Star Trek VR - Angry Interview E3 2016

  • Published on Jun 28, 2016
  • AngryJoe Interviews Star Trek VR, one of his Top Most Anticipated Games from E3 2016! A dream come true!
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Comments • 1 124

  • The Clockwork Harlequin

    Is that a Tribble on his microphone?

  • Wee Jock Poo Pong McPlop

    Are you watching Frontier? This is what E:D multi-crew should be like!

  • Rust Cohle
    Rust Cohle 2 years ago

    ign and other major gaming news outlet needs to lighten up, and stop being so "professional" like Joe. it's as if ign were really fresh off college students than actual fans or gamers

  • Harvester Commander
    Harvester Commander 2 years ago

    Imagine a Doctor Who VR

  • ImperiuM Games
    ImperiuM Games 2 years ago

    In the meantime, delayed up to May 30th :- but good news is that they are adding TOS things.

  • hugehappygrin
    hugehappygrin 2 years ago

    ok, so, what happened with this. I've seen nothing at all about it.

    • Centurian128
      Centurian128 2 years ago

      It's still going, announced the TOS Enterprise bridge not too long ago.

  • hugehappygrin
    hugehappygrin 2 years ago +1

    Kobioshi Maru.

  • Peter Cruise
    Peter Cruise 2 years ago

    please can there be a borg mission 👍

  • Fuzzy Duo
    Fuzzy Duo 2 years ago +1

    Shout out to the Tribble mic, little fellah just sat in your hand all quiet like.

  • Fuzzy Duo
    Fuzzy Duo 2 years ago

    I want TNG era ships, that would make the game a must for me

  • Kjell McGuirk
    Kjell McGuirk 2 years ago

    Dude; this with away team missions would be the ultimate Star Trek game!

  • slap_my_hand
    slap_my_hand 2 years ago

    Nice. Now give me an actual star trek bridge simulator with keyboard and mouse controls. I don't want to spend 2000€ on a technology that's not even close to being ready for consumers.

  • тѕсм.Obi-Swag Kenobi

    it appears joe is amused

  • pilsatortube
    pilsatortube 2 years ago

    Cant wait! Best interview regarding the game, loved every second!!! Now we have to wait till march though ;)

  • Silver4079
    Silver4079 2 years ago

    shields down send in the bording team like a fps element would be cool.
    then take the bridge or sabotage the enemy ship.

  • Mason Thompson
    Mason Thompson 2 years ago

    "Online multiplayer..we know that works.." Oh do we now??

  • RETiredGM
    RETiredGM 2 years ago

    Dude, please checkout and hopefully do a video on the VR Teslasuit. DNews did one a whole back, but I want your take on it. Its an FPS game changer!

  • Gert van Bruggen
    Gert van Bruggen 2 years ago

    Very Good interview Joe _/-\o_
    Finaly someone who ask the right question instead of most game reporters who are send out but are not really into that Game they have to interview.
    Keep up those cool interviews i like it.

  • Tender Tendies
    Tender Tendies 2 years ago

    We need a Iron Man game, Star Wars, and a Batman VR game:D Reply what you think.

  • Matthew burnett
    Matthew burnett 2 years ago

    Your kidding right? This is sad even for Star Trek. I mean all your doing is pushing buttons on a computer!!

  • Logan Boice
    Logan Boice 2 years ago


  • Admiral Rob
    Admiral Rob 2 years ago

    thanks for the info on the solo

  • Tomasina Covell
    Tomasina Covell 3 years ago

    Why is all this VR stuff wasted on such low res graphics, it's as though it was over 7 years out of date, just that it's VR'd instead?

  • TerraNova
    TerraNova 3 years ago

    holy fucking shit its the return of bridge commander...... i shall be unavailable for some time when this comes out

  • Caffinator
    Caffinator 3 years ago

    I would love to see them have an option for a Galaxy Quest bridge.

  • Kevin W. Clark
    Kevin W. Clark 3 years ago +2

    holy shit this is freaking awesome. I would love to be the Captain of a Star ship.

  • S3DGamerZone
    S3DGamerZone 3 years ago

    I wonder if they are going to add a TheXvid 3D theater to VR , so people who have been making TheXvid 3D game reviews can have a platform to return too and an audience to share with.

  • Treizekshrnada
    Treizekshrnada 3 years ago

    You know there's going to be that one crew that once they release the bird of prey that are going to do all of their game play speaking in Klingon.

  • Radim
    Radim 3 years ago

    Joe melted like Ice cream on the sun.

  • Hack World
    Hack World 3 years ago

    angry joe seemed like a little girl exited. LMAO

  • Dániel Pápai
    Dániel Pápai 3 years ago

    Star Trek

  • City Hunter
    City Hunter 3 years ago

    what Star Trek Bridge Commander should've been

  • Matt Sikes
    Matt Sikes 3 years ago

    Its the vr version of artemis

  • Margarette Claycomb
    Margarette Claycomb 3 years ago

    haha damn Joe's so excited

  • Jalal Curmally
    Jalal Curmally 3 years ago

    Ok now I want this too

  • C-K0r
    C-K0r 3 years ago

    OK I´m getting one
    at some point...

  • Kenneth Thysbjerg Jensen

    awww.. the name Star Trek Bridge commander was taken :-P but the game looks sweet :-)

  • Jamma Ramma
    Jamma Ramma 3 years ago

    So, it's Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator with upgraded graphics.

  • KirkSolo
    KirkSolo 3 years ago


  • Andrei USApower
    Andrei USApower 3 years ago

    shit 16 bit gamme

  • Jason Steel
    Jason Steel 3 years ago

    I would not care about this game because I don't have VR

  • Dablaster
    Dablaster 3 years ago

    After seeing this, all I want is a Star Wars VR game that lets me control the Millennium Falcon.

  • yarinn4
    yarinn4 3 years ago

    Joe was jizzing all over his pants LOL

  • Mac Xtc
    Mac Xtc 3 years ago

    Oh, this is sadd... I don't even care about the game... my image of Angry Joe is completely broken... Give him a set of diapers and a VR rattle....

  • Rekkn_
    Rekkn_ 3 years ago

    6 months later .... joe: *THEY DONE FUCKED IT UP*

  • Dayto
    Dayto 3 years ago

    Joe when this comes out PLEASE BE HONEST WITH IT please I'm afraid of this guy lying to sell it and you need to be honest and I'm going to tell people because you didn't DON'T PREORDER I KNOW THIS LOOKS AMAZING BUT DON'T YOU DON'T KNOW

  • Pandemic Eclipse
    Pandemic Eclipse 3 years ago

    How dare he not talk about boarding!?

  • Knight Commander
    Knight Commander 3 years ago +1

    lol Joe so happy :D

  • John Clingan
    John Clingan 3 years ago

    joe play star trek, bridge commander, not vr true but still

  • cacarey01
    cacarey01 3 years ago

    cannot wait

  • chris codling
    chris codling 3 years ago

    An mmovr would be ideal.

  • sketch2347
    sketch2347 3 years ago

    keep clicking at 1:39

  • The Adventures of Patrick And Chipchip

    Angry Joe, I loved this episode! It's awesome watching an adult acting like a 8 year old kid on christmas morning being that excited. My girlfriend told me to tell you your excitement reminded her of how excited John gets in "Johns Arcade." Me and my girlfriend also plan on getting psvr to play this game. Keep up the great work buddy!

  • Spanky
    Spanky 3 years ago

    Who else is excited for the gamescom?

  • KillerShootin 69
    KillerShootin 69 3 years ago

    Captains dont use consoles...thats for peasants...stick to the lore

  • Sinnfuss
    Sinnfuss 3 years ago

    He ALWAYS talks over others. So full of himself. He barely listens what others say because he only cares about money. He fakes reactions on many games. Fucking shilling sellout

  • Yamikaiba123
    Yamikaiba123 3 years ago +1

    Happy Joe is almost scary.

  • EndZiiel
    EndZiiel 3 years ago

    VR! YUK!!! Kill it!!. I hope it dies fast

  • The Encrypted Afro
    The Encrypted Afro 3 years ago

    Shaka when the walls fell!

  • Raine Sheppard
    Raine Sheppard 3 years ago

    PS VR! I'm so getting this! Nice.

  • bryancheif
    bryancheif 3 years ago

    Wow this game looks lame as fuck then again Star Terk sucks.

  • DukeR3
    DukeR3 3 years ago

    Guys, just go check Summer Lesson VR, thank me later.

  • Cultural Preservation
    Cultural Preservation 3 years ago +1

    damn, joe is so exited

  • Mighty Mackellar
    Mighty Mackellar 3 years ago

    Oh my god this is the first time in maybe years since I've seen a angry joe comment section not filled with fuck you joe because your not posting out reviews every 2 seconds.

  • Intorsus Volo
    Intorsus Volo 3 years ago

    Nice mic.

  • Bar Ganon
    Bar Ganon 3 years ago

    Angry Joe is nerding out

  • Jaykaster
    Jaykaster 3 years ago +1

    Gotta say, makes me happy to see Joe so excited :) Game looks great and can't wait to play!

  • justletuslive
    justletuslive 3 years ago

    the vr stuff looks goofy lol

  • Ben DeGorro
    Ben DeGorro 3 years ago

    Star Trek Bridge Crew VR ... FR ... For (the) Rich.

  • Mario Veenstra
    Mario Veenstra 3 years ago

    I just came in my trousers.

  • Gsus4real
    Gsus4real 3 years ago +1

    i got hyped up just by looking at joe's excitement xD

  • spock_elvis
    spock_elvis 3 years ago

    Activate buttons rooted in place... the future of gaming.

    R WARRIOR 3 years ago

    STO is still the BEST Star Trek game!! Keep trying've got a ways to go!!

  • PurpleIsALetter
    PurpleIsALetter 3 years ago

    Still no DOOM review

  • foxglos
    foxglos 3 years ago

    Artemis in VR?
    Man he is so pumped :D ,

  • scalywing1
    scalywing1 3 years ago

    to boldly go where no game has gone before!

  • Gaming Mule
    Gaming Mule 3 years ago +1

    Whats with Yogi Bears testicle acting as a microphone?

  • Grumpy Guy
    Grumpy Guy 3 years ago

    V.R. is going to die out just like before,games are shit.

  • Ben Belagoun
    Ben Belagoun 3 years ago

    Where the fuck is the doom review !?!?

  • galidroo
    galidroo 3 years ago

    you're a mad man Joe !! :)

  • BigBeard
    BigBeard 3 years ago

    Hey Joe, OJ and Del could play this with an AI but also I was wondering if you guys saw the fan made sequel to Star Wars Battlefront 2 it's coming to steam for free.

  • yougonasorry
    yougonasorry 3 years ago

    this looks so fucking boring

  • Jordan Ray
    Jordan Ray 3 years ago

    Where is the doom review?

  • Halconyx
    Halconyx 3 years ago

    Massive giveaway with awesome prizes from SteelSeries:

  • Lucios1995
    Lucios1995 3 years ago +1

    Seeing Joe this excited and lively makes me happy, especially when he gave that little hug :3

  • Kyle Schaff
    Kyle Schaff 3 years ago

    Joe is freaking the fuck out

  • Angeluss Blade
    Angeluss Blade 3 years ago

    omg!!! Joe has a rat on his hand...... wait.... oh that's a mic. XD

  • DJ Lifted Andreas
    DJ Lifted Andreas 3 years ago

    That fluffy microphone tho lol

  • Kespired
    Kespired 3 years ago

    Joe didn't ask the most important question... Can my friends fly a Klingon Bird of Prey and battle us! *Qapla'*

  • Karmelow Fuu
    Karmelow Fuu 3 years ago

    I dint know this chanell was full of haters, waw.

  • Loony1979
    Loony1979 3 years ago

    For a second I thought Joe was gonna give this guy a shave..
    Not sure if I would be able to talk with someone holding a hairy sack up my nose :P

  • DagobertX2
    DagobertX2 3 years ago

    Eew, how could you put a tribble on the microphone, PETA!!!111one

  • LedocSF
    LedocSF 3 years ago

    You Should rename this video "Happy interview" ;-)

  • Malibu Beatz
    Malibu Beatz 3 years ago

    angry Joe, u need 2 calm down bruv

  • The eagle Sight
    The eagle Sight 3 years ago

    the game is garbage really .

  • The Milkshake
    The Milkshake 3 years ago

    i need this...i just want a star wars vr game now

  • OutlawRebel117
    OutlawRebel117 3 years ago

    Unless they can put me on the bridge of a Klingon Bird of Prey or a Romulan Warbird I am not interested.

  • ricardo c
    ricardo c 3 years ago

    good review joe !

  • charlieishungry
    charlieishungry 3 years ago

    Excited Child Joe

  • hat man
    hat man 3 years ago