ASMR | The Ultimate Cranial Nerve Exam | Ft. ASMR Darling, Matty Tingles, ALBinWhisperland, Seafoam!

  • Published on Jun 11, 2019
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    ASMR Darling pampers us!!!!! ( real life ASMR)
    ASMR Darling:
    Layered Sounds with Matty!!!
    Matty Tingles:
    Tingly Triggers with ALB!!!
    Seafoam Asks us Questions!!!!
    Seafoam Kitten's ASMR:
    SO! Hahahah. If you haven't seen yet (understandable if you're not Canadian), this lovely crew of ASMRtists went to Toronto a few months ago to shoot a REESE ASMR MOVIE COMMERCIAL which is now out on Crave for all you Canadians, and is coming out next week on TheXvid!! (I'll tweet it out etc...maybe I'll do a livestream of it LOL)! While we were doing 12 hour shooting days, we knew we HAD to shoot stuff during the night... so we ... I have no idea how...did 5!! Videos! One for each of our channels! This was in a busy BUSY busy hotel with just a blue yeti and nothin' else to go for so... apologies for potato quality, I hope one day we can meet up with the express purpose to shoot a high-quality, planned out collab for you all but... LOL I love how these turned out; this is ... not your most serious Cranial Nerve Exam.... (spoiler alert, it is SO hard to act serious in front of other people omg shooting ASMR collabs feel so NEW TO ME) but I hope you enjoy. We had a blast making it x)
    Yayayay! Thank you guys so much for watching! Let me know what you think! :D A huge thank you to all four of these insanely kind, insanely talented ASMRtists. It was seriously like summer camp, y'all. Meeting up with them and connecting over our love for this genre :'D I MISS THEM KDSAFLJ;AKLDF
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  • Doggos Are KAWAII
    Doggos Are KAWAII 18 minutes ago +1

    Gibi: do you wear glasses?
    Me: oh yeah I'm wearing then right-
    Other girl: *I cAn ToTaLlY sEe YoU iN gLaSsEs.*

    *It seems like YOU need glasses.*

  • Pansy Parkinson
    Pansy Parkinson 31 minute ago

    Her: So it looks like you do have a mouth

  • koos
    koos 42 minutes ago +1

    I watch and listen to ASMR and find it pretty normal, but idk why but seeing 5 people together in one room doing asmr kinda feels weird

  • Pansy Parkinson
    Pansy Parkinson 46 minutes ago

    Them: What's your number?
    Me: Crap I don't remember! Lemme check real quick
    Them: Yeah you can check no ever remembers their phone number
    Me: SORCERY!!! I love it.

  • Justin Plante
    Justin Plante 55 minutes ago

    "the patients like to get lit once in a while!"😂

  • Nate Jues
    Nate Jues Hour ago

    me: *falls asleep*


  • Tracey Anderson
    Tracey Anderson Hour ago


  • Tracey Anderson
    Tracey Anderson Hour ago

    Gibi! Why are you so dang tall compared to everyone

  • The night partier Bros

    Unless you read the top 2 lines

  • The night partier Bros

    My mom: whispering?
    Me:do you want me to leave?
    My mom: no I need to sleep

  • Minecraft_isBetter_than_fortnite

    Sea foam looks like a massive weeb

  • tjgusta
    tjgusta 2 hours ago

    Great idea for vid. Would like to see one where one of you is the patient and roleplay.

  • Stephen Duffy
    Stephen Duffy 3 hours ago

    33:33 to 33:37😂

  • Kat 134340
    Kat 134340 4 hours ago

    is it weird that when i’m watching i make eye contact with them 😂

  • Killer Kawaii
    Killer Kawaii 5 hours ago

    26:40 "Will you smile with teeth for me please?" me: *looks at Seafoam* o-okay

  • Miellì
    Miellì 5 hours ago +1

    It's me or gibi is a giant ?

  • M_amie_ F
    M_amie_ F 6 hours ago


  • -_- Clyde Yuri -_-
    -_- Clyde Yuri -_- 6 hours ago


  • footie vidsdaily
    footie vidsdaily 7 hours ago

    Dr matty got gassed up too say 3 words

  • Mr Unzell
    Mr Unzell 8 hours ago

    The squad has pulled up.

  • Jaylin Washington
    Jaylin Washington 9 hours ago


    Me: teeheee she said doo doo

  • breatheinthepinkair
    breatheinthepinkair 9 hours ago +1

    Never forget when Darling called Gibi "Gibby"

  • Tsukxmi-_xl
    Tsukxmi-_xl 12 hours ago

    BRO! how tall is gibi, if she dont jump her ass in a NBA game you'd do great

    *Berleezy reference*

  • Football Fan01827
    Football Fan01827 14 hours ago

    “I could totally see you with glasses”
    Me: *Is wearing glasses*

  • Dom Grillo
    Dom Grillo 16 hours ago +1

    23:14 your boyfriend is waiting in the bro

  • My penis is unbelievably small, but bro,

    Ngl I really love what SeaFoam did here and it added to the video quite a lot in my opinion, the way she included humor and that ‘medicine is stupid part’😂 the way she does things man I really like how she did that and I’ve started watching her vids because of that😂🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Francis Weasler
    Francis Weasler 17 hours ago

    Her- So what is your last name?
    Me- Smith
    Her- Oh thats so unique. I love it!
    GG xD

  • Brynn Tijerina
    Brynn Tijerina 19 hours ago

    Anyone else’s Audio get separated from the video at 33:19???

  • joegang Hdz
    joegang Hdz 20 hours ago +1

    When I see daring 0_0 that's why I missed all the vision test
    Jk made them all right

  • JustVesper
    JustVesper 20 hours ago

    The height difference between Gibi and Darling is so noticeable

  • Anyah Garcia
    Anyah Garcia 21 hour ago

    Fuck ya I got double asmr I got a asmr add of beer 😁

  • Itz .Paige000
    Itz .Paige000 22 hours ago

    Them: any hearing problems

    Me: yea I have hearing Aiden a genetic disorders

  • Tyler Chedister
    Tyler Chedister 22 hours ago

    Yoooo this collab is 🔥 i love darling and gibi

  • Amira Stuart
    Amira Stuart 22 hours ago +1

    12:35 this feels like a fucking game of concentration 😂

  • Disturbed Shaggy
    Disturbed Shaggy 22 hours ago

    Why does darling look so short compared to everyone else

  • SodaGhost YT
    SodaGhost YT 23 hours ago +1

    Everyone in this video is attractive except for Mattys fat ass PLUS MATTY CHECKING OUT SEAFOAMS ASS

  • MapleIsALoser
    MapleIsALoser 23 hours ago +2

    Everyone: *remembers their phone number*
    ALB: "Nobody remembers their own phone number."
    Everyone: "Am I a joke to you?"

  • Dee M.
    Dee M. 23 hours ago

    Great Job Everyone !

  • Alexis Flores
    Alexis Flores Day ago +1

    Top 10 anime crossovers

  • abigail nix
    abigail nix Day ago +3

    welcome to another episode of how did i get here :)
    how are they so serious if i was whispering into a microphone with even one of my friends i would be wheezing

  • Emily B
    Emily B Day ago

    16:10 is he looking at her a-

  • vyxxed
    vyxxed Day ago

    My left ear hurts

  • SHADOW Dragon 25
    SHADOW Dragon 25 Day ago +1

    What do you taste

    Me. Mountain dew

    Thin crust gluten free pizza

    Me. 😑

  • Rick James
    Rick James Day ago

    I smelled the screen and passed out because of chloroform WTF

  • Tetrayona Knight
    Tetrayona Knight Day ago +1

    ICONIC 🙀

  • Fredy Hernandez
    Fredy Hernandez Day ago +1

    8:05 This already looks like a por..........

  • 0uf
    0uf Day ago

    11:57 I'm wondering what Matty is looking at

  • Fredy Hernandez
    Fredy Hernandez Day ago

    1:54 and your credit card info if you dont mind.

  • 0uf
    0uf Day ago +1

    1:18 Its Smith, Jack Smith.

    1:22 Unique? You tripping

  • Kaitlyn Crabb
    Kaitlyn Crabb Day ago

    What was your last name again
    Me: Smith
    Oh that’s so unique I love it

  • Yer Maw
    Yer Maw Day ago

    Imagine how awkward it would be talking to a camera like someone is there in front of people

  • 21 fandoms
    21 fandoms Day ago +2

    Best tingle squad

    *Change my mind*

  • mike marlow
    mike marlow Day ago

    Only the biggest asmr bosses

  • jjjakeee100
    jjjakeee100 Day ago

    These co-pays get higher the longer the video goes

  • E Tan Da Egg Man

    I just want to point out that you should never trust a doctor if they say "I'm totally a doctor. Don't look me up."

  • Alvaro de Arriba

    Yoo matty your eyes are not normal what tipe of weed have u consumed 😂🚬

  • Aiden Arts
    Aiden Arts Day ago

    Why is everyone so much smaller than gibi

  • Aiden Arts
    Aiden Arts Day ago

    I just realised how small darling is

  • TechTeen03 Muhammad

    This Fat ass nigga in love with Chocolate and candy

  • TechTeen03 Muhammad

    This Nigga said 12:36

  • Essencellie Idlewood

    her: whats your last name? ^-^
    me: nick.
    her: oh that's so unique I love it ^v^
    me: I... thank you?

  • DragoniteGacha Qwo

    Asmr Darling:Apple Banana
    Me:"The Fitness Gram Pacer test is the-"

  • DragoniteGacha Qwo
    DragoniteGacha Qwo Day ago +1

    Alb Seafoam and Matty make up the first 3 letters In asmr

  • Boxer Main
    Boxer Main Day ago +1

    Matty tingles a whole pimp

  • Dark Dust38
    Dark Dust38 Day ago

    Four girls one guy sounds like a familiar title😂😂

  • Abdiel Montanez
    Abdiel Montanez Day ago

    This video shows just how tall gibi really is lmao

  • Hudson Hoff
    Hudson Hoff Day ago +1

    I feel like this was a competition the whole time

  • AAdoes Youtube
    AAdoes Youtube Day ago +1

    33:33 Seafoam falls
    Me: Laughs like buggs da bunny

  • Falling Game God

    2:52Anyone else heard area 51 aliens

    Pls pin this🙂

  • Jackal
    Jackal Day ago

    I was just waiting for the avengers to walk in and say you're in the endgame now

  • Sergio Sagaste
    Sergio Sagaste Day ago

    I ship Marty and darling

  • Gee Bee
    Gee Bee Day ago

    Oof the background talking during darlings turn: “I actually didn’t go to Princeton, you’d be surprised where I went.” Lol

  • Gee Bee
    Gee Bee Day ago

    “Medicines stupid”
    Love that

  • Brodie Rickert
    Brodie Rickert Day ago

    Oh no, 5 people whispering in one room. I don't know about you, but that'd be awkward for me.

  • Miranda Michals
    Miranda Michals Day ago +3

    Me: tries to sleep
    Comment section: *am I a joke to you?*

  • wolf_ queen
    wolf_ queen Day ago

    Me comes in "hello
    Gibi: "this is very normal:
    Also gibi "get in 6 people she/he's dying"

  • Angelic Fox
    Angelic Fox Day ago +2

    Gibi: *shines light in mah eye*
    Asmr Darling: Does that hurt when she does that?
    Me: YES!!!!!!

  • ultimate greninja

    You know everyone is short when Gibi has to bend down

  • swagg101 barr
    swagg101 barr 2 days ago +1

    I have noticed something. They are all short is that just me

  • Cammylam
    Cammylam 2 days ago +2

    “Looks like you got a mouth”

  • Wendy Wu
    Wendy Wu 2 days ago

    I hope my insurance can pay for all of this 😂

  • Cammylam
    Cammylam 2 days ago +4

    I think that “doctor” needs a checkup because every 5 seconds she’s like WhAt DiD YoU SaY

  • Emma Etheridge
    Emma Etheridge 2 days ago


  • bunbun bitch
    bunbun bitch 2 days ago


  • Gray Foxx
    Gray Foxx 2 days ago

    Covers my eyes but I lick da hand.

  • farida mohamed
    farida mohamed 2 days ago +3

    Is it just me or does it seem like Matty and Darling have a "special connection"?

  • Keisha elise
    Keisha elise 2 days ago

    Go to sleep and stop reading the comments

  • abb swag
    abb swag 2 days ago

    Ok ive never been so shook,right so they asked about numbness and muscle soreness and I said yes to them.. they said they'd look into that and omg... I think I need to go to the doctors man

    EGG HEAD 2 days ago +1

    Only if cat plant was there

    EGG HEAD 2 days ago +2

    On the vision test with asmr darling who else sed zero when she pulled out her thumb I did cuz it's not a finger ahahhaha and I sed 4 when she had '4' fingers

  • Adeline The Doll
    Adeline The Doll 2 days ago

    ”I’m definitely a real doctor! Don’t look me up!”😂😂

  • RuthlessLogan
    RuthlessLogan 2 days ago +1

    "Sorry, what was your last name?"
    Me: "N****r"
    "Oh, it's unique, I love it."

  • Rebe CUTE
    Rebe CUTE 2 days ago +7

    Gibi: Do you have sleep problems?
    Me: *watching this at 3AM *
    Also me: nope ,never

  • Wahè Khachaturian
    Wahè Khachaturian 2 days ago +2


    They actually didnt care that she fell😂😂

  • Broken Gacha
    Broken Gacha 2 days ago

    Me for like ten mins: how tf can u taste gluten FrEe!

  • Maggie Dunn
    Maggie Dunn 2 days ago

    anyone else here a monster roar at 21:29 or is it just me

  • Gxia
    Gxia 2 days ago +1

    Seafoam got me like😂😂😂

  • -Spacez Blebz-
    -Spacez Blebz- 2 days ago

    In the back of Doctor Darling : *Gibi trying to Get into her phone*

  • TrueRose
    TrueRose 2 days ago

    Matty does everything that is unhealthy besides bannana????