Exercise Makes You Smarter - This Is Why (animated)

  • Published on Jul 30, 2018
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    Exercise Makes You Smarter - Why (animated)
    Back when I was in still in school there was this stereotype going around.
    Kids who were nerdy and never did any kind of sports were considered the most intelligent and bright.
    The jocks who were sporty and fit, were often branded as simple-minded and empty-headed.
    So by following this stereotype you had two groups: Smart and weak. Dumb and fit.
    However in the recent years, there's a new stereotype that's gained popularity: A smart jock.
    An individual who is both intellectually gifted and is physically fit.
    Did they win the genetic lottery or is it possible that exercise could make you smarter?
    Today we'll look at the body-brain connection and how moving our body can benefit the brain.
    Some of the studies mentioned in the video:
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  • James White
    James White 14 days ago

    My first time listening. Awesome and very informative. I will add exercise to my daily routine. Since I’m studying now. Is walking for 20-30min ok to start?

  • Aleix Alfonso
    Aleix Alfonso 14 days ago


  • Leandro Lopes
    Leandro Lopes 21 day ago

    So... Yoga would be a way better exercise for the brain?

  • SnoopSloth
    SnoopSloth 22 days ago

    When better than yesterday has all the knowledge

  • leonxdd skantz
    leonxdd skantz 25 days ago +2

    Story short the better heart rate and more blood your brain gets the better it will work

  • Chan Vuong
    Chan Vuong Month ago

    Maybe exercise burns the fat inside your that stops your brain from thinking🤔

  • Mike Saunders
    Mike Saunders Month ago

    if you are smart you will always be if youre dumb even if you exhaust yourself exercising you will always be dumb...i know because im asian we dont exercise much but we always score higher than the average white hehe thats why they are more fond of military work just following orders and we go into higher learning...

  • CartoonMan!
    CartoonMan! Month ago

    I doubt this is true. My Dad was a bodybuilder and dumb as a rock. He voted for Trump and was a Reaganite in the 80s, so nope!

  • 18ricco
    18ricco Month ago +1

    6:22 👍

  • Jorge Mendoza
    Jorge Mendoza Month ago

    Indeed, as far as I knew, only the neurons in the Hippocampus and smell neurons can grow new cells, no other part of the brain can. But synapses can happen every single day, proof of that is that you can always learn something new every single day ;) Needless to say, brain benefit from physical exercise requires academic discipline to make learning effective, of course, it aint' just magic.

  • Ha Nguyen
    Ha Nguyen Month ago

    Very good

  • ragin hba
    ragin hba Month ago +3

    when you're born smart in the 1910s

    *oh yea this is big brain time*

  • Muscles Store
    Muscles Store Month ago

    Good Job Done

  • mahather odal
    mahather odal Month ago

    1.25 👏👌👍

  • Uncle Mayhem
    Uncle Mayhem Month ago +1

    My thumb got a thorough workout during this video from all the skipping over advertisements.

  • Istrate Ioan
    Istrate Ioan Month ago +1

    10:16 that's a cognitive bias called the law of small numbers

  • Kat Montgomery
    Kat Montgomery Month ago +9

    Funny how Public Schools eliminated gym classes...it use to be a requirement.

  • 8FunGuy8
    8FunGuy8 Month ago +2

    You were doing good until 11:25. True science agrees with the Bible. The Bible has so much knowledge of science but most ignore it. Physics is simply the parameters or law's of God, that we live within, but not God.

    • 8FunGuy8
      8FunGuy8 Month ago +1

      @Ben jjj Not sure where your getting your information on the earth being flat. Most people don't read the bible and make claims to what is written. I have heard many false statements from science based documentaries. God does love us, and we do live in a fallen world, but there is a reason for this. A lot of reasons and details are missed when most people talk about God. Just like the word love, our understanding of the word love has been twisted and most perceptions are closer to the word like. But this is not true. The word love has very specific meanings at different times of use in the bible. The original translation are what we should be trying to understand. This too is one of the reasons the KJV is one of the best versions to study.

    • Ben jjj
      Ben jjj Month ago

      The bible claims the earth is flat and that we have a creator who loves us while allowing hate and violence to spread in the world.
      You dont have to take the bible literally, it can be interpreted in ways that allow the most prolific scientific theories to not be disregarded...

    • Istrate Ioan
      Istrate Ioan Month ago +2

      "science makes God unnecessary; the laws of physics can explain the universe without the need for a creator"

  • Brian Corcoran
    Brian Corcoran Month ago +1

    Here is a video from Mark Mattson that explains the relationship between exercise, fasting, neurotransmitters & BDNF. thexvid.com/video/4UkZAwKoCP8/video.html

  • Sam O
    Sam O Month ago +2


  • Tonixxy
    Tonixxy Month ago

    Stem cells, direct brain injections when?

  • YepX
    YepX Month ago

    What about 10 hrs of exercise?

  • Amira Fan Club Worldwide

    Going for a run releases stress thus giving you a better chance to memorize new facts

    AMITA NATHE Month ago +1

    Pls make it Hindi language

  • rollinglibs1012
    rollinglibs1012 Month ago

    Very good video

  • Ammar Keylani
    Ammar Keylani Month ago +1

    Once you put too much advertisements I lost interest and trust in your info. No honesty comes with greed!!!

    • itsnotaboutme
      itsnotaboutme Month ago +1

      ad block plus
      I never see ads on TheXvid

  • Mahmudul Hasan Jahid
    Mahmudul Hasan Jahid Month ago +1

    I become a fan of yours.

  • Officer Pulaski
    Officer Pulaski Month ago +4

    Activities that involve complex finger movement are also good for the brain (piano, classical guitar, touch typing, etc.).

  • Stella Miguel
    Stella Miguel Month ago +10

    This is how I lost over 30 kilos in 10 months. I did 2 to 3 hours of walking 3 to 4 times a week for the benefit I could give my brain and amazingly found out the spontaneity of how my body got affected.. from size triple XL, to SMALL.

  • Amen ZT
    Amen ZT Month ago

    İ have ADD

  • Cheryl Herring
    Cheryl Herring Month ago +5

    People are still using evolution as fact? I don’t think it can even be proven!

    • Albo Sang
      Albo Sang Month ago +1

      Cheryl Herring coz we don't live millions of years

  • Aaron G
    Aaron G Month ago

    Fighting Alzheimer's is easy: just go vegan thexvid.com/video/t-noCw4LsY4/video.html.

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    “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”-Albert Einstein
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    • Home Business University
      Home Business University Month ago

      @Muthucumarasamy Paramsothy always

    • Muthucumarasamy Paramsothy
      Muthucumarasamy Paramsothy Month ago +1

      success is relative and keeps on pressure and burdens on people , values help release stress and tension, so it is a great possibility to strive hard to achieve values which can help promote the highest excellence .Thanks

  • FromBeToReality
    FromBeToReality Month ago +1

    hhhmmm. well now, i better finish my yummy bowl of tiny cabbages, or brussel sprouts, and do some HIIT, then study something!!!

  • Bibi Khadiza
    Bibi Khadiza Month ago +14

    I stretched when he said that you either use it, or lose it, lol

  • Ted Kirk
    Ted Kirk Month ago

    This video is so well done. I love the animation, and it's super informative. Too bad it was interrupted during viewing 5 ... count them 5 times by bullshit ads. Fuck you, TheXvid!!!!

  • A mandarayala
    A mandarayala Month ago

    Very tanx you bhaii

  • a a
    a a 2 months ago


  • Bodhi
    Bodhi 2 months ago +4


    • Bodhi
      Bodhi Month ago +1

      @selohcin you need to do active stretches before exercise, these are the kind of stretches you'd see in dance class before practice, where you wave your arms in circles, then your hips, etc. If you'd like more information, look up "mobilising joints warm up" or "dynamic stretching"
      Whether you're doing cardio, body building, martial arts, etc. this is the best way to reduce injury and increase performance!

    • selohcin
      selohcin Month ago +1

      Yes, stretch AFTER you exercise, not before. All the latest research is saying it's more helpful.

  • theodar anand
    theodar anand 2 months ago

    Sofia vergara

  • Ro boss thinking
    Ro boss thinking 2 months ago

    The smart jock , so that’s wut it’s called

  • Robot Rabbit
    Robot Rabbit 2 months ago +1

    A weapon to surpass mettal gear

    • Bodhi
      Bodhi 2 months ago

      hahaha good one :)

  • Balaporte Jean
    Balaporte Jean 2 months ago +4

    thx bro
    Jesus loves you
    Believe in him and repent

  • Generic Internetter
    Generic Internetter 2 months ago

    Superb advice!

  • MrGruffy 44
    MrGruffy 44 2 months ago +9

    At one time, I believed that the "sports jocks" were brain dead. A physical impairment kept me from high school phys-ed. Hence, I devoted my energy to mental efforts, at the expense of physical strength. Yet, my mental abilities were around average. But one must weigh that with the mostly innocuous crap taught in public schools that one will seldom, if ever use. Despite 12 years of public schooling, I still have a mind. I spent most of the past 40 years reading, instead of regular exercise. This time was not totally devoid of physical activities as I build my home, remodeled other homes, and got into vehicle restoration. So, at age 75, I began a vigorous physical exercise program that I've stuck to for over 1 year.
    I've learned that the brain, like the muscles, grows and makes new connections when studying and trying to solve problems.
    From "Mindset" --Dr. Carol Dweck, page 219:
    "When they do think about what intelligence is, many people believe that a person is born either smart, average, or dumb; and stay that way for life. But new research shows that the brain is more like a muscle--it changes and gets stronger when you use it. And scientists have been able to show just how the brain grows, and gets stronger when you learn".

    • MrGruffy 44
      MrGruffy 44 7 days ago

      @Thomas Shaffer Thanks. You are way too kind.

    • Thomas Shaffer
      Thomas Shaffer 7 days ago

      You're trying way too hard to sound smart big fella.

  • Gaibriel Simpson
    Gaibriel Simpson 2 months ago +2

    Looks like boxing or kickboxing would be really good.
    1. There is something ACTUALLY threatening you (fists, shins, heals)
    2. Heart rate raises quickly and highly
    3. It gets your heart pumping

  • rstallings69
    rstallings69 2 months ago +3

    Awesome video, I'm a doctor and I didn't know about this but I have one question, at 8:34 you said a study showed students that were fit scored twice as well on tests as those that weren't, which is mind blowing,does that mean that the unfit kids were all failing with say 40 or 50% grade and that fit kids head 90 to 100%, it doesn't sound possible, can you direct me to the study?

    • Kathy Krol
      Kathy Krol Month ago

      I, also, wanted to say that I do not think it is about the actual grade the children achieved as it is about the fact that excercise makes them healthier mentally and physically. Just as it was mentioned in the video that its better to be fat and excercise than skiny and inactive. Thanks.

    • Kathy Krol
      Kathy Krol Month ago +1

      He probably means that due to the excercise the smarter kids were able to consentrate better, were more alert during class and were able to pick up the matterial much quicker and understand it more effectively. Also, the excersice makes the kids more mentally positive in general, they are able to approch everything from a better outlook on accomplishing goalsand everything else included. I know this because I had five children and they all play very active sports. This made them more aler, eager to achive and proud of their accomplishments. The kid that did not participate were totaly opposite, they were much slower in general, they were more down mentally, less confident and did not achive as much or wanting to do so.

    • rstallings69
      rstallings69 2 months ago

      Thanks Abishek i didnt see the references I will ck em out

    • Abhishek Rajkumar
      Abhishek Rajkumar 2 months ago +1

      Check references links in description of the video.
      Tell me what you think afterwards.
      I too wanna know that it is true or not?

  • ALF CO.
    ALF CO. 2 months ago +36

    just realized "alzheimers" sounds like "oldtimers"

    • Angel Segarra
      Angel Segarra Month ago

      In German, Alt is old and Heim is home, but the 'presenile disease' is actually named after the German scientist that studied it.
      Any time you are curious of the meaning of a word, just Google 'etymology of *word*'.

    • EGMAG
      EGMAG Month ago

      Thats becawse u have olsdtimers

    • Mouy Seng
      Mouy Seng Month ago

      Me too

    • Kat Montgomery
      Kat Montgomery Month ago

      Good one!...lol

    • Kvyn Gmbyr
      Kvyn Gmbyr Month ago

      welcome to the world!..... maybe you'll suffer from Halfheimers someday, (just sorta demented)

    KAMEI JOHN BOSCO 2 months ago +1

    Nice message of exercise

  • kids canvas
    kids canvas 2 months ago +3

    Very useful information .thank you. I subscribed.

    • J I C
      J I C Month ago

      kids canvas, I did, too ✌🏽

  • Athanasius
    Athanasius 2 months ago +47

    I am used to running and now i am lifting weights. I must admit, i understand my materials easily. I am reviewing for the Bar exams btw. Exercise is a must!

  • Nkonge Mohamed
    Nkonge Mohamed 2 months ago +1

    Thx bro for this piece

  • KG
    KG 2 months ago +3

    Thank you for your excellent work. You provide huge value.

  • Ted Bataller
    Ted Bataller 2 months ago +88

    "it's much better to be active over weight than skinny inactive"

  • Arunraj Devarajan
    Arunraj Devarajan 2 months ago +22

    Put in 1.5x .. Thank me later

    • Haus
      Haus 2 months ago +2

      You deactivated the sleep piil mode of this video. Thanks.

  • Marco Jiménez
    Marco Jiménez 2 months ago +20

    Calisthenics is the best dicipline for the brain

    • Lucas De Camargo
      Lucas De Camargo Month ago

      @selohcin calisthenics could be extremely complex and intense in the same way dance.

    • Lucas De Camargo
      Lucas De Camargo Month ago

      ​@selohcin what kind of dance ? In 2016 Wendy Suzuki, "how body affects brain" that can show the pathway of the explanation about how the feedback between muscle and brain works. The CTBS released from skeletal muscles can passes the blood-brain barrier and increase fuctions on hippocampus. to answer that question we need to think what type of exercise recruit more muscles. How many types of dance are there in the world ? Some types of dance are more intense than mms fight ! think about it. I hope this helps. =D

    • selohcin
      selohcin Month ago

      @Lucas De Camargo If that's true, then wouldn't dance be the best exercise?

    • Lucas De Camargo
      Lucas De Camargo Month ago

      The more complex is the movement more your brain is activated.

    • Brian Corcoran
      Brian Corcoran Month ago +2

      @Zunayd Hassan They're much the same.

  • Journi2Me
    Journi2Me 2 months ago +1

    Your voice is so calming

  • Mr Kalundu
    Mr Kalundu 2 months ago

    Great vid keep it up

  • Lord Remember Me
    Lord Remember Me 2 months ago +2

    Walking helps me

  • Nicholas Harper
    Nicholas Harper 2 months ago +2

    EXCELLENT video! Super content that was delivered well. Well done, sir.