these Final Circles were insane...

  • Published on Sep 14, 2019
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  • Robin Yin
    Robin Yin 2 days ago +1

    Tell me I’m not the only one thinking about fresh’s profile pic

  • Alex and Luke The bros

    You are a god

  • Nighthawk_107
    Nighthawk_107 4 days ago

    8:54 : changes the map...

  • OGNads
    OGNads 6 days ago +1


    Fresh: Yoinked Dinked cracked knocked dead

  • Lucas Allen
    Lucas Allen 7 days ago

    How do you use lshift as ediet I use it as Sprint what is your Sprint

  • IcyS0ar
    IcyS0ar 12 days ago +2


  • Joshua Quinn
    Joshua Quinn 13 days ago


  • Minecraft Gamers
    Minecraft Gamers 14 days ago

    Play with me

  • Nieve Boyle
    Nieve Boyle 19 days ago

    Fresh dictionary-

  • wikitoria Koy
    wikitoria Koy 20 days ago

    fresh is a sweet

  • UrbanInvincible
    UrbanInvincible 22 days ago

    Why is he dancing

  • Rodrigo Gonçalves
    Rodrigo Gonçalves 22 days ago

    A publicity of fresh with pro guides in a fresh's video

  • Brick Attack
    Brick Attack 23 days ago

    They vaulted these circles because of the vid lol

  • XD Banks
    XD Banks 23 days ago


  • Shane Pallett
    Shane Pallett 23 days ago


  • Tunnso
    Tunnso 23 days ago

    Self promoters down there

  • Alivia Scott
    Alivia Scott 24 days ago

    *dinked, dinked, cracked, knocked, got them*

  • Top Fortnite Trendss
    Top Fortnite Trendss 24 days ago +2

    After this Solos are gonna be a piece of cake for you

  • Laytongamer 2006
    Laytongamer 2006 25 days ago

    I suck at this game

  • Andy From google
    Andy From google 25 days ago +1

    Wait till you find out you can only build in tilted if you play on fridge, calculator, car gps, pickle jar and Nokia 2000.

    Edit: #####

  • Oofer Man 101
    Oofer Man 101 25 days ago +1

    “What’s up guys, YES”

  • Gaming to What !
    Gaming to What ! 26 days ago


  • Skillz_of_Colonia
    Skillz_of_Colonia 26 days ago


  • Nicolas Lozano
    Nicolas Lozano 26 days ago

    bruh these self promoters though they're everywhere in these comments

  • Fusion YT
    Fusion YT 26 days ago +1

    Who is better?

    Like: fresh
    Comment: Lachlan
    Like and comment: both

  • YT_Sachelsea13 Gaming
    YT_Sachelsea13 Gaming 27 days ago

    Comment down below #FreeMitrO

  • YT_Sachelsea13 Gaming
    YT_Sachelsea13 Gaming 27 days ago +1

    Who else thinks EPIC are getting paid to ruin their game lol

  • Adiy Bari
    Adiy Bari 27 days ago

    Use code fresh
    Use code fresh
    Use code fresh
    Use code fresh
    Use code fresh

  • Anime SniperJay
    Anime SniperJay 27 days ago

    Reasons I don’t play Arena
    1. I’m bad
    2. My team never communicates
    3. See number 1

  • RazorWolfieYT
    RazorWolfieYT 27 days ago +1

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  • Orbit Motion
    Orbit Motion 27 days ago

    Where the hell is the greasy circle

  • Eli Etcitty
    Eli Etcitty 27 days ago

    You used music from a hat in time yes

  • Isaac Dawson
    Isaac Dawson 27 days ago

    I use code fresh!!!

  • Anna Tillman
    Anna Tillman 27 days ago

    И3ØN Sucks
    FᎡЗSH Goat

  • Scarlxld30148 Xbox1
    Scarlxld30148 Xbox1 27 days ago

    1v1 plu

  • Sherry Strickland
    Sherry Strickland 27 days ago

    Check out my son's channel search cryptic yt on you tube logo is a c

  • 1k subs no video
    1k subs no video 27 days ago

    this is EPICCC

  • YT Manny_j170
    YT Manny_j170 28 days ago

    Please sub to me Manny_j170

  • L1FT_ Edits
    L1FT_ Edits 28 days ago

    What's up guys no.

  • Abol3oj69
    Abol3oj69 28 days ago

    What’s up guys.....

  • VL Flixy
    VL Flixy 28 days ago

    Tried to get these zones for so long haha great vid fresh #UseCodeFresh

  • Ways 909
    Ways 909 28 days ago

    sorry i only understand english

  • Marie Velasquez
    Marie Velasquez 28 days ago

    I can’t get in my games either 🙄

  • Supercharger 707
    Supercharger 707 28 days ago

    2 things I hate about comments
    People can’t spel
    And people can’t be original

  • SrgDavion
    SrgDavion 28 days ago

    Let me find out suppressed Blume like dat

  • Im Chaoticzzz
    Im Chaoticzzz 28 days ago

    Rel is the new faze Kay . “YoUr InSaNe fReSh

  • REEZA Abdul
    REEZA Abdul 28 days ago


  • Imelda Encinares
    Imelda Encinares 28 days ago

    Its scary to play in oceanic servers

  • Peffy
    Peffy 28 days ago

    try screaming like mongraal

  • Carld
    Carld 28 days ago

    lo anyone else see the the 69 hp

  • Named Guy
    Named Guy 28 days ago +14

    I feel like there are more comments complaining about self promoters then there are self promotors

  • Essential Gamer_YT_
    Essential Gamer_YT_ 28 days ago

    Get nae naed

  • Magma 548
    Magma 548 28 days ago

    Love the intro

  • ThatOneGuy33
    ThatOneGuy33 28 days ago

    Fresh! Fresh! He’s the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TheRealVolt_
    TheRealVolt_ 28 days ago

    please ubscribe to me

  • Nolan Wise
    Nolan Wise 28 days ago

    6:39 is hilarious

  • Omar Garcia
    Omar Garcia 28 days ago

    Everyone in the comments is talking about how many self promoters there are in the comments and I’ve been scrolling in the comments for 3 minutes and haven’t found one... alrighty then!

  • The Comment Guy YTC
    The Comment Guy YTC 28 days ago

    During the final circles, all I could hear were gunshots

  • caitlin southall
    caitlin southall 28 days ago +1


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