ASMR | The Ultimate Cranial Nerve Exam | Ft. ASMR Darling, Matty Tingles, ALBinWhisperland, Seafoam!

  • Published on Jun 11, 2019
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    ASMR Darling pampers us!!!!! ( real life ASMR)
    ASMR Darling:
    Layered Sounds with Matty!!!
    Matty Tingles:
    Tingly Triggers with ALB!!!
    Seafoam Asks us Questions!!!!
    Seafoam Kitten's ASMR:
    SO! Hahahah. If you haven't seen yet (understandable if you're not Canadian), this lovely crew of ASMRtists went to Toronto a few months ago to shoot a REESE ASMR MOVIE COMMERCIAL which is now out on Crave for all you Canadians, and is coming out next week on TheXvid!! (I'll tweet it out etc...maybe I'll do a livestream of it LOL)! While we were doing 12 hour shooting days, we knew we HAD to shoot stuff during the night... so we ... I have no idea how...did 5!! Videos! One for each of our channels! This was in a busy BUSY busy hotel with just a blue yeti and nothin' else to go for so... apologies for potato quality, I hope one day we can meet up with the express purpose to shoot a high-quality, planned out collab for you all but... LOL I love how these turned out; this is ... not your most serious Cranial Nerve Exam.... (spoiler alert, it is SO hard to act serious in front of other people omg shooting ASMR collabs feel so NEW TO ME) but I hope you enjoy. We had a blast making it x)
    Yayayay! Thank you guys so much for watching! Let me know what you think! :D A huge thank you to all four of these insanely kind, insanely talented ASMRtists. It was seriously like summer camp, y'all. Meeting up with them and connecting over our love for this genre :'D I MISS THEM KDSAFLJ;AKLDF
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  • Justin 1018
    Justin 1018 4 hours ago

    Matty was really hungry in the ear test😂 he was just saying food

  • Jean Holdefer
    Jean Holdefer 4 hours ago


  • LeonStuff Games
    LeonStuff Games 8 hours ago

    *What if I don't have anything you're asking me?* Hehehehe, incognito mode

  • Dubl 243
    Dubl 243 13 hours ago

    “no one remembers their phone number”
    me: excuse you i know it off by heart

  • MkUltra
    MkUltra Day ago +2

    Everyone: “so who’s channel should this go on”
    Gibi: “tallest person”

  • Ashley Godines
    Ashley Godines Day ago

    I love this make more

  • Ben Scott
    Ben Scott Day ago

    “Ah yes, you have a mouth”
    Good, glad we got that cleared up

  • Ella Winstone
    Ella Winstone Day ago

    Sea foam: I can tell you have excellent taste buds, I can see it in your eyes.
    Me: How do you...

  • Ella Winstone
    Ella Winstone Day ago

    During 12:32 and 13:19 this happened...
    Mom: Sweetie why is our daughter saying random words?
    Dad: I’m not sure, ask her.
    Mom: Why are you saying random words?
    Me: Light bulb
    Dad: Call 911 right now

  • Psy Dreamz
    Psy Dreamz 2 days ago

    Are they all short or is Gibi Just tall?

  • noah eide
    noah eide 2 days ago

    I didn't notice that Taylor was that short

  • shrek Ogre
    shrek Ogre 2 days ago

    Yes big boi matty is here!

  • Skeppy Skippy
    Skeppy Skippy 2 days ago

    Are those hickeys on her neck and chest?

  • RainbowSile
    RainbowSile 2 days ago

    *Five doctors walk in*
    Me:excuse me wha-
    Seafoam-i swear im a doctor :)
    Me:am i supposed to be scared?or ..
    *Doctors look like they are ready to attack me*
    *My thoughts-Why is Darling the smaller OnE??*
    Gibi-well let you go after this
    Me-Am i gonna die?
    XD ik its long 😅
    Im bored k? XD

  • trevor gowl
    trevor gowl 2 days ago +1

    I tasted pizza on the taste then she said pizza and I was yoda smiling!

  • Alison Fuentes
    Alison Fuentes 2 days ago +1

    Ms.Darling said at the end gibi will tell you who is next ..... Silence ......... So you did very great asmr darling stay in silence 😔

  • lars lochten
    lars lochten 2 days ago

    How tall is gibi??

    IT STARTS WITH TEA 3 days ago +1

    If you look in the description Gigi ASMR switched two of the names in positions

  • AriBoo CantDoYou
    AriBoo CantDoYou 3 days ago

    Omg Matty's face at 13:05 had me dead😂

  • Mya Morales
    Mya Morales 3 days ago

    18:38 boogers I mean how did u guess that. That's 2 for 2

    A random 2 year old :um how did I not know that

  • Chai-Yun Lee
    Chai-Yun Lee 3 days ago

    8:30 “Does it hurt your eyes when she does that?”

    I mean, yeah, you’re kinda shining a bright light into my eye balls.

  • BabyyFn
    BabyyFn 3 days ago +2

    Do you ever just play along like their actually talking to you

  • littlechungus
    littlechungus 4 days ago

    wow if i need this many doctors to examine me then i must be an alien

  • Alexiz Sandoval
    Alexiz Sandoval 4 days ago

    A asmr presentation

  • Austin Heynen
    Austin Heynen 4 days ago

    Does an amputation count as numbness in my toes?
    Just asking.

    RESTEVENTRO 4 days ago

    Darling: holds up 3 fingers
    Also darling: How many fingers am I holding?
    Me: 5
    Darling: Nods head

  • Milton Jacobs
    Milton Jacobs 4 days ago

    Gibi always reminds me of icarly

  • OlliePlayZ
    OlliePlayZ 4 days ago


  • norman 5006
    norman 5006 4 days ago

    darling:does it hurt when she doss that?
    me: uhh you walked too close and my volume is on max so my ears are broken and matty cant do shit. thnx.(jk but serioualy i broke my ears when gibi walked too close and talked in her normal voice.)🤣

  • Messi0049 Jr
    Messi0049 Jr 5 days ago

    Aye she has a XP-PEN for a drawing tablet and I use that for osu

  • Mc._'Creamy .:-
    Mc._'Creamy .:- 5 days ago +1

    Now it has

  • Mc._'Creamy .:-
    Mc._'Creamy .:- 5 days ago +1

    Omg it's not changing

  • Mc._'Creamy .:-
    Mc._'Creamy .:- 5 days ago +1

    Now again

  • Mc._'Creamy .:-
    Mc._'Creamy .:- 5 days ago


  • Mc._'Creamy .:-
    Mc._'Creamy .:- 5 days ago

    I just changed my name

  • Mc._'Creamy .:-
    Mc._'Creamy .:- 5 days ago

    Naomi:What side do you sleep on at night
    Pewdepie:I don't sleep I play with sven all night and build IKEA tower and stare at my giant meatball and most importantly I pray to the council of water sheep.

  • camdaman
    camdaman 5 days ago +1

    Dr.matty looks stoned out his mind

  • El Salvador
    El Salvador 5 days ago +1

    Ah Cranial...... I thought it said anial!

  • indian king
    indian king 5 days ago

    I dont know should i laugh or cringe lmao😂

  • Nolan Strozier
    Nolan Strozier 6 days ago

    is this scripted

  • Irina SMendola
    Irina SMendola 6 days ago


  • TheOuterLimits
    TheOuterLimits 7 days ago +1

    Doing asmr takes so much improv, and that's not an easy thing to do. I believe most of the asmr artists are actors of some kind.

  • Alley Wolf
    Alley Wolf 7 days ago +2

    “Looks like you do have a mouth”
    Well I would hope so

    • Alley Wolf
      Alley Wolf 4 days ago

      Meg4 lol thanks 😂

    • Meg4
      Meg4 4 days ago

      I'm sad for u cause u didn't get any likes so I gave u an like 😁

  • Johnny Rockets
    Johnny Rockets 7 days ago +1

    Gibi What’s your last name
    Me says nothing
    Gibi ahh got it

  • Johnny Rockets
    Johnny Rockets 7 days ago

    Gibi: any allergies
    Me: no
    Gibi: very common

  • Crystal Rose
    Crystal Rose 7 days ago

    Is Taylor short or is everyone tall?

  • Kaiden Walton
    Kaiden Walton 7 days ago

    Asmr in kissg

  • Erykah Vanier
    Erykah Vanier 7 days ago +1

    “So it looks like you do have a mouth.”
    Well thank goodness, I thought this was here just because 😂✨🌸

  • jonny Sadgrove
    jonny Sadgrove 7 days ago

    I'm watching this because I have a broken leg

  • el46reno
    el46reno 7 days ago +1

    Gibi is like 2 meters tall.

  • Gabe Boyd
    Gabe Boyd 7 days ago +3

    No one:
    Literaly no one:
    Seafoam: MeDiCeNe Is StUpId!!

  • RyZe -_-
    RyZe -_- 8 days ago

    👁 👁

  • julie brown
    julie brown 8 days ago

    Let's go matty let's go matty let's go matty

  • DA gamer LOLZ
    DA gamer LOLZ 8 days ago

    Seafomkitten is to short she has to tippy toe to see her hole face in the camera 🎥

  • Papa
    Papa 8 days ago

    Hehe...poop... 0:44

  • AspectTv
    AspectTv 8 days ago

    How tall is gibi

  • c.q33
    c.q33 8 days ago


  • Gacha Icy
    Gacha Icy 8 days ago

    Eyebrow trimmings

  • gnat12345
    gnat12345 8 days ago

    Could you guys talk dirty while whispering

  • Gacha_ Evelyn
    Gacha_ Evelyn 8 days ago

    Gibi:Emergency contact number.
    Me:*Tells Gibi*
    Her:Oh how nice.
    Me: -_-