Star Wars is DEAD and The Last Jedi killed it!

  • Published on Dec 18, 2017
  • Star Wars The last Jedi was a fun movie but the reasons for those fun moments were very dumb, let me explain.
    Angry Joe top ten reasons the last Jedi made me angry:
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  • Brant Essman
    Brant Essman Day ago

    My main issue is rose

  • Arcamean
    Arcamean Day ago

    Rey prior to Captain marvel was the least interesting character I've seen in a while.

  • Bill Crockett
    Bill Crockett Day ago

    So, Han ditches his family, Luke is a coward and Leia is Mary Poppins...yep, if I could render this film down into food it wouldn't be fit to give to a hog.

  • VitoRu
    VitoRu Day ago

    Snoke is actually emperor vicciate and brought his armi s and resources from the unknown zone or something, there explained.... kinda

  • Washington SkyWatch
    Washington SkyWatch 2 days ago

    This was the worst movie, until Capt. Marvel came out...omg

  • DarthAlphaTheGreat
    DarthAlphaTheGreat 2 days ago

    Dearth Maul was a Jedi?! Dun dun dun!

  • DarthAlphaTheGreat
    DarthAlphaTheGreat 2 days ago

    I am less concerned about you dislike TLJ (because it has a lot of miss opportunities), but more you like Rogue One for its character and plot...which are its weakest points.

  • racingBuilder
    racingBuilder 4 days ago

    The Star Wars Holiday Special is better than The Last Jedi.
    Seriously though the whole sequel trilogy should have been similar to the prequel trilogy with its story. Then it could have ended on a good note like the original trilogy did, or end like a tragedy and set up another new trilogy which could have been similar to the original trilogy.

  • Jacob Blanton
    Jacob Blanton 4 days ago

    For both of these movies I had heard a lot of bad leading in, and thought they would be decent enough as standalone movies but awful as Star Wars films. I mean, I expected them to he bad films going in but I was also thinking "if they weren't Star Wars movies they would just be mediocre."
    I found that they were WAY WORSE than I was expecting. They weren't even enjoyable just as dumb movies. Between the horrid acting, writing, casting, plotline et all I almost quit watching TLJ halfway through in frustration.

  • RedRocket4000
    RedRocket4000 4 days ago

    Luke was actually messed over by The Force Awakens the Last Jedi had to work with a already ruined Luke story in some way no matter what they did Luke would not look good. When they decided to make Luke a failure with his Jedi School and then have him fail to help in the rest of the wars it made Luke a failure even before the Last Jedi started. Only possible good result was Luke finding some Jedi power that would turn the tide of the war and then being trapped there. Still not great him letting himself be trapped and then you have this Jedi super power that makes conflict in the next movie hard. So The Force Awakens did all the ruining producer of Last Jedi just had horrible task of showing how Luke failed. The mysteries in Force Awakens was on both movies the Force Awakens should not included things not intended to be shown in the next movie by the Story Group which has total control over the story. So I agree things were messed up I just disagree when they were messed up.
    Those attacking Ray's win in The Force Awakens just did not pay attention as she won over a man that should have been dead and thus severally weakened the attack on Ray's skill in the next movie more valid but she falling under the Darth Vader as a young kid prodigy rules both Aniken and Ray should not been able to do what they did in Ankin's case first movie in Ray's the second without prodigy powers. Anikin actually set the Ray example of someone untrained being great in Anikin's example a kid who never flew a starfighter taking out a enemy ship.

  • Medic Marc
    Medic Marc 4 days ago

    You nail it Shad.

  • Ivan Atorer
    Ivan Atorer 4 days ago

    Of all the new trilogy er... dislikers videos, I really enjoyed the sense of humour you delivered your criticism with. I take many of your points and enjoyed the vid.

  • TruthRaider71
    TruthRaider71 5 days ago

    No Luke no reason to watch ep9

  • Matthew Walton
    Matthew Walton 5 days ago

    I actually clapped when Ben Solo pulled that trick and murdered his master. Then the whole conversation between him and Rey took place and I was severely disappointed...

  • Torgom Aghanyan
    Torgom Aghanyan 6 days ago

    Dude same problem you must have with TFA (or the mareysue awakens). Previous 6 movies created universe with his fundamental laws and rules, which can't be band or twisted, but TFA did it by creating literally everything in it with the villains out of JJ Abrams ass and ending with maREYsue, who can do EVERYTHING what can do super-long super-hard trained jedi masters, literally for 1-2 days! It's the same as if one medieval periods city smuggler, who's main job is to steal stuff and run, would be able to learn how to fight in the level of best trained Teutonic orders knights and beat their champion without even struggling in one day! Worst of all, they would call you woman hater if you point this out! They ruined all beloved characters, they ruined SW universe laws, rules and main setting for the sake of cheap political propaganda.
    p.s as a huge Prequel fan and SW:Clone Wars fun, I was glad that they made 7-8 installment this bad, because retarded haters who were hating for no reason the first 1-2-3 movies now cans wee what it is a bad movie and horrible SW movie and what they done, by forcing Lukas to sell his dream to evil mouse.

  • Richard Elliker
    Richard Elliker 6 days ago

    This is why the expanded Universe was is so much better than anything Disney has done with the Franchise.
    Han becomes a general of the Republic.
    LEIA helps restore the Republic, learns to come to terms with her father being Vader and trains as a Jedi.
    Luke restores the Jedi as Yoda hoped-for. When Han's Son becomes Darth Cadeus Luke takes full responsibility.
    Cadeus is defeated by his Jedi sister.
    Han and LEIA despite now loosing 2x children remain very much in love and stronger in their marriage.
    Luke leads the Jedi against an extra galactic enemy immune to the force and nearly loose.
    It should be this point where Disney started their trilogy, new characters with cameo flashbacks to the previous generations. Drawing on their knowledge and wisdom to defeat the new threat.

  • Dillon James Locke
    Dillon James Locke 7 days ago

    There is only one tiny short moment in the movie that is good. That is when Yoda tells Luke that "the greatest teacher, failure is". I wish Lucasfilm could learn from their failure with this movie.

  • Dillon James Locke
    Dillon James Locke 7 days ago

    It's too bad that even if someone at Lucasfilm saw this, it wouldn't change anything. They would just attack you for using common sense and reason.

  • Dillon James Locke
    Dillon James Locke 7 days ago

    I didn't like TFA. I hated TLJ. I loved Rogue One. I was prepared to hate Solo, but I was pleasantly surprised and actually like it quite a lot.

  • Black-Reaper
    Black-Reaper 7 days ago

    You know what else is dead? no? well let me tell you
    Game of Thrones and Season 8 Episode 3 killed it

  • StarlightEater
    StarlightEater 7 days ago +1

    Yea it sucked. They ruined star wars.

  • /\'Cypheir
    /\'Cypheir 7 days ago

    Watching these youtube videos about how shitty the Disney trilogy was is far more exciting, rewatchable, and pleasurable than watching the actual movies... I'm really curious what goes through the minds of people that "liked" these movies... I really have a feeling that it's along the lines of... "well, at least there are new Star Wars movies to watch, and I can pretend they're good."

  • Gregory Dworak
    Gregory Dworak 8 days ago +2

    Postmodernist destruction of contemporary cultural mythos. Trash propaganda I'll never watch again.

  • LordBritOne
    LordBritOne 8 days ago +2

    The return of the Jedi the empire was not destroyed the emperor was killed Darth Vader died the second death star was destroyed...But the empire was still there still thousands of stormtroopers then the commanders captain imperial troops on each planet the re-make ending everyone celebrating never made no sense to me yeah they killed the emperor and Vader but what about all the other people in the empire they were still there

    I didn't like the new star wars because of kilo ren trained using lightsabers lost against someone that has never picked one up in her life.
    Then the lightsaber fights sabers don't cut any limbs off anymore they are now user-friendly

  • Tyranastrasza
    Tyranastrasza 9 days ago

    It's because the writers seem to be conviced that subversion=inconsistency whereas it is enterely possible to subvert our expectations while still being consistant.

  • ashenbreese
    ashenbreese 9 days ago +1

    thank. you. knowing that someone gets it somehow makes this tragedy easier to bear. as an eu fan, it is more complicated for me, but that isn't necessary to speak to how insultingly awful the star wars reboot has been.

  • Han Lockhart
    Han Lockhart 9 days ago +1

    Once you get past all the waffle, the reasons why are very simple: they weren`t interested in making a Star Wars movie. They were interested in throwing ideology in people`s faces more, even if it meant destroying everything great before.

  • Évelyne Lachance
    Évelyne Lachance 9 days ago

    Bit late to the party but, meh, watching related youtube videos brings me back to Shadiversity here and there. So your points are good, but I'd just like to bring a single precision: StarKiller base wasn't built from scratch. It was literally built inside an existing planet. This means that most likely the effort to make it would basically be equivalent to one of the Death Stars. But, like, the rest of this video, I fully agree with!

  • cesar e
    cesar e 9 days ago +1

    Legends is the real cannon now

  • mph seti
    mph seti 9 days ago

    If you want a great movie, a smart movie, a well-written, deep, meaningful movie....Do NOT see anything put out by Disney. Or any billion dollar studio production/toy commercial, for that matter.

  • Jason Bueno
    Jason Bueno 9 days ago

    Lol no Star Wars is just fine, Sir! Loved TLJ and love it more the more I watch it. Also your critique is flawed and you missed a lot of nuance to the story. It’s not as cut and dry as you think. Cool channel tho!

  • Lord Madcart
    Lord Madcart 10 days ago

    A new comment for a old video but, pretty sure Starkiller base IS a plannet. Not a massive spacestation. Sorry, I meant to say it was a planet...

  • My Own Music
    My Own Music 10 days ago

    I ignore the Disney canon. The first two trilogies and all Legends lore is what I accept. Disney can snap, crackle, and pop right into hell.

  • Valerio Fabi
    Valerio Fabi 10 days ago

    You are SO right about the new trilogy.

  • Andrew Devine
    Andrew Devine 10 days ago

    Seriously, why do people say Rogue One was good? It was one of the most boring, unmemorable films I've ever seen.

  • Patrick D
    Patrick D 10 days ago

    The First Order should have been Space ISIS - a small group of Dark side force sensitive users wreaking havoc guerilla warfare style across the galaxy on the New Republic and they call themselves The Knights of Ren. They should have been terrorists. Or what if they had been like a cult with Snoke as their “supreme leader” and they all follow him because he can use the Force and Snoke had built himself up as some kind of “prophet” or messiah or something. Easy ideas Disney, so many ways you could have taken this

  • max pieps
    max pieps 11 days ago

    star wars died after phantom menace.

  • Roy Plisko
    Roy Plisko 12 days ago

    We could make the same argument against the new Star Trek movies... Enjoyable... but terrible in retrospect. JJ Abrams has succeeded in betraying the legacy and characters of two of the most beloved scifi cult franchises in history so he could use his parlor tricks for a quick buck. He is the one that set both of these balls rolling out of control. He held his own genius and his own creativity as more important than all the years of fan loyalty and all the body of creative work that led to the success of both franchises. He thought his own ideas could trump all that just because he was given the keys by a studio at a single moment in time. Star Trek fans have lost all their fraternity with each other ever since... and Star Wars is right behind it. If he never made another movie again it would be too soon.

  • Evan n
    Evan n 12 days ago

    I'm the 10,000th comment!

  • Freebyrd7
    Freebyrd7 13 days ago

    ...nods... he's right.

  • DraculaCronqvist
    DraculaCronqvist 14 days ago +1

    I must correct you on this. The Force Awakens killed Star Wars, not TLJ.

  • Ancalagon
    Ancalagon 14 days ago

    The prequels killed Star Wars, The Last Jedi buried it.

    • DraculaCronqvist
      DraculaCronqvist 14 days ago

      Prequels killed Star Wars, TFA raped the corpse, TLJ pissed on the ashes of the corpse.

  • Mohit KM
    Mohit KM 14 days ago +1

    They are basically repeating the original plot, badly.

  • Cam Alft
    Cam Alft 14 days ago

    you should check out 38 FX new version of the Vader v Obewan fight scene in a New Hope on the death star when Luke and the gang escape!...redone very very well!

  • Cam Alft
    Cam Alft 14 days ago +1

    lots of people hated it!!! lots!

  • Aqeel Khan
    Aqeel Khan 15 days ago

    Palpatine will save it from death

  • Olaf van Ess
    Olaf van Ess 15 days ago

    what strikes me most is that Han Solo gets killed, Luke gets killed, and the one who seems to play major role, dies naturally, causing a whole rewrite of the story. (TFA would ve been Solos movie, TLJ Luke;s movie en TRS Leia's ending the full story of 9 parts. i wonder how much they can salvage in the last part wich opens some new plotholes and questions if we look at the trailer. as Disney already confirmed to make 3 new star-wars movies with a full new story. If they continue the path of hiring crappy directers as Rian Johnson, it will be the end of Star Wars. even the Anthology line -up got killed with poor release of Solo with got its directors replaced mid production (and release within 6 months of crappy TLJ didnt do much good for the franchise either. the anthology of Ben Kenobi been canned cause of it, instead Disney will release a stand-alone series about a Mandalorian Bounty Hunter (not Boba as he would ve gotten his own anthology after Ben probably) wich would probably will only air on their soon to be released Disney-streaming service (as they aquired Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar etc)

  • Nicholas LaDieu
    Nicholas LaDieu 15 days ago +1

    You lost me at "I enjoyed it"

  • brovold72
    brovold72 15 days ago +2

    "You've failed, your highness. I am a Jedi, like my father before me."
    That is the climax of the story, as far as I'm concerned. The "hero's journey" is complete.

  • derrick3913
    derrick3913 16 days ago +1

    No truthfully, Rogue 1 had better characters. Including Vader at the end

  • Kaleeshguy
    Kaleeshguy 16 days ago

    8 main line movies and no build up or hype for episode 9.

  • Pink Guy
    Pink Guy 17 days ago

    If Luke did show up in person and take on the First Order and Kyle Ren, they could’ve actually had a really iconic scene. Even if he lost it could’ve still been iconic.

  • Diogenes Da Cynic
    Diogenes Da Cynic 17 days ago

    7:54 vice admiral gender studies...thats her name

  • Ancalagon 76
    Ancalagon 76 20 days ago

    That's the sad thing. Star Wars is the only franchise at which a reboot is more or less impossible. But I concur completely. They should start again with episode 7 and forget 7 and 8 were ever made. And in doing this, maybe they could give episode 1-3 that treatment as well.

  • Pat LP
    Pat LP 20 days ago

    Best thing is to pretend this shit never happend.

  • Amanoob105
    Amanoob105 22 days ago

    So. Not saying that the resources used was.... Not well spent. But.
    They didn't make a deathstar big enough to be a planet. The hollowed out a planet to be a bigger deathstar. Now doesn't that sound so much less stupid. Like. Maybe just a little bit? Sort of?
    And then went and gave it the same weakness as the other smaller deathstars. But bigger.
    As to where they came from? Just because the guy in charge is dead doesn't mean the rest of them stop existing. That's where they came from.
    They do need to stop trying to build bigger deathstars though. You think they would have noticed how much they suck at that after the second one. Though they can't take all the blame for that one.
    Because how did no one notice them building that last one in the first place? Sure the universe is huge, but so is the ammount of resources needed to build that thing.

  • LilGamingYes
    LilGamingYes 24 days ago

    I loved Rogue One. The Force Awakens ruined the series, there are so many things not making any sense in it that I don't even know where to begin. I won't bother watching any Star Wars movies with these characters, which is sad. Loved these movies since my childhood but it went so shit that I don't even want to watch the new ones...

  • E M
    E M 27 days ago

    I stopped caring about anything new star wars related, when I saw what Disney buying it was doing to the franchise. And the fact that they basically deleted the EU, and only cherry pick certain ideas from it and try to make it their own, that's just one of my biggest complaints. The oolder and original fans, (anyone from 80's till befire new sw) basically kicked in the groin, betrayed. After keeping the franchise alive. Newer sw was just made to appeal to 12 yr olds to sell toys and Disney tickets, with something every now and then added to try and attract older fans.

  • Mercurio Morat's Bughunting Channel

    @Shadiversity, You had me at "They [Hollywood] think their audiences are idiots" +42! This would be an excellent _post mortem_ for your writing videos.
    The death of Star Wars at the hands of Disney, is quite instructive in that, rather than revolving about the blatant sexism, which is projected by the portrayal of the main female protagonist as this hopelessly lost waif in search of someone to put her in her place, the thing that killed it boils down to this disconnect with sufficient "realism" for audiences to relate to the story.
    On Lightspeed ramming; based on Lorenz's equations this is not possible. Objects travelling at lightspeed, relative to one another cannot collide and can only pass through one another because one object, relative to the other, is infinitely thin in the direction of travel while its finite number of subatomic quanta are infinitely dispersed perpendicular to the direction of travel.
    Funnily enough, all this mathemagic boils down to the fact that, in practical terms, it is not possible for matter to be observed -or interacted with in any way- if that matter is moving at the speed of light relative to the observer.

  • T. J. Payeur
    T. J. Payeur 28 days ago

    Never seen it and never will. There are only 3 Star Wars movies...

  • E W
    E W 29 days ago +1

    Everything I’ve try to explain to people. Entirely correct. Pissed on the legacy.and went out of their way to make every male character look bad.

  • Trebuchet
    Trebuchet Month ago

    I walked out after The Last Jedi wishing it had been titled The Last Star Wars. "Ruined" is too mild an adjective to describe what Disney has done to Star Wars, and I say this as a fan who saw the first showing in 1977.
    I won't waste the time or money on any further Star Wars films. They are dead to me.

  • Nicholas LaRosa
    Nicholas LaRosa Month ago

    Disney doesn't know how to tell good original stories anymore. They are nothing more than the movie version of EA.

  • HaakonTheViking
    HaakonTheViking Month ago

    If lightspeed ramming was possible in the star wars universe, why not just make lightspeed ballistic missiles? Take a hyperdrive, add en navigationsystem that can be pre programed remotely, and add mass, like just a big chunk of tungsten or something, and fire it at your enemy! launching hard and high density projectiles with lightspeed at your enemies would make any close engagements in space obsolete.

  • Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith Month ago

    The Force Awakens killed it.

  • TheVanclif
    TheVanclif Month ago

    After seeing SW VII I was so disappointed that I didn't even look at SW VIII.
    According to the original Lucas story, the empire has disintegrated into different splinter groups which were then pursued by the new republic. The Imperial remnants used the remains of the massive imperial fleet. The Republic also used old rebel ships, but also developed new ships like the Nebula Star Destroyer or the Strident Star Defender.
    Because the resources of the former empire now lay with the Republic.
    In Disney Wars, the First Order comes with new overpowering ships from nowhere and the new Republic, with a few exceptions, is still stuck in its old state. No development to see. Even the new fancy X-Wing are actually a step back when you look at A-Wing or E-Wing from the Lucas original.
    In the Lucas original Luke rebuilds the Jedi Order as the new Grand Master. In Disney Wars he falls into depression and hides...
    If Disney had filmed the continuation of the original story, it would have been much better than the preschool they have woven together there...

  • Marco Hansen
    Marco Hansen Month ago

    I personally liked The Last Jedi much better then The Force Awakens. But opinions differ of course. However let me go into some of the points you brought up:
    1. How does the first Order build all their stuff ?
    That is truly a big plot hole. Then again Kamino was somehow able to not only breed millions of Clone-Troopers but also equip them with blasters, armor, starfighters, land vehicles and giant starships. A single Planet did this (at least judging from what is seen in the movies). Either that or the republic had build a massive pile of equipment without crew for no reason.
    2. Rey did only get a weekend course of training.
    True. But it always felt to me that Luke didn't get any more training on Dagobah either before facing off Darth Vader. You mention that Luke trained months with Yoda... but when you compare the time Luke spends on Dagobah with whats going on at the time with the rest of the gang, well at least to me it feels more like a 3 day crash course at the most.

    3. The force is a macguffin device ?
    Yes, but it's always been that.
    In IV force users can feel each others presence, force choke and use the force to block blaster attacks and sway minds.
    In V force users can now move stuff via telekinesis, get visions and turn into visible force ghosts.
    In VI you can shoot lightning with the force, read surface thoughts and send/receive empathic messages.
    In I-III you can forcepush groups of enemies and use the force to resist poisonous gas,
    So in almost every new movie we got new force powers.
    4. Why isn't the First Order completely crippeld by the loss of Starkiller Base ?
    Well, why wasn't the empire crippled after the loss of the first Death Star ? Did the end of IV really look like the Empire only lost a base but would merrily go on tyrranizing the galaxy ? And how did the Empire ever manage to build something the size of a Death Star in secret ? (Same for the fleet that Kamino suddenly produced). Thats a lot of resources and manpower that went nearly or completely unnoticed...
    Again, of course just because this plothole existed before doesn't negate it.
    All your points are valid. But I find it odd that you (and many other people) choose to ignore those very same faults in the old movies.
    Odd tidbit: Many people seem to think that "actor XY doesn't like the movie / thinks it will fail" is a valid argument to prove that the movie is bad. Hint: Many people of the crew INCLUDING George Lucas were quite certain that IV would flop.

  • Sense Offender
    Sense Offender Month ago

    I don't understand the hate for TLJ. This movie is soooooo bad its great! Force was just an unimaginative remake with some stupid ideas. TlJ is hilarious along with all these stupid point which are great you get to watch a 2D version of how a kid imagines space battle. Wasn't it fantastic when the medical frigate runs out of "fuel" and then "solar" wind causes it to like slow down and be destroyed! This is pure fucking gold, everyone gets butt hurt that his is not some iconic Star Wars classic. Get over it its one of the stupidest and funny movies of all times and will go down as the Plan 9 in Outer space of the 21st century.

  • Prometheus
    Prometheus Month ago

    Well the thing with "stupid movies" is they work. Its all about money. Everything is a successes if u make a plus.
    I currently working at a place with well... lets call them simple minds... They love things like the last Jedi or Transformers...
    Its like 1984 where they make cheap novels and porn for the "Proles" ;)

  • a person
    a person Month ago

    disney doesn't believe in putting enough effort into a movie that it would have intelligence and substance. seriously, this is how i feel about every live action movie they make these days. flashy lights, explosions, humor that cuts into any drama or earnest emotion the story might otherwise have, and only the barest, most pitiful pretext of substance. it's awful.
    i was so looking forward to rey's story. she was introduced as a wonderful character, embodying a pure optimism and hope that was all the more impactful because of the dismal circumstances of her life. i loved her in the first five minutes she was on screen. i even managed to genuinely like "the force awakens" in spite of all the plot stupidity because her personal arc resonated with me on such a deep level. but the last jedi was just atrocious. it had no idea what it was about, other than ruining not only the original trilogy but also any new question that "the force awakens" had presented. even rey's part of the story was a let down because she had no real faults or struggles to overcome. it's like captain marvel syndrome before captain marvel happened, just with a more likeable personality.
    i'll go see xi in the dollar theater, or maybe just redbox. or maybe i'll wait until it's free on prime. and the whole time i'll be mourning what this story could have been if somebody besides disney had tried to tell it.

  • Richard A
    Richard A Month ago

    Agree with you 100%. For so many reasons, it's just a terrible movie. Visually, it looks good and is fun to watch just to see Star Wars looking its best, but the story makes so little sense that it's embarrassingly bad.

  • feck off
    feck off Month ago

    So many Bothan spys are crying now oh wait they were retconned..

  • Humpydumpf
    Humpydumpf Month ago

    Snowflakes with unending resources bought and destroyed a beloved epic and when the fans complain they refer to "manbaby tears" and such even though snowflakes is the most crying group ever.

  • Ryan Thompson Guitarist

    There was no real reason to make another Star Wars trilogy, especially set after the Original trilogy

    If they had to make another trilogy, it would have been much more interesting to be another prequel trilogy, showing the original founding and early history of the Jedi order, or the rise of Darth Plagueis.

  • fink ployd
    fink ployd Month ago +1

    It sucks seeing my generation so satisfied with this "cool and funny" movie and getting upset because og star wars fans dont like it. And they dont even understand why cus their opinion of what a good movie is, is like shad says something like transformers. Just lots of explosions and titties and flashy lights.

  • Mr X
    Mr X Month ago

    Have you seen the The Last Jedi Re Edit Full 1st Trailer? Yes the die hard Star Wars Fan Ivan Ortega is re Editing the full movie and makes it at least watchable!!! It will be released for free this spring :-)

  • Krzysztof Kędra
    Krzysztof Kędra Month ago

    actually it was the force awakens that killed it

  • Stoned_trooper
    Stoned_trooper Month ago

    I would called TLJ
    "Star Wars: Nerds, We want your money NOW!"
    that`s exactly how I felt after watching it

  • scoman91
    scoman91 Month ago

    You took every single solitary problem I had with this movie and summed it up on one video. Thank you.

  • John Ghost
    John Ghost Month ago +1

    I thought I had already watched most of the videos showing the ridiculousness of TLJ but I must have missed this one until now. Great video, agree 100%. Chapter 9 has its work cut out for it, that's for sure.

  • yazad pardiwala
    yazad pardiwala Month ago

    7:00 Or a even a confidant villain, like if after there was a new air of menace, commanding temeperament and so on

  • Finn Thunder
    Finn Thunder Month ago

    Entire 3. saga should have been about yuuzhan vong invasion. The First Order is just needless reboot of Galactic Empire

  • Lee Jenkins
    Lee Jenkins Month ago

    Very much agree about the underdog thing - for some reason the good guys always have to be smaller and weaker which, as you say, isn't really backed by logic or lore. How interesting it would have been if the New Order had been like the old Rebel Alliance, with hit and run attacks or acts or terrorism, undermining support for the New Republic and their taxes and centralisation etc. That would have been cool to see

  • Nick Zajec
    Nick Zajec Month ago

    This movie was choreographed by the creators of Gang Beasts

  • terrorcop101
    terrorcop101 Month ago +1

    First and foremost: I utterly agree, Last Jedi nailed the coffin shut. Now, personally, I liked Force Awakens and the new characters that they put in it. Given what you said about Han, I can understand where you're coming from, so I'm not going to argue that point. The two things I didn't like about it are things I will definitely agree with you about. This movie was basically a remake of the original film, from the little droid with important info rolling around on a desert planet, to the same ships and costumes, to the giant planet-killing doomsday weapon. Aside from the characters, there wasn't anything new. The other thing is that there were twenty years worth of history summed up by a single sentence in the prologue: "the Imperial Remnants have come together to form the First Order" or something like that. No explanation on what the First Order is, what its territory is, why there's a Resistance fighting it while the New Republic just kind of sits back, when the clone troopers got replaced by janissaries, or why Luke's first lightsaber was in a basement in a bar. As for Last Jedi, they took everything they'd set up in the first movie and threw it out the window at ludicrous speed. Finn wakes up from a coma and immediately sets up a love triangle with unnecessary character Rose, which gets dumb when she tries to save his life by endangering literally everyone else's. The story is supposed to take place in a span of 6 hours and is broken into three or four separate stories spread all across the galaxy (I don't care how fast light speed is, that's just no). Lives at stake and Finn and Rose stop to talk about cruelty to animals and arms dealers supplying both sides of the war. Snoke is just there to die, no backstory or really anything and Ray is looking for her folks only to "learn" that they were child abandoning drug addicts. The whole thing was just sloppy and you're right, they should stop what they're doing and start over, just without Carrie Fisher RIP. About the only thing they did right was have Poe get stripped of his command following his reckless leadership of the bombing run.

    ANOKU NO OUJI Month ago +2

    after i heard disney bought star wars i knew it was gonna get ruined !

  • HexRegulus
    HexRegulus Month ago

    All story needs motivations for the characters actions.

  • HexRegulus
    HexRegulus Month ago

    It’s almost like Rian Johnson has been a secret anti star wars fan since he was a kid and became a writer to destroy the franchise....

  • Say What?
    Say What? Month ago

    There are no Star Wars sequels.
    Why? (You seem to say.) (- Hey!!)
    Because Star Wars ended after Empire ("Strikes Back"...
    ... bitch...)

    And it's LEEEa. -- not LAY ya.
    ... bitch.

  • Rusty Robot5
    Rusty Robot5 Month ago +1

    Han and Luke were both terribly undermined their ideologies and personalities, the main integral core of the characters. Their motivations were mutated into an entirely different person, stripping them of their entire character arc that's already occured. THEN, they give us a Mary Sue. So, the only way to save this franchise is to undo the first two movies. So, how do you undo everything? By giving us Snoke back as being backed by a 3rd evil source, his death not real (clone, force projection, et al.), make Rey's progression as a Jedi a joke (a sith shows her that she is a total joke by beating her easily), and have this 3rd party be the entity BOTH the rebel force AND First Order must fight against. Luke must reemerge as alive; Rey was the bait used by everyone, a pawn in a larger fight to come. And, the upstarts must lose in the end. Tragic, but Rey, Finn, and Poe dying would be ideal. Then, end with a final battle with Luke beating the Supreme Dark Force behind Snoke. Marrying, twins on the way with tbe closing credits, to complete the cycle. It wouldnt be perfect, or even better than average, but it would make these bad fanfic movies into something...reasonable.

  • Erik w/a K
    Erik w/a K Month ago

    The Prequel films killed Star Wars, they were made soley to sell toys, super expensive commercials. the things you're complaining about in the Force Awakens and the Last Jedi, are all things that happened in the Original Trilogy, this universe doesn't have any structure, it never did, it's all been made up as it goes along, no plan.
    My advice is don't take them so seriously.

  • Atham Aldecua
    Atham Aldecua Month ago

    Important message at 2:55

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader Month ago

    Star Wars is not dead. It is dead for YOU. That's something entirely different.

  • Avinash Tyagi
    Avinash Tyagi Month ago +1

    I always figured the First order was basically remnants of the empire that survived after the emperor's death and Snoke was able to unify them.
    The whole plot of Force Awakens was a mediocre retread of a New Hope, which I found underwhelming, but it was new Star Wars after a long time, so even though I was disappointed, I was willing to excuse it and just focus on the characters, plus I originally hoped that episode 8 would be good, especially after Rogue One came out, but well, Last Jedi sucked.
    Luke Force Projecting wasn't a huge deal, maybe he just felt he couldn't get there in time physically and took the only available method, but the other stuff I agree with

  • Brian Riddle
    Brian Riddle Month ago +5

    TLJ fans: "TLJ is the best movie of all time!"
    Me: "Let's agree to disagree."
    TLJ fans: "You're just afraid of strong women!"
    Me: "You're a strong woman, correct?"
    TLJ fans: "Yes, of course. I'm far stronger than any inferior male that ever lived!"
    Me: "You're a strong woman, and I have no fear of you whatsoever."
    TLJ fans: .....
    And that ladies and gents, is how you defeat a TLJ fan!

  • Brian Riddle
    Brian Riddle Month ago +2

    Me: "I don't personally think that The Last Jedi is the absolute best movie ever written, but I'm fine with it if you do."
    Last Jedi fans: "Go burn in hell, you sexist, racist motherfucker!"

  • Lt. Colonel Tanya von Degurechaff

    I don't get the idea of DS exhaust being a plot hole... Rebels had detailed schematics for DS, delivering plans to rebels was basicly the whole point of the movie. And i can guarantee you, if i gave you detailed schematics of USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78) and a few engineers to analyze them, you would find more than one easy way to take it out of commission. The problem would be getting in the position to execute one of those ways, but that's another story.

  • Yookee X
    Yookee X 2 months ago +1

    My license plate frame say "Disney Killed Star Wars"

  • 雪风
    雪风 2 months ago

    I just simply do not think starwars 7 and after as starwar story

  • JN R
    JN R 2 months ago

    You're right on every point you make here, but to me, Star Wars died with episodes 1 to 3.