Star Wars is DEAD and The Last Jedi killed it!


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  • DeadKing66
    DeadKing66 12 hours ago

    You're wrong , star wars died the minute the rights were sold to disney.

  • Nope
    Nope Day ago

    at this point they might just go troll starwars fan even harder with thier next movie then tell everone "everthing that didnt make sense now dose because these were in our rebooted starwars universe not the GL starwar universe".

  • Dusty Craft
    Dusty Craft 2 days ago

    Kylo Ren = Starscream. (kinda)

  • Ken_Ken 20
    Ken_Ken 20 3 days ago

    light speed ramming breaks all the movies honestly

  • yazad pardiwala
    yazad pardiwala 3 days ago

    8:56 kamikaze

    In space

  • IMMentat
    IMMentat 4 days ago

    7:55. Vice-admiral problematic. Sacrificer of rebels, creeper of unconscious pilots.

    • IMMentat
      IMMentat 4 days ago

      No more super-ships.
      Cloaked hyperdrive capable missiles piloted by droids just deus ex machina over the entire setting.

    • IMMentat
      IMMentat 4 days ago

      The Luke v kylo fight was one of my best moments.
      Force-project is an EU/legends power (which Disney murdered to desecrate the corpse) and a non violent intervention is about as Jedi as it gets.

  • IMMentat
    IMMentat 4 days ago

    Yep, that 30 second intro describes my feelings exactly.
    During the watch I cringed a couple of times but otherwise enjoyed, afterwards I vivisected it.
    Rogue one I may buy, on heavy discount, eventually.
    The rest of the soy sequels? One and done, never to own.

  • David Mace
    David Mace 5 days ago

    Episode IX: No One Gives A Shit.

  • vasuden
    vasuden 6 days ago

    Want a better episode 7-9? Read the novels by Timothy Zahn, the Thrawn Trilogy.

  • Snakehead4
    Snakehead4 7 days ago

    The first order should have been the rebellion

  • Lord Weaselton
    Lord Weaselton 8 days ago

    I like how Shad is giving actual REASONS for the movie being bad instead of just "SJWs!!! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!"

    CHAP MAN! 8 days ago

    Lucas: so Luke is this optimistic hero
    Rian: He’s an old loser that drinks green titty milk fuck you, thanks for letting me direct and receive millions

  • Nico 1
    Nico 1 9 days ago

    sjw is ruining everything

  • FuckOff 2099
    FuckOff 2099 9 days ago

    Hey Shad. You're probably never gonna see this comment, but was just wondering if you do any forms of martial arts/weapon arts?

  • TheFanRift
    TheFanRift 9 days ago

    Empire is explained in EU infact there's actually 2 imperial factions, The Imperial Remnant and The First Order even in the old canon The Empire never fully went away

  • DarthComrade
    DarthComrade 10 days ago

    This is the only Star Wars movie I ever watched ONCE; and never went back to watch again.

  • MisteriousXeb
    MisteriousXeb 11 days ago

    They could have made a movie about times, when good and Evil aren't easily separated.
    They could have made a movie that mirrors our difficulties with Holding on to our morals in These chaotic times.
    They could have made a movie about the "good side" being corrupted by bad People.
    They could have made a movie that challenges the idea of good in an intellectual way.

    Yet, they made a movie in spite of everything it should stand for. Blind hate for what Ms. Kennedy deems to be old-fashioned, toxicly masquline or naziesque has vaporized all the good ideas before they had a Chance.
    But she's just as much a victim of her opinions, as most People are. It's shame Star Wars was her Job.
    We could just act, as if it didn't happen, but that would be to deny carrying, what we care for.

  • Carson Casmirri
    Carson Casmirri 11 days ago

    4:00 to be entirely fair though it is explained how the first order does what it does albeit the Disney explanation is sorely lacking when compared to the Legends which Disney denied as cannon even though it had been building up for decades

  • Rick C-137
    Rick C-137 11 days ago

    Wrong Disney killed it with EAs help

  • ZambonieDude
    ZambonieDude 12 days ago

    The Last Jedi was not a fun movie lol

  • Billy Batson
    Billy Batson 13 days ago

    I hated The Force Awakens and that film killed Star Wars for me, I didn't bother to see The Last Jedi. The sequels were a middle finger to Star Wars IMHO. I never expected much from Disney's Star Wars anyway, Rebels gave me pause, that series carried the tradition of Stars Wars very well, which would be the case since George Lucas's Padawan Dave Filoni was at the helm of the series.

  • Maadhawk
    Maadhawk 13 days ago

    These two films have led me to dub Star Wars, post Disney acquisition, as Disney Wars. Because of how bad Disney has been handling the franchise I now boycott all Disney Wars products. I will continue to enjoy the Star Wars products produced while George Lucas controlled it.

  • pete lee
    pete lee 14 days ago

    Why does everyone think the deathstar was a massive plot hole. The so called weakness required a pilot to fire a torpedo on a target the size of a womprat(which I guess would be double the size of a real rat I guess I've never actually seen one) from miles away from the target and even if you get it directly in the sweet spot there is still the chance that the air blowing from the exhaust port would actually be to strong for the torpedo and blow it out if you fired from too far away.

  • RocketRooster
    RocketRooster 14 days ago

    The whole movie just felt like a remake of the first movie.

  • Mordimera Madderdin
    Mordimera Madderdin 15 days ago

    Really late and maybe someone poited it but imagine: You are a captain of a ship and you suspect you have a spy. Someone asks you in a CROWDED area what is your plan.
    At this point whether you trust them or not is irrelevant, if you answer the whole ship will know.

    • LOTRFAN33
      LOTRFAN33 14 days ago

      You talk to them in private then. Simple.

  • Preston Frazier
    Preston Frazier 15 days ago

    I actually had the same reaction. I initially enjoyed the action. I go into every movie with an open mind and reflect more after. The only part I really reacted immediately on was the Leia flying in space part. The more I thought about the movie and watched youtube vids I realized how stupid the whole movie is.

  • kimlong un
    kimlong un 15 days ago

    RIP Star wars! Never again !Not 1cent for Disney ! Never again.

  • L Lawliet
    L Lawliet 16 days ago +1

    The biggest crime of TLJ is how it utterly kills any interest for 9. JJ will have to start over from scratch

  • Lee
    Lee 16 days ago

    It's a bad movie that killed the franchise for me, I had no interest in solo and have no intention of watching Episode 9.

  • Maxililian Adam Alex Dyhr

    rouge was ok empire was good not like new order

  • Christopher Kay
    Christopher Kay 16 days ago

    Basically Marvel

  • churchboy4
    churchboy4 17 days ago

    About the lightspeed point, there was actually a video about that explaining why it doesn't break the lore:

  • Reece Taylor
    Reece Taylor 17 days ago

    Star Wars: The Shit Jedi

  • evilmark443
    evilmark443 17 days ago

    Honestly I could see in TFA where they were going to be going with Luke, and it's one of the reasons I hated that movie and something I can't really blame TLJ for since it was already setup. TLJ I hate because of how stupid the plot is, the biggest issue being the fact that it revolves around the First Order not being able to catch up to the Resistance fleet and therefore waiting for the Resistance to run out of gas ... that's the kind of idiocy I would expect from a bad fan film written by a teenager, not a high budget theatrical release. And the entire thing falls apart when you realize the First Order could EASILY have had a couple Star Destroyers break off and make tiny hyperspace jumps to surround the Resistance and destroy them. Seriously, ten minutes into the movie everyone except Luke, Rey, and Chewie should be dead.
    And then you have the entire casino planet side story that ultimately contributes NOTHING to the main plot of the movie, it's just a senseless waste of everyone's time and every event afterwards would have played out the same way if it had not happened at all.

    • LOTRFAN33
      LOTRFAN33 13 days ago

      Luke could have had a vision that "told" him to wait for Rey. He could have been rebuilding the Jedi in secret.
      BTW from TFA many of us took it that it was he who left the map so that he could be found when needed. I am sure there can be many other reasons for him to just lay low until the right time. JJ just didn't care.
      I am adding another variant: luke hid Rey and separated himself from her to protect her as he understood that she was key in defeating Snoke and Kylo.

    • evilmark443
      evilmark443 14 days ago

      LOTRFAN33 I can't think of any other reason that would make sense with the setup provided in TFA. Luke ran away and did his best to prevent people from being able to find him, all because Kylo Ren turned dark. Rian Johnson made it even worse by having him consider murdering his nephew in his sleep, but the major damage had already been done by JJ Abrams.
      The Luke we saw in RotJ would not have ran away from his duties because a single student fell to the dark side, no matter how much damage had been done.

    • LOTRFAN33
      LOTRFAN33 14 days ago

      There were other options for Luke being away. Rian possible chise the worst.

  • Настя Кадочникова

    Great video! I felt the same about betrayl of coomon sense.

  • Настя Кадочникова

    I think Rogue onе was not so hated because it al least contains one thing that can be respected - self-sacrifice.

  • Snublefot
    Snublefot 17 days ago

    There is so much wrong with TFA and TLJ and there are no likable characters. I truly dislike all of them. Soulless actors and script.

  • Piotr Skłodowski
    Piotr Skłodowski 17 days ago

    I have not enjoyed it. It was irritating and stupid.

  • kerbe3
    kerbe3 18 days ago

    I didn't like the sabotage aspect from Rogue One. To me it was more enjoyable that the weakness was something small and unnoticed by the empire. They never intended the death start to do battle against small fighters but rather large capital ships.

  • Beowolf
    Beowolf 18 days ago

    It's hard to understand how/why people said the new Star Wars movies were good, even fans of the OT... Take a look at this questioned I asked on quora where I get accused of being part of the toxic fan base for just asking.

  • King Artorias
    King Artorias 18 days ago

    Rey should have lost her hand in this movie.

  • Mario Valenzuela II
    Mario Valenzuela II 18 days ago

    The end of Rogue One is why the light speed attack was stupid. A bunch of ships all jumped into light speed and crashed into the Indictor and did nothing to it. Also, why didn't Snoke's ship have indictors on it to prevent any ship from ramming it at lightspeed?

  • Complete Beauty
    Complete Beauty 18 days ago +1

    I think the last jedi is a reflection of this generation. Ray and Kal are the perfect example.... don't know if they want to be good or bad, no standards, no rules, no core ... Kal is just confused and it just makes for a dumb story like to have the grandson of vader confused on if he wants to be bad or not. He kills his master so easily but then is tricked by Luke... come on!! I was always more of a star trek fan but this movie just made me hate everything about the "new movies" I personally will not see another star wars movie.

  • Luca Clifford
    Luca Clifford 18 days ago

    Also, they try to make the case that the Jedi become sith so with no jedi, there's no sith, but for one, with no jedi, who can stop the sith? And not only that but in what is now the expanded universe were we have all these super powerful ancient sith, but back when most of those sith were around, the sith essentially forbid the training of any sith that used to be jedi, hence why many of the Jedi that turned were just rogues, making Darth Vader the exception and not the rule

  • Luca Clifford
    Luca Clifford 18 days ago

    Transformers can have substance but the bay movies just keep failing!!!, U should try the animated movie from the 90's, it's a classic in the transformers fandom for a reason!

  • Anthony Boothroyd
    Anthony Boothroyd 18 days ago +1

    Never cared for star wars, more a trekky here but even that franchise is pretty god awful these days. The movies are good, but the new series aren't great. Far more into shows like The Expanse which invests time into detailing the mechanics of its technology and history.

  • Shadow Clark
    Shadow Clark 18 days ago

    The first order was founded by what remained after the empire was destroyed
    And starkiller base was a planet in the unknown region(where the empire that survived jakku) retreated to.
    As for how they got so many soldiers, they kidnapped kids at a young age and brainwashed them

  • 337_Matthew_337
    337_Matthew_337 18 days ago

    @Shadiversity I think you should read the Star Wars Aftermath trilogy. It will explain the plot holes that you said a t the beginning

    • LOTRFAN33
      LOTRFAN33 14 days ago

      That may be true but no book should be required to understand a series whos primary medium is movies. That being said no amount of story can really explain the shitty state of the New Republic.

  • tritone11
    tritone11 19 days ago

    While I watched I was also mildly entertained , thinking “well at least it’s not a shameless copy like TFA..”. But as I walked home from the movie theater , I became really really angry. I decided this movie is an insult , an absolute affront to my intelligence. The worst Star Wars movie ever made. Because it’s not just dead and empty (like TFA) but also filled to the brim with crap.

  • Gormathius Nightstrider

    I only saw the first of the new movies, and I had the same reaction as you to the First Order: Where did these new imperialists even come from? I think it would actually make a lot more sense for the First Order to be basically terrorists. Blowing up power plants, kidnapping people to be indoctrinated in their ways, that sort of thing.
    Also, bonus criticism: First Order is a super generic name for overtly evil organisations. This is a personal thing, but I just can’t take the villains seriously with such a massive cliche of a name.

  • Lauren E
    Lauren E 20 days ago

    It's insulting to the established characters but it's also incredibly ironic that after killing off Hans and Luke it was Carrie who died. (rip)
    Also I don't even understand why they used Luke as Rei's mentor, it would have been better/made more sense if they used Ahsoka as her mentor, with some tweaks it could have made for a much better movie

  • trequor
    trequor 20 days ago

    20:00 Shad, your limited knowledge of history really shows here. Practically speaking, there are many different ways to sense ships. Even our modern military doesn't just use one piece of equipment to "scan". Instead they use many different pieces of equipment to find things that are hiding in different ways (i.e radar AND sonar AND infrared scanning to search for submarines).
    For instance, modern nuclear submarines are very, very soundproof so detection via sonar is very different. But nuclear submarines leave behind a trail of warm water, something that can be picked up by infrared detector

  • Minecrafter 3929
    Minecrafter 3929 20 days ago

    See the movie didn’t have machicolations that’s why it was bad

  • Freddy is Ready
    Freddy is Ready 20 days ago

    We were betrayed by feminists

  • Freddy is Ready
    Freddy is Ready 20 days ago

    It was fucking rubbish

  • Freddy is Ready
    Freddy is Ready 20 days ago

    Something wonderful gone because of feminism. These cunty pathetic weak slimey bitches.

    • Freddy is Ready
      Freddy is Ready 19 days ago

      +Dysentery Animations Nah, motivated by feminism. How the fuck was it ever passed? I'll tell you, feminism. Female lead role, kicking mens asses. Total bullshit feminism

    • Dysentery Animations
      Dysentery Animations 19 days ago

      bad writing, bad characters, bad plot. Not feminism.

  • Edge Of The Blade
    Edge Of The Blade 21 day ago

    Agreed. 💯%

  • Easy Eagle
    Easy Eagle 21 day ago +1

    Star Wars died with Phantom Menace. The Force is a parasite? Dumb!

  • Torbjørn Kolven
    Torbjørn Kolven 22 days ago

    When I came out of the cinema I tough it was the best movie of all time, but as I reflect on it i've grown to hate it more and more, and I haven't been able to push myself to watch it again.

  • Phantex
    Phantex 22 days ago

    they had 2 ships and the main rebel one, all they had to do was evac and ram the smaller ones into the fleet and everyone would of lived. also if you suffered through the Soylo film, they do it again, he makes a whole turn into a good guy and then instantly turns against it again.

  • Connor Moodie
    Connor Moodie 22 days ago

    Shad, before you make another Star Wars video PLEASE investigate the extended universe. The empire was NOT destroyed after the battle of Jaco, it was simply the turning point in the war where the empire lost their grip on power. After they were defeated the empire fractured into several regions occupied by imperial war lords ( previously the empire high command). The first order was a fractured remnant of the imperial army that retreated into the unknown region of the galaxy, there they were found by snoke and shaped into the first order where they then conquered thousands of worlds in the outer rim and the unknown region in secret to build their power base.
    The star killer base was a super weapon that was ALREADY under construction by the empire. It was not finished by the time the empire fell. Construction was started again by the first order and finished several decades later.
    As for the fact that the new republic is not in a position of power. Unless you forgot the star killer base did get a shot off that destroyed several new republic worlds that would have surely disrupted the power and organization of the new republic.

  • Chris Hutchinson
    Chris Hutchinson 22 days ago

    What I hate most about the false star wars movie is their treatment of Luke. Its not killing him, its not even turning him into a miserable hermit. Its that after his ultimate victory ie saving his fathers soul and bringing down the Sith he does nothing! He is given no life, no family and no impact on the universe.
    Luke is utterly butchered by people who have no idea about what makes a hero.

  • Noah Strain
    Noah Strain 23 days ago

    I agree. Liking a movie and enjoyment are two separate things. Its the rewatch value, you know? I'll admit, I got into Kendo and HEMA because of SW OT and phantom menace. But watching it now, and more esp. the new trilogy my enjoyment is nil. Seeing the fighting in movies I crack up so hard. Few get it right. I appreciate the first movies for at least adding some sort of style into its choreography and even philosophy into the lore.
    That being said, there are many... creative liberties taken to ensure the heroes and villains survive/die at the "appropriate" times instead of when they slip up. Cheers!

  • GDDM sam
    GDDM sam 23 days ago

    The force awakens ruined star wars with their Mary Sue and SJW neo-feminazi agenda. Rey isn't even a real character, she's an OP pretty face. Which is even more insulting than objectifying her, something that star wars never did to begin with. The only way to fix it is if she is actually the bad guy. You know Disney doesn't have the balls to make a woman evil though. Bottom line, Disney ruined star wars.

  • Craig Gallagher
    Craig Gallagher 23 days ago

    I agree with all your points on TLJ and the ST at large but the example of the Millennium Falcon having a cloaking device is not correct. It is the act of it attaching to the back of the Star Destroyer that hides it from their radar / scanners as the Falcon effectively becomes part of the radar signature of the destroyer itself.

  • Shiris Astaris
    Shiris Astaris 23 days ago

    In EU Han also left his own family for some time but it was after Chewbacka death. And Han blamed his younger son for that death. So he was in deep grief in that particular moment. And Han's absence was not so long, only a few months.

  • axesthrawn
    axesthrawn 24 days ago

    I Need more thumbs to vote up... Sadly...

  • Colin Velius
    Colin Velius 24 days ago

    I don't understand why Finn isn't the CENTRAL main character of the Sequels, since the stories tend to revolve around Rey the Mary-Sue. His backstory is the most original and compelling compared to the others. Poe is just a nicer version of Han Solo, and Ray is a bastardized hybrid of Leia and Luke with no reason to be so good at what she does.
    Finn being taken from birth to become a stormtrooper could've been more fleshed out. What if, maybe, his parents were unknowingly Force-sensitive, and Finn could train to become a Jedi after honing his latent powers that were actively suppressed by the First Order's indoctrination? I mean, he definitely had more combat training than Rey did, so he was the more likely candidate to defeat Kylo in Force Awakens.
    I even joke that Finn has a sort of harem as it is: Rey, Rose, and Poe all want to be intimate with him.

  • Steven Hatrack
    Steven Hatrack 24 days ago

    I've often said that this film and Rogue One are polar oppsets. RO is enjoyable when you first see it but gets better the more you think about it, TLJ gets worse and worse upon review.
    My enjoyment started to wain when they rolled out the heavy bombers

  • Archer Party
    Archer Party 25 days ago

    Did the Resistance Fleet really just come out of hiding to run away... WTF is wrong with you Disney!

  • Richard Wiswell
    Richard Wiswell 25 days ago

    It's stupid shit like this that leads me to believe that people who hate on this movie have no intelligence. "Holdo should have told everyone her plan" they were just tracked through hyperspace which shouldn't be possible as far as she knows someones feeding information or that if she had told pao that would have prevented the mutiny. He doesn't really plan to mutiny after he finds out her plan and calls her a coward and a traitor. "Rey should be useless with a lightsaber" shes spent her whole life having to protect herself with melee weapons, the small bit of time that she spent with the lightsaber getting a feel for would make her able to at least be competent with it. Idk where your coming up with the random time frame of luke having spent months with yoda. His friends went to cloud city got kidnapped and then he started having visions about them being in trouble and left. Luke spent what maximum of a few week training before his fight with vader who's been wielding a lightsaber for 30+ years. The whole plan was for the main ship to be a distraction while the transports fled to the base, but was messed up because the code breaker overheard finn and pao talking about holds plan. If they didn't go to the casino world and get the code breaker he couldn't have betrayed them therefore no final act for the movie. As for the lightspeed ramming its stated in the original trilogy by han that you have to carefully calculate your jumps otherwise you get pulled out into a star or planet. This why also why the kessel run is measured in a distance because they cant travel a straight path. Hyperspace engines are also expensive as watto said in the original trilogy that it would probably be cheaper to buy a new ship then fix the hyperdrive. It could also be an issue of something of a significant size would be needed to do real damage. "Luke should have gone there in person" and what get blown up from massive laser fire? That's part of the theme is the jedi are romanticized and overblown to the point of mythological proportions. His legend is more powerful then him at this point. "The force is a mcguffin and undefined" no different then the original trilogy, they introduced force lightning in the last 10 minutes hell vader force choked a guy on an entirely different ship. Complaining about starkiller base being a waste of resources because the first 2 death stars couldn't have made hundreds or thousands of star destroyers themselves. Complaining about the destruction of starkiller base not setting back the first order and them still being a big threat in the next movie. Yes because it's not like the ot had a big fuck off space station get blown up then the start of the next movie the rebels are on the run retreating from an overwhelming force. He keeps complaining the first order comes from nowhere even though its stated they were formed from remnants of when the empire started collapsing. This is also like 40 years since them that they been force recruiting and training people since childhood to fight. Also when did they ever say the republic got reestablished I missed that part, sure they killed the emperor and dealt a huge blow to the empire to where it probably had a long time before the first order got up to speed but that doesn't automatically spawn a republic and concentrated system of government across thousand of planets. Solo clearly stated that the reason he left was because he felt like he had failed when kylo turned to the dark side and joined the first order and couldn't face leia's because he blamed himself for it. This is part of the problem you have these romanticized versions of these characters that you think there gone through character development now they should be flawless gods and make perfect decisions on everything instead of the fact that they're supposed to be normal people. How exactly is han solo a well known general or the rebel alliance supposed to just walk into first order based looking for his son? Complaints of like again, your romanticizing him saying he should be flawless, even in his fight with vader he was on the brink of crossing the line to kill him. He has seen war lost friends seen so many suffer because of the dark side and now he sees some young boy that seems to be going down that path, but no he would never contemplating killing someone to save millions or billions who might suffer if he doesnt. This is also what 40 years after the events of return of the jedi? They are not the same people. Fuck go back and look at your views and opinions on stuff even 5-10 years ago I would bet you were a pretty different person. The defloaking scan there could be limitations to it maybe it can only be used so often or it takes long to run or something arbitrary maybe it has a huge power draw and you have to fill a capacitor to run it.

  • XxGxGxExZxX
    XxGxGxExZxX 25 days ago

    They could’ve explained starkiller base by it being necessary for destroying the republic fleet. But they didn’t...

  • Geoff Shaw
    Geoff Shaw 25 days ago

    A very good and clear rant on this miserable,legacy destroying disasterpiece,TLJ.

  • Rasha
    Rasha 25 days ago

    I agree with many of your complaints with the movie, but I was always under the impression there was a mystical balance to the force.
    And as the dark side increased in power, and the jedi's were culled and lost, it makes perfect sense that someone would appear who seemingly randomly could use the force for good.
    Especially after Luke's death, I would expect even crazier force powers from her in the future.
    But yeah, the rest of what you said, 100% in your boat. I just never questioned the force powers.

  • TheMetalsail
    TheMetalsail 25 days ago

    Uhhh spoilers... Hey i'm here for the spoilers so i don't need to watch it.

  • dragon_slayer2026
    dragon_slayer2026 26 days ago

    The only intelligent character was Poe Dameron, and they treated him like an idiot. If he hadn't been willing to take down that Dreadnaught (most generic name ever for a big scary ship) no matter the cost, the chase scene wouldn't have mattered at all. Those long-range cannons would have torn the fleet apart before Vice-Admiral Gender Studies escape plan could have ever been done. You are wrong about launching the escape ships though. When Poe found out, they were in the process of refuelling them from the big ship's reserves, so they couldn't have launched sooner.

    • dragon_slayer2026
      dragon_slayer2026 26 days ago

      Also, I never interpreted Luke drawing his lightsaber on Kylo as an attempt at or desire to murder his nephew, but a reflexive reaction to a visceral Force vision. I still hate the movie, but that scene didn't bother me as much.

  • Pippa May
    Pippa May 26 days ago

    I remember sitting through this movie in the theater and questioning nearly every 10 minutes if they somehow slipped a Gundam film into it. I honestly felt like I was sitting through Gundam Wing and all of it's shitty decisions all over again, but with Star Wars slapped on the title. (Obviously, there were no giant mechs/Gundams, but I'm talking space battles and political bullshit.) I am extremely disappointed with this contribution to the franchise. It's beginning to feel like the worst kind of fanfiction being forced into the canon, full of references and cross-over elements from other franchises within the genre.

  • Rock’n’Rolla
    Rock’n’Rolla 26 days ago

    Spot on

  • Provost
    Provost 26 days ago

    Thank you, Shad. I thought I was the only one irritated that they seemed more intent on recycling the original script than respecting the franchise and development of the characters we all love. I appreciate that they want to nod to the legacy of the franchise, but The Force Awakens was wholesale theft and now The Last Jedi has done... well, exactly what you said: killed Star Wars. It's like they hate the fan base and want to piss them off. I honestly don't even think I'll watch the third one in theatres; I'm that annoyed with them. If I do watch it, it will be on Netflix when I have nothing else to watch. Maybe in a year.
    Honestly, I am at the point where I'm happy to write these films off and keep the books (Star Wars Legends) as my canon of the series.

  • Charles Pfaff
    Charles Pfaff 27 days ago

    The SJW producers and directors are purposefully destroying the mythos which has become a part of our culture.
    Disney bought a unstoppable franchise but then turned it over to people that just want to take it apart.

  • MJPK
    MJPK 27 days ago

    no... cause the only way to get through an EXHAUST port would be a massive Force, it was already explained in episode 4 A new hope. Rogue One was unneeded filler

  • HandleUnique
    HandleUnique 27 days ago

    I fucking hate America, and I'm an American.

  • Either Ardrey
    Either Ardrey 27 days ago

    Comments as I go:
    (please keep in mind that I was also not a fan of The Last Jedi. While I enjoyed some of it, I was disappointed by the movie overall by the time I left the theater.)
    - The Battle of Jakku formally ended the Empire, but there were still remnants out there that didn't back down and retreated to their own space. There were also those select Imperials that were invited to the Unknown Regions via Operation Cinder (which happened prior to Jakku), which would later become the First Order.
    - Starkiller Base actually IS a planet (many believe that it's Ilum, the planet where Jedi Younglings would find their Kyber Crystals) that was re-purposed into a weapon. Overall mechanics of the build was probably similar to the Death Star.
    - Starkiller Base was still stupid, though.
    - Star Wars ships won't allow auto-piloting into a Mass Shadow, unless someone with extreme technical know how can override it (Star Wars the Clone Wars Season 1). This is why the ramming was done manually. As to why it's not done earlier? A: People don't like dying. B: A large ship destroying a somewhat larger ship (no more than 10x as big) deals a lot more relative damage than a much smaller ship against the much, much, much larger Death Star.
    - The purpose of Luke being on Crayt was to delay, and delay only. There was no need for him to be there, and he also had no ship after the Millenium Falcon left. The Jedi are to use the Force for Defense, not Attack, so Luke fighting a battle by not actually being there is possibly the most Jedi thing ever done in the movies. Personally, I think Luke was one of the few things they got mostly right in the movie.
    - While the First Order was on the ropes after the destruction of Starkiller Base, the New Republic and the Resistance were also on the ropes, possibly even more so. The entire movie of the Last Jedi was about 5 or so First Order ships chasing 5 or so smaller remaining Resistance ships. Very little suggests that they've conquered the galaxy yet, just that it's inevitable with the entire Republic Fleet and Government destroyed on Hosnian Prime, and all that's left to fight back is the ragtag remainders of the Resistance.
    - 14:00 That is the fundamental problem with sequels to stories that have ended. In some way shape or form, the story must have a conflict of some sort, thus undermining the accomplishments of the previous ending. I do feel that they could've found a way to mitigate that though.
    - 17:50 Luke was tempted on several occasions to kill Vader, even though he was trying to save his FATHER, and only stopped short once his head cooled a little. Most of what was in TLJ was in-character for Luke. He was still struggling with that anger/fear, especially since he's seen it happen before. I admit that the flashback scenes were poorly executed/explained, but the underlying logic is sound and in-character for Luke. It wasn't until after his failure that he locked himself away because he felt that he was the problem.
    - I, too, feel that it's going to be a monumental task to salvage this Trilogy with 9 alone. I liked 7, though not anywhere near as much as the OT and Rogue One, but not to the point where I was invested in the story (I only cared about Finn after watching 7). TLJ was supposed to get me back on board, but did the opposite to the point that I don't really care much about 9 at all. Disney-Lucasfilm's TV, Book, and Comics offerings have, for the most part, been infinitely better than any of the Disney era movies (Lucasfilm is still being run by Lucasfilm, just sans George so I feel it necessary to say Lucasfilm. Too many people believe it's Disney ruining Star Wars, but it's largely Lucasfilm that's doing it. Disney just approves projects as far as I'm aware).

  • Dog Serious
    Dog Serious 28 days ago

    New StarWars is total shite.
    Disney are clueless.

  • Boba Fett
    Boba Fett 28 days ago

    Force Awakens was far worse!!!

  • management1
    management1 28 days ago +1

    fuck off sir! star wars is dead bexuase of the force awakens copy paste shit, that garbage is the monster who entered this creature made by Ryan Johnson... so thanks but TFA is the worst star wars film

  • rangers94ism
    rangers94ism 29 days ago

    Even the character of Hux was betrayed. He was a different guy in TFA.

  • Corretta gamejewels
    Corretta gamejewels 29 days ago

    i didn't enjoy the movie

  • Bryce193 Melton
    Bryce193 Melton Month ago

    Your wrong, last jedi was a great star wars movie

  • Aaron Knox
    Aaron Knox Month ago

    last jedi and force awakens should no longer be canon and needs to be deleted from the star wars lore and franchise, except for rouge one only.

  • thomas kok
    thomas kok Month ago

    sjws doest care about the story, they only care about divershity

  • PlatinumPluto
    PlatinumPluto Month ago

    Nothing beats watching The Force Awakens in theaters, but I understand why you wouldn't enjoy it as much the second time. I believe that The Force Awakens is a great movie, but The Last Jedi? No way.

  • barrenpaladin
    barrenpaladin Month ago

    I concur!!! Episode 7 8 and 9 will need to be Rebooted to A new 7 8 and 9... These Movies Suck!!! Kennedy, Jones, and Abrams intentionally Ruined these movies... It was not a mistake... They did it because of their leftist ideologies... I hope the entire franchise crashes and burns until someone respectable comes along reboots them with a Saga worthy of Star Wars... This is shit movie making by shitty people...

  • Brynmor Thomas
    Brynmor Thomas Month ago

    Thank you for articulating almost every thought I have been having...I also agree, if you watch these movies just as movies (apart from feeling like they rip off Star Wars) they are quite enjoyable. But this is not Star Wars. To say it is is disingenuous and, I agree, destroys the legacy of the Star Wars trilogy, even the prequels didn't DESTROY the idea of the universe.

  • Rean Lafae
    Rean Lafae Month ago

    The main reason I can tell to not use light speed ramming more is you don't Saxby to portray your good guys as suicide bombers.

  • rthomaswright
    rthomaswright Month ago

    In the next film, Luke comes back as a psychopathic clown. (After all, you can't spell Mark Hamill without "Arkham" in the middle).

  • rthomaswright
    rthomaswright Month ago

    Months of training with Yoda? I'm not sure exactly how that fits with the time scale for the other group of heroes. Because Han, Leia, Chewy, and 3PO basically make a hard run through the asteroid belt to escape Vader, then limped to Bespin. It doesn't really seem like they spent months in Cloud City, or months on the run. You could make the case that, without hyperdrive, they could only move at subluminal speeds, and that took months, but they were being pursued, so that doesn't quite seem right, either.
    But I will grant this: Luke spent at least a few days undergoing intensive training. If I was generous, it might have been a week or two. But it was intensive. So at the very least, it was more thorough than Rei's.

    • STR33TSofJUST1C3
      STR33TSofJUST1C3 28 days ago

      And Luke had three years on his own to train a bit with his lightsaber after ANH. Comes nowhere close to being trained by a Master, but still much more than Rey who went from total noob to godlike in a matter of days without any reasonable explanation.

  • Dark Wolf 11
    Dark Wolf 11 Month ago

    You missed the part in witch disney forgets how lightspeed works

  • dezzlok
    dezzlok Month ago

    Suddenly the changes that made the Special Editions of the original trilogy don't seem so bad now? :P