Kitchen Nightmares - Season 4 Episode 2 - Leone's Full Episode

  • Published on Aug 1, 2018
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    Hell's Kitchen - Season 17 Episode 5 - Josh Josh Josh Full Episode
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  • Kitchen Nightmares Hotel Hell and Hell's Kitchen

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    • NinjaBoy and the Old Man
      NinjaBoy and the Old Man 3 days ago

      It would be nice if you got the titles right too, this is NOT season 4, and NOT Leone's is SEASON 5 and The Greek At The Harbor!

    • Echo Mike
      Echo Mike 4 days ago


    • Robeto Dominique
      Robeto Dominique 4 days ago

      Leave the nigga alone

    • Jeff somersby
      Jeff somersby 27 days ago

      SUBSCRIBE ??? ... for putting an ad to Subscribe every 5 minutes ???...that A) isn't yours... B) you just copy and then upload it and expect to make money off people for someone else's work...C) you don't even bother copying the original ... the stuff you copy has already been copied ...

    • Bryce
      Bryce 29 days ago


  • Morphex
    Morphex 2 hours ago

    this fucking robotic voice xD

  • Insert creative name Here

    Do you think any of the mangers every attacked Ramsay

  • jonas schrööder

    they should have painted the lower wood on the walls white

  • Arroyo Drifter
    Arroyo Drifter Day ago +1

    This is the fake kitchen nightmares channel in case you didn’t know

  • Ryan Devine
    Ryan Devine Day ago

    Gordon's "imagine what it would look like coming out" comment always bugs me. Even the best looking dish ever created is still gonna come out looking like crap!

  • TheSonic DoomBringer

    Hello guys

  • Timothy Stephens
    Timothy Stephens Day ago +2

    I love how it’s a sad moment at 21:00 and then it just pops up subscribe and like for more

  • Paul Nota
    Paul Nota 2 days ago no .. no

  • jesper heglingegård jensen

    that son has powdered butt syndrom....once you have powdered someones butt, you dont want their opinion on money or sex

  • Trista Merna
    Trista Merna 3 days ago

    29:20 Gordon is a fan of Death Note.

  • gme213la
    gme213la 3 days ago

    wtf they cant even make humus lol

  • Ella Explrmore
    Ella Explrmore 3 days ago

    I still remember he locked himself in a freezer to get away from belly dance ing

  • slimesito nohe
    slimesito nohe 3 days ago

    The son fucked his mom that’s why his dad mad

  • Kaiju Destroyah
    Kaiju Destroyah 4 days ago

    I feel like kids reacting to the food convinces me more than adults. That little girl at the 17 minute mark really meant that lol

  • Therion018
    Therion018 4 days ago

    Gordon and Ramsay for more subscribe like

  • Loyalty1269
    Loyalty1269 4 days ago

    Aris has been paying attention the whole time. That’s why he was a natural expediting. Im glad to hear it’s still open... I farted by the way

  • Umut Coban
    Umut Coban 4 days ago

    That guy Aris is a true leader for sure

  • Kyra Heiker
    Kyra Heiker 4 days ago

    Show him.

  • Somebody you don't need to know

    Somehow i wanna eat at this place someday

  • Christian Lemelin
    Christian Lemelin 5 days ago

    UPDATE....The son got aids doing bareback gay porn. He was a bottom.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🕳💨

  • George Leo Arila
    George Leo Arila 6 days ago

    What a proud father.

  • jrsinsf
    jrsinsf 6 days ago

    Mislabeled... please correct!!

  • Sam Milun
    Sam Milun 7 days ago

    Subscribe for more Gordon Ramsay 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Cory
    Cory 8 days ago

    It was rather shitty the way he announced it but on the other hand expecting your kid to work in a restaurant because you want it to be a family business. If I was in the position I would have the same feelings.

  • sk8swmangos
    sk8swmangos 9 days ago

    What came first...yea? The dr Phil...yaa? Or the dr chef... yaa?

  • Super Waffle
    Super Waffle 9 days ago

    Subscribe and like for more Gordon Ramsay

  • Biggie Haws
    Biggie Haws 9 days ago

    No. No no no. No. No. No. No no. No. No no no.

  • PapaGrillbz
    PapaGrillbz 9 days ago +2

    The waiter knows the food is bad. He just waits there because he knows it’s going back as soon as he takes a bite.

  • JaekDow
    JaekDow 10 days ago

    11:00 "Its been sat on by Greekgodx"

  • Crapaud Chameau
    Crapaud Chameau 10 days ago

    What a nice family! I wish you the best.

  • Jereth Lozano
    Jereth Lozano 12 days ago

    Gordon is more than a cook he’s also a psychiatrist 😂😂

  • Whendi S. Roberts
    Whendi S. Roberts 13 days ago


  • Whendi S. Roberts
    Whendi S. Roberts 13 days ago


  • Whendi S. Roberts
    Whendi S. Roberts 13 days ago


  • J Walker
    J Walker 18 days ago

    As of today, this restaurant is still going strong! KUDOS to Aris!

  • J Walker
    J Walker 18 days ago

    This computer generated voice is really getting annoying! How many times do we have to hear it? It's overkill!!

  • Vaska X Tumir
    Vaska X Tumir 19 days ago

    Humus is not a Greek dish at all! This is absurd.

  • Neuer Nutzer
    Neuer Nutzer 19 days ago

    working greek mentality? a hahaha they are lazy and hygiene is awfull in Greek restaurants

  • Skorp Saiyan
    Skorp Saiyan 19 days ago

    Hi everyone in the comments section, my name is NINNOOOO!

  • Robbie T
    Robbie T 21 day ago

    Thats a nice man!
    Its the only one i think that didnt yell at Ramsey or anything.

  • Krum Ding
    Krum Ding 21 day ago

    acting deserves and academy award

  • Toya scorpion queen
    Toya scorpion queen 22 days ago

    Sooooo fkning what the kid wanted to make something of himself! Get over it DAD!!! 🙄🙄🙄

    S/n is aris jersey shores (the situation)

  • skbigelo
    skbigelo 22 days ago

    Every time I hear the "subscribe and like" comment, I automatically hit the thumbs down button. So annoying.

  • squirtmph
    squirtmph 22 days ago

    I cannot take it anymore subscribe advertising add any more! Why so many times needed to repeated?

  • Juan Valenzuela
    Juan Valenzuela 22 days ago

    Yo peter griffin you need to chilllll...😂🤣

  • Aitua Solau
    Aitua Solau 22 days ago

    Susbcribe and like for more gordon ramsey !!! STOP THIIS THIS IS BORING

  • Oskar Funes
    Oskar Funes 23 days ago

    Is been sat down by a Greek goddess that bad?

  • ilovecookiiiesxD
    ilovecookiiiesxD 23 days ago

    Seriously, it was very disrespectful BUT they should have talked about it... I mean the son (btw hottie) said it all: he was confused and he is sorry.

  • Donkey punch 88
    Donkey punch 88 23 days ago

    Don’t tell me to subscribe

  • BadBunnie Bai
    BadBunnie Bai 24 days ago

    People don’t change their intentions change & how many times he gotta say stop ??? Lol like damn

  • YourBoy1122
    YourBoy1122 24 days ago

    38:39 Gordon goes Hell's Kitchen on their asses

  • E H
    E H 24 days ago

    Marika is gorgeous. All these restauranteurs have hot daughters.

  • Aline Silva
    Aline Silva 25 days ago

    Great happy ending! Hope that they are still opened. They deserve it!

  • Duane Lee Russell
    Duane Lee Russell 25 days ago

    They put the table clothes back on?

  • Keralite Petrichor
    Keralite Petrichor 25 days ago

    I laugh when owners of the restaurant says Gordan Ramsey is going to love my food

  • Duane Lee Russell
    Duane Lee Russell 25 days ago

    It ALWAYS taste like rubber erasers

  • Ken Fletcher
    Ken Fletcher 25 days ago

    This is completely mis-titled. It isn't Leone's or Season 4 Episode 2.
    It's The Greek at the Harbor. Season 5 Episode 8.

  • Noodle Tribunal
    Noodle Tribunal 25 days ago

    i seriously didn't want gordan yelling at makis >: (

  • Bdhs Nahah
    Bdhs Nahah 26 days ago

    Tabouli??? Must have a lot of lebanese around haha.

  • Voidaken
    Voidaken 26 days ago

    Those parents need to stop wearing their hearts on their sleeves. If that hurt their feelings, they're pansies.

  • sarcasticlilbitch 666
    sarcasticlilbitch 666 26 days ago

    gordon drinking the hummus with the straw whilst insulting the hell out of it in front of the waiter 😂 lmao! fucking hilarious, what a savage

  • Forxvr Alxne
    Forxvr Alxne 26 days ago

    *SUbsCrIBE AnD liKe fOr MORe GORdOn RamsAy*

  • Rylee Freeman
    Rylee Freeman 27 days ago

    How did this man learn that he can hold 3 tables with his mouth?

  • Mostafa Sedqy
    Mostafa Sedqy 27 days ago +1

    I'm just glad the father can finally rest

  • Shura Yashamaru
    Shura Yashamaru 27 days ago +1

    "i just don't like it when my dad is so sad"
    Q_Q bless her

  • Ebonie Harrell
    Ebonie Harrell 27 days ago

    That hug at 31:33 lol.

  • Tiffani Farrington
    Tiffani Farrington 28 days ago

    Aris is a lil cute lil thing! I love his hair and his name... He's like an Adonis!

  • soramame 74111
    soramame 74111 28 days ago +1

    It's normal for kids to be insensitive when they're young. These parents should appreciate the fact that the son changed his mind and wants to help.

  • Justin Credible
    Justin Credible 28 days ago

    Marika's a babe

  • mika tepes
    mika tepes 28 days ago

    Okay i get that what the son said wasn't really appropriate especially in front of people, but casting him aside is not the answer! And besides, move on people its still your son no matter what happens.

  • Minhtrang Nguyen
    Minhtrang Nguyen 28 days ago +1

    So basically the son couldn't make anything of his life so he decides to come back to his parents restaurant and wants to take over? Yeah okay loser!

  • Tyson Messier
    Tyson Messier 28 days ago

    *this is really taste good*

  • Two Boards, One Hill
    Two Boards, One Hill 28 days ago

    I really want to see a bts for this show

  • Two Boards, One Hill
    Two Boards, One Hill 29 days ago

    The end of this episode was the biggest feelsgood moment so far

  • Jan Jacobsen
    Jan Jacobsen 29 days ago

    That owner is senile

  • Jan Jacobsen
    Jan Jacobsen 29 days ago

    Go back to ancient Greece, old idiot

  • DORuPlayz24 12
    DORuPlayz24 12 29 days ago

    THAT was a disasta

  • Nick van Pijlen
    Nick van Pijlen 29 days ago

    he's like a greek gaben

  • TheReal Kiddfinesser
    TheReal Kiddfinesser 29 days ago

    31:34 the most awkward hand shake and hug I’ve ever seen

  • S H A D I S
    S H A D I S 29 days ago


  • Ludvig Smaavik Hansen
    Ludvig Smaavik Hansen 29 days ago

    Subscribe and like for more NINOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  • ThyKingCrow
    ThyKingCrow 29 days ago

    I love how these owners are in such denial that they literally say "He doesn't know anything about our food here." It's Gordon. Fucking. Ramsey, bro.

  • BlackSkull
    BlackSkull Month ago

    Hasn't seen a single second of Gordon Ramsay yet " SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE FOR MORE GORDON RAMSAY" (no offense)

  • your mom
    your mom Month ago

    🤖 Subscribe and like for more Gordon Ramsay🤖

  • Brandon Escalon
    Brandon Escalon Month ago

    Aris kinda looks like Gotye

  • Brandon Escalon
    Brandon Escalon Month ago

    He protecc
    He attacc
    But most importantly
    Subscribe and like for more Gordon Ramsay

  • Franz Papai
    Franz Papai Month ago

    When food was getting send back to the kitchen, father to son: "Go Dance, Go Dance! "
    Like, he was selling his son ass.

  • lil_besar
    lil_besar Month ago +1

    I live in Ventura but I've never tried The Greek because I'm broke :(

  • Angel Grace
    Angel Grace Month ago

    Unless your kids said they want to follow the parents footstep in business, it is the kids right to choose what they want. Also it is the parents obligation to send children to college so dont that they owe parents their education. Gosh that is why the world dont go forward, some parents needs change their m8ndset.

  • Jaydethepirate
    Jaydethepirate Month ago

    Not one other episode of this show has made me happy cry as much as this one.

  • Peekabootickle
    Peekabootickle Month ago

    40:01 yikers

  • Itachi Kai
    Itachi Kai Month ago +1

    The daughter is such a bad actor. Cringed every time she started crying.

    INHUMANENATION Month ago +1

    If only there was a way to see more Gordon Ramsay...


    Legit disturbed how few of you ppl get why the parents were upset. A honest days wage is nothing to be ashamed about. My father paid for my school saying "I dnt want you to end up like me". Except I always told him he had nothing to be ashamed of & if it was good enough for him, its good enough for me. This isnt about dreams you sad fucks. Its about respect & appreciation.

  • Matthew Brantner
    Matthew Brantner Month ago

    fuck off ramsey, he didn't want to work in a restaurant straight out of college so that makes him suck? yep, he thinks he's bigger than this place, that's why he spins in circles with 3 tables stacked on top of each other clamped in his teeth. I always do that to show my dominance. and because he doesn't want to just be handed a restaurant, and wants to earn his own way makes him a piece of shit? He never said his parents didn't make something of themselves, they earned that restaurant. But for him to just stay and work there until they die would be somehow better?
    this one is such bullshit, "don't say it to me say it to your parents"
    why? you're the one bringing it up, so he should address you. you just took a shit in their relationship for the cameras, and left the room. if "THEY HAD SOMETHING TO SAY" then they could have said it to him just the same. he didn't even realize there was an issue, as you even say yourself 26:54, but his parents taking it the wrong way and not telling him is his fault? eat shit gordon

    The Correct Response to Ramsey and his stupid Parents: "I never said that I wasn't proud of you or this restaurant. You made that inference in your head. Try using the meaning of the words I actually used as opposed to similar ones. You guys DID make something of yourselves. You earned your way and opened this restaurant, you showed me what success looks like. Me just staying here and working in the restaurant would be me just taking advantage of your hard work. So with that horrible thing I said so etched in your minds, and the fact that I'm still here trying to help keep the place open didn't flicker any lights? I'm sorry that you misunderstood me, but that doesn't give you the right to treat me the way you have for the last (X) years. Chef Ramsey you can go to hell and mind your own business. I will not be painted as some ungrateful spoiled brat because my parents were too stupid and soft-skinned to be honest with their own son. Also, mom, dad, I quit."

  • Ahab Bellamy
    Ahab Bellamy Month ago

    Arabic or Greek ? Hummus and falafel is Arabic or Greek? And I also saw Mutabal and tabula

  • Edmond M
    Edmond M Month ago

    Demetri is like the Italians at Goodfellas movie lol

  • Veroh Snesh
    Veroh Snesh Month ago


  • regortaz
    regortaz Month ago

    Turn the volume up and 19:06