Rams vs. Falcons Week 7 Highlights | NFL 2019

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
  • The Los Angeles Rams take on the Atlanta Falcons during Week 7 of the 2019 NFL season.
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Comments • 1 642

  • Weel J
    Weel J 9 days ago

    Falcons are supid

  • Kenneth Hoffman
    Kenneth Hoffman 11 days ago

    Tsk tsk.... Ever since Edelman made that impossible catch against the Atlanta Dirty Birds in the SB.... poor little Dirty Birds....

  • J Dubb
    J Dubb 15 days ago

    Henderson be punishing dudes on his drives

  • Angelo Dreher
    Angelo Dreher 16 days ago

    Next game all better do good them fumbles don't look good i need to see better my boy 🏈🏈🏈

  • Seth Dobbs
    Seth Dobbs 21 day ago

    They need to put Gurley at receiver

  • Emmanuel-John Turner
    Emmanuel-John Turner 23 days ago

    I'm so happy Julio got his money. At least he can lose with fat pockets.

  • Moto Moto
    Moto Moto 23 days ago

    Where my Matt Schaub fans at?

  • Joshua McKeever
    Joshua McKeever 24 days ago

    Ryan is done. Jones deserves better.

  • KevinKnox Playlist
    KevinKnox Playlist 24 days ago

    Ah man. This is so satisfying to watch. Bleed blue until I die

  • Donald Floyd
    Donald Floyd 25 days ago

    Ps they should have kept Colman, Freeman is ok I guess

  • Donald Floyd
    Donald Floyd 25 days ago

    Ito smith got ran over for nothing Matt should had made that throw, looks scared

  • Newtothis
    Newtothis 25 days ago

    Hit stick 3:14..lmao

    SHARHONDA HOLDEN 26 days ago

    Ramsy is😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Jewoine Wilson
    Jewoine Wilson 26 days ago

    Empty seats

  • Antonio Martinez
    Antonio Martinez 26 days ago

    The ATL...
    Thanks for letting us play in your. Yard
    For the super bowl..
    We ..
    The los Angeles rams
    Yes sucks.
    But Thanks for letting us beat ATL.F
    Down..beat down.
    Who's house.

  • NIc K
    NIc K 26 days ago

    How can you not feel bad for Matt and Julio. :(

  • Vision
    Vision 26 days ago

    shout out to the commentator who carried this game

  • Jarvis Frederick
    Jarvis Frederick 26 days ago

    Welcome to a Bucs life. Karma is a MF

  • frank RODD
    frank RODD 26 days ago

    Go rams!

  • You Know
    You Know 26 days ago

    Now you weak ass Falcons fans see how hard it was for my saints to go 7-9 3 years straight with no defense 😂😂 Who Dat?⚜️⚜️⚜️ weak ass team🤫 Flat Ryan is trash🚮 I’m loving y’all sucking🗑

  • RenegadeJames
    RenegadeJames 27 days ago

    The amount of empty seats is hilarious. Goes to show how unsupportive Falcon fans are.

  • SyzygY
    SyzygY 27 days ago

    Commentator sounds drunk...

  • Toxic Shadow
    Toxic Shadow 27 days ago

    yey rams goo

  • Johnny Lemons
    Johnny Lemons 27 days ago

    Falcons are the only 6-1 team that's 1-6

  • chris pippin
    chris pippin 27 days ago

    5:30 💪💪💪 = 💥😴✨🌟

  • Tothemoon Gassedup
    Tothemoon Gassedup 27 days ago

    6:24.... So he doesnt know how to step up and run 🙄

  • Tothemoon Gassedup
    Tothemoon Gassedup 27 days ago

    Another one 4:48 😫😫

  • Tothemoon Gassedup
    Tothemoon Gassedup 27 days ago

    Stop it at exactly 4:30 n tell me how u over throw dat 😤

  • Peter Mullen
    Peter Mullen 28 days ago

    All receivers are out by the way

  • WawaBabies
    WawaBabies 28 days ago

    Forget about the Falcons' D and O line. Matt Schaub is back!

  • Tyler Simmons
    Tyler Simmons 28 days ago

    greenbay fan here i am really worried about the Falcons this year. I mean what is going on I mean really ????????

  • PabloTv ™
    PabloTv ™ 28 days ago

    That backup qb did better than matt ryan sorry ass

  • kaioken
    kaioken 28 days ago

    Arguably the best receiving core in the league and the team is complete trash lol

  • Clash Of The Horns
    Clash Of The Horns 28 days ago

    Is Goff welcomed to the BBQ with that juke??

  • saxon tumbleson
    saxon tumbleson 28 days ago

    I wonder if we will get a sack on defense again this season....hey power draft this year for us falcons, it's been awhile!

  • Ryan Foster
    Ryan Foster 28 days ago


  • Seahawks Fan9000
    Seahawks Fan9000 28 days ago

    Next week this W ours

  • SorzMusic
    SorzMusic 28 days ago

    Lets go head n put the cleats on the hangar

  • Bajan Roblox
    Bajan Roblox 28 days ago


  • Christopher R
    Christopher R 28 days ago

    I wish I wasn't born in Georgia.

  • Jude Lloyd
    Jude Lloyd 28 days ago

    Wait a minute, something fishy is going on behind the scenes !!!The Falcons are better than this,I'm a Saints fan a I know that.

  • Sunite
    Sunite 28 days ago

    No one gonna mention the fact that they didn't include the Rams' last special teams score? Which was probably the most fun to watch play in the whole game LOL

    MASKED MANHATTAN 28 days ago +1

    Long time falcon fan we need to get rid of Quinn & Matt Ryan

  • Christian Avila
    Christian Avila 28 days ago

    forgot the last touchdown at the end my g

  • fabiano Ferreira
    fabiano Ferreira 29 days ago

    I'm From Brazil... this is amazing...
    This Sport so fantastic!!!

  • First Last
    First Last 29 days ago

    The Falcons traded Mohammad...Sanu to the Patriots..for A 2nd.. round draft pick...hopefully it's one of their 340lb OL..DE...hopefully...

  • Soundamite
    Soundamite 29 days ago

    Worst defense in the league, can’t protect Matt Ryan, players getting ejected, dumb penalties every week...Falcons have hit rock bottom!

  • Taze23
    Taze23 29 days ago +1

    GO RAMS!!!🤘

  • FadeZ
    FadeZ 29 days ago

    lmao the stadium kinda vacant

  • Mackenzie Skyler
    Mackenzie Skyler 29 days ago

    Best stadium in the NFL can't even sell $5 tickets 😔

  • Rick Harvey
    Rick Harvey 29 days ago

    hmmm....I noticed how Matt Schab moved the falcons down field to score...I guess Dan Quinn needs to evaluate the QB position...He used his weapons instead of making it personal with Ramsey ..sick of Ryan and Jones bullshit!

  • Bling Lee
    Bling Lee 29 days ago

    The disrespect 😄

  • sahittya rahman
    sahittya rahman 29 days ago

    man.. what happened to this team lol

  • YaHeardMe S
    YaHeardMe S 29 days ago


  • lamar jones
    lamar jones 29 days ago

    Falcons o line trash

  • Mario Richmond
    Mario Richmond 29 days ago

    They need to sit Matt Ryan ass on the bench lol

  • toyangel1
    toyangel1 29 days ago

    garbage ass falcons

  • CurbsideUnderwood
    CurbsideUnderwood 29 days ago

    Ummmm it would appear that the Falcons defense could not block a doorway, let alone a professional football team. You can only blame the Falcons offense so much. I feel bad for Atlanta :/

  • Jay Lamar
    Jay Lamar 29 days ago

    Matt Ryan takes way to many sacks and I blame the O-line partly but Matty ice was never one to escape the pocket and extend plays. I think it’s time to draft a successor

  • Book of shadows contributor Brian

    Rise up atl not really 👎🏽👁🏈