Star Wars is DEAD and The Last Jedi killed it!


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  • ROBVALE 76
    ROBVALE 76 5 hours ago

    I disagree with you on the part that there's some good part to the story. All of it is awful and disappointing.

  • ROBVALE 76
    ROBVALE 76 5 hours ago

    I hate it from the beginning to eternity. Disney is the Cancer to the story line. I'm sad I'm angry I'm disappointed.

  • Draconian Symbiote
    Draconian Symbiote 5 hours ago

    how to like a TheXvid video twice

  • TBoneTony
    TBoneTony 8 hours ago

    Would have made more sense to have the origins of the First Order grow from within the dissatisfaction of the new Republic.
    Would have also made more sense to have Snoke's backstory explained as a former apprentice of Darth Vader, would have infiltrated the angst of people within the new Republic and would have logically explained the First Order.
    But now they have killed off Snoke, no chance to explain why things from episode 7 happened as well as nothing to build now that Princess Leia is not going to play a major role in episode 9 because of the actress passing away.

  • TBoneTony
    TBoneTony 9 hours ago

    My first impression was, good space opera movie, but they killed off the wrong character considering what happened to one cast member after the film was made.
    And in reflections, I did feel that they made it seem like being a Jedi could be achieved by anyone when in reality only certain people with natural skills can have the ability of being a Jedi.

  • Ramon S
    Ramon S 10 hours ago

    bit late with this comment, but I'ed go a lot further than most. This was done deliberately. Think about it, Star Wars has one of the biggest grand narratives of all stories and what is the goal of postmodernism, destroy grand narratives. Everything about "new" star wars is about removing the traditional fan base from Star Wars. There is no redemption, only destruction, character development is replaced with character empowerment and old heroes must be no only killed off, but completely ruined in the eyes of the fans.
    This is the deliberate destruction of culture in the name of ideological "Progress". At the end of the day, we need to create a new counter culture, new heroes, new stories and new grand narratives because the old ones being killed by ideological nutcases.

  • Lanny Bear
    Lanny Bear 15 hours ago

    You know what's more effective than a light-speed ramming ships? Light-speed missiles.

  • gundanium
    gundanium Day ago

    well let's see what happens with the conclusion of the film. however really Vader well a great badass MF was fairly tame compared to the emperor. i kinda think snook was the emperor's teacher and he survived the attempted assassination. the name first orders name somewhat supports this if snook was the one who instructed the emperor.
    also I really need to state this again ray was already a badass with the Gaddafi stick and had been trained to use a staff weapon and not a sword.

  • gundanium
    gundanium Day ago

    starkiller base was built from a planet and was not easy to destroy. it took sabotage to destroy it. the last Jedi takes place within weeks of the force awakens. also, ray was a trained to use a quarterstaff and not a sword.
    Om Luke's ship was sunk into the ocean and had likely been there for years it likely does not function anymore.
    starkiller base wiped out the republic. so the alliance was weaker.

  • SotraEngine4
    SotraEngine4 Day ago

    Maybe the cloak scan uses a lot of energy?

  • F1rst World NomaD

    Go watch youtuber "MauLer" his
    three part series "A critique of Star Wars " is frame by frame and is *literally* pointing out pretty much ever thing wrong with TLJ.
    Its Brilliant and he has that kind of bored, dry brittish sounding tone j is voice it makes it hilarious while simultaneously being razor sharp jn its critique, the total runtime of the whole thing is *5 friggin hours* but it felt like half an hour, I was helplessly stuck to my monitor like a fat kid on a cupcake, thats gow good and entertaining it was.
    Arhew -_- Ill just link it.
    To anyone who is a fan of Star Wars and is wondseing wtf happened, this is a *must see*
    Here you go.

    • F1rst World NomaD
      F1rst World NomaD Day ago

      Sorry about rhe typos, both a cracked display and rain makes thr fouch hit a little hit whrmere everif feels like and for some fucjing reason youre not able to edit in the youtube app.
      Well fucking done Susan, the most basic and integral function thetr fucking is on a forum besides "Post" and "Delete" and you cant be fucking bothered?
      I hope youtube umcrash and burn soon so Bitchute gets the attention they deserve -_-

  • DumbAnimator
    DumbAnimator Day ago

    They should rename Rey as Mary.

  • Oliver Neukum
    Oliver Neukum 2 days ago

    The First Order is actually the most realistic part of the new trilogy. Did the Rebels really think that every supporter of the Empire would magically change his attitude with Palpatine's death? They celebrated on Coruscant. But likely not in the Outer Rim.

  • Quincy Camo
    Quincy Camo 2 days ago

    Since you have given an intelligent and well thought out commentary on a truly horrible movie, you will now be labeled a misogynistic man baby by no-talent Ruin Johnson and Darth Kennedy.
    Because of the disgraceful way that Lucasfilm and Disney raped the legacy of George Lucas and destroyed a truly remarkable and important part of American mythology, I really have no interest in anything that Lucasfilm has in store as long as Kennedy is calling the shots.
    We expected Darth Caedus and Jania Solo Fel and got Emo Ren and Mary Sue Rae.

  • Lost Landmarks
    Lost Landmarks 2 days ago

    This movie ruined star wars for me. Made me hate all the merch I'd been collecting since childhood.

  • Ny-kel Cameron
    Ny-kel Cameron 3 days ago

    The Expanded Universe will always be what happened after RoTJ for me.

  • Patricia Lamb
    Patricia Lamb 3 days ago

    Yea well I lost interest in the rest of the franchise after they killed off Han.

  • Edin
    Edin 4 days ago +2

    5:22 BUT these new movies DO have messages....they are awesome messages of feminism, and evil white men

  • Edin
    Edin 4 days ago

    Spot on....SW is trash now

  • Ian Larkins
    Ian Larkins 4 days ago

    I like the phrase dumpster fire

  • fstbr4
    fstbr4 4 days ago

    Disney has cheated itself out of billions due to EPs 7 and 8. They made money sure but they could have doubled the revenues of each and they cheated themselves out of Billions from Rogue One and Solo a starwars movie. Honestly, if Disney sought me out I would say either earn billions with my ideas for EP 9 or potentially lose out on billions in revenue again.

  • Clear Sky Guardian
    Clear Sky Guardian 5 days ago

    Surprised you didn't say anything about the "Chase" where all their Star Destroyers shackle themselves to the dreadnaught rather than flying ahead and attacking.

  • FFgamesftw
    FFgamesftw 5 days ago

    The funny thing is that the entire “do a cloak ship scan” is a plot hole layered on a plot hole layered on nonsense. You mentioned the nonsense part that they could suddenly do a “cloak scan” but you forgot the major plot hole with this.
    The main reason Finn & Rose were doing this entire side mission was to disable the hyperspace tracker so that they could hyperspace away and not be tracked. The entire mutiny and side mission only occurred because Holdo doesn’t reveal the plan of the cloaked ships so they come up with this plan thinking Holdo is leading them to die and has no plan.
    Finn & Rose have no knowledge of the cloaked ship plan and dio shouldn’t either as he simply knows of their plan to disable the tracker.
    So why dio should tell them about these cloaked ships when that wasn’t why they were there is a major plot hole.

  • Newie account101
    Newie account101 5 days ago

    very true.. why do you think Darthomire has been so openly used in the
    disney starwars franchise, from games to the Animation series.. while we
    all remember the Jedi were all wiped out and Valley of the Jedi was
    lost , Disney are quick to jump on the Darthomire band wagon.. Simply
    putting it.. Darthomire is a dark force planet and Disney can knock out
    bad guys anytime they want, ( i mean toys).. the Dark side has no
    competition, apart from Rey (laugh laugh)... thus... more endless crap
    movies to come

  • Patrick Ancona
    Patrick Ancona 6 days ago

    Star Wars was my all time favorite movie, every one after was a little worse till now I refuse to watch em, I saw the first politically correct abortion & have zero desire to ever see the last two cash grabbs

  • Team Tundra 2
    Team Tundra 2 6 days ago +1

    The criticisms of The Last Jedi can be argued against/explained away
    “Why did the bombs fall on the Dreadnaught in space?”
    The gravity inside the bombers would’ve pulled them down and when they passed through the shield they would’ve kept going because it’s space. Not to mention in TESB The TIE bombers dropped bombs on the asteroids looking for the Falcon in space.
    “Luke was acting out of character”
    Obi Wan and Yoda literally did the exact same thing.
    “Why didn’t the FO just launch TIE fighters at the Resistance fleet?”
    The Experimental Shield protecting The Raddus was able to deflect all The Supremacy’s shots leaving the fighters unprotected. You can actually see a few of them get shot down by The Raddus.
    “Why didn’t Admiral Holdo share her plan?”
    The FO literally tracked them through light speed with no explanation as to how. The most obvious answer was a traitor. Keep in mind Poe, Finn, and Rose were the only ones who knew about the tracker
    “Canto Bight was pointless”
    I mostly agree with that one but it was a nice way to get away from the main plots. The plots take place on a small island and on a doomed space ship. Not very exiting.
    “Why didn’t the Rebels use the Holdo Maneuver on the Death Star?”
    1. The Death Star is massive. Even the Raddus (the largest Mon Calamari ship we know of) could only poke a very small hole in it.
    2. Everyone forgets the scene in ROTJ where a tiny rebel fighter takes out Darth Vader’s star destroyer. I don’t see anyone asking “Why don’t they just send fighters into the bridges of ships?” It’s a lot less costly than using a cruiser
    3. The real life equivalent is like saying nukes ruined wars.
    “Rey is a Mary Sue”
    1. She flys the Falcon because she’s a pilot. She literally says that in TFA
    2. She’s able to beat Kylo because he was shot by a bow caster, emotionally conflicted because he just killed his dad, stabbed a few times, and she already has training with a melee weapon
    3. Again she can use a lightsaber because she can fight with her staff well.
    4. She’s able to use the force so easily because of Kylo. Snoke literally says it. *Darkness rises and Light to meet it*
    That’s all the major ones. I’m not trying to convince anyone TLJ was amazing but those were some criticisms I found silly.
    Anyway have a good day :)

    • Matthew St. Cyr
      Matthew St. Cyr 4 days ago

      Luke is not Yoda or Obi-Wan. Yoda and Obi-Wan were fully convinced that Luke would have to kill Vader, while Luke adamantly believed he could save Vader. A far cry from someone willing to kill his nephew for sensing dark thoughts.
      The earlier part of the film tried to say that the surface cannons on the Dreadnought could not hit Poe because of their design, but they later have to pull their TIE Fighters back because the Raddus' surface cannons do work? So bad guys' surface cannons don't work and good guys' surface cannons do work because plot. Wow. How convenient.
      Maybe the main plots should've been more interesting.
      One TIE fighter to damage the bridge of a Star Destroyer vs One empty cruiser takes out The Supremacy + an entire fleet of Star Destroyers... Anyone else notice that the scale of damage is very different?
      "Darkness rises and Light to meet it" That doesn't explain why she's able to do so much _without any training._ Luke needed training from Obi-Wan and Yoda. In the Prequels, the most that Anakin: the chosen one, could do without training was precognition. Even with training, both these two got toyed with by antagonists and lost fights; losing their arms. I'm not saying Rey has to lose; I'm saying she needs to struggle, and she never does.

  • Patrick Ancona
    Patrick Ancona 6 days ago

    I love Star Wars, until it became politically correct bullshit, women are NOT warriors PERIOD! They can snipe, they can shoot from cover, they will get smashed in one on one hand to hand combat

  • Yankee Gohome
    Yankee Gohome 6 days ago

    Totally agree

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 7 days ago

    u n d e r m i n e d

  • Brett Cardon
    Brett Cardon 7 days ago

    I agree wholeheartedly with this. Thank you for your thoughts. The thing that makes me sad the most is how much potential Disney had with Star Wars and how terribly they handled the legacy of it.

  • cherudium
    cherudium 8 days ago

    I wish they'd scrap the current movies, cherry pick the best stories and ideas from legends and make a sequel trilogy off of them. They could do the whole palpatine returns or Thrawn showing up or just the continuation war between the new republic and the imperial remnant. Follow that with another trilogy about the yuzhan vong or mandolorians or some similar massive threat to bring the two sides together and you'd probably have a series to rival the original but no.

  • D NP
    D NP 8 days ago

    holy shitsnacks he's right

  • Hundred Years Boar
    Hundred Years Boar 10 days ago

    I hated this movie

  • Glenn Funderburk
    Glenn Funderburk 10 days ago

    Fans: how are you gonna make an awesome story?
    Disney: well use the force!
    Fans: that’s not how the force works!

  • Eric August
    Eric August 10 days ago

    Depends how much stupidity one is willing to accept. Wiz-bang visuals and a few jokes only go so far. Shad is absolutely correct on them destroying everything that came before. The entire story and accomplishment of the original trilogy which you can build on, is instead wiped clean with the most stupid of concepts: First order suddenly out there making the New republic the rebels??? again??? not to mention the repetition of bigger and bigger planet/sun killers, etc. terrible story telling. It ofcourse makes sense that there is no story, since the script writer, poor guy, imploded on all the possible ideas and fear of mucking it up, and bowed out last minute, and in stepped JJ, who could never be expected to come up with a actual story or script, in the mere month or two that was left, before shooting was to begin, so he simply regurgitated a reboot/copy-cat movie of the previous movies. Although i'd have hoped he'd have tried coming up with a better story for the sequel, perhaps salvaging the repetition of the first, but he just doubled down, and copied more.

  • chichiboypumpi
    chichiboypumpi 10 days ago +1

    Luke leaving a map, but he's hermit/off-the-grid, who is he, Derek Zoolander?

  • chichiboypumpi
    chichiboypumpi 10 days ago


  • Computer Pro
    Computer Pro 10 days ago +1

    Star Wars has been anti German propaganda since day 1. I am glad to see it die.

  • It's All Fun and Games

    I couldn't get past saying the Death Star having a singular weakness is a plot hole. That's an invitation to go study some military and engineering history.

  • Dex Gattaca
    Dex Gattaca 11 days ago

    Exactly! These movies absolutely robbed the previous trilogy's legacy, story and characters. They killed it! Worse LJ subverts FA's story and characters. Ugh...

  • The Hypest
    The Hypest 11 days ago

    >'In Retrun of the Jedi the second Death Star was also destroyed relatively easily'
    > *cries in Rebel Alliance*

  • Daniel Acevedo
    Daniel Acevedo 12 days ago +1

    The books answer allot of the questions you have. It explains the first order rise to power. Its definitely just damage control. A movie is great when u dont need a bunch of books to explain What's going on in the world. Star wars is getting ruined by shoddy writing .

  • M. A. Packer
    M. A. Packer 13 days ago +1

    The first one was dumb, but it was set up for potentially interesting story developments. Last Jedi just flushed it down the toilet

  • odflyer1
    odflyer1 13 days ago +1

    Mark Hamill should have torn the script up and thrown it in Rian Johnson's face when he first read it. I mean what were they going to do, make the movie without him!

  • Mr. Mammuthus Africanavus

    I am Mary fucking Leia Poppins y'all :D

  • DeadSomething
    DeadSomething 14 days ago

    i loved 4-6, at first i hated 1-3 for the horrendous break in design style and style of storytelling, but they somehow grew on me nontheless, but from the few rants i've heard about anything that came afterwards, only rogue one is an acceptable movie in terms of worthy of the legacy. i hated how they made the clone wars series a 3D-Anime-Series with those typical child-scheme character styles typical for asian anime - but that just showed very clearly that it was made for children and they just made the show for the(ir) money. the other works just shitting on the lore for the sake of being PC and innovative. "we need a female hero, so we just made one" well, but they shouldn't have her be a master without the required training, just to sneak in the sublime feminazi statement "women are better than men".

  • Where Leif Takes You
    Where Leif Takes You 14 days ago

    I agree 100%

  • Leonard Wong
    Leonard Wong 14 days ago

    Too much sjw themes in star wars...obviously leftist cash is behind it...destroying American franchises.

  • Elliott Hannam
    Elliott Hannam 15 days ago

    remember back when the biggest controversy about these films was there being a black stormtrooper?

  • intzbk1
    intzbk1 15 days ago

    At 4:17: When I first came here, this was all swamp. Everyone said I was daft to build a castle on a swamp, but I built in all the same, just to show them. It sank into the swamp. So I built a second one. And that one sank into the swamp. So I built a third. That burned down, fell over, and then sank into the swamp. But the fourth one stayed up.
    They still need to make one more Death Star and that one won't be destroyed so he can give it to his son.

  • Klespyrian
    Klespyrian 16 days ago

    I would like to respond solely from reading the title of the video and without watching:
    You right.

    DAVID HALL 17 days ago

    The setting in the Throne Room was cool and I liked the Supremacy destroyer, the speeders, and the AT-M6's. Other than that, it felt like a film adaptation of how I used to play with action figures with my friends in the 2nd grade.

  • Benjamin Skjoldager Lewis

    Is it just me or does the title Sound like a Nietzsche quote

  • Ryan Aegis
    Ryan Aegis 21 day ago

    I have liked Rogue One more every time I've watched it. The first time, Rogue One was just too different from "Star Wars" to go without notice. I kept getting slightly jarred from the flow of the movie by things from cinematic and directing choices to the background score just not being what I considered right. But the more I have seen Rogue One (probably 5-6 times now), the more I have been able to accept those differences and get lost in the movie. I now enjoy it so much it is competing with Empire Strikes Back for my third favorite Star Wars film.

  • The Guy from Saturn
    The Guy from Saturn 22 days ago +1

    I disagree. The Force Awakens killed it.

  • Rick Star
    Rick Star 23 days ago

    Agree with you about Rogue One

  • Rick Star
    Rick Star 23 days ago

    It was rubbish when I watched it once and there after.

  • adrian72300
    adrian72300 24 days ago

    WOW! the best plot direction I've ever heard,that's what was wrong with the new films,it's like ground hog day,they keep repeating the same story,you're good

  • Jonathan Sharman
    Jonathan Sharman 24 days ago

    Oh look, another wrong opinion on TLJ.

  • ldreese33
    ldreese33 24 days ago

    Disney cares... about money

  • Arcwelder12
    Arcwelder12 25 days ago +1

    Very much agree Shad. And if you are looking for a story that would have continued the original trilogy well, might I recommend the Thrawn book trilogy by Timothy Zahn. They pick up only a couple years after the original trilogy and use the same characters while adding in well rounded ones of their own. The plot is a logical continuation from the position of the original trilogy, showing the new republic as the dominant force in the galaxy while still cleaning up an imperial remnant. The conflict comes from a brilliant imperial commander that poses a danger of reversing the republic’s success. It’s an awesome read and basically launched the expanded book universe that Disney would eventually destroy to make way for their own flashy lights.

  • Fred Stahl
    Fred Stahl 26 days ago

    Peoples effort to polish this turd is just sad.

  • Noway Jose
    Noway Jose 28 days ago

    Great video

  • Jeffrey Russell
    Jeffrey Russell 28 days ago

    Even the 2nd trilogy had the Death Star plans in rise of the clones or whatever it was called and also showed how Luke was related to darth Vader and how the empire took over

  • Andrew Ince
    Andrew Ince 29 days ago

    Yes, the Empire was destroyed but the shipyards, arms suppliers etc were not part of the government nor military and survived on civilian contracts. The blueprints for Imperial ships, guns and armour still existed and were altered in an attempt to provide an ultra-up-to-date product. The First Order pretty much equiped itself from these old suppliers.
    Only 30 years have passed between EP6 and EP7, we still remember Nazi Germany and that what 70 years ago. Of course relics and knowledge of the empire still exists.
    FO was created in the outer rim, among the unregulated parts of the galaxy, many of those involved are Imperial die-hards who were less than pleased at the mere 20-odd years the Empire existed and wanted to try again.
    Kylo Ren left his Jedi training young. It's doubtful he had much professional training after this point as Luke is the only known Lightsabre user and he hasn't had much training either.
    Snoke and Ren aren't Sith in the traditional sense, at the death of Anakin Skywalker the Sith were destroyed. Snoke was trying to create a new Sith empire.
    Luke's darker Character makes sense. One day he's a 19 year old lad who wants to leave tgd moisture farm, the next he's on an ex-Imperial pilot's record breaking ship while Alec Guinness teaches him of this force thing that Luke never knew existed. Then the Empire, the Government, tries to kill Luke and he has to watch his friend die. Later he blows up a space station. After that he's nearly eaten by a Wampa. Then he finds a green dude with a funny voice who develops his skills all so he can lose a hand and learn his dad is the evil dictator of the galaxy. Skip forward some time and he's killing Rancours and escaping the Sarlax. He goes to Endor where he's nearly eaten by Warwick Davis in a Teddy bear suit. Then he and Paddington bear fight a dirty guerrilla battle but still get captured.
    It's here we see the grey Jedi in Luke. He chops his dad's robot hands off in a fit of rage before the Emporer goes full Tesla coil on him. He then watches his dad die saving him. Seriously, it's no wonder he's a bit fucked up.

  • Brady Young Music
    Brady Young Music 29 days ago

    this ytube vid and most comments herein have more to do w giving people a place to be dissatisfied and unbendingly critical, and less to do with - a movie. there is A LOT of value in this film, it operates on several different levels w many stories happening simultaneously. it will require at least two viewings and an open heart to find all it has to offer.
    *Luke - becomes a great Jedi, fucks up and is dealt tragedy, suffers, and redeems himself. great and noble people sometimes fuck up. life is complex, this is the human condition.

  • civilwarfare101
    civilwarfare101 29 days ago

    At least the prequels had good ideas and the shills who defend the prequels are a little more tolerable than the Disney retards. This franchise should just die.

  • jb
    jb Month ago

    Having new 'empires' show up from nowhere makes Star Wars into a kind of GI Joe cartoon.
    Cobra somehow keeps getting high-tech military equipment in large quantities, and has limitless numbers of soldiers and even uniforms. It is inane.
    It is like having a series of movies that continues WWII for thirty more years, with the Nazis somehow returning again and again.

  • jb
    jb Month ago

    Light-speed torpedoes.

  • mason olson
    mason olson Month ago

    There was a system for the force. Basically you had a higher or lower force sensitivity. If you had a high sensitivity than you can learn almost all the powers, and a little bit faster but not by the amount rey does, and most jedi had some power they could just do without training. It would be a very ruff version but they could do it. But in the end any jedi can be as strong as they strive and actually train to be.

  • Egorator
    Egorator Month ago

    Jedi killed Star Wars, not the sith

  • 1ch0
    1ch0 Month ago

    The last jedi was awful. The fleet on the starkiller Base was what? 10 Ships? Wow. ^^ And Rey somehow uses the force and can fight sword. I`m not so angry about how bad is, far more how bad kylo is. He is the great master and rey with no knowledge can defeat or fight him? WTF? ^^

  • Bradley Brouwer
    Bradley Brouwer Month ago +1

    I think we can all agree that the OT should have just been left alone, and if they wanted to make new movies they should have used different characters and stories. That way they wouldn't draw such harsh criticisms.

  • Jonathan Smith
    Jonathan Smith Month ago

    Worst movie ever. That script was so bad that Corky Thatcher would of done a far better job. My 5 year old niece coulda created a more believable story no joke. Laziest writing ever. Just lazy, stupid, awful destroying all Star Wars lore in the process. Not only was this movie a steaming pile of shyt but it hurts all the previous movies as well. It had to be intentional. It’s the only thing that makes sense.

  • Michayah J Walker
    Michayah J Walker Month ago

    I agree w/ everything he said 5,000%

  • Dutch Bushcraft Guy

    Star what? 😝 everything after the original 3 sucked donkey balls,

  • Heroica Knight
    Heroica Knight Month ago

    I very much agree with your points. I was very upset by how the film went. However, if J.J. Abrahms is able to pull off a good story in IX, I can look past the sins if VIII. If not, the sequel trilogy will be dead to me. And to anybody saying I hate women in power or spotlighting characters of different races, I don't. I love Finn, I think he is a good character, and I love Rey's new take on a Jedi. But it was all done terribly in this film. If you want to be promoting women or characters if color, do them right!

  • Matthew Sinclair
    Matthew Sinclair Month ago

    You’re welcome to your opinion. But I’m not interested in videos that simply exist to dump on a movie. There’s more than enough negativity amongst entitled Star Wars fans already. Don’t need you fanning those flames. Not impressed.

  • A lonely tenno
    A lonely tenno Month ago

    If Star wars is already dead how can the last jedi kill it

  • Neal Sterling
    Neal Sterling Month ago +1

    So now that Star Wars and Star Trek are ruined, which sci fi francise is a sci fi fan supposed to watch now, without risking to reduce his/her IQ by 25 per movie or episode?
    (Or at least enjoyable?)

  • Jake Vuolo
    Jake Vuolo Month ago +2

    The moments when you realize Starwars fanfictions have better plots than Disney’s Canon Starwars

  • Collin Cousino
    Collin Cousino Month ago

    All true, but how much coherence can you expect from a company with such a serious heroine addiction?

  • Neal Sterling
    Neal Sterling Month ago

    I think what "Star Wars: the last Jedi" is for you and many Star wars fans, is what "Star Trek: Generations" was for me. Both movies are so stupid and nonsensical (GIANT plotholes), also spoil established and beloved characters (Han Solo, Luke Skywalker. Picard and so on) for no reckognizeable reason aside from justifying bad/terrible and uninspired writing.
    (Additionally, Star Trek changed in the following movies/tv series to be much more violent.)
    To me Star Trek (TOS Series/Movies and TNG, just the series) and Star Wars (The original trilogy) are still here of course, but i hate what they made with the characters after it. Which always adds a grain of salt if you re-watch it.
    What amazes me everytime, is the incompetence of movie makers and the amount of fail to understand what made the the source material so great.
    It's actually incomprehensible to me.

  • Neal Sterling
    Neal Sterling Month ago

    I really love this video! I don't know how much i have seen it since you released it.
    I think you perfectly nailed it at 4:55. The problem is, people still give their money for this kind of dung. I don't know for how long this is going to work out for the movie companies, but as long as it is profitable, they won't change their strategy. And sadly people adapt and get condidioned way too easy to really "oppose" it in the first place. The next generation of movie goers won't know anything else than this kind of movies.

  • Retro Gamer Dad
    Retro Gamer Dad Month ago

    I left the theater saying I needed to see it again to figure out what I thought about it.
    I've not seen it again to date. Although I don't agree fully, you helped elucidate my hesitancy. I'm not too concerned about sharing with my kids, either, and sharing the first six was a big deal.
    I'll need to see IX but I've avoided Solo, and will not see any others besides IX. The third movie has always been money, so there's hope something can be salvaged.
    One point that bothers me intensely, which I missed if it's already been made, is Rose stopping Finn 's sacrifice. The message is clear that one should never believe in a greater good, but only serve oneself. Selfishness is good, sacrifice is dumb. I despise Rose for doing that.
    I'm OK with the old characters being conflicted or having their story have valleys to go with the peaks, but agree the execution left much to be desired.
    And Kylo continuing to stick to the dark side is just senseless. They did everything to make him a redemptive story except redeem him. He continues to push the villain side so there's someone to fight.
    I expected TLJ to be a build up, showing Kylo and Rey growing, and tensions mounting between their political sides, leading to the big fight in IX. What we got was a confusing, rambling mess.

  • Stevie Kajeevie
    Stevie Kajeevie Month ago

    It wasn't enjoyable to me...TLJ was a boring stuck in space running out of "fuel" pile of shit...

  • Peter Smith
    Peter Smith Month ago

    Coz, you were wrong in the first place.

  • CrudeRude RudeCrude
    CrudeRude RudeCrude Month ago +1

    No, The Last Jedi didn't kill it.
    THIS is when Star Wars died:

  • Ben V
    Ben V Month ago

    New sub! Last Jedi failed as a Star Wars movie.

  • Royston E. Smythe
    Royston E. Smythe Month ago +1

    It was a mess that undermines itself repeated. Cannot agree more.

    After Return of the Jedi either the Republic would be restored or the Empire would be undergoing a succession crisis, perhaps splitting into several factions.

  • Shadx27
    Shadx27 Month ago +2

    SJW's love this movie though. It destroys white male main characters, has an 'empowered' female caste, and hits so many topics important to them: mainly evil capitalism and toxic male masculinity. And to them, actual plot, consistent story, logic, etc. is secondary to their cause and thus not as important as their message. Therefore, you see them react to any criticism as "You are just a scared white male bigot, sexist, etc." as they can't separate their message from the story itself. The fact they don't even realize this is the scariest thing of all. And the biggest pushers of the SJW agenda, are the main directors and Kathleen Kennedy! The Top Dogs! Ouch.. My biggest complaint of the prequels was some plot holes and HORRIBLE DIALOGUE, but it still felt and was enjoyed as Star Wars! These two films... felt like a major budget fan fic from a left winged crowd that lost the point some where.

  • Jur vd H
    Jur vd H Month ago

    After The force awakens, i knew The last jedi would suck, didnt even go to the cinema to see it, and just downloaded it to watch when " i got some spare time". Thats how bad i expected it to be, and it was even worse...:(

  • Thomas Kolter
    Thomas Kolter Month ago

    Well maybe they think a lightsaber is [the same as] a metal sword which everyone can just 'pick up' in a 'few lessons' so its a laser sword no difference. We know better of course.

  • Greg Bays
    Greg Bays Month ago

    They should have hired you to play Rae, teach proper sword play, and critique all the plot holes. Thanks for being superior. You are not a man baby at all.

  • Daniel Vidal
    Daniel Vidal Month ago

    Even if Rogue one hadn't explained the hole on the death star it would not be a plot hole, it IS a plot contrivance. Not the same thing.

  • Zuriel 883
    Zuriel 883 Month ago +1

    Here's my ranking so far on the Star Wars movies. #1 being the best
    1. Empire Strikes Back
    2. Return of the Jedi
    3. Revenge of the Sith
    4. Rogue One
    5. A New Hope
    6. Solo
    7. The Force Awakens
    8. Phantom Menace
    9. The Last Jedi
    10. Attack of the Clones


    9999. Holiday Special

  • Luzilyo Stormchild
    Luzilyo Stormchild Month ago

    this really makes me glad that i was never a star wars fan. i know how bad it can be to have some nostalgic good memories destroyed by a terrible follow-up movie from enough other franchises. at least this time i'm safe from that. doesn't mean that i don't pity you or any other star wars fan who has to deal with that shit though. hope you'll soon be able to forget those new films exist and be able to live a happy life pretending that the original trilogy were the only star wars films ever created. it's really the only thing you can do against such disappointment.
    also, i agree that a plot which makes sense is one of the most important things in a movie. otherwise you could just show some random battle-scenes and not even bother trying to explain anything.
    from what you're saying, i get the impression that they just wanted to do a remake without making it an actual remake. like, time progressed in that universe but all the characters just get reset to what they were at the start of the original trilogy (han solo) or get assigned completely new roles that don't really have anything to do with the character (like luke). as much as i dislike remakes, it sounds like in this case it would have been much better if they just did an actual remake instead of this.

  • Joseph Caesar Padrón

    I wouldn’t say, “one man’s opinion”.

  • Wither Fang
    Wither Fang Month ago +1

    We have pre-Disney canon and Disney canon and I say that pre-Disney is the real canon. Even if Lucas would insert another Jar Jar in the new ones... he would still do better than Disney.

  • Alex
    Alex Month ago +1

    I really enjoyed the movie but i respect your opinion.