• Published on Feb 12, 2020
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    Today I play the new story/camping style game called Break in! This roblox story game is way better than the average, you actually have to scavenge, use strategy, etc.

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  • say it I dare you.
    say it I dare you. Year ago +462

    Albert is like the guy on the team that complains why everyone is dying so quickly but he's the medic with the least deaths.

  • Dabi Takami

    Albert: I guess I’ll be fat.

  • CringeyEmotionalsandwich

    Game: The green room was attacked last night , everyone survived

  • Drapsuk
    Drapsuk  +76

    I swear, one of the first questions Albert asks when entering a game is

  • 👻 Angxl 👻

    “Brake into your heart cause I love you”

  • aboombalakaka

    Tips - (Ty guys for all the likes, did not expect to get noticed for my insanely long list of tips 😂)

  • Ariorit
    Ariorit 2 years ago +113

    “The green room was attacked last night, everyone survived.”

  • iddn10
    iddn10  +594

    "Don't worry the pizza isn't poison"

  • freak
    freak  +116

    "Break into your heart, because I love you."

  • anthony genelazo

    I love how albert didnt help them and just kept trying to find food like normal..

  • Anela Harris

    “Ha Ha, I’m full energy! Didn’t need this!” My favorite sentence ever 💖

  • the smart cookie

    Albert makes scary and weird games so funny 😂❤️

  • rowan
    rowan 2 years ago +1

    The game: Everyone survived!

  • Epic😎
    Epic😎  +109

    Albert: “wait they got it that’s not fair”

  • MasonMadnessLps•

    Lol I love the video Albert keep up the great work you make me laugh and wheeze your amazing 👏

  • ``Kanae_kocho"
    ``Kanae_kocho" Year ago +163

    Can we just appreciate: he still films videos for us even if his stomach is hurting?

  • jenny
    jenny  +6

    legend says albert still wants everyone die

  • Sarah Hazell
    Sarah Hazell 2 years ago +1

    "Don't save people it takes your energy"

  • sophi
    sophi  +88

    when he spit on us i was just like- “ love you too albert “