• Published on Dec 6, 2019
  • FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, Team of the Group Stage
    TOTGS Includes;
    - 96 TOTGS Messi
    - 91 TOTGS Mbappe
    - 89 TOTGS Benezema SBC
    and more!
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Comments • 372

  • Ben
    Ben Month ago

    Do those totgs cards upgrade as they progress?

  • Joerocks2001
    Joerocks2001 Month ago

    For the Rare Mixed Playerd Pack for completing Benzema, I got RTTF Martinez from Inter Milan, got my money back straight away!!!!

  • RumbaGumbaYT
    RumbaGumbaYT Month ago

    Video games are supposed to be fun!
    Fifa isn’t fun!
    I quit,
    So should you
    Ngl it’s a waist of time

  • Edon Jr
    Edon Jr Month ago

    benzema is med/med not med/low

  • Ryan Bains
    Ryan Bains Month ago

    I packed 92 lewandowski

  • Im Ur Friend.
    Im Ur Friend. Month ago

    16:00 he couldve just pust aranguiz over delaney...

  • Dp bodger YT
    Dp bodger YT Month ago

    Do these cards upgrade like the rttf cards

  • w
    w Month ago

    you don't know how to do sbc or what ?

  • Robert Rozenfeld
    Robert Rozenfeld Month ago

    Mut pe fata

  • Josh Blannin
    Josh Blannin Month ago

    packed dries metens from gold pack

  • Trav TDS
    Trav TDS Month ago

    Not sure it makes tolissos storyline card “useless”, it’s better than the RTTF card, and we got it like a month and a half ago for free, I e played 200 games with him and then dropped him for prime Roy Keane, defiantly wasn’t useless to me

  • PolePositionBWR
    PolePositionBWR Month ago

    If I get 5k subs I will discard my tradable 91 Pele 😳...

  • RH 05
    RH 05 Month ago

    Saved my Black Friday la liga 81+ pack from last week and opened it today, got Sergio Ramos!
    This is one of the rare moments ea sports give a shit about their players

  • EllieVlogs
    EllieVlogs Month ago

    Do they get upgraded throughout Fifa depending on their progression throughout the competition?

  • Grasvein _
    Grasvein _ Month ago +1

    You seriously need to try Håland, His card is so good

  • Séan Reid
    Séan Reid Month ago

    do the players upgrade if they get by each round in champions league?

  • lizard playz
    lizard playz Month ago

    I did the early doors and got Lautaro Martinez tott

  • Maxime Wallet
    Maxime Wallet Month ago

    Will benzemas card upgrade?

  • Ilay cohen
    Ilay cohen Month ago

    I opened about 10 Jumbo Rare Players Packs and 3 Ultimate Packs, also 3 Premium Gold Players and 2 Mega Packs.
    didn't even pack one TOTGS card... well done EA

  • Chris de Moura
    Chris de Moura Month ago

    Harry Kane got a plus 4 pace on his TOTGS

  • BZX9
    BZX9 Month ago

    I'm sorry that this is more or less completely unrelated but I really want a special higher rated Mason Mount. Just something. Any promo. Please EA

  • Pablo Vicente Martinez

    Bought 4 Ultimate Packs with coins, didn’t get one walkout. Was sick of this shitty gameplay, and tried to go out with some rewards. Consistently Gold 1, not one 86+ red player pick.

    • Pablo Vicente Martinez
      Pablo Vicente Martinez Month ago

      And ended it off with 300k on Mega Packs, no walkout. Fuck EA, and ended my run of 10 years of FIFA.

  • Fred De soissons
    Fred De soissons Month ago

    Got 95 IF messi when should I sell

    • Up SCOMO !
      Up SCOMO ! Month ago

      Fred De soissons now, he’s gonna drop when his POTM drops

  • Sebazy
    Sebazy Month ago

    Sorry Im new to fut. But to be clear: these team of the group stage players wont get an upgrade if the team irl goes to the knock out stage?

    • Up SCOMO !
      Up SCOMO ! Month ago +1

      Sebazy no, they will stay the same and only rttf cards get upgraded based on team performances

  • Adeel Naveed
    Adeel Naveed Month ago

    Do these cards upgrade

  • Adeel Naveed
    Adeel Naveed Month ago

    Opened 125k packs strictly too

  • Adeel Naveed
    Adeel Naveed Month ago

    Spent £100 got 300k :(

    • Adeel Naveed
      Adeel Naveed Month ago

      ITZ YA BOI true get mahrez live card it’s crazy 😜

    • Up SCOMO !
      Up SCOMO ! Month ago +1

      Adeel Naveed sad face ? Bruh I’ve spent more before and not even packed a walk out, consider ur self lucky

  • White boi
    White boi Month ago

    i packed the mbappe and it’s so amazing

  • InGenious
    InGenious Month ago

    I packed inform Messi check my channel haha

  • J Plays
    J Plays Month ago

    Inform acuna for the tagliafico challenge

  • Freebird Studios
    Freebird Studios Month ago +1

    Can’t wait to get flexed on by everyone who took their moms credit card with 96 POTM Messi

  • Two Natal Yods
    Two Natal Yods Month ago

    This SBC is not good value. Vardy and Ekambi were good value. This is a money pit. He will not be used often because of the pace issue and this card is untradeable.

  • Below Par Gamer
    Below Par Gamer Month ago

    Does the benzema card get a boost?

  • Sean Kilmartin
    Sean Kilmartin Month ago

    How is his hair still not black again

  • Ilya Smantser
    Ilya Smantser Month ago

    No upgrade for willian? :(

  • Jordan Galloway
    Jordan Galloway Month ago

    Gabriel Martinelli not getting one is a joke

  • Void Crow
    Void Crow Month ago

    Benzema is actually insane! 9-2 in champs he has scored 17 and had 9 assist

  • Jordy 4422
    Jordy 4422 Month ago

    benzema at cam is amazing

  • Nathan Nuttall
    Nathan Nuttall Month ago +2

    No one enjoys watching you complete an sbc, please just play a game with the sbc player and give your thoughts

    • Geordie boy
      Geordie boy Month ago

      Tbh a like watching him completing the sbcs

    • Up SCOMO !
      Up SCOMO ! Month ago

      Nathan Nuttall this deserves more comments

  • mauricio jimenez
    mauricio jimenez Month ago

    Will messi sbc crash messi current price

  • Zlaviz
    Zlaviz Month ago

    My ni- u can not do that

  • Ash27
    Ash27 Month ago

    did you mention the chem style?

  • Edward Mills
    Edward Mills Month ago

    Do these go up in rating?

  • Mark Jones
    Mark Jones Month ago

    Had IF kroos and Casemiro so basically free

    EX0BAILS Month ago +2

    I’ve already got that Bruno Fernandez got him from a 2 player pack

  • Aksel Moe
    Aksel Moe Month ago +1

    I packed KDB 3 in the world!!!! 15k pack!!!

  • Jamie Raffan
    Jamie Raffan Month ago

    Why is Alfredo Morelos not getting one he broke henrik Larrsson’s record for goals scored consecutively in games but zaniolo is getting one for what

    • Éire Abú
      Éire Abú Month ago

      @Jamie Raffan Celtic played shocking and the beat ye which means either yer shite or they're class it's probably both tbh

    • Jamie Raffan
      Jamie Raffan Month ago

      Éire Abú you watch game today I’d like to disagree just their keeper is better aha 🤦‍♂️😭

    • Éire Abú
      Éire Abú Month ago

      @Jamie Raffan Morelos and Christie ya 100% and from a Dortmund fan Celtic are better than ye

    • Jamie Raffan
      Jamie Raffan Month ago

      Éire Abú there should be Morelos and maybe like Christie or something get your green tinted glasses aff

    • Éire Abú
      Éire Abú Month ago

      Why aren't any of the Celtic players there Celtic are better than Rangers by a country mile

  • urogbho Cop
    urogbho Cop Month ago

    F@@@ EA

  • Dionyssus Adhie
    Dionyssus Adhie Month ago

    Storyline Tolisso has auto-troll trait, shushing dynamic image pops out on the pitch when you score with him. So obviously Storyline Tolisso is the better card.....LOL

  • BulletBoy999
    BulletBoy999 Month ago

    Did benzema and out of the packs managed to pack the Ramos

    BAPE SQUAD Month ago

    Zanetti 😎

  • adrian menjivar
    adrian menjivar Month ago

    Use If adama tbh

  • I am Arda
    I am Arda Month ago +3

    Do these cards get upgraded??

  • Salim Sheth
    Salim Sheth Month ago +5

    Like if Nep should review the SBC players when he completes them

  • Alex Demiri
    Alex Demiri Month ago +1

    Do these cards upgrade as they progress in the champions league?

  • Cobra Vlogs
    Cobra Vlogs Month ago

    The tott benzerma cost me about 70-80k!

  • Aligator
    Aligator Month ago

    I packed Tolisso twice in like 3 minutes.Also aubameyang.Never been this lucky

  • Joseph Groom
    Joseph Groom Month ago

    Follow: official.jtm on instagram
    Twitch: Jtmscrylix
    Fortnite streamer

  • Abtahi Tishad
    Abtahi Tishad Month ago

    Martinelli got robbed.

  • Elmuts Äventyr
    Elmuts Äventyr Month ago

    Will benzemas card get upgraded?
    Please answer! :)