate. This video made me realize that there are indeed cases (probably millions of them for all I know) in which an individual has every right in the world to blame their upbringing for certain problems they have as an adult. It also made me realize that those cases, the ones in which I now think it's valid to cite their childhood, are only acceptable to me if the problem they're having AFFECTS ONLY THEM. This poor woman wasn't asking anybody for anything, she wasn't even really blaming anyone else for her horrible condition, she is by far one of the most genuinely traumatized adults I have ever seen. But when a person tries to do the same thing, and cite their childhood for something they do TO OTHER PEOPLE, that's when I stop listening and start working on calming myself down so I don't jump the table and strangle them right there! When a freaking sex offender tries to say: "Oh, well, I was raped repeatedly as a child, it was the most horrific experience I could've imagined growing up, so THAT'S WHY I go and do the same thing to these little boys, I rape them because I was raped, and I should be given a free pass because of it". THAT IS PROFOUNDLY WRONG. It doesn't even make sense, here these guys are, talking about how horrific their childhood was, how incredibly horrifying it was to grow up in a house surrounded by people that rape them at a moments notice, yet they decide to go and put yet another poor little boy thru that same hell? When they know how terrible it is from experiencing it themselves? That doesn't make sense to me at all! Anyway, I'm ranting again man, and writing WAY TOO MUCH lol, I guess I just get pretty heated when I talk about things like this! People can possibly have a great reason to cite their childhood for things they do that only hurt themselves, but people cannot cite their childhood for things they do to other people. That's my basic point I guess.

  • breezy baby
    breezy baby 5 years ago +1

    my teacher showed this in class

  • Tracy Mumbi
    Tracy Mumbi 5 years ago +4

    Hey everyone, I made a video on my channel about my eating disorders and body image, if anyone who is struggling would like some advice and encouragement check it out x

  • Phoenix Rising
    Phoenix Rising 6 years ago +12

    She's been passed away for quite awhile now. Rip

  • jacobmal
    jacobmal 6 years ago +2

    It is better to be like that than fat like people in UK or USA.

    • GirlGroup Defense
      GirlGroup Defense 3 months ago +2

      Being obese and being anorexic are both dangerously unhealthy. One is no better than the other.

    • Anonymous User
      Anonymous User 4 months ago

      It's better if you just eat.

    • Angie I.
      Angie I. 4 months ago +6

      Nope being “fat” is healthier than deadly thin.

    • Jay Cartwright
      Jay Cartwright 5 months ago +3

      jacobmal no it’s not because it kills you a lot faster

  • J Salas
    J Salas 6 years ago

    IQ does not determine neurological competence though. Just by being anorexic alone it is safe to assume that you lack complex thought and reasoning. I already understand how it's like to be anorexic, but seriously, if one starts to witness their own bones they could at least treat themselves to something. Its only common sense to eat, whether you are hungry or not. You may be "highly intelligent" but your overall competence is just as pathetic as any other arrogant human being.

    • GirlGroup Defense
      GirlGroup Defense 3 months ago

      cr angye your comment was very well put. That you for educating ignorant people.

    • cr angye
      cr angye 3 months ago +2

      I understand that this comment was five years ago, but I have never heard anything that I perceive to be as vile as your comment. Please educate yourself. I am personally dealing with an eating disorder, and I can personally speak that for some, including me, seeing your bones is the reward that you get, for all the hard work you’ve done. It’s sad and disgusting, but it makes you feel better about yourself, your situation, like you’re finally not letting everybody down that sees you, like you’re finally worth something, and you crave more and more and more. And even worse, it can make you feel like you’re better than others, inhuman, powerful, because you don’t succumb to the ugliness that is food. And most of all, it’s a coping mechanism, when you’ve stopped knowing what to do anymore, when you’re overwhelmed, it’s there to comfort you. A constant. Something that is always guaranteed, something that you face every day, that people will love you more for, something that will make you feel okay. “If I don’t eat today I will lose weight, if I lose weight I can be thin, if I am thin I will be loved, if I am thin I will be okay, if I don’t eat I will be loved, if I stop eating I will be *perfect*”
      I’m not a professional, nor very good at explaining, but the general attitude portrayed in your comment is very antisocial and generally quite inconsiderate, narrow minded, and childish.
      I wish you the best though, and hope that in the future you will learn to have more thought and compassion.

  • Iza Łukawska
    Iza Łukawska 6 years ago +24

    that's her mother fault.

  • liz
    liz 6 years ago

    Something about this video must have struck a nerve in you. Whatever it is, I hope it gets better.

  • Dumbleebe
    Dumbleebe 6 years ago +9

    Oh shut your mouth already, anyone can have a mental illness, wheter the persons dumb or clever.
    We all know that you think that anorexic people are dumb. No need to shove it down everyones throat, kay?

  • Lauri
    Lauri 7 years ago

    + You are GINGER XD

  • Lauri
    Lauri 7 years ago

    You cant be INTELLINGE if you have anorexia...

  • Lommy
    Lommy 7 years ago +1

    why aren't such people being hospitolized and forced to eat? it's a disease

    • Squarenix
      Squarenix 2 years ago +7

      Lommy Their body would reject the food.

  • margotelle
    margotelle 8 years ago

  • Remco Zwiers
    Remco Zwiers 8 years ago +1

    lol u can blow her away

  • QueenSemiramis
    QueenSemiramis 8 years ago +1


  • darlingdino
    darlingdino 8 years ago +7

    @darlingdino Well according to Mensa my IQ is 138 so who cares. I'm highly intelligent and still suffered from anorexia. Oh and I usually don't use the low life kind of language as "bite me". Good day to you little boy.

  • RM
    RM 8 years ago

    @darlingdino According to Mensa, my IQ is 158, and I'm a polymath. Bite me. Good day.

  • darlingdino
    darlingdino 8 years ago +1

    @ralphM1114 It has nothing to do with intelligence. Obviously you lack that or else you'd know better.

  • Amanda Howard
    Amanda Howard 8 years ago

    When did she die?

  • penny mack
    penny mack 8 years ago +8

    so sad she breaks my heart, and she fought so gallently at the end! RIP my dear child!

  • Catherine Braun
    Catherine Braun 8 years ago +1

    I didn't know she had died until just now. Poor thing, she wanted to be healthy again.

  • RM
    RM 8 years ago

    @cryptictrin4 If only all humans would exercise the use of their intelligence and rationality, many of these mental "illnesses" should not even be happening to millions of "sick" people. Many wouldn't even be "sick" in the first place. Now, if only this woman would just open her goddamn mouth, chew, and swallow food three times a day, having exercised the use of her intelligence and rationality, she wouldn't even be having that problem in the first place.

  • RM
    RM 8 years ago +1

    @cryptictrin4 Americans have this way of treating all conditions with a mental/psychological origin as some kind of sickness. Indeed, some are, but are not some kind of disease that gets "cured" with pills and such. Anorexia, for example, is still not completely understood, just as the human mind is. Sometimes, these mental "conditions" are not as simple as being caused by some haywire in a person's brain. Intelligence and rationality is what makes us human.

  • Collio106
    Collio106 8 years ago +1

    @MrSamouroy Have u no Heart if u never heard at the end she eventually died theres nothing to joke about with anorexia the poor girl

  • PhychoSlapper
    PhychoSlapper 8 years ago +1

    how could u not eat???? i dont get thin people.... food is fucking awesome!

  • emaoneluv
    emaoneluv 8 years ago +2

    what the fuck... it's all the mothers fault!

  • Pepe -
    Pepe - 8 years ago +1

    @Mw2QuiiKScOp3z Well clearly you don't anorexia and she does. That's why they can't put her on anaesthia and force feed her.

  • Marcy Gladhand
    Marcy Gladhand 8 years ago

    A pity all women cant be this wonderfully svelte and elegant. SUCK IT, FATTIES.....ur jist jealous!

  • brapboys503
    brapboys503 8 years ago

    @MrSamouroy Hahaaa, dude that was like the best fuckin South Park Episode ever.

    KANE HELLZ 8 years ago

    Someone throw this girl a joint!

  • Against Nihilism
    Against Nihilism 8 years ago

    @MrSamouroy LOL south park reference