A.I. Learns to FLY

  • Published on Dec 15, 2020
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  • Code Bullet
    Code Bullet  Year ago +5

    Big thanks to Ridge for sending me this wallet and supporting the channel! Here’s the site if you want to

  • Kamikaze Demon

    I absolutely love the fact that this dude comes and goes spontaneously. Makes 3 videos in 2 months. Leaves for a year. Makes another 5. Hypes up that he's gonna be more active at uploading. Leaves for 6 months. I find it fascinating

  • Konni Lol

    I somehow got the feeling, that Evan once again forgot that he owns a TheXvid Channel... 🤔

  • Shadow Wolf

    He was so confident in his AI that he put it in an actual plane and got in it.

  • Tanmay Garg

    I genuinely think Code Bullet is going for a Guinness World Record for the longest period between 2 videos while having more than a million subs

  • Will Johnson

    Im sure Evan's upload schedule is based on whenever the hell he remembers "Oh fuck! Ive got a youtube channel!"

  • Jonathan Ting

    Everyone, we can take a sigh of relief. He's not dead as some of us assumed. I checked his discord (after someone on reddit said it) and he's online and well. I'm guessing he's up to something big that requires 1 whole year of planning.

  • CodeParade
    CodeParade Year ago +13

    More accurate title: "A.I. Learns to DIE"

  • luvlost
    luvlost  +1

    Its been 7 months, I'm getting worried about what he's building. It could be sentient and take over the world.

  • rokko
    rokko  +1

    can you do "AI learns to upload more than 3 times a year"?

  • Jeb Fezos
    Jeb Fezos  +147

    Don't worry guys, Papa bullet just went to the store to get some milk.

  • The Noble
    The Noble  +358

    When the world needed him most, even more than the last time, he vanished.

  • Waleigh Wallace

    It's official. It's 1 year since his last upload. The absolute madman. Still come back and watch these vids from time to time. Great entertainment and part of the reason I got into AI in the first place.

  • Jared Rogers
    Jared Rogers Year ago +3

    “AI learns to post videos for me in my absence.”

  • Derek Anderson

    "No way it's been 8 months!" I exclaimed, as I rediscovered this A+ content I'm subbed to. Dead Twitter, Twitch, and TheXvid? I think he might have actually ded. RIP Code Bullet, gone too young.

  • Keister
    Keister  +625

    Evan in this episode: “a month and a bit ain’t bad!”

  • Amy Pocklington

    11 months...this is going to be one advanced AI...he got replaced, or he just forgot about us. Either way prepare the Turing test

  • Mattari
    Mattari  +550

    CB, you went from posting every month or couple of months to nothing in 8 months.

  • You mad Bro

    OMFG Its been over 1 year since the last vid?

  • Duskpede
    Duskpede Year ago +3

    idea: give the ai guns, then have the goal be to shoot down as many other ai's as possible. dogfight simulator!